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It was the right decision. The process was way too rushed and had way too much of a surprise factor to earn the trust of the public. Missouei deep breath was needed. Those items were the focus of their campaign. It did seem ironic a county commission that prides itself in long term Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri was trying to put together a long term plan with long term implications in such a short amount of time.

While we applaud them at the moment for taking a pause, the public must remain watchful and keep a close eye on the transparency factor in this, which to this point has leaned much more toward Beautoful than it has toward light. The commission hopefully will realize that working on a plan behind the scenes and then bouncing that plan off a few people in their inner circle is not the same Glover VT bi horney housewifes as collaborating with the public in an effort to develop a strategy.

It turned out looklng be a fine decision. A hard-working committee took the job seriously, examined all the data, poked holes in some of it poked holes in a lot of it, frankly, as many numbers were shown to be inaccurate or misleadingand eventually a recommendation came down that the committee believed no immediate action was necessary. Committee members unanimously agreed that the initial expert reports provided to the committee regarding a proposed jail expansion and county population projections--as originally relied upon by the commission and sheriff--should be discarded.

I bring this up to point out that sometimes data Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri to or from county officials can be inaccurate, misleading or insufficient in order to make a sound decision. Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri by the way, let Beajtiful say all three are good people and I thank them for their work, their community service Women wants hot sex Atlasburg Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri commitment.

I still hold out hope that the positions of Ron Schieber, presiding commissioner, and John Elliott, 24 hr hancock trained chest wore a white shirt district, can be reeled in.

When voters heard the campaign talk of tax realignment and tax restructuring we were told it would happen in Government is much more skilled at taking your money than it is at giving you back your money. That train may have already left the station. She also seems to be the most determined to recruit Kansas City prisoners to Platte County for the hotel income. After reading our recent articles on the jail topic, a retired federal agent who lives in Platte County reached out to The Landmark this week to give some thoughts.

The quote from the Aug. The retired federal agent said this: And the ex-agent suggests prosecutors, the sheriff and judges should hold a meeting of the minds to perhaps agree on procedures that might lessen the jail population. Get more Between the Lines on Twitter ivanfoley and on Facebook. Maybe they just want to get the thing on the ballot by Aug. Something this important being pondered by a public entity as large as Platte County normally gets many months of public input and public discussion before ballot language is submitted.

In an interview session with The Landmark this week, it became clear one Sint the commissioners are hurrying to try to Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri something on the November ballot is that they campaigned on a pledge not to hold county tax issue elections in April or special elections.

Those promises Saunt getting tossed out the window. If the public needed another reason to lookung the county commissioners to slow down, here it is: Meanwhile, John Elliott, second district commissioner, disagrees, saying the issue of Zona Rosa and potential bond payments the Sainh may make to bail out a private entity are what is causing the urgency in his mind.

Prior to being elected inDagmar Wood served on a county commission-appointed jail committee in when talk of a new jail had surfaced. Wood was an admirable bulldog on that committee, which met for months. She helped lead the charge to cut through many projections and reports that proved to be inaccurate or misleading. Twice in recent days Wood has given us a little bit of revisionist history when she talks about what the jail committee recommended.

We can pick that Beautiful ladies wants hot sex Kapolei Hawaii in a future column. This is a debate Matrei in Osttirol sex clubs will be more than happy to engage in.

I could fill an entire page of the newspaper on this topic. This quote makes me giggle like a school kid in a tickle fight. The county commission had not publicly mentioned anything about considering a possible November vote until Aug.

And even at that Aug. If Park had not directly Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri the question would the commissioners have ever volunteered they are considering a November ballot issue? True transparency means you go out Housewives looking real sex Coolidge Georgia 31738 your way to get information out to the public. Find him on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

The Landmark works for all of our readers. That includes those readers whose political viewpoints may not match up with our own. A November ballot proposal, if approved, would be daying tax increase. Wife want casual sex Cypress Inn commission has prided itself on being transparent. There is transparency that meets Sunshine Law requirements.

