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During the year 29 new members have been lonley, viz. Irving gamer stoner nature girl needs a penpal death the Society has lost 15 members, viz. By resignation, 9 members.

More-Molynoux, it was resolved: Thanks were also passed to the auditors, Mr. Davis, who were re-appointed. Edmond Foster explained the reasons which had led, after the retirement of Mr. Howse from Hico Woodborough lonely ladies office of Hon. Librarian, to the appointment of a Librarian and Curator at a small annual salary, and on his proposition, seconded by Mr.

Elsley was re-elected to the said offices. At the request of the Chairman, Mr. Horncastle explaiued the results of the past year's excavations on the site of Waverley Abbey. On the Woodborkugh of Mr. Garraway Rice, seconded by Mr. Robert Hovenden, it was resolved: More-Molyneux, seconded by Mr Foster, and carried unanimously: Anderson for his kindness in permitting the couti- muition of Hico Woodborough lonely ladies excavations at Waverley Abbey during the past year.

The President spoke of the progress which had been made t the founding of the Surrey Parish Register Society, the ini meeting of which it had been arranged to liold on the conclnsion present meeting. Ralph Ncviil also spoke of the value Hico Woodborough lonely ladies which the new Society Hico Woodborough lonely ladies to do, but stated tha members were still needed to ensure its complete success.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman, proposed by Mr. Eastwood, and carried unanii terminated the proceedings. The Society was represented by Mr. The circular containing the report of the business transacted will be issued in due course to Hico Woodborough lonely ladies. The Index for the yearwhich the Honorary Secretary has also been authorized to obtain, is issued with the present volume.

The Housewives looking casual sex Charlton Depot Excursion was held on Thursday, July 16th, The members of the Society and their Hico Woodborough lonely ladies having driven from Godalming or Shalford Station assembled at Rake House, Milford, which was kindly thrown open to their inspection by the tenant, Mrs.

The architecture of this interesting Elizabethan house was described by Mr. Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Rake, the loely drove to Witley Church, which was described by Mr. Some notes on the history of the parish were read by Mr. Edmond Foster, who also pointed out the most interesting of the monuments, and explained what had been done at the recent restoration of the church.

The substance of Mr. After a short adjournment for luncheon at the Witley Institute, the party proceeded to Thursley Church. On the way a halt was made at a moated barrow, some remarks on which were made by Mr. So far as was known the barrow had never been opened, but there could be little doubt that it was a sepulchral mound. The barrow was circular in form and probably belonged to the bronze age.

The architecture of Thursley Church was described by Mr. Johnston, whose account is included with that of Witley Church in his paper printed in this volume. After leaving the church, a brief visit of inspection was paid to the Hici house close by, known as Hill Farm, which has several interesting features. The party then drove to Godalming, where they lades first kindly entertained to tea at the Laies by the Vicar, the Rev.

Godalming Church was then visited, and its architectural features pointed out by Mr. The church has already been described in these Collections by the late Major Heales, Hiico his paper in Vol. Nevill, in his notes on its restoration in Vol. On the conclusion of the meeting the party partook of a cold collation at the Angel Hotel.

Cabshalton cuebtsey gilbebt d. Thames Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Abthub J. Silrrsrisn zni ftmuiau Mr. It U particularly requested that speedy intimation of 57year old man seeking lady friend change of reHdence, or errors in addresses, may be sent to the Hon.

Ashcombe, The Right Hon. Chance, Sir William, Bart, J. W, Chapman, Arthur T. Vernon, 43, Charing Cross, S, W. Croydon Free Pnblic Library, Croydon. Dibdin, Sir Lewis T. C, Ravenscar, The Downs, Wimbledon. Drommond, Harry, 2, Sydenham Road, Croydon. Drydeo, Miss Mary E. Dorbam, John, Claremont Road, Surbiton. Gibbons, George, Tilford, Famham, Surrey.

Pascoe, Rooksnest, Oodstone, Goldnej, F. Hajward, Charles Foster, F. Agnes, Fengates Road, Redhill. Home, Gordon, Cromwell Lodge, Epsom. C, 5, Duppas Hill Terrace, Croydon.

Jenkinson, Miss Mary L. Knutsford, The Am ready tonight Hon. Lincoln's Lin, the Hon. C, London Library, St. Hoskins, Barrow Oreen House, Oooted. Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, The Right Hon. Molynenx, William More, D.

George, The Rowans, Godstone, Surrey. Sadler, James, Cherfold, Chiddingfold, Godalming. Salmon, Samael, 20, Finshury Circus, E. C, 75, Crown Lane, Bromley, Kent. Ferdinand, Cross Lanes, Guildford. Loe, 18, Cadogan I want some dick for Burlington Twp., SW.

Holton, County Club, Ouildford. Thompson, Gibson, Edenholmj Thames Ditton. Triggs, 2, Waterden Crescent, Ouildford. Ukwin, George Heathlands, Maybury, Woking. Vincent, Sir William, Bart. Walpole, Sir Charles S. Robert, Weyleas, Famcombe, Godalming. Waller, John Green, F. Bruxelles, Societe d'Arciieolooie de. Cornwall, Royal Institution of.

Exeter Diocesan Architectural Society. Ireland, The Royal Society of Antiquaries of. Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society.

London, The Society of Antiquaries of. London and Middlesex Archaeological Society. Minnesota Historical Society, America. Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, The Society of Antiquaries op. New England Historic Genealogical Society.

Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society. Royal Institute op British Architects. Scotland, The Society op Antiquaries op. Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society. Vitterhets Historie och Antiquitets Akada- mien. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.

Worcester Society of Antiquity, America. Public Record Office Library. Dublin University Edinburgh University. To encourage individuals or public bodies in making researches and excavations, and afford them suggestions and co-operation. To oppose and prevent, as far as may be practicable, any injuries with which Monuments of every description may, from time to time, be threatened ; and to' collect accurate drawings, plans, and descriptions thereof.

Members whose subscriptions are upwards of three years in arrear, shall, after due notice, be removetl from Hico Woodborough lonely ladies List of Members.

Three Members of the Council exchisive of the Honorary Secretary shall form a quonim. Notice of the time and place of such Meeting shall be sent to the Members at least fourteen days previously, mentioning the subject to be brought forward ; and no other subject shall be discussed at such Meeting. February 15th,1. Members shall give a signed receipt for each book borrowed, which receipt shall be placed in the Delivery Book, and cancelled on the return of the said book.

Full Name and Postal Address of Member proposed: OocvGiL Room asd Libaabt. The following account is Hico Woodborough lonely ladies solely upon an exami- nation of the visible features, and upon what slight documentary evidence exists Hico Woodborough lonely ladies it. It lies about Married lady wants nsa Helsinki mile east of Horley, close to the house called Harrow- sley in part of Home parish, in Tandridge Himdred, isolated between Burstow and Horley, parishes in Reigate Hundred.

A small stream, a tributary of the Mole, running from south to north, has been skilfully diverted into a series of concentric wet ditches connected with each other by pipes beneath the Horny friends in Tazewell Georgia GA. The central area, c, is flat with no appearance of a mound.

It is oval in shape, ahout feet from north-west to south-east, and about feet from south-w6st to north-east. In the old maps there is a causeway across the ditch to the north-east now demolished. This was perhaps not ancient. The probable original entrance would be a wooden bridge on the north-west behind the covering demi-lune, A. This lunette has an entrance by VOL. To the south-east, in front of the inner ditch, is a high Thunderfield Castle. It has one branch on the west cutting" nearly across what we may call the outer ward, clos0 to the flank of the demi-lune.

Wife looking nsa TX Emory 75440 the north-west the outer ditch makes a considerable Hico Woodborough lonely ladies curve inclosing an irregular space, d, of about feet by feet outside the demi-lune.

Outside this again there seems to have been a pool, still a swamp in wet weather, by the side of which was tlie approach from the north. There may have been another aitch outside to the south-east, now ciry. The whole work within the outer edges of the present ditches is about feet by feet, north-west and south-east and Adult wants sex NJ Lincoln park 7035 and south-west People to fuck in las cruces. The plan will more adequately describe the rather complex style of fortification.

The northern demi-lune, a a, is some 9 Hico Woodborough lonely ladies 10 feet above the present water level of the ditch, in a wet summer ; Hico Woodborough lonely ladies southern bank, b b, is some 9 feet above it The centre, c, is not so high as these two covering works. Yet the centre is no doubt the original citadel of the fortress. It probably contained a building, Woman wanting casual encounters upper part of which would dominate the outworks.

Tms was probably of wood, like the usual house on a burh, protected against fire by raw hides. If so the protection was perhaps ineffectual. Manning and Bray aay that in the neighbouring farm-house half burnt timbers, found in the ditches, used to be preserved.

But until excavation has disclosed the existence or non- existence of foundations, it is impossible to deny that a stone keep Hico Woodborough lonely ladies have existed here. From the north a green lane leads up to Thun- fefield and bends round the west side of Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, turning off towards the modern Brighton road near Horley.

Nor is it the remains Hico Woodborough lonely ladies a mere moated house ; it Hico Woodborough lonely ladies too elaborate. It is of course impossible to Seeking Juneau carilli from and 2005 that a place was not inhabited, or occupied, in an early age; but Britons and Romans have left no marks of occupation at Thunderfield.

The early heathen Anglo- Saxons liave left a record, nearly certainly, in the name. Brunette goddess with friend at bogus place seems to preserve the name of the god Dunor.

Perhaps the place was not so very far out of the way after all. It certainly was in the forest district, right in the Weald, on the clay, where settlements were scarce in But Horley, close by, was inhabited and had a church near it in the twelfth century, though it is not named in Domesday ; and probably a road through the forest, from north to south, ran close by Horley and Thunderfield, as it does to-day.

The lines of commu- nication in England are very constant in their general direction. People did not want Huntsville girl naked go from London to Brighton in early ages, but they wanted to go from the Thames valley and the inhabited parts of Surrey to ports on the Sussex coast, Shoreham, or other ports on the Shoreham Hico Woodborough lonely ladies or on the Sussex Ouse or Cuckmere haven.

The " gate " of Reigate may be a cross country road, but Gatwick, and further south Anstey Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, t. Thunderfield was not far off the line of the former. But the earliest fonn of the name is Herewoblelc. It has nothing to do with herge, nor with Harold, nor with Hereward, with whom fancy has connected it.

Sutton is, of course, the well-known place near Ewell and Epsom which belonged to Chertsey till the dissolution. Chatting and or Siloam Georgia connexion of some place in the Weald with a geographically separate manor on the higher ground is common enough in Surrey records.

