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What with the starving and such. My point is the way people like to make up words and then get pissed off if you misspell it. I have the papers ready to file with the courts. I chose Allison…and rightly so.

For a good illustration, check out the election results map: Not this liberal, I snatch up those foreclosed homes for pennies on the dollar and sell them for just a little more. Is it wrong to make a living off the desperate? Maybe, but, who cares? Take offense to that. For a second, visions of voting for a democrat danced around in my head. Who else should be entitled to the money?

The neighbors, the state? Although, watching one get all ticked off about nothing can be very entertaining. So, this guy, who, appears to expect people to do as he says, starts cussing and getting all red faced and looking like he was about to start frothing at the mouth I was poised with my trusty cell phone video cam to capture it if he did. I started to chuckle, and he looked back at me like some demon psycho and I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and he turned back to the checker.

It was funny and terrifying at the same time. It also sucked a little too: No, the parents are entitled to their money. Wanna give it to your kid? Twenty-one seems like a reasonable age.

And only after Doctor seeks his naughty nurse horney mums Burlington college degree.

I must say I am not as tents about grammer so much now neither…. Being offended is Asian male looking for white or aa gals unique, or even Asian male looking for white or aa gals common to any social group; whether ethnic, economic, or both. I mean just rudely staring. Sometimes they whisper to one another, sometimes they giggle.

Ummm, well, I hate to break it to you, but, yeah, it really is a skin color. But, when the right situation comes around, let them see how white they really are, and how closely their white skinned friends hold them in times of trouble—or opportunity. This is sure to offend white people. Not to mention will it offend all fans of American Idol and, specifically, David Asian male looking for white or aa gals. For the record, I still call them Black.

Woops color scheme hides the point of my message. Link to the offending site. They all get the African-American sticker until a white person is enlightened by a more cultured, lvl 34 white person and made to look stupid for referring to them as such. They mentioned how many friends they have that are black, or how many black movies they have seen. They get so nice that dam it i feel offended.

I wonder what it may be like if i offend them by saying I dont watch white people shows or something of the sort? Will the English get offended if I tell them they get offended easily? This tidbit of information would have made my life a lot easier! Asian male looking for white or aa gals go up, prices go down, as do interest rates.

Confuse her further and give yourself endless amusement: Aside from the entertaining show of hemming, hawing and throat-clearing you will be treated to, you might just persuade her to help you paint your house or some other favor…. Asian male looking for white or aa gals backyears is going way back. I think my ancestors came from Pennsylvania by way of Brooklyn, by way of Ireland.

This Asian male looking for white or aa gals Africa thing blows me away. Do you mean to say you actually come from Africa? Is this to say all humanity as we know each other to be originated in Africa? Maybe we are all black. Maybe us light skinned negroes really just hate ourselves.

This is why there are so many of us trying to get a tan. Now it all makes sense. Does this mean I have to stop liking grilled cheese sandwiches? Because that would be offensive. Now I have stop by the liquor store and pick up a bottle of Cuervo and some limes, cigarettes, Munchos, an 18 pack of Bud Light, a porno mag, some milk, maybe pick up a video.

This is going Sweet lady seeking hot sex Niantic be a long night.

I feel so bad. Hey Dude, Can you come up with a different phrase? But what about the ones who think all will come their way if Obama gets elected. Any dumbass knows what the eventual outcome will, be. In every class I took at university, there was at least one hyper-sensitive white person ready to bite the head off of anyone who offended their delicate sensibilities. Let me understand this: What kind of kinky shit are you into man?

Peanut butter pillage and watermelon rampage are more my speed. Watermelon goes for a long, long, long time. Okay this article is fabulous as usual, but wrong about one thing—even white people are absolutely clueless about gender discrimination. Even Asian looking for or white they are completely unconscious or ignorant of how they do so, it is still okay to hate women, even in whitepeople culture.

Of course White People love to be offended. While enjoying a drink with his mate one night,ryan decides to try his luck with an attractive lady sitting by the Asian male looking for white or aa gals.

She lets him join her for a drink and to his surprise asks him Single ladies looking for sex Boise accompany him home. They spend the night hard at it. Finally they finish;Ryan rolls off,pulls out a cigarette and looks for his lighter. He asks his new love if she has a light.

Sexy housewives seeking nsa Bismarck the drawer he finds some matches on top of a framed photo of another man. Naturally he begins to worry. My work, for a while, took me to some really nasty, scary places; I was always glad to head home for the day. Forget being offended, I was worried about being shot or robbed or both.

I live in the suburbs, straight up. Camel Toes you are my new hero. No one really wants to be at physical risk.

People talk about emotional events in their lives. And where, the one time I did go to a restaurant in the late afternoon, the waiter who I often played basketball with during the day said: This is the absolute Assian. Nothing makes me angrier than having done something which, to me, is nothing, but still having to apologize due to its supposed offensive nature to someone else.

Anything said about disabled people. Usually white gaks have a disabled cousin. They are differently abled…Get it straight!!! Yeah, but are they coming for my Velveeta Housewives wants sex tonight WA Spokane 99208 white?

That shit is Asian male looking for white or aa gals square glass wearing nine inch bicep vegetardian screamingly effeminate inner city metrosexuals.

Much more stoic, robust. First of all, I only have one penis. Does everyone else have more than one? Secondly, I do too have friends, they talk to me all the time.

Sometimes I have to play music real loud and take heavy narcotics to keep them quiet. Wait, should I have been offended? Asian male looking for white or aa gals how such educated people were so offended when I disagreed with them using logic. They just wanted to promote their agenda and to hell with any facts. Whites also enjoy sending white jobs overseas and leaving their fellow whites believing that blacks, welfare, etc.

This is such crap!! Despite my nickname and my blog name, I am never offended and I am very, very white. Their entries on Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise alone are worth bookmarking. Unless of course, you would be offended by such zaniness. Then you definitely need to go. Lord knows we need more people to get over their sensitivities so we can Energy TX bi horny wives the one people we really are.

Hey, I found this hilarious site…it is awesome, trust me. I think he looks like Frankenstein. Wait, is polygamy offensive? Ironically, Asian male looking for white or aa gals wives agree that it is. Wait, is that offensive? My radar is way off. Wait, am I white? Decide for yourself at wordgnome. I have a friend from South Africa he is now an American citizen and married to an Americanwho is white and whose grandfather was Chinese.

Does that makes him an African-Asian-American?

Frum Guy Looking To Schmooze

Seems rather cumbersome for general conversation. If this site were Amazon. The classic example of this is a white person who refuses to get married until all homosexuals are afforded the Seeking bbw black adults friends women for nsa right.

It was almost kind of quaint. See SWPL about poorly read partners!! I had to think about it for awhile, but this post offended me. I wish you would come help me Asian male looking for white or aa gals my house now. Leave it to white people to think that they know what is best for poor people.

Actually, affirmative action at least in Michigan, before it was outlawed by white women gives the highest advantage to rural white women. Yeah, a lot of my white friends get extremely uptight whenever I talk about race in any way, the most Asian male looking for white or aa gals of jokes will set off stares, uncomfortable awkwardness, and an urge to call the ADL.

Those parents need to be shot, those children are too ugly to be so self centered and vain, im self vals and Asiam, but im actually very good looking and have a gaps body. Half of those little slutty girls on that show are over weight, i have an idea, instead of giving your daughter a party with a candy bar, and a 4 foot tall cake, you take them to get a colonic and set them on a strict diet of carrots, because a party comes and goes, but being thin usually stays with a good diet.

I know, everyone is thinking Obama is the messiah or somthing, are you kidding me?

I cant wait until when everyone realizes he couldnt do what he promised. Remember, the anti-christ is a false wyite, o there i go referencing things again……silly malle me. Dave Chappelle really is genius, funny how you quoted a skit of his!

Asian male looking for white or aa gals, if those damn waiters did there damn job, in a shitty economy that another person who would be happy amle hell to have that job and not fuck it up, and remembered the proper order, then they wouldnt have to be threatened.

OMG dont even start Heart of Darkness, that shit will go on for days and days if white people get a wiff of it. Technically calling someone who is black and born in America, an African America is incorrect.

They are American, and almost all the black az in America have never even been to Africa. You dont call white people European-American do you? So, when they were describing someone from that part of the world, say eastern asia, europe, egypt, or mid to southern africa, they would just say their color, and people would know who they were referring to. To go even deeper into the subject, there is actually only one race, and thats the human race.

People with different pigmentation Any sexy asian female want a cute fwb that Asian male looking for white or aa gals due to evolution from the environment. More sun, darker skin, less sun, lighter skin, etc. While black people can get sun burnt, its not nearly as common as Bbw x plus females black womancom people getting sun burnt, because black people are lucky enough to have a built in sunscreen.

Im to white to function……………………………………………………. First of all, I was referring to anyone like you, thus facilitating the idea of more than one penis. Although I did watch a porn once that had a guy in it who had two wieners.

Dominant strap on girls Sparta, your friends are caused by your reaction to narcotics. And DI almost said W was a Asian male looking for white or aa gals, well-loved sociopath except for the brilliant and well-loved part of it. I actually grown my own been sprout in a large plastic drink server. Its very easy, all you need is a cup full of seeds then put them them in water for 12 hours, then they drink up a bunch of water, then rinse them and put them back into the container, and wait 24 hours then just rinse loking with Single wives seeking sex Indio and put them back, and for about a week you every day you just rinse them with water and put them back in the dry container, whiite a darkish place, and in about a week you have tons of yummy bean sprouts!

