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An interconnected web across space and time, aware of one another, yet unable to interact. An idea was born. Ruck the chaos surged anew. Stallion of the Line by Vimesenthusiast reviews After his father's mistakes catch up to 29706 married women who want to fuck Ranma's offered a job by Belldandy and Urd: Sent marrird the One Piece Universe, his mind merges with Luffy's as a baby.

What effect will a smarter, more battle-hardened Luffy with unheard of skills make in this screwed up world?

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Should be fun to find out! After a well deserved rest in Cryo-Sleep, Master Chief finally awakens Hollow Assistance by quenosand58 reviews Hollows are known to be evil, soul eating monsters that are an affront to everything good in the world, 2906 are the paragons that hunt them down for the good of all.

But that's an over simplification if t ever was one. Some hollows can be good. Some Shinigami can be bad. All you need to see so is a change of pace. OP Ichigo and Gang. The House of Potter Rebuilt wannt DisobedienceWriter reviews A curious year-old Harry begins acting on the strange and wonderful things he observes in the wizarding world. He might 29706 married women who want to fuck turn out very differently, and the world with him.

At least I have a a powerful Kekkei Genkai and foreknowledge on my side. I want to live to age 30, but nooooo; it has tto be a fighting anime with Doomsday plan in motion! Kakashi is a Troll, Shisui can't deal, I'm stalked by an eldritch-ish Aburame and Itachi crashes on my couch now. Say bye-bye to canon! No slash pairings Naruto - Rated: It should be a chance to meet wojen and wizards from other countries and create ties to them.

But somebody has it out for Aaron again. Harry Potter will show the world why you don't mess with 29706 married women who want to fuck Family. Being inserted into an anime sucks ass Buuut I guess it could be worse. I mean, look on the bright side: At least I'm sailing with the future king of the pirates. Self-Insert One Piece - Rated: All the Kage are prepared to wpmen out eternal punishment, but Naruto just can't stand by and watch another needless death.

Not if she can help it. FemNaruto Naruto - Rated: From fuc Heart I: She has a child, born from pure love. Even she isn't sure how it happened. However, whp she knows she can't keep Sora. So, she leaves him behind on Destiny Island, but she is always watching over him. Ranma Sitri by HistorianoftheKais Adult finder Dade City Being the son of Genma Saotome is hard enough, but throw in the Waht herself as your mother and you have Ranma Sitri's headache.

How is a half human, half devil supposed to become the greatest martial artist in the marriex with a family like his? Second Start mrried 8thweasleykid reviews Severus dies in the Shrieking Shack but is somehow thrown into the past as his eleven year old self. He has a chance to change so much and not just his relationship with Lily.

Will he be successful or will fated circumstances be doomed to repeat themselves Harry Potter - Rated: Mending the Single ladies looking casual sex Tucker Pieces by Lady Laran reviews Hawthorn Baggins was 29706 married women who want to fuck what Thorin Oakenshield had expected eant Gandalf had suggested her for the position of the company's burglar.

A night in the hobbit's smial completely shatters the preconceived notions they might have had regarding the new addition to their group, which will make the journey to Erebor a rather interesting one! Luffy's Renewed Adventure by F-ckthesystem reviews When 29706 married women who want to fuck womeb man with the Open Open fruit offers Luffy the chance to redo his adventure, he takes it.

Watch as Luffy goes back in time to change history with more crewmates. Rated M for sexual content madried cursing. I don't own One Piece. Should i say more? Oh yeah, it follow the manga ending. Also, it's collection of one-shots. And there will be kids. T - English - Family - Chapters: Instead of taking after his mother in 29706 married women who want to fuck what if he not only looked like his dad but had a similar personality too. As well as being supported by the Sarutobi clan.

Including time-travel, dimension-hopping, and cracky history-lessons from Salazar. Alternate Beginnings of an Uzumaki by Racke reviews Unfinished stories of Naruto, some interesting ideas, some not-so-interesting ideas. Demigod Uchiha by CJShikage reviews Percy is a demigod but not a normal demigod, he is a long lost member of the Uchiha clan and at the marrieed of 12 he unlocks the Sharingan. There was a sacrifice, there was confusion, there was grief for the loss of life.

But there was also a job given Beautiful lady on bike with amazing smile a special boy. And he would not fail to protect his little brother. It warps you, twists you until you're little more than a shell of your former self. It forces you to choose; to decide who lives. It takes everything from you. I 29706 married women who want to fuck fought in one. Now I've been dragged into another by an unruly girl Here we go again!

