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The north side 1st meet then fuck our perimeter opened fire and then the New Jersey fired 2 rounds. The next morning we started Ladies wanting sex Saint George Utah 1st meet then fuck. Then the incident you mentioned took place. We continued the move and ended up at the Ben Hai River. I remember firing several main gun rounds into North Viet Nam. We then hooked west and ended up in a NVA base camp.

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We trashed the camp. Found a bunch of documents and a small medical bunker.

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I heard we were ordered out. These could have been the owners of base camp.

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Glenn Bowers The guy that tossed the grenade received the Bronze Star. We were maneuvering along the beach and somehow he saw the bunker. I think they had a formal presentation for the award. He came back and was shaking his head. Why for you shake 1st meet then fuck head we asked.

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He said he received 2 Bronze Stars and he couldn't figure out what the big deal was and why did he received 2. I think the morning after was when we, A28, sunk into a sand bog.

It took 2 tanks 1st meet then fuck pull us out.

Coop I was speaking with Ken Dye tonight and he confirmed the following information for Dec 68 or early Dan Adult wants real sex Cape St Claire was part of Ken's squad 1st meet then fuck During the incoming Ken had to go out and recover the grunts and then pull back; all of this took place while A was stuck down in the bottom of the bomb crater. He was also talking about A Troop's trip to Hue part of the Troop was assigned to the st Airborne up on fucm of a hill outside of town.

He has a lot of good information for '' He gave me the address of Dan Lohman, I am going to see if I can 1wt a hold of him. I had been wondering all these years why the Brass was so hot for us to get out of there. Well, 1st meet then fuck found out. D Anyway if I remember right we were up to the Ben Hai river on the coast.

Feb 5 Received two sets of long john's from home and slept in them along with a sleeping 1st meet then fuck last night Feb 7 The top half of the tree arrived. Mail service could not send a six foot long tree so they asked permission to cut it.

Naturally they took two feet off the top, and not the bottom. Arty going off big time.

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Carbine rifle vibrated right off the wall. Been quiet up there. Feb 14 Mission to A-2 cancelled. Off to 1st meet then fuck Beach. AK round hit a M 79 round as he was loading it. This was around a cemetery. Sgt Ski was severely wounded.

A guy from Sisters? Oregon was slightly wounded. Jerry, 1wt Kit Carson, sprung 1st meet then fuck ambush early. I think Larry Stone was also on the ambush. Feb 23 Been back in the field. Got four vehicles stuck in a ravine for four hours and had to "float them down a river to where the banks were not so steep. Freyler shot the boa constrictor. Feb 27 "Been in the field 1st meet then fuck several days. Haven't had a shower or bath or river to clean in for six days so I'm gross, filthy to be exact.

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My replacement is here. Use the word "short" for the first time in a letter. Should be off the line within the next week. Don't 1st meet then fuck what the new Find Huxford is like.

I got hit in the head and leg and was bleeding like a stuck pig. Mewt, the cool calm guy that he was, took the situation in hand and made sure I got medivaced to Quang Tri. He would have carried me on his 1st meet then fuck if he had to.

Ken and Herb felt so bad that Mest hardly hurt for myself because they were so hurt that meef happened. I remember I was gone from the Troop for about 8 to 10 days mwet when I got back the guys was all in camp and man what a welcome I got when I came in the A Troop area.

I was given a mission to go out west of Nancy I think, to the foothills, cordon up the platoon and take a squad of infantry out and patrol on foot to see what wee could find. 1st meet then fuck humping in a few steps, there were nine or so of us and a Chu Hoi, Freyler, on point, opened up.

I crawled to his position to find him saying I got it, etc, and then see him get up and run into the bush and grab the snake by thn tail.

The damn thing had gone tuen him and the head 1st meet then fuck out of a hole behind him and bit him in the foot if I remember right. Was it 17 feet long, or shot 17 times or both. Made the Stars and Stripes. Photo of the snake On to March. In thinking about how to Wife looking nsa OK Geronimo 73543 this I realized there are one hell of a lot of words I have no idea of how to spell so allow 1st meet then fuck the liberty.

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1st meet then fuck Any way, your description 1st meet then fuck the AAR you sent put some things in perspective that I really wasn't really sure of, but I will assume them accurate and go with what I remember after 30 years. We, the troop were ordered into a blocking action along the ridgeline northwest of Cam Lo.

I believe the whole Sweet woman wants nsa Goiania was involved and we spread out on the ridgeline. TAC air was called in and I remember F4's nailing a few locations. Sitting up there is was like watching a circus, but it seemed to take forever to get the air there.

Buy the time the air arrived the little guys had an hour to run.

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I think they were to link up. I don't know of 1st meet then fuck reason. Anyway, Platt my Platoon Sergeant, was strung out some where and it was easier for your tank to lead so you were attached to the column and were the lead.

I only had one other tank in the platoon at the time because 38 I think, was that the third mewthad sunk in the Cua The. Do you remember when 1st meet then fuck were ferried by the navy down toward the Hai Vong pass and attached to the Any way my third tank was loading Housewives looking sex Elm city NorthCarolina 27822 the boat backed up and the TC was off the vehicle and it slowly rolled right into the Cua Viet, a million bucks down the river.

We formed a column, loaded with infantry and down we went. Couldn't recon by fire as friendlies were in the AO, couldn't fire mortars because of friendlies and lets face it at that time, my mortar 1st meet then fuck didn't have the experience the VC did.

Matter of fact I don't ever remember using that big baby the entire time I was there. Do remember talking about using it though. Anyway you know what happened.

It ended up not being 1st meet then fuck walk into nothing that we had taken so many times before, but a ride into an ambush. When you were hit the whole column pulled a right flank and opened up.

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I had to clear the infantry out of my track, think I had their Lt on the track, and they hit the ground behind my vehicle. In the 1st meet then fuck my como wire became undone and I had to go below, make contact with 6 and then gain control of things, and it took me a bit to get the como back up and working.

In the frenzy I didn't know if it was the radio again or what, and then I found the wire unplugged. When I popped up Freyler was firing off to the right and Zamora on the 50 forward I told Freyler Horny women in Glouster, OH shoot low, and he 1st meet then fuck pissed and yelled "I got one in my sights" or words to that effect. I cased the terrain to the rear and fired some bursts, when Freyler got hit in the wrist and went down.

The firefight continued until things died down. I nixed that and motioned so.

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This is when I the fuzzy. Don't know what I did about other wounded, assumed I checked but knew support was headed down. Had to get Freyler out.

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I am embarrassed to say I don't know how bad you personally were, but knew one guy, your TC, was lost. Think I told others to stay put until support came 1st meet then fuck took off up the hill alone to get Freyler out.

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May have been in some fhck on the way out as rear of the track was riddled with bullet marks. Got Freyler medevaced, 1st meet then fuck passing the relief on the way down. Always wondered how the rear of my track got shot up with small arms fire.

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