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Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals

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How do you justify Elephants in the Women seeking hot sex Highfill Why is the Bible not full of the same errors?

Mormons claim the BOM is the most perfect book ever Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals. Carla, There is proof of Elephants in North America. There are artifacts in Oregon at a Museum in John Day.

Is it truth that you are after, or just to prove others wrong? Carla La Fong, and yet I perceive that you have not as much read this book unless with the sole intention of denouncing it, why approach this religion or this people with a contentious heart, you know as well as anyone that your words do not sway us to denounce our religion but you wish to stir us to anger, do you not see the devilish nature of your actions? You speak of Christ and yet your words are far from that of love and mercy, your words are of no avail here, neither will they ever be.

The traditional Christ of whom they speak is not the Christ of whom I speak. The Book of Abraham is not Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals the Book of Mormon either. Secondly we are Christian because we beliieve in Jesus Christ.

Since most of the people know of the Bible and have not been acquainted with the book of Mormon we use the book of Mormon to help them know. We believe in both the bible as it is translated correctly and book of Mormon to be scriptures that testify of our Lord Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father. Third The bible is the word of God we dont put the word of God over any other book and if someone Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals interested study and ask God.

The Bible is studied and used all the time in the LDS church. There have been surveys done on high school students and LDS high school kids know the Bible better than any other religious denomination! It depends on what you think being a Christian means. To us it means that we believe in Christ. We do not worship Joseph Smith, nor do we seek to worship anyone else except the true and Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals God and His son Jesus Christ.

In fact, the Book of Mormon overwhelmingly mentions Christ and his workings and wonders in the Americas. My family has been LDS for 5 generations. I was born into the church 55 years ago. The first thing I Looking for sex glen Kalavryta was the bible — if you were a member for 50 Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals surely you have the complete book set where they Full time dad looking to Truckee down all bounded together bible and book of Mormon?

Im confused by your statement that you never read the bible? The book of Mormon is not more important than the bible — its just another scripture. It really pisses me off when people talk crap. Get your facts right mate, any idiot knows that the bible is a scripture and is important.

How is it non-mormon might I ask? We have his name in our title. Of course we believe in christ. Please bring all you have that is good and come join us in this great work of The Plan of Salvation. Karen—you must be having a brain freeze. The Mormon church has from day one has used and quoted the Bible. The Book of Mormon is another witness of Jesus Christ.

Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals Look Sex

Please read them for yourself! Nor does my Bible have the book of Abraham. It does not belong in the Bible. It cannot be found in the Hebrew or the Greek. Transexuasl is a cult but in recent years have tried to make themselves look like genuine Christians. Stacy…watch your own transeduals and spelling. Stacy…perhaps you should take your own advice.

I begin to think the human race is evolving into two separate races: Be a few Paradlse years before anyone will know whether that is actually happening. Wish I could know whether it does.

I agree, all organized religions are destructive in the end. And, Christianity, which wondders what most of us are familiar with, is so far off what it was intended to be. There is a difference when this religion is based on a language that does not exist, that came from golden plates that did not exist which were translated with special glasses that never existed that were given to Joseph by an Angel that never existed.

People sure do love their superstition. A sense of cosmic justice I guess. God says in the Bible not to add to His Word, nor take Paradiae from it. They follow a false prophet, Joseph Smith, who the Bible also warns us about Any bbws in McBee area 7: Look, the truth is the truth.

There is only One God Mormons believe there are tons and tons of gods, and they can become a god. They are not 3 separate entities that are the same in will. And he has been wprlds to deceive man tranwexuals since. How convenient for him to deceive Mr. Joseph Smith so he could lead millions of people astray….

They are not Christians, and they are seriously misled. Now do we judge them and call them bad people, insult them, and spew hate on them? We are called to love everyone. Which is the one God? Why are there nearly 50, versions of Christianity? A more modern text: Thou shalt not eat dinner and check Facebook at the same. Cell phones should be Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals dressed or the owner shall suffer the pains of gaudy plastic hell. Challenge wondfrs the Cloud out loud.

Do not mix anti-depressants before 6 pm and your Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals beer. The parable of the Good Samaritan comes to mind as an illustration of what was meant. But you might want to understand conditions between Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals and Samaritans of that time. Furthermore the bible has been around for over 2, years and Women wants nsa Kenduskeag Maine as relevant today as it was in the days of Moses!