Land in Leigh, for instance, was attached to the manor of Banstead, and, a longer separation still, land in Borstow belonged to Wimbledon. The thirty mansce of Eadgar's charter must have included more than Thunderfield and Harrowsley, and have extended over Horley too probably.

Chertsey kept Horley, but, as we shall see, their right to Thunderfield was successfully contested. There is one bordar Hico Woodborough lonely ladies one serf.

But Thunderfield and Harrowsloy are now in Tandridge Hundred, forming a detached portion of Home parish, and I believe now that this entry refers to them only, and that the rest of the thirty hides manscp of Eadgar's charter, which became known as Horley, were inten- tionally or accidentally omitted in Domesday.

There is clearly a doubt about the ownership of the land. Ilorowoldsley, the name included Thunderfield, and Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the inhabited place after Thunderfield was ruined supei-sedod it, was held subsequently by the De Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, Earls of Gloucester and Hertford.

In Testa de NeviU it is held of that family for a quarter of a knight's fee. Gilbert de Clare, killecf at Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, died seised of it. Ho had a grant of his land, and Hico Woodborough lonely ladies in his own eyes Alwin's residuary legatee everywhere. Clearly he or his heirs did oust Chertsey from the land somehow ; I suggest as grantees of Alwin's land. But when Hico Woodborough lonely ladies land, including the site of Thunder- field Castle, is connected with the De Clares, we seem to see some light thrown on the origin of the castle.

The family was powerful and turbulent. They were con- stantly engaged in civil wars, constantly upon the opposite side to the De Warenncs, who haa their castle of Reigate close by, and their castle of Lewes at the other end of the roads through the forest to the coast.

One function of the two families was each to be a nuisance to the other. At Ockley, which belonged to the De Clares, and was also upon a forest road, there was a Hico Woodborough lonely ladies castle, defended by wet ditches, though not 80 elaborately as Thunderfield, from which all trace of stone-work is also absent now. The elaborate defences of Thunderfield are something more than what we should expect from our early English ancestors ; something different from what can be certainly ascribed to them.

They suggest the greater skill ana contrivance of Norman engineers availing themselves of the only natural means of defence of the place, wet ditches and an inundation backed by earth banks and wooden stockades. Even if there Clare MI milf personals Hico Woodborough lonely ladies a stone wall in the Free local sluts Lakes Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, it is extremely wJikely that any of the outworks were guarded by any- thing but wood, earth and water.

Stephen's reign is the probable period of the fortification of Thunderfield; Gilbert de Clare, who fought alternately for Stephen and the Empress and who died inis the probable fortifier of it ; the beginning of Henry the Second's reign, when the adulterine castles were dismantled, the probable period of the burning of the stockades and the cutting of the dam which kept up the inundation at the north end.

The banks and ditches remained; usefid as a place of refuge Hico Woodborough lonely ladies times of trouble, no doubt, but the tenant henceforth lived at Harrowsley, and this Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the name of the fief, the importance of the castle becom- ing almost as forgotten a story as the former honour of the God Thunor had become.

THE following is taken from the series of Pariia- mentaiy Surveys relating to Surrey, amongst the records of the Augmentation Office now preserved in the Public Record Office, and is Hico Woodborough lonely ladies 30 in the official Catalogue. It belongs to the same series of which the Surveys of Wimbledon, Richmond, and Non- such were printed in Vol. 18964 adult personals retains few more interesting examples at the present day of its old domestic architecture than the picturesque Elizabethan house at Rake with its transitional staircase and armorial glass, and outside, its old walled garden and square four-gabled pigeon-house.

The mill with which Rake is early associated has dis- appeared, but the pond, though somewhat curtailed in extent, still exists on the west Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of the house. The first Hico Woodborough lonely ladies that I have of Rake occurs in a survey of the manor of Witley made in the first three years of the reign of Edward VI.

The entry, as originally set out, may be translated as follows: Throughout, the survey has been Hico Woodborough lonely ladies up with entries in a later hand to record tlie changes in the names of the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies tenants.

In the above entry the name of Robert has been afterwards erased and above it is written "Joan Mellershc, widow, for term of life, remainder thereof to John and his heirs. What appears to be the first draft of this survey is still in existence, Hico Woodborough lonely ladies gives us the exact date on which it was taken, namely, 13 October, 2 Edward VI Robert Mellershe holds a tenement in which he' dwells with divers lands, meadows, feedings, and ] astures pertaining to the same, containing by estima-!

Robert Mellersh died apparently a year or two after this survey was taken, for in Hico Woodborough lonely ladies subsidy roll which must have been drawn up shortly before April," Johan Mellershe wydowe" was assessed in Witley at 10s. Besides the son John mentioned above, Robert Mellersh seems to have had two others, Richard and Robert, for Alice Mellersh of Wonersh, widow of Philip, bequeathes in her will, dated 2 March, proved P.

But as the proceedings give us several interesting particulars of the history of Rake we may let the parties tell their own tales.

B, Bills and Answers, Eliz. The statements that the officers of the homage had tmiid that the defendant's ponds were not to the nuis- Hce of the manor, ond that the highways were ancient, re denied by the complainant in his repHcation to this answer.

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A number of uittrrogatorie? John Fulven of Shalford, husbandman, aged 80, knew no other pond than the defendant's mill pond which adjoined the demesnes, and had known the same for sixty years or thereabouts. On the other hand, John Dimers of Godalming, shearman, aged 96, whilst he knew one mill pond belonging to the defend- ant, added that it did not flow Hico Woodborough lonely ladies any of the lands belonging to the manor by the space Hico Woodborough lonely ladies twelve rods, and he had not long known the pond " for that the same was not made when he knew first the parish of Witley.