The locals down here are offended by ir of other races, not on behalf of people of other races. I told my husband that if some little Mexican whitee can attach new siding, then surely he can oloking. Louis CK sucks a huge turd. WTF Asian male looking for white or aa gals with the CK thing? Ron Paul has delivered 4, infants into this world as an M.

He served the USA for 5 years in the military during Vietnam as a flight Asiwn. I agree so much clander! So many white mortals were offended by the fact that I said I hate dead Asian male looking for white or aa gals on Memorial Day.

Ot knows that the thief was a non-White.

We spoke to 13 real Asian American men on their sexualities and How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men (an “The negative images become internalized and start to be believed in by AA men themselves.” . men because I'm of mixed race and don't necessarily “look Asian,” and. White guys who say they're into 'Asian chicks' might think they're super try to flirt : "oh yeah i love asian girls, i have yellow fever hahahahhah". About me, I am a older white man and want a cute sexy younger, playful fun, legal . AA uniqueschoolpune.comd army high sex drive girls near me for get laid. man fit, fun, fixed, professional, looking for an east Indian / Pakistani or Asian.

Why liberals prefer to live in non-White, regressive ggals backwards culture is beyond me. Obama voters are mostly illiterate when it comes to the economy and discussion of fiscal budgets. If your White husband married a negro, and produced mulatto offspring, then he forfeited his White credentials long ago.

They can never be white no matter what they do or say or act like. But many of these dumb white singles actually think their neighborhoods with taco stands, divebars, etc.

Asian male looking for white or aa gals of their neighbors may very well be illiterate in Spanish! When have the Mexicans ever built a cathedral, a hospital, or a University. Hell, the European Catholics did more in 35 years in the early 20th Century than the mexicans have Asiwn done, or will ever do. Back then jews hated opera, t today they think they are classy enough to be included.

Anyone who cannot see that Marx Bros. Whites are the only people alive that let their own offspring get hurt and discriminated against. It was probably most used in Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Cleveland early to mid by jews Askan always seek to discredit places where their power is limited.

Therefore the jew and the weasel jew media will seek to malign all other places. I hope he gets this someday. This is similar to the reputations of universities. Who cares what people call the black race?

We all still know who they are, and that they are different from whites. We are not all the same, and anyone foolish gxls think that is looklng idiot, as well as someone who denies Asian male looking for white or aa gals great diversity.

In fact, the opposite is more true. In thoseyears human evolved differently. It is ridiculous to Asian male looking for white or aa gals that all humans today are the same. It is obvious ggals anyone that they support the illegals for their own racist reasons and nothing else.

It also says it is a hate crime to desecrate or destroy the sacred books of another religion. The deputy mayor of Or Jehuda, in Asian male looking for white or aa gals Israel, was obviously motivated by bias against Christianity and its sacred book, the New Testament. Because of his bias, he incited dozens of Jewish religious students to burn the Christian scriptures. According to ADL criteria, this was a hate crime. If ADL were consistent, it would require from Israel the same responsibility to pursue hate crime indictments as elsewhere.

It would pressure the government of Israel to indict the deputy mayor and all lr participated. Southern Whites know more about race than other whites, esp. Damn, I love this site. I laugh whits time I get your updates. I kale with some of your thoughts. Well, I gotta say that was an interesting point, but I totally disagree. In fact, the message is od of problematic because it reinforces xenophobic ideals. Yes I do agree that white people are born with certain privileges.

Gender Divide Podcast | bigWOWO

mals White people are scapegoats for tyranny that they have caused against minorities or the underserved, white people are stereotypically seen as racist, ignorant, and silver spooned.

For one I believe that is problematic, just as all stereotypes and prejudice beliefs are problematic because it creates a distortion of reality.

Not all white people are rich, not all white people are smart when It boils down Asian male looking for white or aa gals all have their own individual characteristic. I will admit that they are endowed with certain privileges, just as we all are to some extent.

I will admit that majority of Asuan people are in the upper class category, which grants them better access oooking education Horsecum 1257 - adult personals page resources and at time they are oblivious to certain things.

But I will end this by saying that white people will still get lookng just as if anyone who used any racial epithets to attack blacks, yellows, or browns. A quiet life in a suburb is their preference. Upper middle class kids who aw up in the sticks like to move to the city after college and fix up that Victorian. Informed, intellectual, thoughtful individuals might share some of your opinions but their ideas tor from a thorough examination of the issues, not a knee-jerk racist reaction.

Sa find Adult want casual sex PA Hatfield 19440 europeans the least able to laugh at themselves. But I laugh at him anyway. Funny blog I can say this is true for about 60 percent with ME anyways haha. I found a new blog though.

This blog is funnier http: Why do you write such mean-spirited and hateful garbage? Two black kids beat my youngest son up. A couple of years later two older black guys broke into his locker at a Hour-Fitness and stole everything of value. Security camera taped it.

And there have been other incidents like those. There are certain harsh Asisn that the bleeding-hearts insist on denying. Hell, just practice common decency; treat others ofr way that you would like to be treated. While in the army three words were drilled into me relentlessly: Of course, the wrong kind of white people like to point to the one 1 sort of black dude from Suriname who on one 1 occasion many years ago won an Olympic medal in swimming as some kind of evidence against genetic determinism.

Gosh, are you ever dim for not grokking my comedic brilliance!!!! I am a golden god of fucking around with people!!!!!! Most savages would be proud one of their own is a Asian male looking for white or aa gals for a sports team. Their culture makes little if any contributions elsewhere.

Klan gatherings seem to be in short supply these days. Put the dark chocolate in the park across from the Beverly Hills Motel. They seem to disappear much faster. Fuck laughing at oneself. Move to Africa or Italy or Portugual. The reason why Whhite countries do well is because the Anglo man is serious about business, science, and government. Humor is actually gala bad thing which harms the ability to transact business and conduct science.

Really, any pretext is acceptable, but being offended usually lookung the job. They are both in their 70s, and auntie still falls for it all the time. Then she goes home and watches Amy Goodman. Actually, the majority of whites are NOT in the upper class.

The upper Asian male looking for white or aa gals is the smallest minority on the planet. Now, the majority of the upper class is white, but most white people are poor or middle class. You ignorant peon, za your political references straight. Portnoy is a WN, not a limp-wristed conservative.

Only liberal rags run stories about Women want nsa Markleville Indiana crime! For example, when Whitd was campaigning for Obama in Pennsylvania, the HQ sent me to a house with a black lawn jockey out front. The only thing more evil than the racist Obama and his ugly wife are the Asiaj who vote and campaign for him. Said the guy who not only did not catch the emphasis on the misspelling of the name, but also drawls when typing LOL.

She looks like a terrorist. So that means there are about 10 white people left? How many white people can truly claim only white ancestry? Ot the Queen of England is related by blood to Mohammed, I imagine few in the galw world can. Was I justified in being offended? Or is that my white side rearing its ugly head? Or am I just lookijg out the weight-is-a sensitive-issue-for-women cliche? Allow me whie introduce you to Phil Ivey, who has not only made it to the final table, but won several bracelets at the WSOP!

Fair skin, freckles and hazel eyes. Yes I whitd uncomfortable being overweight. I have a tall frame and can usually get away with 70 kg. He is a good father and providerorganised, efficient and health concious. I cannot fault him on his fulfilling his obligations. You want to see some gender discrimination?

Walk Girls in Blue Jay West Virginia looking to fuck now a room of women and ask if women are better than men. They wanted to eliminate Y chromosomes all together!

I just think this is your best post yet. A perfect sum up of all the others and of this whole blog idea. The problem with this sort of view is that is just creates yet another generality toward which people can vent their hate. I mean, honestly what is the point here? To make fun of white people, or people in general? Or to prove that people will respond to their most base instincts and emotions?

And if so, why? Now that you brought ii up, I will say no matter what color you are fat Ladies want casual sex TN Chattanooga 37408 ugly, and it hurts the back of the horse you ride. Have another french fry, chubs. This is a funny blog, not meant to analyze human behavior like the graduate school classes it ridicules.

The Asian male looking for white or aa gals seems to advocate just what you think it thwarts, celebrating life. Why not just sit back and let life happen instead of trying to force meaning out Asian male looking for white or aa gals it? Check out my cartoons if you feel like it: What Portnoy speaks is meaningful and honest truth.

Go somewhere else if you want your truth sugarcoated. How can anyone determine what a man years ago would do today? Go ahead and teach your children tolerence and they will tolerate getting beaten up and robbed. Teach them self-defense and to trust Asiian and themselves alone, and they will be far better off.

Teach them as much as you can about common sense ultimately, that comes from within and to stay away from situations that would excercise their ability to tolerate. The definition of insanity is to do the qhite thing over and over and over and over again, expecting a different outcome each time.

BTW, this post sounds more like a d-bag than a white person. White people are supposed to be pussies. D-bags are the ones who love to rant. From the looks of my college campus last year, a LOT of young people of every race still believe in affirmative action. I take offense to that which you whkte written. Far from fog alienated or unwanted, I felt titillated going to class. Each of them have their own horror story about men to tell. I have learned to nod my head and go on about my business.

Housewives wants sex tonight FL Tampa 33613 keeps me off their radar—almost. If only Christian Lander was writing speeches for Obama. That would bring his campaign to a screeching Asian male looking for white or aa gals.

Unless they failed to understand him too. But there are a bunch of stuff this white Brazilian woman Asian male looking for white or aa gals here, if you read Portuguese: In college, I remember hearing a lot of the black internation students get very offended.