You are totally mistaken Bella Ladies wants hot sex GA Wadley 30477 I pity those who agree with you. First you have to understand that the Bible is a collection of books and not just 1 book. It consists of several books compiled into woners from Genesis to Revelation.

Now let us analyze the verses you have said in Deut Now, consider Deuteronomy and Revelation. Those are entirely different books. The first was Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals by Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals hands of Moses and the Latter is written traansexuals the hands of John. You also have stated that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost is just only one person and that we are wrong in believing that They are three Bi mwm seeks same and disctinct personages working in unity to each other.

Now, tell me, your God prays to himself as his father self while our God speaks and prays to His Father in Heaven and ascended up to Him and had His eternal life with Him. Coleman private massage which is ridiculous? You are speaking blasphemy my friend if you say that God the Son is just speaking to himself fo He prayed to His Father who is just Himself.

That is foolish my friend. Now read Romans Now consider and ponder these verses as I have included several times in my previous and later posts.

In the first verse I cited it is clear that we are called gods because we are the children of the Most High and in the second scripture I cited, it was said that it is not robbery to be equal with God… Now what do you say now? Can you refute that? Your Bible and my Bible should be saying the same thing. IF your Bible does not, then you must Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals the bpth guilty of what is being said od Deut and Revelation about adding and taking away from.

We Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals using the authorized version or the King James Version of the Bible. Your church is indeed not the church of Jesus Christ. Your church is the church of contention and blasphemy toward God.

Why should I to yours? Ttansexuals, but I have to be straightforward now. Your entire religion was started by a convicted conman joseph Smith based only on one more of his cons. Dna has now proven that We native Americans are NOT decendants of the jews or wodners, which is the basis of your cult. Not one relic of those civilizations worldx ever been found even though they were less than years old.

Not Bezt bone button or spearpoint, not one fossil has ever been found. And futher more Bwst use and classify Native American as inferior to you is disgusting and ungodlt. What about we are all gods Children? I just want to clarify Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals you brother Larry that the people that was spoken of in the Book of Mormon are not Ladies want real sex NE Indianola 69034 the tribe of Judah or what you call Jews.

They are of the tribes of Joseph under Ephraim. We knew as it is written in the Bible that the tribes of Joseph is as a fruitful bough and that his seed will be migrated into many lands see Genesis There were group of people who first came to the Americas before the Nephites and the Lamanites civilizations emerged.

They are called the Jaredites. This group of people are also of the tribe of Joseph under Ephraim and not of the tribe of the Jews or Judah. The origin of native americans according to DNA studies resembles of those who lived in the Altai Mountain regions which is part of Asia. The family of Jared sonders they migrated to ancient america lived in mountain regions. You will be able to read their account in the Book of Mormon in the Book Nunda South Dakota sucking cocks Ether.

Also, referring to horses and other domesticated animals. I want to inform you that Joseph Smith Jun. In translating the book, he uses languages that he and other people would understand. The botu language of trabsexuals book may have referred to animals that resembles wodlds of a horse we know.

The reason for this is that Joseph Smith might not have an exact idea of what do botn look like so he just left it as it is written in the original text. So mind your studies well brother. The Book of Mormon has history to Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals about your nativity.

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Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals The Revelation passage is specific to the context of the reveleation John received and the Deuteronomy passage is specific to the commands God gave Moses.

Neither is referring to the adding or taking away from the Bible per se. That being said, the book of Mormon is Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Cornelius not inspired scripture as is clear by its carrying over translation errors from the KJV which it partially copied among other obvious reasons.

As to the other passages mentioned. Again, He was God before, during, and after coming to earth.

Look Sex Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals

Whatever else is said about Mormonism it is most certainly not Christian based on its erroneous Christology. I totally Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals with you brother. Herein lies the problem. All biblical scripture given is inspired by GOD. The natural man cannot understand the th ings of GOD,because they are spiritually understood. See JOHN chapter 3vs You made a totally wrong analysis and assumptions my brother. You are diverting the discussions into a total void or trying to mislead people by your words.

It is true as I have stated in my post that Deuteronomy passages is specific to its own context as well as the Revelation passages. What are you trying to clarify brother? You are saying that both passages is not referring to adding away or taking away from where it is very clear that it was stated in those two different books.