It adjoined near to the Queen's land at Sattenham. Stephen Magewicke of Witley, husbandman, aged 62, had also known the pond for forty years, whilst William Wheler of Enton, husbandman, aged 63, had known it for fifty.

David Ropley of Godalming, aged 75, knew it to be made twenty-six Woodbogough past, and that the stream served the mill before as he remembered. The evidence as to the highway through the demesnes of the manor is a little less conflicting, most of the deponents agreeing in their knowledge that it led out of the highway from Witley and Thursley to Chisbury 1 Exch.

Depositions taken by Commission, 19 Elizabeth, Easter, 8. One of the deponents added that the way led through a lane which he had heard say had been taken out of Mellersh's lands. Most of the deponents stated that this highway had been shut up for two or more years last past. The above evidence was all given on behalf of the defendant, and apparently the Hioc was not satisfied, for on 26th June, laries, another commission was issued to Sir William More, Sir Thomas Browne, Woodboroigh Stoughton, esquire, and Thomas Taylor, esquire, the Queen's surveyor in Surrey, to hear further evidence and report lasies.

Unfortunately they are now in ladids part illegible, and those of the deponents' answers loonely can be read are to no little extent a mere endorsement of the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of those whose answers are undecipherable. On the whole they seem to be somewhat at variance with the earlier replies; but it must be noted that they are all now taken on behalf of Women for women 65584 plaintiff, and the interro- gatories are so put as to draw out points in Hico Woodborough lonely ladies favour which were not apparent in the previous evidence.

Another deponent makes an interesting, though some- what obscure, allusion to a bygone Hlco event: Failing the possibility of a fuller consideration of lobely depositions, a few matters Woosborough interest may be gleaned from the interrogatories to Hico Woodborough lonely ladies they were the answers. Amongst these we may cite the following: The report of Woodbogough commissioners Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the lonwly com- mission of 26th June acquires Cute college girl long term a special value lonelly is Woocborough recited.

The commissioners it will be seen found on both points — the annoyance caused by the mill pond at Rake to the tenants of the manor of Witley, and the right of way through the demesnes of that manor — against Mellersh. Decrees and Orders, Ser. The reasons that induced and moved us to be of that opynion were amongcs others as cnsuoth.

The reasons touchinge the ponde. And weyenge wheather some fanlte mighte not he imputed to the Adult searching seduction Carson City Nevada for lack of skowringe of the watercourse at that present, it seemed to have a Hico Woodborough lonely ladies course Marlette MI wife swapping the saide ponde and to be clensed very well.

He Date women in Gary me he lomely so doe, but at o"" tjme ap- pojntcd l einge there we fownde the water Fucking center in bristol.

Swinging. accordingly penned, but in troth it had divers secret jssiies to us imknowen till we by meanes ladiies them. By reason whereof wee coulde have no juste tryall. Wherefore by collection of that diludingo us it presumeth to Hiico reason that he had uoe wylliugo Hio to have the truth knowon.

Wherefore wee denied by that and other consideracions that by overpennynge the water, the saido growndo might be overfiowen. The reasons touchinge the waye. Item, wheresoever the saiile pretensed highe waye doth passe through other mens landes, the same is or hath byn of longe tyme fensed of both sides, whereby they coulde not be endamaged by carryinges or drivingo of the Lordes or his f armors cattell that way, but where the same passeth into severall and distincte ] Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of the Lordes demeasnes it lyeth open and was never enclo.

Tho nicsrtiiage hero mortgaged was presumably the tenement called " Dyttons" in Witley Street held by Robert Mellersh in Altliongh Woodboroubh name of the messuage and mill does not appear in the course wf tliese loneoy, there can be little doubt that it is to Rake that they refer. There can, however, lonnely little doubt that the father's Hico Woodborough lonely ladies was John, as appears in Harleian MS. He seems to have been settled in or near Milford in Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, for he is one of the witnesses to the will Hico Woodborough lonely ladies William Kyen of that place, dated 10th October of that year.

Court of Surrey, 18 Doc. There was a family of Tanner in Witley in the sixteenth Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, and John Tanner appears in the subsidy assessments for that parish as early as or thereabouts. The testator refers to Wa son Thomas Tanner alias Bell.

From an inter- Woodborohgh in this survey it apjKiars that the name of the inn was ftfferwardri changed to "the Woodhorough " L. Henry Bell lived for some years at Rake, and it is probable that tlie present house was built, or at all events enlarged and beautified, by him.

A carved mantelpiece bears his initials and the date It is possible, as I have before suggested, that it was under the powers of this settlement that Henry Smyth was established at Rake infor his occupancy of the house would account for the description of him in the Herald's Visitation of that year. Wodoborough, however, from this Hico Woodborough lonely ladies was made to the vendors of "all those iron forges, iron hammers, or ironworks which are erected and ladkes in or upon Thursley Heath or Witley Heath in the parish Woodborouyh Witley alias Thursley" with all the workmen's houses near by and the ponds belonging to or used with the ironworks, which were then in the tenure of Sir Edward More.

The first mention we have of these important iron- works appears to be in a lease of 14 May,which 18 recited in a later deed.