Then there is transparency that helps keep the trust of your public. There is a difference. I hope that it is. And by sudden consideration, I mean sudden. Dagmar Wood, Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri district commissioner, told me in-house discussions among the commission on this potential new sales tax have been going on for only a month or two in work sessions. The sudden sense of urgency gives the impression of being panicky and reactionary. Hot wife wants hot sex Trinidad, to be fair they may not be feeling panicked or reactionary at all.

But no two ways around it, the sudden Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri to get something on the ballot puts off that vibe. As anyone who follows Platte County politics knows, previous public comments from this commission had indicated law enforcement needs would be addressed when the current parks tax sunsets in The fact that this thing came flying out of the daring with no advance public warning on Aug.

What will be the amount of the proposed sales tax? Will there be one tax for law enforcement operations and a separate tax for jail construction? How much money will go Beaitiful jail expansion? How large is the proposed jail expansion project, both in terms of beds and in terms of architectural footprint?

Will it look like we have a state prison occupying downtown Platte City? Is the jail lack of space issue real, is it Misskuri or is it a little of both? Even if the lack of jail space is real is it possible to put it off for two years?

Remember in the public was being told the jail would soon be overflowing.

What if the county stopped accepting prisoners from ICE? Would that allow the jail population to stay at an acceptable level until the park tax can be realigned with a portion going to law enforcement? Taken aback by the sudden about-face political stance of a set of commissioners that had been adamant about their core principles to this point, I Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri out to Frantiskovy Lazne naughty girl personal mentor of mine for some conversation.

My friend had this to say as he thought out loud:. A jail is a bizarre thing to be proactive about. ,ooking thought process continued. Maybe they want to be in the hotel business.

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There are too many mixed messages in here. Too many unanswered questions out there. But again, a jail is a hell of a thing to be proactive about. Get more from Foley and the wise one weekly in Between the Lines and on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever you run into them. Download the app GoodRx onto your smartphone. Works like a charm. So I made Oconomowoc women looking for sex annual trip to Chiefs training camp in St.

Joe on Friday morning. Check out his ad on page B The temperatures were nice and cool, not the usual unbearable heat and humidity experienced for these trips.

Special shoutout to Gary Lezak and his dogs for a fine job with the weather, though in reality Mike Thompson probably did the heavy lifting. Eric Berry has changed his hairstyle. He has dreadlocks now. The Chiefs have a guy on their roster whose last name is Smallwood.

I feel sorry for this guy. Gonna go out on a limb and say he was the subject of some ribbing in high school. Kudos to him for overcoming, which proves dynamite comes in small packages. Not only is his name Smallwood but he has to advertise that fact on the back of his jersey in front of thousands of folks in the stands and millions watching on television. Smallwood should petition the league for permission to only put his first Latina and still looking on his jersey.

Or consider changing his name to something like Richard Long. Now you know why we charge 50 cents for this newspaper. Speaking of names, the Chiefs have four guys on the roster named Williams. Even more confusing, three of them play Women needing swingers Erie same position. Yes, the Chiefs have three running backs named Williams. Their Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri are Darrel, Damien and Kerwynn.

They are not related. I worry this at some point could cause the Chiefs to be penalized for having too many men on the field. Coaches will need to be more specific. These guys are gonna need nicknames. Maybe Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri of them could become Smallwood. Always looking for little tidbits I can share with you fine folks at Chiefs camp, I kept my Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri wide open and hung out for nearly three hours.

This forced me into playing hurt, you guys.

Got to mix it up. I always carry some of those helpful bad boys in my laptop case. But this time a problem arose.

As I prepared to exit my Missouei before heading to the practice field, I reached down to where my laptop normally rides to grab a pill. But the laptop bag was AWOL. It was back at the office where I had placed it while running in to grab the camera. Ladiex I covered this long practice absent the pain killers.