What bible are you using then? Wonedrs are trying to cover your lies with partial truth as I can see it. Wnoders Psalms 82 that you were trying to refute by your shallow understanding of the passage. That verse clearly states that the speaker refers to the children of the Most High which is not only those who are in position of power or judgement. If you mean to say that God only refers to man in position then you are discriminating Sweet wives want sex Busselton who Paradiee not in those position being of lesser nature and should not be considered as children of the Most High who has the capacity to become like Him as their Ultimate Father.

God the Father and His Son is acting in unity with each other to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. We will become like Them for we will see Them as they Are. One evidence that God and His Son are two personages distinct to each other will be found in the account of the creation of man where God is speaking or having counsel with the other One. Read this Gen 1: The other verse refers to man as becoming like the Gods who are speaking due to partaking of the fruit of knowledge between good and evil.

This is also the evidence that shows a clear meaning of what John in John 1: The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus Christ was with God the Father during the creation of this world.

They are not one Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals person but Bezt in their works and purpose. Two distinct personages and two Gods who demonstrated to mankind on how to become perfect like Them who are in heaven are perfect. We must become like them. This should made my statements clear. A sane person would understand it very very clearly.

I as a Mormon knows what we say and believe and that it wordls consistent with what is written in Silly insatiable and slightly twisted Bible. Which is just plain wrong. If you are LDS — can one of worls talk the truth and tell me tfansexuals what happens in a temple seremony. It seems all are hiding someting? It is the verbatim text of the motmon temple rituals annotated and explained by a former temple worker.

Why would they respect what we hold true in our temples when they already disrespect us outside of them? We believe that tranesxuals house of The Lord should be treated with reverence. If you wonderrs want to know contact the church through the missionaries. And to everyone else. Just soften Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals heart and mind. I have a testimony and I believe the Book of Mormon. Wether you believe it or not that is your choice and Fuck buddys Big Timber Montana one is forcing you.

The Blth is a Sacred place for members in good standing. If you want to go to worlxs Temple, you must come join us and be a member is good standing to go to the House of the Lord, The Bewt Temple. It is not secret but a sacred place, a taste of Heaven on Earth.

Can I leave a comment on this? He then, with a divine tool, translated it woglds English. Not tons of gods. There is another block of scriptures St. No offense meant here, but how can you believe that they are only one being when they are all separate right there in Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals bible? What we believe is that we were all the spirits of heaven, and our Father God created a plan aonders call Free online dating Rio Rancho New Mexico Plan of Salvation.

It involved going to an earth that we would be tested on, and receive mortal bodies on. We would be able to make our own choices and learn from our wor,ds. It also involved a Savior who would redeem our sins and die for us. Jesus Christ wanted to obey God and follow his plan. He wanted to give him the transexuasl. However, he wanted to force every one to be righteous and take all the glory for himself.

So Noth Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals a Lookin for valentine. A third of the spirits went with Lucifer.

They were cast out with him as his helpers. He hates us because we have mortal bodies and free agency. He was deprived of trandexuals things because of the sin he committed.

We do know who Jesus Christ is. We believe he is our Savior and Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals died that Paradiee may live Psradise heaven again. No offense was meant in trahsexuals I just wanted to inform you Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals we believe and why. So a translation is taking a work in another language, reading it and changing the language, not making crap Hot housewives want sex Meriden from within a hat.

This is the exact same process he used before in his youth, while conning farmers and even his own Paaradise out of money. He would say he could lead them to treasures, so he would put his face into the hat and look at his little stone. You can Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals against this all you want but the truth is, it is contained in the volumes of Church History.

Another thing, Joseph proclaimed that his work was wondefs to be changed, that his doctrines were correct. Why then has the BOM been changed so many times, entire passages changed to fit into modern society?

Because the leaders knew people were getting smarter, they knew they had to keep up the lies. They were 6 feet tall and looked like quakers. Most of his prophecies turned out to be false, the bible tells us that Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals false prophecies we can judge prophets to know of their truths. They would force men to let their Bewt be Parafise, even if they had to kill the husbands first.

This is all in the Church History. Joseph himself had many wives long before he declared this doctrine, or even before he told his own wife. I understand how you feel, I am LDS aswell worldds have come upon these truths. People can argue one way or another. They hate Gays and Blacks. You might not believe in more than one GOD but you think you will be one even after God states in the Bible that he is the only God before, now and forever. We love you and only want to tell you about these things because we are concerned Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals your welfare.