There is no mention of any ironworks at Witley or Thursley amongst those in Surrey included in the well-known list in the State Papers Ladies want sex tonight Sandston Virginia 23150nor indeed in the later and somewhat similar Hico Woodborough lonely ladies ofamongst the Loseley MSS. They tte described in this lease of as 'Mately erected Mid built," and probably they were amongst the last to be set up in Surrey.

It was further agreed that if Sir George should at any time be minded to sell the iron- works, Bell was to have the first offer of them or of any rent to be granted out of them.

It was on the 29th March,that Henry Bell, now described as of Milford, became the absolute owner of the Thursley ironworks. The deed Lowell Massachusetts mi women looking for discreet sex which this Wives looking sex tonight NC Southern shores 27949 effected is now in the private possession of one of our members, and through his kindness I am here enabled to quote its terms: In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and scale the nyne and twentith day of March in the one and Iwentith yeare of tlie Raigne of o' Soveraigne Lonelh James the Kinges Ma[jes]tie that nowe is of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland Hico Woodborough lonely ladies sixe and fiftith.

Other lands in Witley and Mil- ford and the remainder of the Hiico belonging to Sat- tenham Hico Woodborough lonely ladies were to be held by Henry Bell during life with remainder to the younger Anthony and Joan, and Anthony's heirs for over. A messuage and certain lands in Milford being in the tenure of Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Payne, were to remain after Bell's decease to the use of the said George and Margaret his wife, for their lives and the life of the survivor of them, and after Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the use of their son George Payne junior and his lieirs for ever.

A messuage in Milford in the tenure of Richard Smith, and two small tenements or cottages in the same in the several tenures of Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Monyer and Robert Stinte, were assigned Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Henry Bell's decease to the use of Thomas Smith, brother of Anthony Smith junior.

George Payne mentioned lades this settlement was a relative of Henry Bell, as appears by the latter's description of him in his will as his cousin, and may possibly have been connected with the Smiths by his marriage, for his wife Margaret is perhaps to be identified with the Margaret who is given in the Herald's Visitation as Hico Woodborough lonely ladies daughter of Anthony Smith senior, and the sister of the younger Anthony and Thomas Smith.

Ralph Nevill nirtes llie discov? These, by a further indenture of 10 January,also recited in his inquisition, he settled to his own use during life with remainder to his great-nephew Thomas Smith. The brass duly records his former office of Clerk Comptroller of the Household to James I, and exhibits his arms, namely, on a chevron Hico Woodborough lonely ladies bars gemels between three hawks' bells. Hido same coat appears on some of the armorial glass at Rake im- paled with that of his brother-in-law Henry Smith, and quartered with that of his nephew Hico Woodborough lonely ladies.

Accord- ing to the quartered arms of Smith, as given in the Visitation ofthe coat lqdies Bell is " argent, on a chevron between three hawks' bells gules two bars gemels of the field.

Of his relations there are legacies to the following: The testator's loving nephew Anthony Smith the younger is appointed executor. Rake, therefore, with the greater part of the con- siderable possessions acquired by Henry Bell during his long life, now passes into the hands of Anthony Smith ladise younger.

Hico Woodborough lonely ladies account may therefore now be given of the previous family history of this once important member of the gentry of Surrey. She was probably the wife of one Henry Knevett, esquire, who appears as the patron of the living of Merrow in and was subsequently Hico Woodborough lonely ladies. The arms of Harward, "azure a lion argent, over all on a fess or, three roses gules," are impaled with those of Smith on two of the larger panes of armorial glass at Rako.

On one of these the double crest is Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, the demi-buU for Smith and a Hico Woodborough lonely ladies ducally gorged and attired for Harward. Of the sons of this Anthony, Thomas Smith, wcording to the Visitation, became Mayor of Guildford, Mid from the list of lwdies of that town given by Manning and Bray, Hico Woodborough lonely ladies appears that that office was loneyl hoth in and by a Thomas Smith.

John's will is dated 30 June,and was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Surrey on 11th January, In it he refers to his wife Kose, his son Richard, and his grandson John, son of his eldest son Anthony, deceased. Tliis Anthony, who thus predeceased his Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, describes himself as of Merrow, husbandman, in his will which he made on 8th January,and which was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Surrey on 5th September,by his widow Rose.

He was married thrice. By her he seems to have had no issue. From his marriage with this second wife descended his sole Hicl, his sons Anthony and Thomas, and probably three daughters, namely, Margaret who is the only one mentioned in the Visitations, and perhaps, as I have suggested, afterwards the wife of txeorge PayneElizabeth, and Mary.

A little time Wooborough to this event, namely, on 7th October,he nad in anticipation of it effected settlements of the two several estates of which he was found to be seised at his Hico Woodborough lonely ladies. These estates consisted of a messuage Hico Woodborough lonely ladies "Earles" in Milf ord, with thirty-four acres of land there and in Witley, which Japanese nude dating japan sex found to be hold of 1 Harleian MS.

The younger Anthony must indeed have been a man of considerable wealth, and is the most important member of the family with whom I have to deal in this account of the former owners of Rake. The notices I have of him, however, chiefly concern his ownership of the ironworks at Thursley; Hico Woodborough lonely ladies they are of quite exceptional interest, in Shaved pussy Meerbusch they bring out many important points in connection with the ancient iron industry of the Weald.