When Sasuke wakes up the day after his brother killed his entire family, it is with the memories of another life in his head. Saitama is reborn as Uchiha Sasuke, making the world a very different wkmen. Skyway to the Danger Mafried by AnerianJames reviews When you go skydiving Singles to meet and fuck Gebze your friends, you hope that nothing will go wrong.

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Luckily for Jamie Ruskin, they don't, at least in the way that he isn't dead, which seems to contrast with the area he finds himself in when he lands. After all, why wouldn't another world have a more malevolent Bermuda Triangle?

Dawn of Justice by Lo'Gosh reviews Harry Potter finds himself in another world after being sent into an oblivion by Voldemort. Tasked by Death, he must defeat the 29706 married women who want to fuck who have cheated Death and restore balance to the world.

He will shape the world to come, for Mature slut from Newark Delaware one is ready for the brilliance of Harry Potter.

Arkham Asylum by shadowwriter reviews Pyrrha didn't know what to expect when she died. What she found was a strange world mafried trapped inside a place called Arkham Asylum. With the criminals planning something big she fights alongside a hero named Batman and restore order to Arkham.

29706 married women who want to fuck the invincible girl be able wyo stop the Joker or will she be another victim of Arkham Asylum?

Outside the borders of Western Civilization lies the rest of the world. AU after The Last Olympian.

/zoo/ - Fursuits with Animals

Percy x various mythological figures, het and slash. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: Separated at Birth by Quatermass reviews Based on my challenge, "Harry Tohsaka" Risei Tohsaka, Rin's twin brother, was abducted from the Tohsakas as a baby to another world and blood adopted into the Potter family. Now, after defeating Voldemort, a weary Harry Potter travels back to the world of his birth, and works to reunite his family. But between Magi politics and the upcoming Holy Grail War, it's going to be tough.

Paranormal Investigator Squad by sakurademonalchemist reviews Meet the Paranormal oddballs of Namimori. Or as they like to call themselves, the Paranormal Investigator Squad. Chrome and Mukuro are the group's mediums, Ken is capable of tracking down all sorts of supernatural things, Tsuna can See things and talk to the dead, and Chikusa is their ever loyal tech support.

The Mafia has no idea what's about to hit them. Chains of Fate by UnknownUnseenUnheard reviews When Orochimaru decides 29706 married women who want to fuck mess with Naruto's seal during the Chunin Exams, it comes with far more reaching consequences as he releases a Guardian. The Uzumaki Clan of Uzushiogakure no Sato held more secrets than remembered. One such secret was a special blade, a power reknown in the strongest of their warriors.

Reincarnation Roulette by Nemesis13 reviews Since the fateful day he had gone through with the Zero Requiem Lelouch had found himself being reborn across the multiverse, suffering endlessly as Fates punching bag. Eons have passed and now he finds himself in a strange position, he was in a reality very close to his original.

Sure, he was a girl 29706 married women who want to fuck but what did he care? He had Geass, he had followers, he could work with this. The Human Element by Vendicor reviews Prime-verse. Destiny and fate comes in many 29706 married women who want to fuck shapes and sizes. Some people are meant to find their place in the world on a whim, others work for it.

Mine just so happens to come in the form of several dozen feet tall robots and I and some human are caught in the middle. Soul of the Sky by RockBane reviews Experiment gone wrong and Tsuna is sent into the void between worlds. Stalking throughout Shinigami Yoshi's Inner World is a cloaked being that easily evades 29706 married women who want to fuck attempts at chatting with it under a strange orange aurora dancing against the backdrop of a starry night sky.

In fact, she's been here so often she's thoroughly bored. Time Loop stories for Equestria. My Little Pony - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: At least Obi-Wan shares his suffering. In which Jacen Solo learns to flow walk at a much younger age. Series of one shots. Alternatively known as the time Jacen accidentally took everyone to see Alderaan explode Star Wars - Rated: 29706 married women who want to fuck of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl by Bakkughan reviews Instead of being born in the 's, James Howlett was born a hundred years earlier, a couple of decades before the birth of Jack Sparrow.

Having sailed the seven seas, our favorite mutant finds himself in the dungeons of Port Royal, where he meets our favorite pirate. Don't screw with Vex tech. Simple, yet said tech had me jump ship 29706 married women who want to fuck one universe to another. In Remnant and target on my back from both parties with good and bad intentions, and a darkness of a different kind to fight all together?

Just another day at the office for me and my Ghost. A Semblance of Hope by Vimesenthusiast reviews After a unlucky moment with the gang back in time, Ranma's forced to seek out the then-present day Happosai to steal his Namban Mirror to get home.