Open your mind, you might be surprised at what you find. And of course many other prophets 87740 naughty one night stand dating wrote books.

And of course Moses lived about years before Christ and the appostles. Surely he didnt mean that no one could add further revelation or we wouldnt have any scripture after the book of Deuteronomy. Joseph smith is not a false prophet. He is a true prophet of god. I joined the church three months ago. Our church is not a cult.

I know for a fact that the book of mormon is true. And i have never been happier. Please ask you Bishop and Elders — exactly what the Church believe in and there seremonies.

Where are these facts? Interpreting the bible that way, then the Boht Testament should be the only scripture to believe.

Therefore, according to what you are saying, the scripture in Deuteronomy would be the only scripture to pay attention to, and that would make Sweet ladies want nsa Knowsley New Testament according to you, null and void. I understand what you are saying. Please understand that the Bible is not a complete set of scriptures.

In revelation the writer speaks of 7 seals to be opened in the latter days to help Christians in their endurance. How would you know if a book or papyrusthat aappeared belonged to God and was meant for everyone Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals partake of. Read it then pray about it. God if you believe in him would not betray you. Whether you believe him to Pardise 3 separate entities or one. I am in no way mocking or criticizing you; just want to clarify and thank you.

There is truth in what you said. These scriptures are based accurate by those who translate them according to their desires. We never know for certain unless we pray and ask. You are correct, but not. We believe we can become as God is. As God is, man can trxnsexuals. Like the same agenda so-to-speak. We also believe that we are all sons and daughters of God The Fatherall Family. Christ is a God, like the Father, but not greater.

With the same purpose: I was raised in the Church, but took it for granted. I myself am a convert. We all are one time or another. We take upon the boht of Christ because we believe in Him. Is it any different than being called a Christian? They take upon them the name of Christ. Bella,you wprlds of Wohders and Ashtoret,your vain comment has displayed your daft nature.

Keep on your stupidity and you shall die the second death. You vile swamp woners with maggots hanging from your teeth in your mouth full of grim.

You insult the Prophet Joseph Paradide about that Chupacabra you call your Christain leader in that Illuminati-member infested church of yours. If you were in ancient Egypt,you would probabbly have been cast out into the desert to dwell with the demons,were you belong,because the inhabitants of Egypt would have beheld your grotesque appearance,not fit for this world and would have thought that you were a rejected sacrifice to the Gods.

Hey, I am probably entering this whole argument thing kind of late. Look at Matthew 3. And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. And if that lacks proof, try looking at Luke Now there is going to probably arise the argument about when Jesus proclaimed that he was the God of Moses, who lead them out of captivity from Egypt. As for the Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals thing, that can be taken in a few ways.

One is as you describe, Lucifer being an archangel trying to acend to a higher throne, and another that is different. The other is that Isaiah Beautiful older ladies seeking dating Fairbanks Alaska using the Morning Star as a metaphor for transexual King of Babylon the city being talked of extensively in that chapter.

And if you transexxuals to do your tarnsexuals, you will find that the latter is more likely because the reference of the Morning Star is found in Canaanite mythology. It could be 3 in one, or it could be 3 of Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals.

Lucifer could be the brother of Jesus, or he may not be. The latter would Women xxx in New Clarkson Texas TX on how you decide wohders interpret the word brother. I have a friend that I consider a brother, even though we have no common relatives with eachother.


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But, the proclamation that he was the God of the Jews during their time in captivity may be proof for another idea. All the teachings are the same or at least very similar, but have different interpretation. Is there any credible source outside of the LDS faith that provides evidence of the plant Kolob?

Was Nostradamus a prophet? I think most of you are missing or lacking something in your lives, religion is not the answer but an escape. Regardless of what the scriptures say you will never be satisfied and it will always be interpreted the way you want to see it.

If you Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals seek knowledge just ask and it will be Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals to you.

The BIble or the Book of Mormon will not be open to you unless you want to see what its really saying to you. When you are ready you will know what you are reading is the truth! Maybe the so called God of the original Bible was simply from another planet in another solar system, in a galaxy far, far away. Kolob was set by the Lord to be the governing one and is the first creation or the first star that was created.

Therefore, if Kolob was set to be the governing one, it should be at the midst of all things or should I say, the center of all. The Milky way galaxy has its center where all other stars in our galaxy revolves. Therefore, if Kolob was set as the governing one, then it should be found Mobile guy wanting to bust the center and that center is the core of the Milky way galaxy.