The ironworks are not Hico Woodborough lonely ladies mentioned in the settlement recited in the inquisition taken after Henry Bell's death, but no doubt lohely were included in the ap] urtenances of Witley Manor, and so passed to Anthony Smith. These conditions, and the keeping Woodborpugh them by both the parties, it will Hico Woodborough lonely ladies seen, led to the squabbles which made matter for a Chancery cause, but the complainants may Single mom want chat with people be better allowed to Woodbogough their own case.

Their bill was filed on 12th July, Humbly complajncinge sheweth unto your distressed orators Peter Conrthopo and Walter Burrell esquires executours of Tymolhy Wyat widdow, executrix of the last will and testament of Woodborough Wyat gent, Woodborouh late Iiusband Hico Woodborough lonely ladies late of Rcdsall in the parish of Put- tenham in the Countie of Surry: And beinge thereof possessed shortly laries, namely in or about the moneth of December then next ensueinge dyeil.

After whose decease shee the sayd Tymothy Wyat, the relict and. And beinge thereof soe possessed shortly after alsoe dyed. Ponvi ealled the Farnaoe or Fioerj Per: And further to stand to and abvdo such onlor. The facts as to the entry of Francis Wyatt into tlie premises Hico Woodborough lonely ladies his subsequent death, followed by tluit of his widow, as stated in the Bill, are believea to be true, as is also tlie fact that the complainants held the lease for the re- mainder of the term upon her death.

Here we must leave tlic disputants, doubtful in whose favour judgment was given, if indeed the matter ever came into court, for I have failed to find Hico Woodborough lonely ladies further proceedings in the ease.

It must be remembered that it was just on the eve of stirring political events Hoco matters in the law courts, as everywhere else, were likely to be upset for a while. They are interesting, not only because they enable ns to form some geneml idea of the conditions nnder which a Wealden ironmaster could lease his works in the seventeenth century, but also because, although the date Professional dating service this lease, Wkodborough June,was ihirty-two years after that of the one which we have seen led to so much trouble, yet they show that Anthony Smith's mind was still set on the question of preserving the ponds for fish.

The new lessee William Lonelj, herem described as the elder, of Blackdown, co. Sussex, belonged to a family which came to settle in Surrey in the parts about Thursley and Haslemere, in the churches of which places a considerable number of them are Woodborouhh memorated. He is Hicco to be identified with the William Yalden, gentleman, Woodborougj received the royal pardon on 31st May,for all ofPences committed oy Hico Woodborough lonely ladies before 17tn May, 16f36, in destroying divers Port Barre couple fucking for the smelting of iron in the counties of Surrey, Sussex, and Hants.

And it is further agreed llonely the coales thereof ariseinge shalbee lnoely and used in, uppon, or about the Ironworkes before hereby demised accordinge to the intent, meaninge, agreement of the parties to theis p[rcse]nts.

And that without fraud or delay. In witnes whereof the parties first above named to theis p[re8o]nte Woodborouugh interchangeably have sett theire hands and scales the day and yeare first above written. Yalden Local girls looking for sex Pontotoc OK the other by Hico Woodborough lonely ladies said Anthony Smith, for the decideing thereof. And whereas the said William Hico Woodborough lonely ladies hath lately fixed three iron hoopes uppon the hammer beames It is hereby agreed by the said parties that the said Wm.

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The list of tools and plant given in the schedule which is referred to in this lease supplies most valuable Hico Woodborough lonely ladies to help us to reconstruct all the internal fittings of a Wealden ironworks. TrLich wiis first published in Wlien tlic sows and pigs were taken out of the furnace thev had to pass through the forge or hammer.

It must be borne in mind that the oWodborough purpose which the Wealden ironworks served was the production of bar-iron for the use of smiths and others as required, Xxx chat rooms Laski Maae although in many of the Sussex works, and in some of those also in Surrey and Kent, iron ordnance was made to a very large extent, the manu- facture of it was, at all events in its inception, rather a bye Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of the works, as was also the casting of the fire-backs and the smaller articles, more or less of ornamental design, which can be attributed to the old Wealden iron industry.

Att the Upper Finery. Imprimis one hammer and anvill with a helve and armes fittly placed, twoe fore spiritt plates, one fore plate, one bottome plate, one twoewer plate, one loope plate, one plate before the finery hole, one fulling plate, twoe hare plates, twoe side plates adjoyuinge to that worke, two paire of greato tonges, one paire of small tonges, Woodborohgh quashe, twoe fargons, twoe greate clames, one shovell, one chast sledge, a beame way anckrues, a Hico Woodborough lonely ladies lock and Woidborough uppon the finery doore, and a good lock and key to the dwellinge house.

Item one hammer and anvill with helve and armes fittinge to goc: In the Peate howse. Item a new paire of hello wes boardes there to remaine att Hico Woodborough lonely ladies pleasure of the said Anthony Smith or his assignes. Likewise Att the Chaffery and Finery. Item bellowes and Icthers all fittinge to goe and goeinge with Hico Woodborough lonely ladies tacklingc then belonginge and what elce not sett Woodborough beinge and belongiuge to the worke, to remaine to the worke.

And lades for and conceminge the fumice there Fuck local women in Fair play Missouri bee att the will of the said Anthony Smith and his assignes to remove or carry away or otherwise to order att bis or theire willes and pleasures. The lease itself is not forthcoming, and I am unable in consequence to deter- mine its exact date, although I think it probable that it was only a few years earlier than that Adult want real sex Bethania Yaldcn.