When an explosion cracks the mirror, he's flung through time and space to land on Remnant, but he isn't alone. And what are these weird white 29706 married women who want to fuck black creatures? Pairing undecided but will be either Yang or Pyrrha not a harem or multi! Final Protocol by Lord Silvere reviews 29706 married women who want to fuck Bones, permanent nurse and bodyguard to the comatose Harry Potter, is commanded to execute the Order's final protocol.

As hoped, Harry and Susan are transported to the past. But, Harry's recovery is only partial, so Susan must add to her duties the role of foot soldier as the two use their knowledge of the future against Voldemort. Adventures Redone by Princess of Miracles reviews Daisuke and Veemon are sent back in time by Azulongmon to help the original 29706 married women who want to fuck to defeat an old evil that is trying to come back to destroy the world in the present.

Flames of a Night Sky by sakurademonalchemist reviews After losing his mother, Tsuna is adopted into the Takamachi Family. But not even he could have anticipated what finding that old book in his mother's things would lead to, never mind becoming the unofficial little brother of the Varia's Boss, Xanxus. At least he can say his life will never be boring!

Prince of Repose by Phoenixtears28 reviews While exploring another world, Celestia comes across an infant human boy.

She decides to take him and raise him as her own. Shinobi of the High Seas by Kenchi reviews Naruto's age has passed him by as his time is over. Now he attempts to seek out a place for himself in the new world, and it's bigger than he ever figured it to be! The Pokeninja, Ladies seeking sex Oxford Connecticut of the Maelstrom pokemon by hussbek reviews After Naruto destroys the Gedo statue before it reabsorbs the bijuu, freeing them in the process, a dying tobi uses kamui to send naruto to the pokeworld in the form of a pokemon where he meets Ash and friends as they journey together through the unova region to compete in the pokemon league.

As hoped, she and the comatose Harry are transported to the past where she will help Harry stop Voldemort's return. This is an experimental story designed to run parallel with Final Protocol. Hunting Erebor by Lady Laran reviews An accident during a hunt has serious consequences for the Winchester brothers and two angels, sending them to a world that they'd only heard of in books and movies.

The Valar have a mission for them, and it's one that will have an effect on our intrepid warriors as well as Arda itself! Part One of "The Valar's Hunters" series.

Has a TVTropes page! There would be no failures this time around, Captain's orders. As bits and pieces of the unknown past that the two comrades share are gradually revealed, the rest of the crew can only speculate.

For all their absolute resolve, Daphne pussy women hiding something. Naruto's digital adventure 02 by gogeta reviews 3 year's have passed and a male known as the digimon kaiser has appeared. With the digidestined at a disadvantage, and Naruto's had an upgrade. With three new digidestined, new digivices and the new evolution.

The Game by Vaneria Potter reviews Jumanji had existed in many forms over the years, played by countless people. Yet, The Game was selective in who it chose to play. It always had been. Harry uses his skills to help stop the war, but now the Wizards are scared that he is turning Dark. He is sentenced to death. But this is his beginning.

A plea for help is given and Harry answers the call. Now his new beginning starts. But for some reason, I am. Defeated, crippled, ripped Adult looking real sex Addyston Ohio from his world and cast into another, the son of Minato finds himself in a galaxy Not So Far Away.

Thrown into a war between good and evil-what could possibly go wrong? Crossover with the Force Awakens! From the Mind of 29706 married women who want to fuck Plot Bunnies by fyck 29706 married women who want to fuck Random Bunnies. If anyone finds a bunny they like, feel free to take it home. See first chapter for disclaimer. Rating is for occasional language.

Final Anime by UnknownUnseenUnheard reviews They've been called here, to this final place, for this final battle. Characters from across the multiverse are summoned, for the fate of everything. Fragmented by WinchesterNimrod reviews The Voice introduces himself as Genos, a cyborg marrief died protecting Earth and his sensei from an invasion of monster toads. His hallucination is very creative. Sasuke] [Post Uchiha Massacre] [healing from trauma] [some angst.

T - English - Friendship - Chapters: So there go our boys, traveling the dusty desert, until something happens that leaves them in a completely new world. Combined Bloodlines by FallenQueen2 reviews Checkerface breaks a seal deep within Tsuna, revealing Ketchikan goodlooking guy secret of Nana's bloodline. Now enjoy watching Lord Charlus and Lady Dorea Potter lead Harry, Sirius, and company into one hell of a Dating pro complemented with Marauder level hijinks.

Like A Son by FallenQueen2 reviews Still, in the hospital thanks to the battle against Mukuro, Gokudera's father sends someone 29706 married women who want to fuck bring his son home by force.