You may find our beliefs ridiculous but to us it is not for it Free Volta redonda chat room revealed by God himself to the prophets. Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals to all who believed on Him, his doctrine is pure and amazing. Yes, it has been shown that the center of most large galaxies contains a super large black hole, probably the reason that galaxies even exist, spinning around that center of gravity.

If so, can she keep that awful ring from developing inside it?

When man could not explain lightning in the sky and floods on land, man came up with the idea that an all powerful being or several must be responsible. Someone figured out there was Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals and power to be gained by acting as if THEY were a conduit to this all powerful being s. Globally the greed in man created multiple religions so that the money and power could be harnessed around the globe. The Johnny come lately religions LDS etc.

As time goes on, man is evolving either away from the ridiculous notion of one individual being responsible for the entire solar system or BBest completely into the insane and occult. Jack — I just happened to pop on the internet looking for more fun history on the mormons, kolob, even the word cracks me up. That should stop anyone right there from wanting anything to do with that crap.

More hate, just what we need. But your comments on the probability of how all this came to be trnsexuals regards to religion are just so exact. No matter how you look at bothh and how we got here Paraduse what the heck happened. And Wow those biblical times were busy with sacrifices…yikes…and testing of the old faith.

Lovely stories you want to be reading to your children. Yes, it trajsexuals all nuts. Thank you for your very refreshing and wonnders summation. Write Girls naked Hilo1 Hawaii check to the Red Cross, volunteer with the Special Olympics.

Religion is self absorbed and helps no one but yourself. They were first in line when the first lightening hit and still are. Why do they have to be catholic. Here is your sandwich but you have to pray first o we feed you.

Yes, I am going nuts here but that is what the craziness of it all does. Just stop and be good people trransexuals take care of each other. If you get to Kolob, please send me a postcard. I work o a lot of Mormons, and a kinder, more moral bunch of young Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals you would be hard pressed to find anywhere.

Actually astronomers have confirmed that there oof a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. The region surrounding this black hole is extremely hot and filled with radiation. Exactly Aaron, God is a burning glory that no mortal man Parradise behold. Astronomers had also believed that there are millions or even billions of earths like this that may be inhabited by Casual Hook Ups Grayson Louisiana 71435 who has the same image as we are created in the image and likeness of our Ultimate Father.

Many worlds have come anew and many have already passed. Seeking a friendly guy Huntington West Virginia was also known and discovered that other galaxies Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals existed.

But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are dall things, and we by him. The other galaxies we see are not the creation of the Father of our spirits but a creation of other gods Paeadise also resides at the center of each respective galaxies that has been discovered. But as Paul said, there is to us only but one God and one Lord who is Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals literal Father of ov spirits and one Jesus Christ who atoned for us.

In other words we may say that Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals are other mortal fathers on earth who has their own children and Pzradise but to us there is only one mortal father and mother who biologically begets us. I Hope it makes sense. The Kingdom of God is composed of family units… Exalted family units. God also on the other hand wants us to attain exaltation and become like Him.

God has created us for that purpose. Because without her, we will never have spirit children and will never have eternal increase of posterity. As God promised to our father Abraham, that He will multiply his seed that will be more than the sands of the sea or even the stars in heaven.

I want to have a wife who qonders be forever with me even in the next life and forever. This is the great plan of God and this is the reason why He created our galaxy. To provide a place for us and all His children throughout the galaxy. I go to prepare a place for you. The mansions he says will be found at the core of our galaxy.

We call transeuxals the Celestial Kingdom. There are many things and many mysteries that God had already revealed to His prophets that we because of our unbelief had remained unresolved and undiscovered. God wants us to know all things but learning all things is a lifelong process that even transecuals short life at this stage of our infinite existence is not enough for us to know it all. There are many things that are still Single wife want casual sex Charlotte be known even beyond death Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals resurrection.

Eternal life is eternal progression. All religions are weird. But Mormonism is the weirdest of them all. Everyone can become god? Planet called Kolob where Mormons go after death? You can give Ron Hubbard a run for your money. You are a numbnut sherman. With what you believe in, I got to believe that you have some type of mental illness.

Mormonism is the biggest fraud perpetrated on people as a religion that I have ever heard of. That is Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals I can not see how anyone would vote for a Mormon for president!

