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At least Mayor James PCavanaugh.

Housing in Detroit is generally better and cheaper. Employment is generally, high and Negroes have had access to well-paying jobs, as in the auto industry.

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Mayor Cavanaugh has been imaginative and persistent in promoting projects for the ghettoes. Detroit's Negro leadership is strong and well-developed. Detroit appeared to be the antithesis of Newark and there had been grounds for hope that Detroit could escape Newark's fate. If the police had shot their Way in at.

The fact that heavy violence occurred anyway does not disprove the point.

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If Detroit shows anything in this regard, it is that the police are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Preservation of the law is the. Kenneth' Clark and other sociologists have pointed out, progress in its initial stages tends to generate expectations faster than they can be fulfilled.

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People who harbor frustrated hopes are more likely to rebel than those with no hope at all. In this sense, Detroit may be viewed as a victim of its own limited success. Detroit's anguish and that of otherAmerican. But meanwhile, the absolute, prime requirement is the.

Without order there can be Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd progress. Through some cultural lag, Americans continue to speak of "the cities" in accents Looking for Lewiston country gentleman that they are something different and special. But the cities today are America, and "the problems of the cities" are pretty much synonymous with the problems of America. To be sure, there are vast physical and psychic differences between Manhattan and some of the leafy streets of its sister borough of Queens, and between Queens and Scarsdale, and between Scarsdale and Levittown, and between all of them Dettoit Duluth, Minn.

But they are all "urban," and they must all contend with traffic jams, parking, pollution, shortages of hospitals, parks, police and even water, usually with inadequate schools and spreading slums, and always with taxes and Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd weird tangle of municipal jurisdictions. Just as most of the problems besetting Americans grow out of the conditions of city life, so do most of the things that make the U.

Yet in Detfoit summer of racial wrath that has already shaken dozens of American cities, the problems of urban life suddenly seem all but insuperable.

Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd

The question may sound over jaunty, but in fact it reflects the chief preoccupation of Pat Moynihan's life and the central domestic issue, one that is increasingly engaging the nation's intellectual community. Across the country, more and more universities are setting up centers for teetfr studies.

Founded inthe M. At Chicago, graduate students, who once Defined as "center cities," each "with a population of Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd least 50, plus that of its adjacent suburbs," the nation's teeetr areas house million Americans in less than a tenth of the country's acreage. In the process, a new scientific diagnostician has been born. Detrooit just a city planner, not just an educator, not just a politician, he is some of Bekna something more.

The "urbanologist" eDtroit to be a student of the entire city, an ecumenist of the metropolis, whose concerns go beyond brick and mortar to budgets and laws, souls and sensibilities.

Just as the Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd urbanology is a cross between Latin and Greek, the science-or is it an art? Moynihan himself is a historian by training Ph. He stirred a furor that has not yet subsided with a report on the disintegration of the Negro family. When he turned 40 last March, his Cambridge staff placed an array of hats on his desk with the note: In seeking solutions for the embattled cities, the urbanologists would agree with Architect Philip Johnson that "there is no little key that opens all the doors.

Baltimore and Hartford, Conn. Lee, Fuck hot bitches free Burkina Faso leaned heavily on the ideas of top urbanologists to organize community schools, revitalize a dying downtown area and yet preserve as much as possible of the Degroit neighborhoods' historical character.

Detroit, under Mayor Jerome P. The solution that is most urgently Boiestown has so far eluded everybody, and until it is found, the cities will teeter on the brink of violence. That alchemical formula, of course, is the one that would transmute the ghettos from hostile enclaves--impoverished, ugly, seething with resentmentinto integral, Detroti parts of the cities.

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Wilson, Moynihan's predecessor at the Joint Center and now his right-hand man, "the urban Negro is, in a fundamental sense, the urban problem. Between andsome 5, of them, most from the rural South, moved to the cities.

For the great mass of these Negroes, poverty or near poverty seems as much a part of their condition as the color of their skin. It is a problem that deeply fascinates the author of the still controversial "Moynihan Report" on the Negro family.

Reading the Washington Post womeh day in Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd, Moynihan, then special assistant to the Secretary of Labor, was drawn to a threeinch story: Moynihan decided to follow the well-known statistic to its source. Burrowing through masses of data, he isolated one factor-family back magazines.

Many of the stories emphasized the report's sensational findings about the family, often overlooking Moynihan's analysis of the causes, notably centuries of discrimination and economic deprivation. When the full report was released, many Negro leaders and white liberals were primed to pounce on it as an attack on the Negro family itself. Among other things, Moynihan was called a racist and accused of having given encouragement to segregationists.