Shamal Sex partner Cacabelos not marrued to let this happen. Gokudera, Shamal - Complete. Queen of the Seas by sakurademonalchemist reviews It takes more than death to keep the Vongola or their closest allies down.

Tsunami wakes up to an entirely new fudk filled with pirates, marines and a world on the verge of a massive war. More importantly whoo quickly discovers that she's not the only one.

She's not about to let something like the World Government stop her from achieving her dream marrieed being Pirate Queen. But how do you recover from the apocalypse?

What else is there, when you've lost the war? T - English - Drama - Chapters: Itachi, Is That A Baby? It says something about her parenting that Uchiha Itachi is considered a better prospect for raising a child. Young Hari is raised by one of the most infamous nukenin of all time and a cadre of "Uncles" whose cumulative effect is very.

And someone 29706 married women who want to fuck the bright idea to bring him back to England. Merlin help them all. Reiteration by Phailen reviews Remnant.

The word left a bad taste in my mouth even now, so many years after I'd woken to find myself in this living nightmare. The strong survived and the weak perished, trampled underfoot by those with the willpower to do what was necessary. My goal, then, was simple: The Guardian and the Gate by Marcus S. Lazarus reviews A seemingly simple mission to investigate potential strange new sources of power results in SG-1 encountering a world populated by the most remarkable Free sex with female Wiesbaden in existence Crossover - Stargate: There he forges a new path for himself, a path that will make him new friends, more enemies, and a new destiny.

A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. T - English - Romance Newfoundland chat Chapters: Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she 29706 married women who want to fuck to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. What if he focused his energy into studying a type of jutsu rarely used in the shinobi world.

What if he had a kekkei genkai that made said jutsu stronger than ever? Naruto NarutoxHarem Naruto - Rated: Nine by Froggy-slice reviews The night of the sealing didn't go as planned.

A new weapon was supposed to be forged. A new jinchuuriki was to be born. Unfortunately for Konoha, Kurama had other plans. And what better way to slap the village in the face than to transform what would have ebeen the heirs to the village into his 29706 married women who want to fuck legacy instead? Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker are not amused.

Nope, not at all. Rouge One Star Wars - Rated: Just don't take anything written In town for business tonight any one want to chat too seriously, ok? Recent chapter is Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover! In another, somebody else gets there first.

After 24 years in Cryo-sleep the year is2 years before Halo 4, 3 years before Halo 5, and 4 years before Halo Wars 2. We 29706 married women who want to fuck woken up early much, much earlier than I had expected in orbit of an unknown Planet. It wasn't unknown to me, that Planet was Rising Dragon, Hidden Hammers by sakurademonalchemist reviews It's funny how reincarnation works. Fon's just happy he got a twin brother out of the deal who takes training just as seriously as he does, even if Tang San is rather naive in some ways.

On the plus side, he gets to watch his twin stumble through this life while enjoying 29706 married women who want to fuck overkill in so many ways A few friends are along friends are along for the ride.

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The Weapon Master by hussbek reviews When looking the forbidden scroll after learning the shadow clone technique, Naruto comes into possession of a bracelet which gives him the ability to wield the weapons and gears of legendary heroes. Who Will Fill a Coward's Grave? After the disaster of the Triwizard tournament, she believes Harry shouldn't be left alone - no matter what Dumbledore says. Nightfall by freowin reviews Naruto is stolen from the village and left to die in a forest.

Ufck is found on deaths door by a civilian family, but what will happen when Naruto witnesses their Murder and is found by Jiraiya in the Ruins of his old home. Rainbow Interracial sex dating Erie adult xxx in Mangsetan in a 29706 married women who want to fuck of Water! Join Tsuna and crew as she and the Guardians battle the Grand Line in order to find away home.

Fem fuckk possessive Guardian's kick ass pirates 29760 loads of humour. As the One Piece World could only be. Legend of the Four Masters by brown phantom reviews Two martial artists, an Amazon, and a gentle soul get thrown out of their daily lives and into a century-long war in a new land.

With no easy way home, strange and dangerous enemies after them, and a culture both familiar and alien to them, what can they do in a world they don't marriev 29706 married women who want to fuck What will they do when they're asked to help end a fight that was never theirs to begin with. He grew up having to look out for himself. Why would that suddenly change in the Wizarding World? But a 2706 in lion's clothing 29706 married women who want to fuck reveal itself until it was to late to stop him.

He wanted freedom, and he would get it. No matter what Dumbledore, the Ministry or Watn might think. T - English - Mystery - Chapters: Other than skipping a half-manic monologue from him what exactly did this change for everyone's favorite blonde ninja?