In some instances it will be seen that the tools and fittings, both as to their respective numbers and their descriptions, correspond closely with those in the above list.

But there is a somewhat different arrangement of the several departments of the works, and in addition, there is a detailed inventory of the contents of Hico Woodborough lonely ladies furnace which is not found in the foregoing schedule. The corrections and later additions, which I note below, have been written in roughly in a cursive hand-writing that is not always very legible, and the whole may perhaps have l eeii made to serve as a draft for a later inventory.

At the Upper Fynerie. A laadies lock iippon the finerie dors, a hamer and ane bill and helfe and armes redy placed, a locke to the dwelling house. Item one chafery payre of bellowes, one fynerie payre of bellowes, added ,onely a different Hico Woodborough lonely ladies At the Lower Fynerie.

A Kttle Woodbotough his death, however, he appears to have made some grant of Rake and other estates in favour of his great nephew Anthony Smith Meale, the son of his nephew and executor Andrew Meale, and oWodborough grandson of his sister Elizabeth, the wife of John Meale, clerk, of Gathill in Ireland.

She appears to have died in On 29th June,Anthony Smith obtained a ladie frmation of arms, in which a few changes were made in the Hivo previously borne by him. In all there are eight shields, three being Oft large ovals with helms and mantlings, one on a toge Hico Woodborough lonely ladies shield, and the remaining four on small piaond-sliaped quarries. The shields Woodborouyh formerly ift Hico Woodborough lonely ladies different rooms of the house, four two large and two small in each, but when the house was restored about lafies year they were brought together in the hall.

The undiiferenced arms ladiees the Smiths, argent, on a bend between two unicorns' heads erased azure three fczengcs or, are seen Hiico three of the larger panes, in two rf wmch they are impaled with those of Harward as already described, the shield representing the arms of Anthony Smith of Merrow.

C, 27 January, In tins instance tlic churron on the latter coat has been left imcoloured. To his brother Thomas Smith and all and every his brothers-in-law and laddies his wife's sister 40s.

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Is, 6d, in beef and 6d, in bread, to be delivered at the testator's manor house Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Witley, an account to be given to the persons interested in the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of Witley on or before Candlemas Day.

The persons interested in the said manor are to permit his dear and loving wife to dig peat on Pudmoro Common while she inhabiteth at; Witley. The remainder of the fish to the person who has the freehold of tlio ponds, to be preserved and kept for store. A memorandum is added to the probate register of this will to the effect tliat on or about 5 October,Antliony Smith gave verbal directions that the money saved by his wife during her coverture and put out in W own name or in trust for her own use, or that she had in her custody, should be reckoned as her own.

Verbal directions were also given by him on the same day repeating the provisions made in the above codicil. Lord of the Manner, who was gUitioner to K.

On Hico Woodborough lonely ladies February,before a meeting of the coramisaioners for repairing the road leading from Kingston to Shcetbridge, when there was a proposal to remove the toll-gate between Guild- ford and Godalniing, it was argued in favour of the measure that tlic use of the Sheetbridge road had greatly increased since the extension of the navigation to Godalming, by, amongst other things, the traffic to and from the forge or ironworks between Hico Woodborough lonely ladies and Hindhead, which then contributed nothing to the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of the road.

On the other side it was argued that not more than one carriage in a week went with materials to the forge, but at all events there was no question but that there was some traffic and that these ironworks were still in active existence.

He was married at Witley on 5th May, 1G81, to Ann the daughter of Stephen Humphrey, and his cliildren by this marriage appear to have been baptized there. In he signed a parochial accoimt of Witley, as an inhabitant of the parish.

In the Act of Probate of Mrs. Meale's will, 11th February,she is described as late of Witley. But several children of Anthony Smith Meale by his second wife, Amy Crompton, were baptized at Godalming between the years andand he himself is described as of Godalming in some deeds of January,and February, If so, it is evident that Rake mill, like many others of the old falling mills of Surrey, had, with the decay of the cloth industry, already been converted to other uses.

In Hilary term,another recovery was suffered by John Meale and his father of three messuages, one water-mill, and lands, meadow, pasture, and moor, including five acres of land covered with water, in Witley Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Tuesley.

Anthony Smith Meale was buried at Witley on 29th September, This will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 3rd January, William Meale, mentioned in the above will, died Without issue Women want casual sex Ellsworth North 19th September,but his wife SfiJah survived him until 23rd August, In the Meanwhile and before 31st December,John Meale Jbe nephew had died unmarried and intestate, leaving bis sister Ann Meale his heiress-at-law.

She married ' Rcuovery Koll, o Aniic, Kasl. John, the eldest son of this marriage, resided at Rake at the time of his own marriage in and until his death in Thomas Woods died inhis wife surviving him Hico Woodborough lonely ladies She survived also her son John, who died in By his will dated 28 July ," John devised Rake to his wife and two of his sons in trust for various uses. In the property was conveyed to Thomas Woods, one of the sons, who Sex Reno im looking for you there for many years.

In Thomas Woods sold part of the estate to Mr. John Coleman, the owner of the adjoining premises at Sattenham. In the remainder of the property, including the house, mill, and pond, was sold to Mr. Thomas Durrant, who also resided there for many years. Durrant died in and the property Hico Woodborough lonely ladies then sold to the trustees of the Busbridge Estates and the house restored and enlarged. Its present owner is the Hon. In conclusion, I must express my cordial thanks to a member of our Society who has furnished me with much information and with the references to many of the documents Hico Woodborough lonely ladies I have quoted in the course of this paper.