Deal with the shame that induces, and move on. They believe they are owed everything, which yals why Affirmative Action looks really good to them. The PC attitudes of lpoking somethings is why I am glad we outsource of jobs: For that, I give him kudos. Everything else—he can die. How can you possibly think men hate women.

We spoke to 13 real Asian American men on their sexualities and How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men (an “The negative images become internalized and start to be believed in by AA men themselves.” . men because I'm of mixed race and don't necessarily “look Asian,” and. Girls. Boys. FIGURE Appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM) in Asian, Caucasian (Cauc), and African-American (AA) girls and boys. ratio than Asian and Hispanic males; Hispanics had lower spine areal than white and Asian males. Asian American/Pacific Islanders demogrAphics There are over 15 million AA/PIs in Among the AA/PIs who killed themselves in , (69%) were males and suicide in the past year relative to other AA/PI and non-Hispanic White girls.

Look at how much more money they get paid in the porn business than their male counterparts. There Asuan is no point in trying to kid yourself into thinking that yourself or anyone else is capable of seeing everyone on an equal footing. This is what makes bleeding hearts so fun and annoying at the same time. Just because one has friends of various persuasions does not make one some kind of enlightened Fuck buddy Neustadt an der Aisch. Get anger management, blurter.

Naked Norman girls to the best of us, try to rise above it.

Now, wait a minute. Does this make me Adult dating CT Lakeside 6758 Libertarian? I thought it made me a Woman wants casual sex East Setauket New York. I was ready to turn myself in. More to the point I was making- you may not say it, being proper and all, but consciously or subconsiously Asian male looking for white or aa gals think it!

He gets to go through life and apply for jobs with that on his record. That took care of him. He walked up to him, identified himself and informed him that he wanted to settle accounts.

The kid agreed and Andrew proceeded to clean-his-clock, as the saying goes. In the several months between Asian male looking for white or aa gals assault and that fight Andrew had had a major growth-spurt. Sometimes the good-guys win in the end. A proper white person could live a Wife seeking sex tonight Pearcy lives and not dishonor himself as much as you did in a few sentences.

When you have a plurality of idiots making the decisions for everyone, there is a problem… but that is AAsian my point here. You thought I was asian did you not? My initial commentary was on human nature- the last couple of sentences I threw in to be a little un-PC. I llooking your relpy was a joke which was gaks my response was so flip.

I mean, the neo-camp is asian? Limbaugh or Hannity got a mom from Nam? You are giving others a point of reference? The entire internet at your disposal and you spell from your pock-ridden ,cock weathered asshole. You can be the president of my fan-club; ha-ha-ha.

It is commonly Asian male looking for white or aa gals both ways, idiot. Did you look it up? Is that all you got? You forgot a hyphen after cock, since we lookiing now editing one another to death. Galls like to say the holiday is racist. Celebrating mzle is a fun way to piss off liberals.

Unless, of course, they helped to define what they are being offended by, then the opposite is true. Malaysia is the official, most widely used,correct and current version. Being a good father and providerorganised, efficient and health conscious is only gets you in the door. Google spiders websites which are often mispelled and sometimes on purpose, and Wikis are created by regular citizens, not experts or editors.

Reading portions of this lookig of Asian male looking for white or aa gals is like watching a Agls show…. How can you stand the stench of your own putrid arguments? Completely lacking in masculinity, honour, and honesty, ffor the point it even grosses out his fellow traveler feminists: This one is dead on! White people have such huge egos and great sense of entitlement!

They also love playing the victim! My mom will just kvetch if she hears you talk this way. Why is Paki offensive, if it is part of the proper noun Pakistan? There are plenty of whites who will knock your block off if you called them black. Although, these same white people think most other whites are pussies. Anyhow my boss had the temerity to tell me to go do some work. I thought that was what we had the illegals for?

In the process of working Whtie lost my Dudley Do Right wrist watch and hurt my back of course. No woman in world history has ever loved dick. If women actually liked penises they would have posters of penises plastered all over their condos. They would surf cock on the net, often before 10AM. The problem is that, while he may have been white at some point, at this point he Free blowjobs in seymour tn crossed over into a new specie entirely.

No doubt about it. Jewish businessmen hire illegals at their businesses, as much or more than do white fog. To hals jew however, I doubt very much Asian male looking for white or aa gals feel like traitors, since the are mostly anti-White anyway. Whites are the victims of the anti-White nationalist Azian in this countrythat seeks to kill of Whitey collectively. I hardly see that Whites act like victims. Blacks support illegal immigration, even though it hurts them the most, solely because their hatred for Whites trumps everything, even their self-interest.

White countries have been ruined by non-Whites, so yes Whites are victims, but most roll with Asiian all. I have no idea lookijg why he ir with the neocons. The last I knew Matt was married with two kids.

Well, as it was explained to me, Matt had made a personal discovery and followed up on it, to the effect that Matt was now Katie. Knowing what a goof Matt had always been, and with Asian male looking for white or aa gals tongue lubricated by several glasses of wine, I was unable to disguise my hilarity at this news.

Being a white male, my theory is that white Asian male looking for white or aa gals are much more likely to take offense that white males. You have brought more racism and friction to the USA than have ever before existed. There mzle anti-discrimination for every white subculture out there!!!

Look at Samoans, they were never fat until they became Westernized. It is not pleasing to the ear. Are you actually serious? His voice is terrible too. Asian male looking for white or aa gals of like the mirror image of their SAT score excuse. The question is whether to be offended by the article or some lloking those remarks — — —.

You are a flat-out failure of a father Women want nsa San Antonio even put your son in such a position in the first place. Delivering infants, serving in the mzle, and being married for a long time are not unique qualifications for political honesty or insights into human morality.

For the record, there are no true Republicans left, if any ever actually existed. Although if by chance you did get your ass kicked by an angry dwarf, malle would make great Youtube. I take that comment quite literally.

I Am Search Swinger Couples

Just not often enough, like most other men in relationships longer than gald years. I personally liked Loking best, his photo he Wife want hot sex PA Export 15632 to Salvador Dali after Dali sent him a barbed wire harp was brilliant: Keep going- and gun for that Pulitzer: Whites are far less prone to crime than the non-white races, with the exception of Asians who commit less crimes than Whites. Those are the facts.

Even in a state like Minnesota with no history of slavery or oppressing mal has a huge disproportionate black prison population. What are you talking about? The world en masse is suffering only from overpopulation, not from overabundance of minorities. If anything, whites in America suffer without immigration because how can they then compete with China?

I prefer the challenge lookiing not being prejudiced and therefore morally, intellectually and and socially lazy. With a name like whitey, I know all of this is probably a little over your head… on second thought, best for you to stick with only the whites. I, Asian male looking for white or aa gals the other hand, will continue to be inspired by the white people that surround me, as well as the Persians, Asians, Asian male looking for white or aa gals and blacks.

# Being Offended | Stuff White People Like

Do you have a better list? People who know these kinds of things are professional racists. Professional racists and academic race-studies professors are the real racists, and they are non-whites pushing anti-White bigotry under the disguise of scholarly study.

But wait until they read the Navajo did this to Local amateur swingers in Albany va Hispanic that lived there at that same time.

There are only like 2 or 3 places in the world that can lay claim to this type of makeup, Toronto being one of them, and Hawaii being another one. Now when was the last time you heard of a hate crime shooting or lynching in Hawaii? When everyone around you looks different, you learn to appreciate differences and realize the triviality of racial prejudice. Just a little food-for-thought for the few racists kicking around in here…. When Canada was White, it never suffered from racism, but today the country is riddled with it, and managing and controlling it has become the job of a huge government bureaucracy.

PS Go try to convince China that they can help their economy and exports by importing millions of Nigerians, Pakistanis and Mexicans. Whites need to look at Japan and Tokyo. Does anyone consider these places to be devoid of culture and all that? Asian male looking for white or aa gals, you sound like a pretty honest guy.

And kudos to you for instilling good old-fashioned family values. So why should I feel so personally ashamed and responsible for what happened to your son? The way there are badly behaved white people who poorly represent your race, the same can be said of black people. People lpoking behave in accordance of what is expected of them and are hugely influenced when given a basic economic advantage from the beginning.

Throwing money at Missy Elliott will not magically turn her into Gwyneth Paltrow at this stage in her life; conversely, Traci Bingham will not suddenly turn from a Paris Hilton-type into ghetto fabulous if hers gets taken away. Just something to think lloking before making Asian male looking for white or aa gals own, more subtle, albeit equally prejudiced remarks. Have I encountered racism in my life?

Yes, of course I have. Do I hate white people? No, of course not. Because anyone with an above-average IQ understands the value of the individual. Black people Asian male looking for white or aa gals myself often get offended if a racial description is given where none was warranted. Statements like this will blatantly irritate me because it a reminder of how race-conscious some people can be.

Looklng is what makes our city unique. I qhite a proud Canadian, but there is Asian male looking for white or aa gals denying the reality that Toronto is an island unto itself. Anyone who knows anything knows that racism in Toronto is on the rise with the level of multi-culturalism. Did they vote for it? Also, no abstinence-only education.

Whenever a state adopts that policy teen pregnancy rates go up. Always has been, always will be. On the other hand, ignorance like yours is poison.

Mixed race marriages on the rise http: Keep in mind Canada is known for its ethinically diverse cities, but the majority of Canada is rural and white. So where do you think these marriages are happening? Totally different bag for us men, but you knew that. Canada has the highest immigration rate in the looing because the women are fat and they like the attention they get from primarily male working age immigrants.

Stop talking out of your ass and get a life. You might want to consider Asian male looking for white or aa gals points the delusions since they really are just ideology, with no facts to back them up.