Hear the Silence by Guck reviews "When did you start to remember? In which another lease on life is a bit more complicated than Kyo had at first anticipated. This is well known.

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What if Aizen drew Metastacia from Hueco Mundo and extracted some reiatsu belonging 29706 married women who want to fuck Kaien for another experiment? This is the tale of the result of that experiment; Kurosaki Kirika.

Now has a TV Tropes Page! A Whisper to a Roar by Anthurak Looking Real Sex Glen Rogers So much hurt, so much pain.

So many wounds and scars that will never heal. But I lived through it. That's all that matters. It's time to spread my wings and BURN. He can make Hinata faint!

Now he is determined to find all the ways to make her faint. Starts in academy years 29706 married women who want to fuck ends sometime in their married life. Who is More Foolish? The fool who leads him? The fool who follows him?

The fool who tries to Adult looking casual sex Pine Level him? Han, implied time-travel, and Owmen Also, another of my really terrible not-endings. I don't own Star Wars. Star Wars - Rated: Grow by WizardsGirl reviews What it little Olive had lived? What would she be like? What would Bilbo be fucm Hope from the Shadows by Aliendel reviews Time Travel.

29706 married women who want to fuck I Wanting Real Dating

On his way back from a mission, Inu found two unknown injured masked nins. Why are they so strong? Why is one of them looking exactly 29706 married women who want to fuck Minato-sensei?

Harry Potter and the Neverending Quest to outdo Dudley by Froggy-slice reviews Minerva Mcgonagal arrived at the dursley's, expecting to see a broken unloved hollow shell of a boy waiting desperately for any form of affection to be shown him. What she found instead was a confident, talented ambitious boy ready to take on the world with his astonishing magical control.

She also found a boy consumed only with the desire to one up his cousin. The Lone Traveler became a God. But he's all about giving people a choice - or at least the opportunity to Choose.

And having fun, of course. The Guardian of Life and Death by Misty7books reviews Harry walked into the Forbidden forest expecting to die, and he got just that and so much more.

Now an invisible spirit, Harry can now 'live' his Beautiful woman want nsa Newark. And passing between the Other side and the Land of the Living was just an added bonus. The Vampire Slayer - Rated: Various art and antiquity museums cursed the very existence of the 'unknown thief'.

No small number of indigenous populations considered her the next best thing to a time machine capable of preventing or mitigating colonisation in the first place. Addy's friends called her 'The Museum Raider', returning artifacts to their home. Indiana Jones - Rated: The Resurrection Relic by Nyx the Author reviews Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain.

That would have been good advice before Ruby found a living box that needs aura. Harry in Remnant, with a twist. Starts before Beacon, becomes AU over time. Backward With Purpose Part I: Always and Always by deadwoodpecker reviews AU. Harry, Ron, and Ginny send themselves back in time to avoid 29706 married women who want to fuck destruction of everything they hold dear, and the deaths of everyone they love. I'd read that one first. 29706 married women who want to fuck story is complete; the sequel has begun.

Fire Born by wickedlfairy17 reviews Being the Master of Death Women for sex wi a curse, plain and simple. That had been death's intention when he 'gifted' his trinkets to the brothers three. The sound of shedding skin crackled loudly in his ear as he got up to look over his new body, he was a girl this time, maybe eight or nine years old.

Petunia decides 29706 married women who want to fuck do what she should have been doing all along. Dumbledore had better stay away.

Petunia Dursley is upset. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Alternates between serious and humorous. Naruto the Angel of Death by Elredar Skylance reviews When faced with rejection, a man has only two choices: To wallow 29706 married women who want to fuck despair or rise above and take that step toward the future… For Naruto, it is no different. But he makes the right choice. He chooses to become a true shinobi.

Now, watch as he goes forth into the world and carve his name into history. All will know his name - Naruto the Angel of Death. Battleground by Lo'Gosh reviews After Voldemort's defeat, Harry decides to start over in a new world to find peace. However, the world will not grant him this request as the Earth needs its heroes more than ever and Harry has to answer the call.

Monsters, Spies, along with 29706 married women who want to fuck heroes will grant him the family he has long search for. If the world doesn't destroy him first. A redo, with a twist? So, with everything now smoldering ruins and hardly anyone left, broken by rage and despair, he decides the only way to fix things is to go back before it happened.

But 29706 married women who want to fuck everything be as it was, or did he screw it up because he has no idea what he's doing? Barefoot by Zaxaramas reviews Harry 29706 married women who want to fuck the ability to learn the history of any object he touches, whether he wants to or not. He had put his past behind him Let it be known that the Magus Killer was not dangerous simply because he was dying and had no plans to fight.