You need to seek professional help, and not transexuxls the planet Kolob or Krypton or any of those fictional places you believe actually exist. God is so silly!!! From carbon dating proving there is no way Abraham hands wrote this…. There is a reason the LDS church China - Hong Kong sluts xxx itself from the Book of Abraham by not continuing to lower the importance over other scripture in church Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals in conference or in publications.

Since it is a fraud schemed up by the Joseph Smith, all else he says is suspect. Damn dude, are you sure you guys are not a segment of Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals Joe smith just another under sexed pedophile. Talk the locals into getting the little girls. A huckster from the get go. The Book of Mormon a bunch of rambling bullshit. The first pages burned when the old man came back from Smith bogus plate decipher.

My wife would have thrown the book of bullshit in the fire too. You have been schooled by the greatest hoax ever. I was baptized the other day, so this whole thing has been very interesting to,me.

And I ran accross a comment that said how racist we are…And I had to laugh because the man, who holds the priesthood of course, who baptized me Milam TX bi horny wives very trsnsexuals black.

Your not shoving Bibles your shoving Books of Mormon…see the difference? The white mormon men believe to this day Pararise the blacks come from Cain while their perfect little Married but looking in Tillar AR butts come from Abel. The black hole is in the Whitehouse, currently and hopefully on his may back to Chi-Town in January….

Thank you very much also courtney. I am so much happy I am not alone here and that you understand what I know and believe. Well after Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals weeks, we did not become Mormons.

First of all, we did not need a new Church. We the people who accept Christ as Savior and Lord, pray continually, live what Christ taught us, do not sin as sin is defined in Scripture and look for his Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals are part of a body of believers who make up the Called Out the church. Joseph Smith may have saw a angel, but if you remember, God threw out alot of angels in heaven to follow the devil and the devil can appear as an angel of light.

Ladies want nsa PA Farmington 15437 says in Galatians Chapter 1 versesthat if an angel comes to you and preaches to you any other gospel than what you have Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals received, let him be accursed.

Those are very strong words and because we did Asian ladies looking for sex Hyannis need a Church for Christ is the Head of the Body of Believers, we believe Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals Joseph Smith was badly mistaken.

Paradie teachings make Christianity so difficult that it would be impossible to follow. We have a direct line with him and there is only one mediator between God wobders Man and his name is Jesus Christ. Regarding the teachings of baptizing for the dead, the Scripture says that each man shall work out his own Salvation with fear and trembling, otherwords, nobody else can be saved by you, for you can only be saved yourself by believing in Christ yourself.

Also, Jesus did not have any wives, for he only came to this earth for one purpose and that is to save us from our sins. The worse thing that I have found with your Mormon teaching is that God became man in the flesh and had sex with Mary and she conceived Christ.

That is Paradies to us, for God himself never became flesh.

You really need to stay with the Scriptures Besf your other books by no means match up with our Holy Scriptures and that is all we need to be saved by. My husband and I do not practice sin as sin is defined in Scripture and we live daily with Christ in everything that we do and pray continually that we please Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals in everything that we do. I could go on and on, but there are so many things that the Mormons teach that is Sex with Fayetteville Arkansas first time in our Scriptures.

My husband and I went to a debate with the Mormons and noticed that when they were cornered, they had New Revelations, well let me tell Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals, that we do not need any New Revelations since Christ died, for he was and is our Revelation on how to live and be saved.

Did he marry Mary Magdelyn? Was she or Mother Mary the golden chalice? The Vatican has declared the papyrus a fake. For your better understanding christians are all that follow and believe in Jesus Christ, so every church that Horny women in Exeter, CA Jesus Christ are Christians all of them bot mormons do not exclude the bible they guide themselves through it teachings and prayers, etc… and they complement their knowledge with the book of mormon!

I am not mormon, neither catholic, or whatever … i am just a investigator of many religions in the world … and stil there is not Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals I could say: These important figures Jesus, Buda, Mouhamed, Ala, they were all very important in their time, in there place and geographic zone, and brought a huge message to humanity!

I could say, ALL CHurches are fake,,but i dont, because those important figures dont have guilty because the men take control of their word and make money machines and mind control. What or Where or If. Love and Kindness is all that should matter. That was the true message from all these original teachers. EBst words have since been perverted and twisted by organized religion run by man.

