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Driving on 94 looking for quickie on the way home

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Page of Go. Page 92 - Troubleshooting the Perfect Fit System w Page Page - The back will not drive to the preprogra Page Page - The Recline Actuator will not run, or ru Page - The Shear Actuator will not run, or runs Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Table Of Contents Acronyms for Driving on 94 looking for quickie on the way home Basic Setup Cable from Joystick to the Bus Line Control Module; for the Groove located in the Center between the 2 batteries Control Module; for the Rhythm Discreet affairs Crest Hill Illinois at back of chair behind shroud Are all necessary connections fastened or inserted?

It can be used to check wires, shorts, voltages, resistance, all manner of electrical circuits. This tutorial is designed to help clarify the symbols and socket op- tions found on various multimeters. This symbol means alternating current.

Use this when you want to test something that has AC current running through it. This means Direct Current. Below are a series of safety guidelines Driving on 94 looking for quickie on the way home recommendations. Please note that these precautions are intended quidkie serve only as a guide, not to supersede or replace any Meet me Arizona city Arizona statute, NHS or other safety regulations.

Such items could cause short circuits resulting in serious burns. Therefore moving batteries requires appropriate lifting techniques. Safety footwear should also be worn. In addition, disposal of old batteries requires correct procedures. The antenna is usually mounted directly on the unit. Both of these materials are toxic and in the case of sulfuric acid, highly corrosive.

An average of 1 to quickkie. Factors that affect battery performance: The larger the group size, the farther the wheelchair will go. Carefully tilt Seat Assembly back until it stops.

Lift the front of Battery Cover Panel and pull it forward to expose the batteries. Firmly grasp the black battery connectors and pull apart. oj

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Firmly grasp the smaller white battery connectors and pull apart. Using provided strap, carefully lift battery from chair. Because of its compact size it uses a forced air cooling system. After the voltage drops to When removing brushes from the motor for Brush Assembly inspection, loo,ing note orientation and location of the Take the washer away. Use a pulley puller to remove the Hub Assembly from the output shaft.

Do not lose the hub assembly locating woodruff key.

Driving on 94 looking for quickie on the way home

Lift the center pad of the fasteners that secure the side shroud to the chair. Remove the drive wheel lug nuts using a 16mm Socket wrench. The Freewheel Mechanism Newton Meters ft-lbs. Torque drive wheel lug nuts to Always use tye cotter pins. Carefully support the frame of the wheelchair us- ing jack stands. Remove the four lug nuts using a 16 mm socket wrench.

Slide Wheel assembly off Hub. Align wheel and slide back onto hub. Replace the Driving on 94 looking for quickie on the way home lug nuts and tighten to ft. It does this by 5 individual Hall Effect Sensors that will detect 1 degree per degree rotation of the wheel by means of the Encoder. On enable Fig 1. Contact Technical Service for any changes to the seating system such as addition of Tilt, Lift, or Ventilator. Anti-pitch Timing Adjustment For Rhythm, each rear suspension element controls the pitch damper mechanism on that side of the chair.

Timing of the initiation of the anti-pitch function on the Rhythm can be quuckie by the following method. The anti-pitch housing is located on the stainless steel anti-pitch shaft inboard of the drive motor. Do not lubricate any parts of the anti-Pitch Assembly.

Disconnect the cable from the heel to the lookimg body rhe the control lookong applicableand ensure that Fig 2. If any of the lights are visible, the control is on. For additional information, refer to the Kinky sex date in Kensington KS Swingers Module Driving on 94 looking for quickie on the way home Error guide for each system.

Page 57 Battery Tests Perform the following steps to check the initial state-of- charge and to load test the Batteries.

Warning If the following step is not completed the wheel- Fig 2. Page 58 Run the chair for a few minutes to partially dis- charge the batteries.

Battery SOC Turn on the wheelchair. Page quicie Connect the battery charger to the wheelchair.

Connect the battery charger to an outlet. Refer to the following notes: A typical value for the Rhythm or Groove motors with the gear box disengaged is 4 to 6 amps.

Cold motors wat indicate higher current. Page 61 Operate the wheelchair by moving the joystick slight forward. Observe the Brake Current Drivinh Brake Voltage. Typical values are between 0. Warning If the following step is not completed the wheelchair may move unexpectedly possibly Kingsland TXl adult dating injury. Repeat the test in the reverse direction. Page 64 Operate each button or toggle switch one at a time to verify that they function correctly.

This is indicated on the HHP by the box highlighting.

On the Quickie iQ, the status will change from Open to Closed. Note, allow a few seconds for the system to respond. Page 65 Quickie iQ by the status changing from Open to Closed. Tilt Turn on the wheelchair. Page 67 Verify that the actuator travels to the count programmed in the chair. Turn on the wheelchair. Page 69 Recline tuator under test i.

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Refer to the following illustrations for adjustment procedures and ranges. Seat Depth Adjustment is only used as a means of accommodating an offset backrest.

To adjust the seat depth, follow these adjustments: To adjust the Thd Integrated Back, complete the following procedures: Complete the following procedures to adjust the armrest height: To adjust the armrest height, loosen the two mounting-clamp bolts Aslide the armrest up or down and retighten. Loosen the outer clamp. These hangers provide more positive lock.

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Several third party head rests such as Whitmyer, Otto Bock and Jay may be used. Each keiper is powered by independent 24 VDC motors. A cogged belt connects the motors to the keipers. The keipers are similar to those used in the automobile industry to recline seat backs. The optical encoder sends its signal to the PC board.

The PC board routes this signal to the control module where it is analyzed for correct Encoder Reset Switch operation and position.

See below to troubleshoot each indicated fault. The Recline Actuator hoke not function or will not correctly function. Locate Driving on 94 looking for quickie on the way home two EOT switches at the bottom of the mounting plate.

Verify that there are no faults displayed on the joystick or Enhanced Display. If faults are displayed, refer to the Delphi troubleshooting section of the service manual. The control module is located at the rear of the base on a Rhythm and between the batteries on a Groove. Verify the connector leading to the suspect actuator is mated to the control module.