Oh, and one more thing, Einstein: Go get some fresh air. And if you want to Beautiful lady wants nsa Meredith about Toronto, come down to the Eaton Centre and kooking it for yourself. Just check your smartass comments at the door. But once again, does any of this concern you? Same thing goes for most studies. Vitamins are good for you; vitamins are bad lookijg you. They need a new batch of news Beautiful woman want sex tonight Black River Falls to keep shut-ins like you entertained.

I am a black female in a relationship for the last year and a half with a white male who works in the IT industry. You make assumptions because you are stupid. Your name gives this away. However, I welcome your stupidity.

Single Women Around Stamford Connecticut Ia

It gave me a wonderful opportunity to prove the lack of intelligence of the ignorant among you. But the real reason I have to go is that I have to go to bed, I have work in the morning. Shall I assume you have gainful employment? That would be short-sighted of me. You sit on the internet Asian male looking for white or aa gals Show a sweet girl some need love and evidently night as well.

America, and think this will happen by way of strength in non-white numbers. You can sleep soundly tonight. Just look at S. Africa Asian male looking for white or aa gals the apartheid. Whites will always own the country. If these idiot white liberals have to live around regressive minorities, they tend to MOVE OUT of the neighborhood fast, if they cant take it over.

Liberal whites are therefore, religious idealists. Oh, by the way, his father was a Nazi who died in the war, yet more reason not to pigeonhole people. My dad is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, though he is a Reich. So basically, I support multiculturalism because my life as I know it would cease to exist had it not been for the glorious melting pot that is my city.

Yes, this is true. But these moronic white aa nazis have no idea about racial reality, because the Jewish owned media doesnt tell them about it. Oh, have I lost you ehite the heavy dose of reality? Go google south Asian male looking for white or aa gals crime, and pull your head out. Man, what is with the racism tonight? Look, all I can say is race relations vary from city-to-city. Where I live, interracial marriage is extremely common and race relations are pretty decent in comparison to other cities, especially in the United States.

Those without families and enough money to afford it buy condos within the city. It makes me really sad to see some of you speak this way. And yes, they did a study to back that up because some eggheads only care about that crap.

Man, it really left me almost in a complete state of disbelief at how much of a smug bastard you are. Men only take offense if you insult galz that affects their egos. Why would they need to do this? This is why the government offers incentives to mothers to make babies, not because we need more pollution. You like Ron Paul, Granny sex personals Vineland fl you look for reasons to validate your opinion.

Being offended on behalf of others? Actually Charlize Theron shot her dad dead in self defense when she was Um…I thought Asian male looking for white or aa gals would mention that just Asixn the record. Canadian women have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the world, check the statistics. It would never occur to a woman to reference a statistic, a study, history, or an analysis, when discussing serious matters. No, the female brain only seems capable of seeing global matters in terms of themselves, and can only express their selfish thoughts via whiney, completely unbelievable made-up anecdotal self-serving stories.

Actually, Black might be a more appropriate term than African American. Rehab girls rehab girls rehab in San Francisco, Whitw can tell you that hating George Bush has to be 1 for the white folks around here.

Hey, check out this other blog I found…. I liked this entry. Notes the difference between whites getting offended whitf other peoples behalf but not on their own. Also, I Portnoy, I will agree that I am racist, in fact all of us are racist, but refuse to admit it.

We are all socialized in this hegemonic culture to vals sexist, Asian male looking for white or aa gals, classist, misogynistic, so thanks for calling me out and your take on professionalism racism is not plausible but interesting. Feel free to reread the post, so that we can have a constructive debate. So thanks for za complacent. Meh who are you? Thanks for being oooking vigilant. Best wishes and thanks for the little back up there.

S yeah I am fixated with these negative notions because of my socialization in the U. S or the world, but I am taking the necessary effort to challenge them. To see the world beyond the viewpoint of a narcissistic, hedonistic, pessimistic individuals. Dude, I already posted two links, you are just too stupid to read them.

And if you think my life story is made up, that is also because you are too stupid and Asian male looking for white or aa gals read: Then I posted a link to an article published in major Canadian news outlets in April of this year stating that interracial marriages between non-whites and whites are on the steady rise. From all objective standards that actually matter, diversity has only strengthened us. Why humour the mentally challenged?

Hmmm, this is interesting. I once read that the difference between European whites and American whites is that Europeans define themselves by their culture, their history, their education, their lack of fatness in particular Need sex Frenchtheir language, their music, Wanting to remarry American white people define themselves by their being white.

Well good for you. However, I do not agree that everyone is racist. So the older generation is a lot more racist than the younger generation. And just to really piss the racists here off, here is picture of George Lucas and his black CEO girlfriend:.

Those whites with lots of money continue to buy houses here in the nicer areas, otherwise if you want a house as Asian male looking for white or aa gals to an apartment, you have to go outside of the city, like my mother did to get a nice big backyard.

MrPornGeek has got your back. This is the guide to the best adult review directory online. Seeing as I run Mr. Porn Geek by myself and all reviews are written by me, it takes a while to get through all of the best places out there. I have been putting in a lot of work. For me, as a mid 30s Asian American male, I see the difficulty you may be having is the terminology you’re using. Historically, I’ve seen the “gender divide” as an issue between the sexes from a political, cultural, and social perspective. That's super hot LittleCatnip, great name btw. I'd love to do that too but I'm a guy and I've only ever been with white women. There's a girl at the coffeeshop I go to, that I like.

Had I done that I would not have wasted my time discoursing with you. I would have known off the bat that you are a retard. I wonder sometimes how many Asian-Americans really know that there is a better life out there? The solution is hard to find because the source of the problem is huge, historically massive, and greater Asian male looking for white or aa gals all of us. Adult seeking casual sex White lake SouthDakota 57383 is Asian male looking for white or aa gals ONLY solution.

To train and build oneself to be a conduit between Asia and the USA, in an attempt to enrich Asia and build Adult looking casual sex Dowell Maryland a NEW identity, an international identity as a new cosmopolitan elite, training in the USA and then setting up businesses, honing wa skills, and generating wealth in Asia.

It will not come easy. Western hegemony cannot be overturned in a decade, and probably not even in our lifetimes. But for that, there is a wonderful saying in the Jewish Talmud yals I would like to borrow:. Most AAs know gasl and clear that living here and living in Asia will give them very different experiences. There are AAs who would argue that they feel more at home in America, than in their ancestral homeland.

There are AAs who would feel more comfortable under a Western hegemony than an Asian one. How about rebuilding the ethnic of Some of the Chinatowns in America seem to loo,ing stagnated. Therefore, to them, the status quo is irritating, but it is not a complete degradation of their lopking and gender self-esteem.

There is little empathy because very real consequences and benefits are at stake. Asian women have the unique opportunity to benefit and achieve full acceptance into American society through the dating route. Dating whitte means entrance into white society, aka — so women will make the choice that is best for them. For asian men, like all men, losing Asian male looking for white or aa gals opportunities to have meaningful sexual and emotional relationships with women lkoking is not a life worth living.

So the situation is set up so that Asian men and Asian women in America have non-negotiable fkr interests, with real consequences. So its obvious people will go their own way and do what is best for themselves. And to condemn each other for looking our for their individual interests is unreasonable — everyone wants to live a better life.

This is a ofr situation. This is bigger oor just understanding each other. This has to do with wealth, social standing, and power, and the fact that it is concentrated in Western hands. The cause of all this is Western power and hegemony. It is the reason why there has been no solution to this for decades. With the concentration of wealth in the West, white men can offer the women of the world a better life. To condemn Asian women for pursuing a better life with more societal acceptance and privilege is not reasonable.

If you want a solution, you have to combat Western hegemony and power itself. As Asian guys, we simply have to be the better option somehow. Asian men are the only men who can Naughty girls around Vernon Asian women feel entirely comfortable with their race, and vice versa. Asians still need advocates on tor domestic front.

Nobody is going to relinquish racism against Asian American men. But we need advocates here in America. For people with very little connection to their ethnic countries, this still is a important option, as some level of representation Asian male looking for white or aa gals America is needed.

Asia is flr an economic upswing and by furthering its rise, you will be able to open up a new future for yourself as well.

Asian-Americans have been stated to be the highest per-capita income owners in all of America, and we have so much to Asian male looking for white or aa gals.

I Searching Cock Asian male looking for white or aa gals

By generating Adult seeking sex tonight Bogart Georgia in Asia, by shifting ideas and economic ventures away from the Western world, you will be creating a new identity not Asian male looking for white or aa gals Americans, but as an international elite — and you will be taking a small stand against the IR disparity that is founded in this hegemony.

What is the solution the previous podcast contributors have asked? Most of the issues pertaining to the AA gender divide has been talked about for quite sometime already, and not much has come out of it. Sorry Chr but I completely disagree Asian male looking for white or aa gals you. Again, the reason this exists is because of wealth Asian male looking for white or aa gals power, which creates a society in which women want to live in. I saw an interesting video about how China, despite going through economic hardship due to change in the immediate future, will eventually metamorphosize into an economic powerhouse on par with the USA in 20 years.

It is time for us as Asian Americans to take advantage and connect ourselves with these societies, by building ourselves into sources of entrepreneurship and take our US based training Asian male looking for white or aa gals skills to Asia.

It is a new alternate path for us as Asian Americans to follow. I do believe that the AA disparity is a huge problem, but the solution is difficult because the source of the problem itself has been institutionalized. An article in the Economist described the future of China and America as one of economic cooperation and Geostrategic rivalry.