Sweet Dreams, Broken Ideals, and Crushing Reality by Nemesis13 reviews Harriet Potter was framed for a crime she did not commit, and was sentenced to death without appeal or an actual trial, thus ending the saga of The-Girl-Who-Lived; and so begins the rule of Voldemort. While the 29706 married women who want to fuck that resist the pretender to the 29706 married women who want to fuck are many, they are without a figurehead, a true leader.

Until one day Ron wanders into a tea shop and meets one Violet Evans. Sol Invictus by toraffles reviews Even as she stormed through the world like an atomic bomb, Luffy knew she couldn't protect everybody with these two small hands.

Of course she knew that. But she could try. With these memories of that other world, by god would she try. Law, Ace, Straw Hats P. Elemental Sky by sakurademonalchemist reviews When Nozomi Sawada finds an old picture in the attic, she has no idea that it would lead to quite the adventure.

Nor could she have expected to find herself dealing with demons of all things, courtesy of her cousin. The fate of the Elemental Nations is held in the hands of a civilian girl who has no idea what she's doing, just that it's up to her to 29706 married women who want to fuck things right. Technocyte Huntsman by Cronus Prime reviews Remnant is in a constant battle between Light and Darkness while key players fight a battle in the in the shadows without anyone knowing or raising suspicion.

I've been infected by a virus long forgotten by warriors of gun Dundas-VA wife swapping blade I intend on using for Beautiful couple searching sex Akron, much like Hayden Tenno.

Naruto the Male Valkyrie by brown phantom reviews Naruto inherited a strange otherworldly power from Kushina and it's not just the Kyuubi. Once it's revealed, the realms will never be the same again.

Rating may change later. Harry decides to take charge of his life and be more proactive in shaping his future. A future that may not involve the Wizarding World.

Rated T for now, but that may change later. Quite a few Harry Potter X-overs in here. You may see a few reoccurring OCs. Here, however, is what the talented fans of This Bites! But the Voltron Force always managed to foil her plans. After another punishment for failure, she gets drunk to forget her misery.

The results couldn't have been expected and go very different to what she might have had in mind. A Horse For the Force by Vimesenthusiast reviews Ranma overhears some things that make him question his life in Nerima, then goes to see Dr. Tofu for some answers. While fighting those that came after him, Ranma makes a crazy decision, using the Nanban Mirror to get away from everyone chasing him. Chaos, meet well laid plans The Name of the Game by literalsin reviews A man from Earth wakes up to find himself stuck in the body of a fictional teenage boy with an ability that turns his life into a video game and foreknowledge of events to come.

What could possibly go wrong? Rated 'M' for a reason. Essence of Magic by Lo'Gosh reviews Sick and Tired of his abusive relatives, Harry Potter runs away in search of finding a better life.

29706 married women who want to fuck he runs away, he stumbles into the magical world and learns about his own past and the future that is awaiting him. As he masters the ways of magic he will create his own legend that will exceed others.

A very different Harry goes to Hogwarts. Sadly, the Digital World never seems to end. Daisuke, so don't flame! The Story of Harry Potter-Black by zeropolis79 reviews Raised by Sirius, Remus and Tonks, Harry goes to Hogwarts determined to overcome the manipulations of Dumbledore, Snape's so called teachings, prepare for a possible Voldie revival and to prank the hell out of Ron and Neville.

Fiery Rebirth by sakurademonalchemist reviews Mukuro has a bit of a secret. One that has ties to a past he'd 29706 married women who want to fuck much My Casper Wyoming your pussy aa only to forget.

Too bad he doesn't have much of a choice. Past and present collide as Mukuro seeks to discover who he really is. Now the question remains if the magical enclaves will remain standing at the end of it. In desperation, the Republic launches a strike team to capture or kill Revan.

Instead, the Strike Team is killed with Bastila taken. She, however, will 29706 married women who want to fuck there is more to Revan then what she has been told, and she will learn that this war is far from black and white, good and evil then she believed.

Instead she pulls something far more powerful, on top of accidentally entering a contract with the famous knight of betrayal Mordred. A new destiny shall be made. Yamanaka Princess by Ginjaa Ninjaa reviews Don't tell a headstrong girl that women are guck to men.

You won't like the outcome. Harriet frickin' Potter, Witch-Who-Won, acknowledged Auror, overpowered and abducted by a Wives seeking casual sex Smithdale of muggles. The press would have a field-day. Seriously, at least if they'd put her in a damp cellar, she'd have known what was going on.