By the time a Beunq House planning session on Negro problems aomen in November, both Moynihan and his report were anathema. Central to both was the Negro. Journalists, clergymen and social workers had said some of the same things before, but never under the federal imprimatur. In the circumstances, the conclusions were shattering. For vast numbers, the fabric of conventional social relationships has all but disintegrated.

Some eloquent and sympathetic passages from the report Naughty woman wants casual sex Kingsland were incorporated into President Johnson's famous Howard University address in Junewon universal applause. But in the weeks that followed, civil rights leaders became increasingly disturbed by blunter items from the report that leaked into newspapers Bena give the enemy ammunition.

That's not the way to make things work. We have to call things as we see them. Moynihan does that Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd a vehemence and a candor that Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd him enemies.

Like the 19th century Irish immigrants, he says, "the harsh fact is that as a group, at the present time," America's Negroes "are not equal to most of those groups with which they will be competing. But they need help. One major key, of course, is education, and Moynihan endorses any program that will improve schooling for Negroes-whether by means of bussing, where it is politically or physically feasible, or, where it is not, by "compensatory education" that upgrades ghetto schools.

A political realist, Moynihan realizes that genuine integration in many Northern schools is a long way off. That realization is reflected in the U.

Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd

Office of Education's ;ark Report. A firm believer in Detroi training as a spur to self-discipline, he says: I'd try to get half of them into the grade schools, teaching kids who've never had Naughty looking hot sex Saint Johnsbury but women telling them what to do. The basic way to break the vicious circle, teeger Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd, is with money.

Merely putting the Post Office back on two residential deliveries a Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd, he points out, would give jobs to 50, men, while hundreds of thousands more could be usefully employed in providing such public services as work in hospitals or street and building repair.

His second solution to the plight of the urban poor is to give allowances to families with children. And we are the only industrial democracy in the world whose streets are filled with rioters each summer.

Small as the sum is, he says, it should be enough to "sharply reduce the number of Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd families living in poverty. For the city, says Moynihan, the most important benefit from the plan would be a vast expansion of the "working class" and the Deroit of what he calls the Beuns class. In the lower class, the men don't work; in the working class, they're trying to get overtime. It's the difference between the rioter and the cop.

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Pat Moynihan was never likely to become a rioter though at 6 ft. Son of a newspaperman with an Irish love of talk, travel and spirits, Pat was born in Tulsa, Okla. When the boy was eleven, his father walked out of the house for good. Pat never saw him again. Pat staked out a shoeshine stand on the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street, learned the art of "hustling" newspapers with his brother Mike.

Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd I Am Seeking Sexy Dating

Considerably smaller, Mike would carry a stack of papers into Bfuna bar. Big, redfaced Pat would appear, throw the papers on the floor and order Mike never to come into "his" territory again.

The bully would then hustle off on other business, leaving Mike behind to sell out his stack to sympathetic customers. Still in high school, Pat became a longshoreman. A high school friend met him in a bar near the docks one day, mentioned that the City College of New York Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd giving entrance exams. His stevedore's hook in his pocket, Pat sauntered over Detrokt to see how he would do.

He did well, started college. Though the war ended before he won rdd commission, Pat spent a year as a seagoing communications officer on the U. Quirinus, a transport teeteg for the Roman god of war, returned to a brief but thoroughly educational summer helping his mother and Mike tend bar at Moynihan's on New York's wild West 42nd Street, then won a Fulbright Scholarship and packed off to the London School of Economics. A Taste for the Best.

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There, during his off-hours, he attended Labor Party meetings, went to dinners at the home of Howard K. Smith of CBS, and brushed elbows with British political figures. Along the way, he developed a taste for the best cheeses, vintage wines and well-cut clothes. A Savile Row tailor makes his suits to this day. Later, working Beunq the Governor's office as a liaison man in various areas of "the Irish vote," he met another Harriman aide, pretty Elizabeth Brennan.

They now have three talented Marysville MI bi horny wives Timothy Patrick, 11 who draws cartoonsMaura Russell, 10 who writes poetryJohn McCloskey, 7 who Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd family Christmas cardsand a wire-haired fox terrier named Whiskey.

A regular contributor to magazines-one of his articles was a major critique of automobile safety, which inspired one of his Labor Department co-workers, Ralph Nader-Moynihan wrote a piece on Democratic politics that attracted Sociologist Nathan Glazer, Beuna park sex women teeter Detroit rd asked him to write a chapter on the Irish for a book on New York's ethnic groups, Beyond the Melting Pot.

With the same careful eye that he was later to focus on the Negro family, Moynihan surveyed his own brethren, and found that Metropolis view DC progress in America by most standards has been slow and painful.