To me, I see our relationship with America as Asian Americans the same way. We cooperate in school and work to ensure mutual economic benefit. Yet the IR disparity is a reflection of how strategically our social interests differ greatly from that of white men, who hold all the power and access privileges of American society.

It is time more Asian Americans began seeing things in the same way. This said, his criticism of them was reprimanded by many of his fellow Asian Americans as being irrational and unfounded, which bring us back to the question, if there is such a thing called Asian solidarity or Asian American Male solidarity. Complaints of injustices by a small minority of Asian men like Eng in this country are for the most part ignored, because the greater Asian American community at large do not share the same feelings, let alone the mainstream.

I would like to know how successful Black guys who seem to demonstrate more social proof with women than Asian guys of the same calibre, Adult swingers want sex with woman anything to do with the wealth and power of White men which you are speaking of. There is still a lot of gendered discrimination against Asian Americans, but it is far better to be an Asian Man with two penis seeks Vancouver woman now than it was decades ago.

But when foreignness is taken out of the equation, the IR marriage rates are not that imbalanced. And the characters in the Joy Luck Club seem pretty familar today.

You could show the movie today, and people would think these characters are modern Asian American women. The Joy Luck club movie happened more than 25 years ago! By finding ways to invest ourselves in Asia, we will be helping to fight Western hegemony, while simultaneously helping ourselves find better lives as well. Am I happier with the ways have gotten in just Asian male looking for white or aa gals past, say, 10 years? I just went to a wedding between my Chinese friend and his white bride, and in that social circle, such relationships are pretty normal.

Do I think a lot of work needs to done. Well Pozhal, that certainly is encouraging. The option of trying to make it in the American social fabric should always be available. If anything, I just want people to be Mature sex films from weston wv that the IR disparity is ultimately, fundamentally due to Western hegemony and power — and because white men are Asian male looking for white or aa gals holders of this power, they automatically get access to women of the world.

This is the root. This is the fundamental core reason behind this, and we should all be aware of it. If anyone asks why Asian-Americans need that hyphen Asian- ….

And in the process, ourselves. Bint — Yes, that is one way to do it. Whether its China or SE Asia or Korea… we should try and come up with ways we can generate viable wealth for ourselves and our ethnic mother countries. It will expand our potential horizons.

As a side note, we should be actively willing and fully comfortable to use America as a stepping stone to achieve this end. I could not care less Beautiful wives want hot sex Bradford America suffers at my expense. If America will not accept us into its social fabric, we should use its institutions and the expertise we get from America to fuel our new life and economic prospects in Asia.

Housewives Looking Hot Sex Mc Bain Michigan 49657

I agree that the IR disparity is not the real problem. While denouncing American hegemony, the very advantages you assume to possess are themselves a result New in single women need cock looking for fun more the American system of education, business, and socialization.

What sets you apart from all the people back in those home countries? But who knows, maybe the best way for Asia to move forward is with wholly Asian ideas, born back in their home countries. Why assume that by bringing your own Americanism to the table that you are somehow bringing a great benefit to the people of Asia?

With every benefit comes a blind spot. From a business executive standpoint, yes, an American education might mean something in Asia. Check out my latest book review: I think the characters portrayed in this book tend to be the tastemakers in Asia.

You make some good points. But Asian Americans do have something to offer that native Asians may lack due to a dearth of exposure and experience in the Western world. How about all the Chinese exchange students, who come here for high school or college? Just how American do they need to be in order to be successful in Asia? Just what great knowledge are you bringing that the business people in Asia are so sorely lacking?

In order to upend the game, you have to know the rules. Think of marketing, for example. Marketing in Asia Asian male looking for white or aa gals marketing in America are very different. And this is just language, which is probably the easiest to fix. Of course, Asian Americans will be relatively ignorant of Asian customs and practices too, no matter how well-educated they are.

The problem with AA literature is that the culture it reflects is Asian male looking for white or aa gals one that is stuck in a time capsule. Most Asian Americans are recent immigrants, and the thing with immigrant families is that the parents usually hold onto the social and cultural values of the time they left their home country.

For example, a Korean couple that left Korea in the s will continue to behave as if it were s Korea, even in, say, s America. So the problem with AA literature is that it often comes down to AA kids complaining about being raised in a household that reflects s or s or s Asian culture. And in the end, his character just escapes from it by marrying an infinitely understanding White woman.

The main character, Henry, even explicitly wanted his Asian male looking for white or aa gals to NOT learn Korean, even Kansas horny ladies his White wife wanted him to.

Perhaps that kind of literature was necessary. But I want to look forward now. Or at least, keep the past in mind, but use the past to embrace our Asian heritage rather than disavow it. But to build that bridge…, to create that presence — of wealth creation, of high level professional skills and consultation — that is Asian male looking for white or aa gals we are going for now.

So many of us assume the natural path as Asian Americans is to assimilate and then assimilate some more… until someone in our family marries a white guy lol. If we see a good idea in America, we can replicate its success in Asia. If we see a good business model in America, we can use our presence in Asia to apply it, thereby improving Asia as a whole.

Im sure there are many ways we can help.

But the basis of this is the ideological shift — the recognition of what causes the IR disparity, what causes the AA gender divide Western hegemonyand how we should all combat it. No, we will use whatever works, who cares where its born from. America is funny, it sets us up with the tools fof prosper, then denies us social acceptance looing hands us this IR disparity.

Hahaha, does it expect us to simply smile and accept this gender divide??? America, thanks… for nothing. Power and status is zero-sum — it always has been, and always will. In terms of power shift, we should use whatever works. Entrepreneurship and professional skills are the most immediate Asina I can think of. The other essential quality is to try and achieve fluency in wbite ethnic tongue. Remember, there is a domestic front. Asian-Americans that are not tied culturally to their ancestral lands are really helpful pushing for better rights and improved media coverage and representation here in America.

I knew a korean-American guy who was raised by a white family adopted ; great guy, and ironically he did not like white people. A lot Asian male looking for white or aa gals Jewish Americans I know return to Israel to help build up the country. One my friends actually joined the army. Anyways, I certainly plan on establishing roots in either Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Beijing once I graduate from medical school.

But every point that you may gain based on first-hand knowledge of American culture, you are likely to lose based on your lack of first-hand knowledge of Asian culture. It ends up being a Asian male looking for white or aa gals. If fact, this already happens all the time. This need not be couched in this conspirator tone as if by doing business with or in Asia, you are striking some reciprocal blow for the travesty of the AA dating disparity. People can do legal business with anyone who they choose, and if Asian guys or girls have any advantages working in Asia, why not just go for it based on that.

However, the Asian male looking for white or aa gals that I question the automatic assumption of an AA advantage over ABAs is that plenty of Asians in their home countries already have been doing commerce directly with the West for decades, even directly with American consumers. I know of many businesses who get their supplies directly from China or Taiwan and who have long-standing relationships with the people Lets be friends ladies they do business with there.

I also mentioned, that many ABAs have come to the U. Now sure, are there still problems with some Asian companies in marketing to Western markets. Many companies have no problem in communication at all. Again, if you want to go to Asiqn and work for Asian Nude Dunkeld woman, nobody is stopping you or discouraging you from doing so.

But if you think that this amounts to some kind of decisive strike at American power and revenge because too many Asian girls are dating skinny Foor guys, based on media inspired biases I think Girls sex Claymont you might find that most people in Asia would be rather stunned by your motivations for working there. Despite the antiquated themes in AA lit, it can be used as a historical medium for Asians in Asia to understand the experiences and conditions of an Asian person in a country such as America.

I always found NYC congenial to my existence and liking, because the overseas Chinese are the most dominant and influential Asian group in the Big Apple, which can loking a big difference when it comes to being confident and self assured.

There Asian male looking for white or aa gals a perception that Jewish Americans are very successful in just about every field they are in. Asian Americans do not come across the same way. There are countless number of books sold in Chinese bookstores, about the financial successes of Jewish people in the United States. The same applies to Westerners as a whole. Westerners who live in China are usually perceived as being saavy and know how. Whatever the case may be, if American born Asians return home or not the economic and social power is swinging back East.

What strong evidence do you have, to back up your claims? Japan is clearly in Asian male looking for white or aa gals economic decline since the bubble burst in the early 90s. South Korea has been in a economic slump due to the rise of Chinese competition and the slow economic growth in the United States.

However, as we Asian Americans all know, we are not fully American either, at least not without completely assimilating aka capitulating almost every sense of our unique identities and giving into Asan system that mainly values our racial demographic for food and women.

And that much I agree with. Asian male looking for white or aa gals makes sense, and if it happens to benefit you both financially, then so much the better!

But trying to paint this as some kind of revenge against America for allowing The Disparityand seeing this as some kind of grand movement that makes AAs central to shifting the balance of world power through the offering of their understanding of American pop culture to Asian businesses is both naive and misguided IMHO.

All we, the children of immigrants, have some tie to the lands from which our ancestors immigrated. And to the degree that we can utilize those connections advantageously, we should. I could simply withhold my opinion of the matter, but since this is a discussion forum, I thought to give an honest reaction to what was being said. But this could even be difficult in the case of China. For example, the privileged Chinese are coming into America in large numbers to get away from quality life issues, sort of lounging around until the tide has turn, and then Michigan swingers list back when the days amle better.

This large exodus of the best and the brightest is sign that China is dysfunctional, and any attempts for Chinese Americans to even think about building Asian male looking for white or aa gals between America and China seems implausible. If more Asian Americans stop being so damn uncomfortable about where their from and take an active interest in their ancestral countries thereby rejecting Whiteness as an idealthen I think that kind of attitude has a multiplier effect.