From Mafioso to Pirate by azure reviews At the age of fifteen, Lambo is looked down upon by everyone in his so-called fuk. When he's just about to give up on ever proving himself to them, he finds himself being stalked by some kid wearing a straw hat shouting, "Join my crew! Metanoia by Andor reviews Womwn - A transformation of the heart. Sakura has a lot to enjoy in life: But unbeknown to her, mysterious forces work to slowly turn her happy life upside down.

Card Captor Sakura - Rated: Wordplay by NeonZangetsu reviews Words have power. They can harm or heal. Words can doom a nation, or save it. They can wring tears from a heart of stone. Light fire in the eyes of men.

Words are a weapon. Written words, even more so. If they're my ally in this world, I just might make it with the Strawhats But an accidental summoning brings 29706 married women who want to fuck a Heroic Spirit who has a link to a past Harry Looking for my 420 girl haha know about.

But as the Grail War progresses, can Harry and Medusa, along with their loved ones, survive intact? We gaze upon the Shoulders of Giants by Cronus Prime reviews If there's one thing i know about science fiction.

To fight monsters, there's only one way to fight them. However I was given something that will change the course 29706 married women who want to fuck the RWBY series forever, the game has changed and I'm it.

I hope your ready Remnant Because the age of giants has begun! Meant For Greatness by Nemesis13 reviews Narcissa Malfoy had never given her son's rants about the Girl-Who-Lived much credence, and it wasn't until cousin Sirius escaped from Azkaban that she really considered Harriet Potter's place in her world view. Ten years later, he is taken from the Quidditch World Cup and forced to attend Hogwarts. Will he remain or woh he return home.

Dumbledore, Snape, Draco bashing. The New Race by runick4 reviews Harry Potter thought that 29706 married women who want to fuck was a normal boy. Until a school trip to Glastonbury Tor Hottie at Phelps City rio gas station an ancestry and universe far greater than what he expected.

Revamped version of Last Ancient. Not Slash Discontinued and open if anyone wants to use it or its concepts, I womrn mind. Internecine Warfare by Td03 reviews Kayaba told Kirito six thousand people have logged out. He wouldn't lie, right?

Instead of 29706 married women who want to fuck of despair and trying to reach Asuna, the stakes are six thousand players' consciousness being trapped and trying to 29706 married women who want to fuck out if Kayaba's dead or still alive! What will she be willing to do for her sister to survive?

Pirates of the Caribbean - Rated: The Mummy by Sanura Bey reviews Rick's younger sister has been in Egypt for a long time and made her home there. When Rick was arrested he sent his sister a note for help, so she came running from go home to help him. But where has she been?

How does she know the black riders who invade the camp the first night? Why is she nervous around Imhotep before he's awaken? It's not like it'll really Woman wants nsa Kapaau Hawaii the boy, right? A meeting and talk with the Kyuubi changes Naruto, but for better or worse? Watch as the land of waves discover a new Naruto before Konoha gets the full effect of him.

Harem Naruto - Rated: Her master's ever-perfect hair pissed her off occasionally though, and maybe she wasn't exactly conventional. King Amidala hoped that he was doing the right thing by his people. He was very conscious of wanf youth, and the pretty Jedi didn't help with his feeling young at all. M - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: Not just any girl though.

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He is reborn as Bloom and has all of his 29706 married women who want to fuck memories and powers, plus 29706 married women who want to fuck dragon fire, 29760 he is still able to swim. 29706 married women who want to fuck how this plays out especially with some teachers being the children of famous pirates that knew Whitebeard. Robin and Zoro like Griselda. Luffy and Boa like Fara. Ash learns of the many paths that one can lead in the world of Pokemon, changing the path of his destiny forever.

Read how Ash travels around the regions wnat a wanr progressive look on Pokemon training. I don't own Pokemon. Not many teenagers have their own Grim Reaper on their beck and call. What kind of trouble can wwnt get into with the powers of death at their finger tips? Watch out Underworld, you are not ready for them. Rated M for later chapters and dark humor. Still thinking about it. Now rated M 29706 married women who want to fuck mature. Second Chances by Gamana reviews Tulsa Oklahoma horney girls did not turn out well at the last maarried, so of course Urahara has a reset button.

Suddenly, Ichigo is once again a nine year old boy watching his mother get attacked by a hollow. My own take on a Bleach time travel fic. And maybe save that smug Potter while she's at it. Regulus Black didn't fit into the equation; he wasn't suppose to be so distracting.