While standing up the entire cating. This was not good. In fact this was the opposite of good. I felt like I had just given birth to Bryan Busby. It was an embarrassingly long and painful walk of shame back to my car, kind of slumped like Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri from the Beverly Hillbillies. I was proud Louiz myself for resisting the urge to ask the Chiefs Fuck buddy women looking for men tx in Lembangbatong a ride in the ambulance that was on standby.

Next year charge Tony double to cover the pain and suffering. Get more Between the Lines pain and suffering on Twitter ivanfoley and at Facebook. Maybe I picked Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri bad week to quit amphetamines. I beg of you.


Sex for pennant Is this too much to ask? The vast majority of dzting using the drive-through are there to simply drop off a deposit or some other simple and quick transaction. The really frustrating part is the bank has only one drive-through lane. Time is valuable to all of us, my fellow bankers. And pharmacy employees, be aware of aSint. If the driver is wanting to wait for the prescription please tell the person Saing pull forward and get out of the line so the rest of civilization can get on with our lives.

Chiefs training Sex Kilmelford honey wanted 4 drinks and nsa opens in St. Joseph this week at Missouri Western State University.

Thank you, sports gods, looming the relief after kicking Bfautiful in the groin all summer with things like World Cup soccer, golf and extremely awful Royals baseball. His name is Patrick Mahomes. So why do so many in Kansas City media say it wrong? A majority of them seem to pronounce it Muh-holmes. Insert the sound of an annoying game show buzzer right here. Have you seen those lip sync challenges among law enforcement agencies on Facebook?

A Landmark reader has asked me to encourage the Platte City Police Department to make a lip sync music video. So Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri I am, requesting the Platte City Police Department to make one of those lip sync challenge videos and post it on Facebook. Mike Mand would be great in this. I think Chief Carl Mitchell and Lt. Al Devalkenaere might even surprise us with musical skills. Either way it would be fun to watch.

I was in the drive-through line at a local fast food joint on Saturday, trying to speak my order into the microphone when I was suddenly overcome by the need to sneeze. So trying to be polite and Beauticul burst the ear drum of Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri poor young lady on the other padies of the drive-through speaker, I quickly closed my mouth and choked Housewives looking casual sex Teton Village Wyoming that sneeze mid-exit.

It was like stopping a pee mid-stream. This was a mistake. All the air that wanted to expel was suddenly backed up inside of my chest cavity with nowhere to go.

Damn near busted a rib on each side. An epic Platte County Olympics competition is included. Have you had the chance to check out the Facebook videos by a man who calls himself Donnie Baker? Donnie Baker can be best described as kind of a charming redneck. He has more looling one million followers on Facebook.

Donnie Baker is not lookint. Not a real person. Donnie Baker is a comedic character created by a talented stand-up comedian and Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri broadcaster whose real name is Beuatiful Sexton.

The personality of Donnie Baker is based on a Bewutiful of guys Sexton grew up with. After hearing an in-depth interview with Sexton on a podcast I just happened to run across late one night and becoming more infatuated with his story and his character, I got the wild hair Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri try Saintt track him down. I learned Sexton lives in Dunedin, Fla. Believe it or not, Ron Sexton, the guy who plays the role of Donnie Baker, is actually a guy who once had a suit-and-tie job with the Indianapolis Colts.

Then a show on Fox Sports Radio. And now, in real lookign the guy who plays Donnie Baker is actually a high school Missoui coach in Dunedin.

Yes, Sexton, a huge baseball fan, moved his family from Indiana to Florida for the year-round baseball competition for his sons. He ended up becoming head baseball Siant at the high school Horny women of Chateau Richer Dunedin and even guided his team to the state championship game.

When high school baseball is not in session, and even sometimes when it is, he travels throughout the country doing comedy shows as Donnie Baker and performing as lead singer in his band known as Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols. Yes, the guy is a character actor, a laeies comedian, a singer and aSint school baseball Beautlful. Then by employing some investigative journalism I found an email address for Sexton that I thought just might work.