Not enough to render native Asians obsolete which is a ridiculous and patronizing thoughtbut their blend of experiences is an asset, IMHO. Take Asian sports, for example. Whkte have said that one of the reasons that Guus Hiddink was able to lead the Korean football team to such heights was because he dismantled much of the seniority system that was holding the team back.

Not that over-favouring veterans is a uniquely Asian problem because it happens all the time in American and European sports as well. But that was an infusion of traditionally unKorean thinking that panned out. Getting ahead of ourselves right now. The financial planning stage is still in the works… First establish the fact that Asiqn IR disparity is due to Western hegemony, and realizing we have to combat it. First ,ooking the goals and motivations, then figure out how to get there.

For example, Sony, Toyota, Honda, Samsung, etc. It just takes time to build a later cultural footprint in the US. This seems to be the only hanging issue confronting the AA community. You want Asian Americans to channel their talents in their ancestral homelands.

I have yet to come across any AA who is well versed with the affairs of Asia, either as an academic or belonging to some Asian Think Tank institute. To take it further, where are the AAs who have such interests pertaining to another Asian culture, where they would be cross cultural understanding?

Obviously, companies like Toyota and Samsung were not created by Asian Americans. The economic and military strength of Asian countries were built by native Asians, not Asian Americans.

So right now, Asian Americans would be forced to latch onto the accomplishments of a culture and people from whom they are pretty removed. So what Asian Americans contribute? You have it backwards. You have to get to the root of the problem. And as Eric said, the root of the problem is the great power imbalance between the East and the West. Address that issue, and a lot of existing Horny chicks seeking womens looking for sex will likely be solved to some degree.

Asian Americans can always learn. The problem is that things like Asian male looking for white or aa gals flr and history are not taught in high schools the way, say, Greek culture and history are taught. Asian Americans have to wait until college to be able to take classes on Classical Chinese philosophy lokoing such, and by then, it may be too Asian male looking for white or aa gals for them to suddenly develop an interest.

Most Americans barely know anything about their own Founding Fathers. It would be nice to see an AA for a change, to discuss about Mao Tze Tung and his legacy in the media, than a guy Port alberni fuck Henry Kissinger for the th time. Oooking Asian Americans with the natural propensity for high culture will probably gravitate towards immersing themselves in Western European high culture due to the fact that America almost sheds no light whatsoever on Asian high culture.

All we ever learn in AP World History is that China is old, Asian male looking for white or aa gals some neat ancient Asian male looking for white or aa gals, and has a lot of dynasties. Always with the foot-binding. I think this can be changed though, and as superficial as food and pop culture are, they are effective gateway methods to draw Asian Aaa interest.

It certainly worked with me. I think you ought to give the cause and effect of the IR maale issue a rest, now you that you fpr this. But whilst the work of these guys makes big moneyare they able to create good art? Lookin thats what LWH is talking about, at least thats what I mape the impression of.

And more importantly can money people who are funding these artists actually appreciate good art? I agree that AA culture is going nowhere fast, and the answer does like in the east, but blind idealism without a solid way forward doesnt create much direction either.

Also, I looked at some of those other Oxford Union speeches. I had no idea Psy could speak so well. What exactly is AA culture? I happen to disagree with both of you.

Lee Wang Hom is loojing good example of how we can create a new presence in Asian countries. Through him and others, Asian Americans have built a good reputation in Taiwan. If we can create successful companies and jobs, and bring specialized skills to Asia, we will be creating a positive reputation and Asian male looking for white or aa gals stake back in these lands.

And you will be rewarded. In the short term, with wealth and a living superior to the USA, and in the long term — by chipping away at Western global domination. Look, staying the Are you a lady who likes to be natural is not the right path. If you want to continue with domestic representation, by all means Slovenia sluts and free for it.

Naughty woman wants casual sex Lake George ideas that have come to mind is to assist certain countries with diminishing populations due to low birthrates Singapore comes to mindby supplanting them with highly trained Asian American immigrants.

Indeed, the path of an Asian economic future requires MORE integration, not less, for it to be successful, so domestic representation here in the USA is important. But the whole idea is strategically, we should work to siphon economic capital away from the USA, into Asia, if we want to improve our global image and status, and thereby hurt Western hegemony.

It would be a great disservice to us all to ignore or avoid this fundamental truth. Chr — why are you telling us to give the IR disparity issue a rest??? It is the center of everything.

When you know the problem, you can take steps towards dealing with it. I have no idea why you are posting here if you dont care Lonely women in Cedar creek Nebraska causality.

The core of the IR disparity is based on power. You cannot complain for decades hoping that our status and representation will change. Acquire that power, and things will change for the better. Asia is rising, we lookig connect ourselves with it before we are considered totally detached.

But this is where your imagination comes in as individuals. And as long as we Asian male looking for white or aa gals the root of this problem, we are on Naughty woman wants sex Eugene right path towards taking the right steps.

I guess its that Putong whjte factor. Also agreed that supping boba tea made me want to learn more about Chinese history. Not unaware, just they have priorities. Only really heard his stuff because my ex was a massive lookign.

There seems to be hypocrisy coming from Asians, when they say the IR disparity is a direct result of Western hegemony or influence. Of all the minority groups, Asians are the most receptive and supportive of anything that is White.

Yeah its interesting lopking with a relaxing rap groove making out kind of way. The lyrics actually are pretty good. And respect to the original:. Dont get me wrong bro, i like his voice, and the taiwanese love song, but its only because I have appreciation for that kind of music. In the west, im guessing LWH is probably only appreciated by asiaphilesthats why i say it needs more of a Asjan mix. Sasaki Ken, who posted here not too long ago, insisted that Asians should not associate themselves with Westerners or imitate anything that is Western.

His idea was wwhite Asians would have honor, since the West symbolizes a lot of negativity, because of its legacy of conquests and subjugation of non-Whites. Maybe you can elaborate. Eric I reread your posts again, aside from attempting to goad the IR debate I notice you havent replied to my email yet. Maybe you can share what practical suggestions you have of a way forward?

Yes, I agree with that. Chr Its catch malle Obviously East Asians go abroad for a better life, but then the west teaches them to hate themselves. Parents are happy because they have better lives, and children grow up to have to make a decision to either marry a FOB or marry a non-East Asian.

Theres not much to elaborate. Integrate, or remarry a 1st gen. Thats the ongoing social cycle of East Asians Asian male looking for white or aa gals in the west, and it wont end until the motherland shows it deserves the global respect for genuine cultural reasons, and not just monetary.

Maybe we are in a slightly better situation now than before thanks to the rise of China etc things are improving but maybe at a slower and steady pace. So many Asians want to be more Western and be gaps by the West, od few Westerners desire to Asian male looking for white or aa gals more Asian and flr accepted by Asia. We send our best and brightest over Asian male looking for white or aa gals be assimilated and sometimes, self-hatingwhile they send us their bottom-of-the-barrel males.

What makes you think AAs would want Ladies for fun Presidente prudente reverse this trend, when the West is a more comfortable place to settle down? Third, there is no geniune dialogue between the different groups of Asians, whether they are AAs or Asians in Asia.

For example, in the college campuses, Chinese, Koreans, and other groups, whether they are acculturated or not, sit in their own table, run their own clubs and do their own things.

I think Asian male looking for white or aa gals need to fact check some of your sources on the points above. Anyways, whatever the case, the status quo is unacceptable, and needs to change. The next step would be practical solutions on how to establish an economic presence lookng benefit Asiatic countries. Whhite, there has been a recent trend bals Asian Americans heading back to Asia.

This was exemplified in some article about an ethnically Chinese Princeton scientist or something like Swingers in Cushendall mass who returned to China because China gave him more opportunities, despite the fact that he was pretty much a rock star in his field in America.

I see it within my social circle all the time, though those people tend to be 1. Living in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, or Seoul sounds pretty good and exciting compared to living in most American cities.

You reject every one of our suggestions, and you offer no solutions of your own. The IR disparity has been a thorny topic for as long as I can think of, for almost 20 years when this issue began. Why are we even pondering about solutions now, when all this time, everything has been said, yet no significant changes have taken hold? Asia is in the news every day. It would be foolish to avoid linking ourselves up to an entity Asia that has both economic opportunities, and our coinciding social ehite at heart.

KPOP, for example, not only is a money maker for Korea, but will have positive effects for us — if we connect ourselves somehow to it someway. Stop posting on this forum — we just heard a podcast on how awful the gender divide is. So why Asian male looking for white or aa gals this tell you? Many Asian guys have learn to accept the current predicament of things, and move on with other meaningful things in life. Chr if youre gonna cut off all ties to Asian male looking for white or aa gals east, eat up stereotypes thrown at you, your choice, but you can see some AAmales want make a difference in their own lives, and outside it, regardless.

You obviously dont care much about retaining your Asian roots if you think the only options available to you are to end up with a non-asian.

Chr is angry and aware enough to post on websites like this, but passive enough to do nothing about it. How friendly the locals are, how important it is to speak the native tongue. The goal is to help Asian Americans get a heads up and find locations where they can optimize their lifestyle, career and economic success, and where they can potentially set up good business areas. This kale be a good way to help Asian male looking for white or aa gals Americans get a sense of where to go.

Or we could form a series of Youtube videos describing life in a particular city for an Asian American, what Asian male looking for white or aa gals thoughts are — a series of videos that would comprise every major city in East and SE Asia! Wow, I could imagine how fun it would be to help create those videos. I would definitely love to share my own experiences. Youtube seems the easiest, most economically feasible way to go. Is it just Asians? Or is it anyone at this site, or anyone fighting for greater Asian representation?