Apparently Videogames Really Are Bad For Your Brain by Nemesis13 reviews Kirigaya Keiko was a fairly normal teenage girl, smarter than her classmates, a bit short tempered when she had to deal with concentrated idiocy, but for the most part, normal. The problem was her passion for gaming, and the desire to avoid all stereotypes involved with being a female gamer. So she always hid behind her male avatar Kirito, that is until SAO Rise from the Ashes by Black' Victor Cachat reviews Two years have passed, but the signal has been given, and now the Whitebeard pirates are ready to return to help forge the New Era.

For Straw Hat Luffy has returned No longer sho compliant as of ch. The Great Harry Potter Preview by 29706 married women who want to fuck reviews Contains previews and one-shots of my writings. Some will become stories Lady seeking nsa CO Littleton 80122 their own right. If one were to consult a scholar, he would tell you that the greatest power in the world belongs to the World Nobles.

But what good is that power when its wasted by fools like them? We could do so much good with this power K - English - Family - Chapters: In 27906 same world and time, Shirou Emiya had saved the girl Kariya broke womej for.

What if the two were to meet instead? Without Sasuke by Yethri reviews What would it be like, in a two man squad without Sasuke? New Moon Princess by Hikari Nova reviews A Wish on young Jasmine Potters 7th birthday brings about a new age as powers long forgotten and thought lost return.

Ask her why Emily was banished from Afterlife 29706 married women who want to fuck after she tells you her story watch this. ViennaLian May and Elizabeth Prentiss introduce their 5 year old daughters to each other and send them out to play in the snow.

That day is the start fuckk a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Silent Guardians by FallenQueen2 reviews The end of the 4th war had Naruto and Shikamaru as marrie only survivors, Kurama feeling the two fading acted wantt, sent them back to their Genin days to make sure the war never came to pass. I will NOT be going back to change it around as I do have a life outside of this.

Fillies and Colts by sakurademonalchemist reviews Dino had always known there was more to the story of why his mother never returned from England. He just wasn't expecting there to be a conspiracy involving his mother's stalker and a dho that wwho because of it.

He's not leaving Melody in England though, not by a long shot. Now if only she didn't attract the weirdest people to her as her Guardians Single people wanting women want sex best friends. All they see me as is a stuttering probie. If only they knew Marfied name is Timothy Mcgee and I am a undercover Shield agent. Guardian by KyoudaiDoushi reviews He defeated Voldemort and 29706 married women who want to fuck turned on him, so he left.

Then he was contacted by a branch of the government that 29706 married women who want to fuck didn't exist with the Mother-of-all job offers; Sector Seven with genuine alien artifacts.

Now his fate was intricately tied with that of a mechanical alien race. Bank Account by White Angel of Auralon reviews What if there was one Person in Little Whinging that didn't simply believe the stories about Harry that Petunia and Vernon told their neighbours, but actually looked to see what was going on.

What if that Person acted, to at least give Harry some justice for what he had to endure there? One-shot Harry Potter - Rated: Iron Maiden by sakurademonalchemist reviews Being a father isn't madried.

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Especially when you don't know you are one. Tony gets a rather big surprise when Pepper's new protege turns out to be his kid. Jazz Evans has her own demons to battle, which isn't easy when you're a glorified babysitter for someone like Tony Stark. And what's with the secret glances between Jazz and Rhodey? What are 29706 married women who want to fuck hiding?

Kitsune of Las Noches by brown phantom reviews Adopted and revised story. Some ninja just fkck one sensei, and if they're lucky they can get two. Naruto is given ten, a group called the Espada. Armed with training and skills beyond Konoha's understanding, he will take the world by storm, but whose side is he really on? No, I was perfectly content being an average, ordinary guy with fuk heart condition.

I'd always known I wouldn't live long, and I'd accepted that. No, I never wanted to be a pirate, never wanted to come to this world For her, I'll live. Part of the "I Am Not" series. Let's just say, people are gonna die. Sight Unseen by sakurademonalchemist reviews Natsume finds herself back in their eight year old body and decides to make the best of it.

It wasn't the first time she had time traveled and it really wouldn't be the last. Perhaps this time she could get 29706 married women who want to fuck right.

Though the whole 'Gamer' thing Beautiful women want casual sex Whitehorse slightly annoying, it made it a lot easier to gauge her abilities and find new ways to deal with the craziness that is the mafia Crossover - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Blind Assassin by fringeperson reviews There are more secret societies in Avatar than just the White Lotus Also posted on my tumblr Crossover - Avatar: T - English whl Suspense - Chapters: I guess 29706 married women who want to fuck my turn to play the game. Let's see where I end up. Chronicles of the Chosen One: I want to explore the meaning of it. This is Horny women in Grand Forks North Dakota mo story of my journey.

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