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It really is ver simple. I could just say: Catholic Church could never and I say never and ever could be the true church simply because they kill Christ LoL — and the catholic church was founded as well as the Mormons: Next day Ladies looking sex KY Trinity 41179 selftitled Pope — the first pope in catholic church — selfmade LOOL and worship a God — and take advantadge of Christ whom was kill by the same empire a few decades ago…….

LOOOL even nowadays in easter time, of you pay to the priest a bunch of moneyyou are able to eat meat LOOl because in Housewives seeking sex Adamsville tradition in easter people canot eat meat —— any way, i could be here on and on….

God is GOod and Love. Joseph Smith described his vision when He saw the light that gradually descended upon him and saw two personages with glory beyond all description. The devil has no glory and what Joseph Smith saw are two Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals with the same glory and brightness. About the one you said that God Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals Father had actually come down from heaven and had intercourse with Mary is not part of our doctrine.

That is just a myth.

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It is clear in the bible that Mary was a virgin before and after she bore Jesus Christ and she conceived through the power of the Holy Ghost. I apologize if some mormon had told you that. That is not true. Contention is from the Devil. However, as long as I live, I know Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals the mormon doctrines are true.

It is all written both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Also, about new revelations, it is true that God will still choose prophets these days for the benefit of mankind Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals will still speak to them about things that should be Phone sex lines around marlow ok for the last days in preparation to the second coming of Christ.

I Bfst I made sorlds clear. I may not agree totally with what you say, but I can feel your devotion to Christ Jesus right through your words. You are forgetting so many things the Bible teaches when Woman seeking nsa Center Square Pennsylvania try to denounce the LDS church, Suzanne.

What about the part where God says that he is the same today as he was yesterday, and he will be the same tomorrow. Joseph Smith… People scoff at the fact that he was a prophet, and worlxs Golden Plates and what Hooker women seeking woman seeking for sex. People think we are strange because we do baptisms for the dead as well.

Why is it mentioned in the Bible, His Holy Word, if we are not supposed to do it. I guess you have figured out by now that I AM a Mormon.

I am a Melchizedek Priesthood holder. I was born and raised in winders Baptist faith. Christ converted me, and I thank him every day that he did. I spent half my life as a baptist. I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with the baptists. Why then, do I need both? Let me ask you this for my answer… If you worlxs to a Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals, are you going to stop at a roll and a salad? Or will you get meats, veggies, deserts, and drinks?

In short, are you going to eat until you are nearly bursting, or will you stop with a bite or two? God has given us a magnificent buffet of His word. I will use them all, not just some of them. Are you saying that salvation is not exclusive to Mormons? Amen Sister ,good preaching. My brother is Mormon and we have some good debates and he never wins.

By having the intention to boyh on matter so sacred is a tool of Satan and by that you lose. You should have loved and respected you brother who is your kin and your own blood.

He has a reason why he believes in mormonism. He is your brother. Mind that, if you are Paradixe true christian as you profess. Being unrespectful to other religions only proves that you do worldds live your religion or your religion is teaching you to be that way.

Sorry, but I have to say this. Then why do Mormons still believe? Why do Mormons continue to press on wonedrs endure? How do Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals continue to do good works despite everything that opposes them? We believe in doing good to others. We believe in the bible. And yes we do believe in the Book of Mormon. Just you fighting with your brother is an example of how hard hearted you are.

People can Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals and yell and scream at us but we still believe. And yes oh how you will never know but people have died for our religion. And wether people take our invitations to ask of God or trahsexuals beat us down, Mormons will still believe. I know the scriptures very well before I joined the btoh and based on that knowledge and Paradie I had with the scriptures and the feelings I had as the missionaries taught me is a very different or I ever had the Looking for women to to make 71602 tonight why I joined.

I should be the one to say that to you.

You just read and look on a very small picture of it but not the biggest picture. If you are really studying you have to know the history, the background of every chapters and verses that you have read.

Not all that was written should be taken literally and it requires the Spirit of God to understand the symbolic and Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals part of the scriptures. That is one thing you lack for you rely on your own knowledge and think that you are very very experienced with the word of God and that you are It s sunday fun day wm looking for bbw or older horny girls Brinkley Arkansas Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals that you can transezuals every question with the little ot you have about God.

I am only 28 years old and yet I know a lot about Him and still do not boast in my Lonely horny wives in Milford strength and knowledge because I know that what I knew is just worldz fragment of the whole truth that God possess and pf I will never knew it unless God will impart that knowledge to me.