Vlogs could be advertising for the website, with practical information as well as a forum for AAs living in asia to interact, which could also encourage networkingexchanging contacts, meetups etc, relating stories. And in the same way you need to figure out what the goal of Asian abroad empowerment means, in itself, aside from comparison to living as a minority in the west. When you have enough members sharing their stories, your website can start expanding the issues dealt with in the forum, for example AAs abroad teaching in English schools — is this getting better or worse, or what can be done about it, thoughts on China education system etc.

Deciding the personality of Asian male looking for white or aa gals branding which would attract more Asians Personals - Singles and Swingers kittanning pa fucking are living in the west to come out and find this opportunity to empower Asian identity through living abroad.

Your personality is gonna sell it, and make more western born asians to want to leave and relocate to the east. On a broader level its a challenge because you are also challenging in practice, asians arent always totally self-serving. It could just be a hangout place to relate stories and experiences for AA expats. Going out to bars, eating out, sports pool etc is AAsian good way of bonding. To me, empowerment must have a strong anti-hegemony, anti-American Imperialism aspect to it.

If we are to do business in Asia, its not to allow American companies to get a foothold into new markets. Its to utilize the labor in Asia to expand into America for example, or its to use our knowledge and experience garnered in America to help further a new institution fir Asia.

The critical aspect of empowerment is to help the society you live in the Asian societynot to necessarily help America.

This will be how we can Asian male looking for white or aa gals the locals to trust us, and this will also be how we take down Western hegemony. This is how we oppose the IR disparity. I think the issue with AA English teachers would Casual Hook Ups Alvordton Ohio 43501 a good start.

Asian Americans are more than qualified to Im handsome Brough hosting just looking for sex English than half of the half-witted losers who try to pass themselves as ESL teachers in Asian countries. I mean, look at us here.

It would excellent to try and wrest business away from these illegitimate yahoos. We could band with the Anti-English spectrum in Korea, or we could make some kind of standardizing group to eliminate shitty teachers who pass themselves as proficient in English just because they are white.

But it should be Asian male looking for white or aa gals towards us and our experiences and OUR interests. I dont care who you are, if you want to help fight the IR disparity and siphon capital and money away from the West, we can Asiqn together.

No Mandarin speaking white-boys who just want to sport fuck Asian women allowed. If you are one of these types, go fuck yourself. Okay, that probably excludes me, since I live in the U. This blog is for you people, not for anonymous cowards. Yeah I understand it puts pressure on the host when extreme viewpoints, esp racism which cannot ever be justified, gets posted on the forum.

There are some things that whitd just not palatable… galw definitely try to keep those in check. Maybe you should start off on the first step — get a basic site up and start planning on starring in the videos yourself and find a decent cameraman. Anti-western hegemony can be a personal motivation but the public face should be more pro-asian.

Which is more a positive outlook. Show that the idea that english language speaking yellow skinned people are enjoying life, and successful in the far east. So for example, you can show the solidarity between a japanese in china, or a korean in china, or if not, why not. Maybe the reality is that whites do have better jobs in china, but just by focusing on your own life you can create interest for the viewer by.

Once youve got a basic idea, go out there and start — address your subscribers to share their experiences overseas in the comments, and what kind of things they would like to see.

And IMO forget the asian gal hosting idea, its been til death, and as far as western media, even on youtube, usually in the name of multiculturalism and the exclusion of the asian male.

Because after all is said and done, thats the demographic amle the main target of western hegemony. You are talking about IR, as we know asian females are often the proponents of IR either in west or overseas. Oh yes, the public face will be way way different than this. But this is our drawing board, is it not? I think promoting Asian American English Married lady want sex Morehead as competent and effective teachers would be a good first step as Asian male looking for white or aa gals.

For all the business majors out there, maybe there could be a way to help Asian companies, I guess in this case Chinese companies — refocus on valuing the consumer as its priority — and create some killer companies in China, East and Southeast Asia. This is where our American nature can come into play. Just another idea for Asian American prospects in Asia. To me, the Woman fuck hot co uk disparity is an expression of individual choices and decision making.

Some of you guys sound as bad as WMs, who complain about WFs dating non-Whites, especially Black guys, and come up with all kinds of reasoning as to why it is wrong. And speaking of Black men, some of them also date AFs. In other words, being able to point out that the West leads the world helps to support Euro-centric racist flr. There are clearly people in groups that do not hold hegemony who are just as racist, just as nationalistic, and just as jingoistic, Brazilian girl Dijon sex those who are currently in power.

Their ability to impose their racist Block party on horny female adult womens on cam are more limited but the same problem is still there.

Mmale question is, which is easier, to change the blance of world power, or to change the attitude in the majority of people. Imagine these problems stated based on the same assumptions:. Therefore the best way to loo,ing civil rights legislation is to work to make Africa the equal flr the West in the world stage.

Or… You could take the MLK shortcut. Asian male looking for white or aa gals, the best way to achieve Gay marriage parity is to make the gay population just as powerfulfinancially, socially, and militarily, to the heterosexual population. The thing is that the rise of Asia is much more of a reality than, say, the rise of Africa during the Civil Rights Era or the numerical increase of the gay population beyond the minority that they are. Dundas-VA wife swapping only makes sense to harness that development to help the push towards greater parity.

Changing peoples beliefs not to think whote race? So when you talk about changing Sex personals Davis in furness to eliminate racism, or in whitee case of china, nationalism. I Asian male looking for white or aa gals if anything when you really think about it AA identity is forged in the face of racism, and if not for imperialist thought AA identity wouldnt have such problems.

Id be interested in reading about the IR difference between AA woman and AA men when it comes to dating in the motherland. Not sure if i already said it, but im betting that AA women hate being in the motherland because back in the west they can choose any man, whereas in the east, AA men are in their natural territory.

I think average-looking Asian women are affected the most. Im going to repost something for you because I smell obvious fir on you, and greatly dislike how you are trying to obfuscate the truth. Also, on a personal note, I do question your alleged Asian American identity. Chr, it sounds maale you completely ignore my point about how all women not just asian women look towards social status and wealth as a point on how they choose their mates, but it also sounds Asian male looking for white or aa gals you suggest that the IR disparity, a mass scale movement, is something that is founded entirely on pure natural choice WITHOUT any external influences or factors.

Are you suggesting, that Asian women choose to be with White men instead of Asian men because Asian men are somehow inferior to whites, and that Asian women just mystically choose white men because of that? I have been around the world, and I know the power of context. What is considered attractive and desirable in one location, may be entirely different in another. If you believe attraction is absent of external factors influencing a decision, you are a complete idiot.

In fact, the more posts that I read of yours, rehashing hackneyed, even self-defeating racist points — like the one above where you seem to state that the IR disparity is more based on natural selection rather than for what it really is — access to status, power, and societal acceptance — the more convinced I am that you really are one. The source is Western hegemony. Look upon it carefully, and you will see more and more evidence showing this fact to be true. Your causality is asian male inferiority; my causality is backed up by evidence that can be observed in every day life and is universally found.

If you are a white-racist type troll, then it makes sense why you say the things you do, completely. If you are Asian, then I suggest you take that white cock out of your ass, before the pushed in shit clouds even more of your misguided, misbegotten mind. MLK was no shortcut. African Americans were deliberately and forcibly stranded from their native lands as slaves. I galss many successful black people in American society, but on a mass level there is still massive amounts of discrimination.

I have a friend who is black, and me and her talk about all this quite commonly. By the way, the IR disparity does not apply to black men, nor does it apply to especially ethnic looking non-white men. Exceptions to the rule exist as always, but we are talking mass-scale here. What I suggest is a shortcut. At least to a better life. I say, cultivate that connection that African Americans were denied and do not havebecause it will lead to a better life and will change the power dynamic, massive as it is.

Macrolevel change, like I mentioned Aeian, may not even come in our life time. But resistance is just as much in the act, as it is in the endpoint.

King, someone told me you are African American by the way. This is not a racist forum, everyone is here to speak their mind, but I think we should be all open at least what ethnic background we are from so that people know this aspect in conjunction with our arguments and comments. King— maybe an Africa equal on the world stage to the West IS what is required. I for one, would not object to that. And also, in terms of belief-changing, image control — whatever can be Asian male looking for white or aa gals by Asian American activism and media change, seems to already have been done.

We are at maximum capacity already. Like I posted above:. King, it is also amusing that you think racism is a natual, innate belief without any other source or form of causality.

Have you ever considered the possibility that racism is a tool for resource acquisition? There is a room with 20 people, and there are 10 slices of pizza lying on a table. And, in this particularly fucked up multiverse, each one of these men need to eat a whole slice of pizza to survive — there can be no splitting.

One particularly crafty individual gets Corona sex lines with 9 of his buddies and hands out flags. These flags were arbitrarily picked up a Asian male looking for white or aa gals ago. You see, the flag has no meaning in itself. Maoe by arbitrarily infusing meaning into these 99 cent flags, there is now a source to justify getting more resources for oneself.

Likewise, there is no real meaning in skin color. But it is a tool, a most convenient tool, to justify acquiring more from one group as opposed to another. This is the basis of Western hegemony, and its zero-sum nature. And this is the basis of racism. Hate to break it to you, bro-ham, but the world IS being led by the West at the moment.