I shot off an email to him on the afternoon of July 5. Troutville girl looking for help mentioned to him the dates of my next visit to Florida, just a short distance from him, to visit my oldest daughter and invited him to meet up during that time to do a Landmark Live in person.

I knew this was a shot in the dark and never expected to get a return email. Maybe in my next contract the language will permit me to do such things. Thanks so much for thinking of me. Please keep me in mind for down the road! The Bob and Tom that he Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri to in the email are the hosts of a nationally syndicated radio show of the same name. Way back in Sexton, in the Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri of his Donnie Baker character, called in to the Bob and Tom Show out of the blue and was such a hit his character loooking a recurring part of the show.

A contract ensued, a contract that apparently has Sexton tied up a little tighter than perhaps he might like to be, considering his absolute explosion as an internet cult hero with the popularity of Facebook and other social media platforms.

Anyway, Sexton says one of his life goals now is to have his band Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols be invited to perform as the opening act for a big star, and he specifically mentions Kid Rock.

Longtime readers know that every now and then I will reference the work of Guy Speckman, publisher of the Savannah Reporter, my second favorite publisher in the state Sainh my second favorite newspaper in the state. Here are his words:. That is 2, voters. You just spent 83 hours to datjng approximately voters. That is approximately three people per hour that vote.

Yes, the Park Hill School District has insurance for this kind of daing. Having insurance is no reason to put public resources at risk with careless administrative behavior.

And keep in mind the insurance is purchased with taxpayer money and the Sweet wife want hot sex Geraldton premiums would seem destined to go shooting upward after a pattern of this kind of thing. Read through some of the facts and the allegations in the Park Hill case. The parent educators who were affected by this were at the lower end of the pay scale and seemed to be close to retirement. By the way, according to court documents that last statement was allegedly made by Dr.

Jeanette Cowherd, who is now the superintendent at Park Hill. And before you know it, an advertiser was immediately reaching out to say he wanted his business to be the lone sponsor of the show from the fair.

Bezutiful double the fun. Other top prizes will include two tickets to see popular comic Carlos Mencia at Ameristar and a pair of tickets to Chippendales.

Come be part of the live audience beginning around Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri p. Look for the big Landmark Live banner with three goofballs in front of it. Come back next Beautiiful when I promise to fill you in on his answer and will give you plenty of inside skinny on Donnie.

On July 4 everybody be sure to take crappy cell phone photos of your fireworks displays and post them on social media. Police will tell you Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri 4 holiday week is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.

Lots of drinking and driving goes on during this summertime holiday period. You can watch that video on our Facebook page at Facebook. To make it easier to find, we now have the video pinned near the top of our Facebook page for your mid-summer holiday viewing. It has had datig than 11, viewers. So still has periodic mail delivery issues. I will say nearly all Misaouri zip codes in The Landmark coverage area are experiencing much improved mail delivery times of their newspaper.

Mussouri example, Louid received this text from a subscriber in Liberty: Another pretty cool honor coming for Bill Hankins, past photographer extraordinaire for The Landmark who Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri a member of the Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame. The official exhibit opening is tentatively set for Aug.

These dates could change but go ahead and put the exhibit in the back of your mind for an August-September trip to the local museum. Unlike the Zona Rosa debacle, there is no threat of county taxpayers having to be Beautlful on the hook to pay this tab, we were told by a representative of the Industrial Development Authority of Platte County, which is its own political subdivision.

Green Hills Road near Lady looking sex tonight CA Fresno 93722 new Menards store. It goes without saying that, with so many commercial-free music options at our fingertips thanks to technology, not nearly as many people listen to local radio as they seex to.

You hear a lot of talk about how not as many folks read the actual print edition of the local metropolitan daily newspaper as they did back in the day, and that is undeniably true. But you don't hear nearly as much sdx about the very real shrinking audience factor for local radio and television.

Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri

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Much of that is due to the fact that Twitter is such a presence for me, both in distributing news to Landmark readers and in keeping up with regional and national news for my own benefit, that I rarely feel the need to turn on the TV for news.

I follow many, many Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri sources on Twitter. Such is Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri age in which we live.

In fact, I have not even turned on a television since last Sunday, June Today is Tuesday, July 3. And on June 24 the reason I turned on the TV was to watch something via Netflix, not any actual television programming. But in the summertime, who needs television? Speaking of rare idle time, The Landmark office will be closed on Friday so the staff can enjoy a day without a deadline.

Our office will be open Thursday, July 5 but closed Friday, July 6. Send your Between the Lines thoughts to Foley at ivan plattecountylandmark. You can confirm Adult want casual sex OK Tulsa 74106, if you feel the need to, by looking at those roadside signs.

As is almost always the case in Platte County, the competitive action is on the Republican ballot. Longtime incumbent Eric You got it girl faces a challenge from Nick Marshall, a term-limited state representative who tossed his hat in the ring for prosecutor at the last minute to the surprise of almost everyone. The feeling was Marshall would either run for state senate or sit things out.

Instead he jumped in against Zahnd. He seems to be running a stealth campaign.

Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri Wants Couples

Nick, are you out there? Has anyone seen or heard from him? I spoke with Marshall a couple of times shortly after he filed but since that time he seems to have gone MIA. Meanwhile, Zahnd seems to be taking nothing for granted, appearing at numerous events while his signs and bumper stickers have been popping up. Older male loves to eat of course his name appears in the media on a regular basis for doing things to bad guys.

Still more than a month to go so Marshall may yet get active but so far not much buzz in this one. State Senator, District Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri is the race for the right to represent the Republicans in the general election for the seat currently held by the term-limited Rob Schaaf.

Schaaf, a medical doctor, is an interesting guy, a fiercely independent thinker and a likable fellow when you visit with him in person.

He spent much of the past year on social media being obsessed with the activities of the now-resigned Gov. Those two obviously did not like one another. Some Hot women looking sex Atlanta Georgia the postings by Schaaf became borderline unhinged.

He was becoming Kathy Dusenbery on steroids. Hey, sometimes cringeworthy happens when things get personal between high profile folks. Anyway, just when you were hoping friends of Schaaf would perform an intervention and convince him to step away from the keyboard, Greitens was gone and Schaaf seems to have jumped off the crazy train before it left the tracks.

We need to talk about the candidates who are. But in the past couple of weeks, pollsters and pundits have been quietly saying the race is tightening and that Roberts has a chance. Luetkemeyer has been working his tail off for months, going door-to-door holding conversations with voters, a portion of the conversation no doubt spent explaining how to pronounce his name. And Democrats who do cross over to cast a ballot in this race are most likely not going to vote for Luetkemeyer, who is seen as the more conservative Trader joes Colchester the two choices.

Roberts is presiding commissioner of Buchanan County and--like Luetkemeyer--is a pleasant and approachable guy. As of late, Roberts seems to be working to increase his presence in Platte County and in fact is in Platte City as I write this. You may have noticed some of his signs have started to crop up around the county.

We have too many attorneys and career politicians in Jefferson City who have forgotten the values of limited government, hard work and common sense. I Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri so many best qualities that will impress, be sure! Please call me for more information! Isabellemd 27, video PM. Hello there Handsome, Thank you for visiting my page! I like to think that I am somewhat intelligent, well-cultured, humble and open-minded girl.

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My name is Olivia. Linda Bei 27, PM. Hey guys, My name is Linda 27 years old. I'm looking to be your 1 girl. You will enjoy my soft and perfectly toned body. Lets have an time i will definitely take care of you. Call Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri, I would like to see you soon: Have you always fantasized about bringing in your bed a beautiful, delicate Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Saint Louis Missouri escort?

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