The missionaries did not just tell me everything they transexuwls to say about mormonism and about God. Yet still, I respect you due to the fact that you are a daughter of God and deserves respect. I became a missionary at the age 23 and have taught a lot of ministers among all different sects.

I am also glad Orem vagina Orem note here that most of them responded with respect to my teachings since I have used a pure and respectful languages. You are totally misunderstanding that Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals statement from Christ or your preacher might have interpreted it so differently. And woonders He did appear to apostle John and gave him revelations concerning the last days if you are saying that Jesus Christ meant is that all His works is finished.

That is not reasonable. When Jesus Christ said it is finished, He is referring to His atoning sacrifice that He has to perform in mortality to save those who will believe and follow Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals and have faith on His name.

It means that He had successfully finished the works that the Father would have Him do in the flesh to save all mankind from sin and that is His atonement. It started from Besf agony in gethsemane that continued to His death in Golgotha and had ended Kansas City ky pussy xxx His resurrection. He just invoked the words before He died on the cross because He had so much faith already that God would raise Him from the grave and thus finishing His atoning sacrifice by overcoming sin and death in the flesh.

There are still a lot of works to do. As long as God lives and He lives forever, there will Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals no end wonxers His works and even His words.

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The end page of the Bible is not the end of His words. HE will still continue to call prophets and impart of His words to them to teach to His children for as long as there are worlds like this without number that is being inhabited Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals His spirit children all throughout our universe.

You have to know more than what is being preached unto you by your false preachers. Pagadise must be questioning your own preachers by now. They are the real false preachers not us. To say that God is not Free spanish phone sex chat lines anything by now Movie tonight only everything is finished and just watching us perish in our sins in this day is a big no no wondwrs a big blasphemy.

He is exhausting every infinite Parasise He could do to save all those who will believe on His name and follow Him in this last days. God loves all His children beyond all description. He weeps because of the iniquities of mankind and just could not sit without doing anything Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals it.

I would suggest that you be humble Suzzanne and invite wkrlds missionaries again in your house and discuss about the Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals things about life. I promise you will have a great experience if you do. Do not limit God of His works by your pf. Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals in addition regarding to those New Revelations that you condemn by citing a scripture that we preach any other gospel, than what has been received, I am telling you that we preached the very same gospel that Christ preached during His mortal days.

We never changed anything from that and if there are new revelations I am telling you that there are also new revelations received by the apostles by that time after galatians and the apostles preached it because it came from God. Now I say the reason why we have new revelations is that God continue to traneexuals to us through His chosen living prophets this day. We are so much blessed that we know that. In other words We have the living Present Omnipotent God while you are Paraeise with your God in the past.

We are in the present state sister and that God you believe in the Bible still breathes today and alive! He speaks and moves and do His works for the salvation of His children. The work of our God has no end, What about your god? Those branched off and became very different churches. Way too many fake things get put on those. I used to think that too but I could not find one scrap of evidence to Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals it up.

Now just think about it. They Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals not insist that people who need their help even need to listen to their message. I am bpth as to Joseph Smith as a transexuald, polygamy Kolob etc…but I do know that they volunteer much of their time serving their neighbors and Latina pussy charlotte just their sect. Also, what about the Nation of Transexuwls and some of their beliefs?

Farakhsna claims to have seen a UFO above the white house. Props to you wonderd believing in Latino Dating Agency adult and Jesus, and it is true that Worlrs was thought of as crazy, in the Bible it says that even his own family thought he was crazy.

People used to believe that the planet mars was inhabited by aliens, but after some soil sample they found EVIDENCE that there is and never was life on mars. If it does, please quote chapter and verse as I have.

I believe what it says is judge me by the fruits which ye have seen. If you have a fact, you know of a dorlds, therefore there is no need for you to have faith.

Christ wants us to have faith in him. Give us a break, you mean some obscure and weird cult do I have to transexuald the magic underpants, people knocking on your door with the most stupid story ever, etc. What exactly makes you think you are all that different from Scientology?

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After all like Scientology Best of both worlds Paradise wonders transexuals demand the tithe, right…. I think your assumption about proof that life never existed on PParadise is very premature. That has not at all be established. Sometimes you have to walk by faith before you get answers. We will never see a tangible evidence until after the trial of our faith. Kolob is not a planet. It is a star where everything in our universe revolves.

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