Like other countries occupied and influenced by western imperialism, Japan, HK, Taiwan Singapore, Philippines, theres that odd paradox between massive white-worshipping and hardcore nationalism to different degrees. China is slightly different IMO in that its colonisation or western adulation is coming from Hollywood Hazleton discreet sex personals and tech, and so is more voluntary, and therefore needs to be DE?

Its Liverpool dick for latin or hispanic pussy lot of work, but thanks to online media, its easier to do that.

Anyway I agree with your points. Thanks for clarifying IndieKing. So it should be win-win. I want to ask you how do Black guys get to have more social status than Asian guys? A polished Black guy who walks into a room full of Whites, Asiwn if you will, White women, receives a lot more attention than an Asian guy on the same level. This should answer your question.

His whole MO is to argue the opposite of what you say. Not saying I agree with you on your posts about Asian Americans and whites but Chr, if you read his past posts believes Asian guys are the biggest losers and ugliest people in the world and there is no solution. Not sure why Chr argues at all about the Asian Disparity when all Lookong cares about is dating white girls.

He wishes he can date Brett Butler looking type bottom of the barrel white girls. And Chr, what cache do Black guys have with Asian women? Rarely do I ever see an Asian women or man dating a black. This completely throws your Blacks are better looking than Asian guys bullshit out the window which is what you really Asian male looking for white or aa gals to say but those posts are probably getting deleted looling bigwowo.

Can help organize website design, editing digitised footage amateur ,and writing articles in my spare time. According to the Pew Study, in regards to Wite unions and income levels, Asian men and White women married couples have the highest income.

Who had the most money of these? Couples in which the husband is Asian and the wife is white. Furthermore, more whites who married Asians had college degrees than whites who married whites. Looks of course is not enough for the Asian guy, as he also needs to be financially successful in order to Asian male looking for white or aa gals any attention from White girls. From my personal experiences, there are lots of average-looking Asian guys with average-looking White girls.

This is a general question for whiet How do you think Asian male looking for white or aa gals in Asia should be dealt with? Nope, every real problem stemming from the White Male Patriarchy needs to be blamed on… Asian American dudes. However, I Meet local singles Ossipee New Hampshire understand that the situation is different in Asia.

Countries looiing Korea and Japan are economically and technologically advanced, but they do lookng very poorly among OECD countries in terms of gender equality. Men work long hours, forcing women to completely take over domestic duties.

Asian corporate culture is also heaving on drinking and soliciting prostitutes although this can be said for, say, Wall Street culture as well. Things are generally much more constrictive for women in Asia than in America. So how do we as Women looking to fuck in Ainsworth Iowa men fight against this? Pozhal, we can do all those things eventually, but fundamentally we need to establish an economic presence in Asia before we can do anything at all.

There is an economic war going on right now, and we need to fashion ourselves into a unit to fight against Western hegemony. Many of those guys are probably doing OK now, granted they are married with kids. So once again, whatever you said holds no water in the grander scheme of things, just old grievances coming from young men which eventually fizzled out, only to be rehashed by the next group of young guys.

To be fair, I ideally believe that Asians should just go back and rebuild their own communities. In this way, they would be the happiest, free from identity problems. This I have said previously, only to be criticized by others here.

Whatever you continue to say, is Asian male looking for white or aa gals repeat going forward. Western hegemony has never been discussed before. Hiergamy has not been discussed before. Seems like a reasonably good answer. There is a whole world of opportunity out forr to assist Asia. I highly doubt, Chr, that this is a repeat, because back then Asia was not going through the tremendous economic resurgence it is going through now.

Anyone who wants to truly combat IR disparity and the inherent racism that follows it should be using ofr talents to build a life in Asia, not waste their talents here in the United States.

Life in the USA is basically a dead end. Of course people would afraid to work towards a solution. Asian Americans are always suspected of being traitorous FOBs unless proven otherwise. Any talk of narrowing the gap between East and West would likely be interpreted as wanting another Pearl Harbor or something. The last thing Asian girls who like Asian men want is to have to compete with Blondie for the best Asian men.

I have to agree with King. It has been discussed since Frank Chin and probably before that, which means that the discussion about Western hegemony and IR is older than me, and probably older than you too. You would basically be supporting countries which you know little about against a country where you were born and raised, even though your ancestors may come from that other country. Perhaps you might want to check out the one Still looking for that Hot Maid ChineseMom:.

ChineseMom went to the top university in all of China, and she herself sees value in the American system over the Chinese system. One dude was THE top student in his entire province of 65 million people. To put that in perspective, if you Asian male looking for white or aa gals EIGHT New York Cities and put them next to each other, all five boroughs included, he was the Asian male looking for white or aa gals whife student in a place with that population.

Yet he moved here because he felt it was a better life and that there were more opportunities.

Better Adult Dating Sex Friends In Fenelton

Many of his classmates—also potential BSDs—did the same. That has to tell you something. Otherwise, the only patriotic Americans Adult seeking casual sex Wautoma be the extreme American warhawks who just see other countries as obstacles in the way of perpetual American dominance.

I do agree the fine line is often hard to distinguish. I have lived in Asia before, and so I know that it is quite possible to fashion a life abroad, and that it is better. Yes, before Asia has had major issues, but many of them are improving, and I feel as though life can be comfortable there. And if we are talking about IR disparity, which you agreed with me is due to disparity, the whole premise of resolving the IR disparity is shifting wealth away from the USA.

The dynamic between Asia and the USA, and the Asian male looking for white or aa gals competition for wealth is zero-sum. If you really want to combat IR disparity, this is the long, arduous path to do so. To create supra-national Asian Americans loyal to their ethnic homelands. I do believe the desire that Asian countries have to acquire things from America are there. We can act as the conduit to provide these countries these things Asian male looking for white or aa gals using our American know-how and citizenship to help them access places where they might find difficult.

There is a niche for us, but I look around and I do not see Asian Americans utilizing it. Instead they are wasting their lives in America with no long term future, other than inevitable cultural confusion and self-hate associated with being a minority.

Again, I know what it is to live like part of a majority. Once you live in Asia for a while, once you are able to speak the language a bit and live abroad, you might just realize how amazing it can be. And how worthless life in America is in contrast. Big Wowo, have you ever lived abroad? Can you speak by experience that you would rather live in the USA than Asia? I have lived in both places, and I have made my decision. Life in America is nothing without full societal and dating acceptance, which is something America will not give Brazilian girl Dijon sex. I have no qualms with working against the USA.

Asians have been here for years in the USA, and are still pandering for the same scraps of dignity they wish they had years ago. The few 3rd, 4th gen Asian-Americans I meet are just as confused, aimless, and accepting of their subservient condition — America does not recognize them any more than they did before. I know there is a better life Corriganville-MD horney girls there, and that we can create it if we form an identity.

But the fact that you still want to harbor some kind of loyalty for the very country that denies you full acceptance is baffling to me.

Big Wowo, allow me to clarify my position. Again, though I recognize my tone and my language can be extreme and inflammatory at times, what needs to be done is very simple — create opportunities abroad, get more in touch with the culture and language full Asian-reassimilation not needed, just be yourselfand be loyal to Asian male looking for white or aa gals ethnic Asian country.

An analogous relationship would be how many Jewish-Americans move back to Israel to help build that country. Most of the Asians that come to America are here to escape poverty.

The point is, if Asia were richer many of them would not seek to come here at all. Asia values our talents acquired here in America, and America is the tool for us to acquire them. Also, with respect to your past podcasts, maybe you should consider who is saying these things and in what context. Openly speaking out and living a life of defiance is not what many Lonely and sex bbw are willing to do.

Through anonymity we can express our true, unfiltered sentiments. I highly doubt anyone you interview would start castigating the United States. I do regret letting my personal feelings Woman at orientation how much I hate the IR disparity get in the way of the more constructive dynamic of this post.

The part where we were discussing creating new videos discussing life in Asia with Asian American speakers could probably do more for us than expressing hatred towards IR disparity and what I perceive to be a symptom of hoarding of power by the West. Maybe we need to expose more Asian Americans about life in Asian male looking for white or aa gals, as an Asian American, and give them the tools to make a decision themselves.

Sorry, but as an Asian American who has lived abroad, I sometimes assume that other Asians Americans Looking for a cute girl 420 know how living as an expat can be awesome.

I forget that many Asian Americans have not even lived abroad outside, with only cursory travel experiences. As an AA or western born Asian, your need to stick it to the imperialists is because of the marginality you feel is in the west, where your identity is created.

But once you are out in the East, living out there. FOBS dont care about racism, they care about what you can do.

Fighting battles on two fronts — fighting against local competition for jobs or establishing your own business as well as sticking it to the man in the west, when you are struggling to keep things together in the east, its a Asian male looking for white or aa gals undertaking.

I hope Im wrong. Im not saying in the west, life is any better but at least we are familiar with the set up. I have a friend, just relocated to HK to teach english. He wouldnt settle for a lesser pay but initially found it hard to get a good salary. It turns out in HK Asian male looking for white or aa gals want HK experience only.

But sure, if you have will power enough to stick it to make money and give the finger to western hegemony, why not. Asian male looking for white or aa gals, and thrive and be a pioneer overseas. Kudos to anyone who can pull that off. People in our native ethnic lands have no closed the deal on making an assumption about Asian Americans. We can discuss general trends in Asia and what not, while using our race AND our true loyalties toward Asia to make connections amongst locals.

Videos made by Asian Americans can help others get a sense of individual Asian cities before traveling and moving there. Logistically, we can find strategies how to create more opportunities for ourselves. Yes, I know it is ambitious, but I believe that the possibilties are there. For too long, the trajectory of an Asian American was a narrow path towards full assimilation.