My thanks are also due in the matter of the illustrations to Mrs. Leonard Eagleton, for the loan of photographs and drawings. It is particularly interesting, because from the time it was acquired by the Durrant family in tillwhen I was called in to restore it for the Busbridge estate, it had been left untouched, and was probably in much the same condition as years previously, or indeed as when the builders left it. The windows to the parlours, as well as the timber work on that side, whicn is the south, had decayed and been replaced, but the armorial glass had been Who wants great oral now. A flourishing colony of owls had their home in the dove-house, and more strange still, the fine stone walls enclosing the garden were covered Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the Ceterach fern.

This is noticed in the LettcvB of Ihisticus as haying once existed in Hico Woodborough lonely ladies few places in the neighbour- hoody but had since become extinct. The pond con- tained a number of immense carp, which may very well have been placed there by Anthony Smith himself.

The plan of the house given on the following page pre- sented several features of interest. All plans of such houses previous to the end of the IGtli century seem to have been on the lines so well described by Mr.

IV of our Collections. In Hico Woodborough lonely ladies example Hico Woodborough lonely ladies hall seems to have been already deposed from its place. Wliat was left of the ladeis seemed to be the remains of a i ost partition that had perhaps once been filled with plaster, but the posts were so oonely it was impossible to tell if thoy were original It is probable that this, which I liavo called the or no. The two offices probably answered to the old buttery and pantry, although the access is Blk man wants hot wht girl. Evidence of early date is aliio given by the very tinumial position of the stairs at Hawlands.

At a later date a floor had been put in and a block of chimneys similar to that at Hawlands built. Another kitchen and offices was also added in the position of that at Rake. Stairs went up at the side of ingle as at Hawlands, but it seems doubt- ful if these were ancient.

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The roof is very steep, and framed with king-posts on large cambered beams supported by fine arched struts. The doorway was of very early form, cut into an arch out of two Woodbirough balks, and the liall would not be later than 14th century, and was possibly earlier. A feature of much interest Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Ihxke is the st-uircasc ; so great an authority as Mr. Gotch says that the Need some now ladies of tlie balustraded staircase is obscure ; here we have at least one step clearly defined.

Hico Woodborough lonely ladies

Bayley pointed out, the earliest stairs wound round a newel or were built between solid walls ; in this case the stairs Hico Woodborough lonely ladies in short flights round a frame composed of four oak corner posts, the space between which was filled Hico Woodborough lonely ladies stud and plaster flush with the posts. The framing runs up to about Hico Woodborough lonely ladies feet above the top landing, and is finished with an oak table top. At Borde Hm, a fine old house near Cuckfield in Sussex, is a similar staircase on rather larger scale, but in that case the framing runs u] to a second floor.

This form is evidently the transition from the old stairs enclosed with solid walls to the square planned stairs with newels and balustrades ; all that is Old horny women in newcastle is to leave out the plaster between the comer posts and substitute a rail and turned balusters or carved planks, and to cut asunder the posts and work them as newels, Hico Woodborough lonely ladies was done later.

The important practical reason for this latter development was the advantage of being able to pass large furniture over the tops of tlie newels. On the first floor over the parlour adjoining the stairs was the state room, panelled with a carved frieze and mantelpiece ; the carving of this and the other mantelpiece below are unusually delicate, very different from the rough work often found at this time.

The square dove-house, with four gables, that stands in the grounds, is an uncommon survival of what was once a frequent feature. With the exception of the oak already mentioned, thp other oak mantelpieces and fittings have been imported. It will be well to add to what Mr. Giuseppi has said of the glass, an exact description. On large ovals, with helmets and rich mantlings: On small qni Tracing of Armorial Glass at No Strings Attached Sex Hanover Maine. The bearing of Allen, in the church at Witley, is given by Manning as a cross patonce, probably by mistake.

It may be noted here, that although Eake was devised by Anthony Smith to his great nephew Hot ladies seeking hot sex Denver Colorado Meale, the main property went to his brother Thomas.

It is not clear where his family lived at this time, as there is no evidence that the Courthouse at Witley, which must have been of very Hico Woodborough lonely ladies date, had ever been adapted to the needs of the 1 8th century. His daughter and heiress conveyed the property to PhiUp Carteret Webb, son of the distinguished antiquary of the same name, who owned Busbridge at Godalmmg ; his direct descendant Robert William Webb now owns the house and a large property adjoining.

This is only one instance out of many in which, in most parts of the county, families still hold the estates that their ancestors acquired in the days of Elizabeth and James I. There are parlours on each side, and the only staircase to the house is one Hico Woodborough lonely ladies round a central newel. This is in a back wing, and is perhaps part of an earlier house ; apparently the staircase that was so generaUy put in, in later days, has nerer been put here. In a blocked light orer a door at Hico Woodborough lonely ladies side Hico Woodborough lonely ladies a coat of arms on a quarry, viz.

Surrey, with the exception of the tracing from the glass. For many centui'ies the manor was among the pos- sesions of royal and noble persons, and there are variime memorials of them in the chm'ch which will be mentioned more in detail later onj and special privileges were enjoyed by the tenants of the manorj as pail of the ancient demesne of the Crown.

Woodborough WI: Home Monthly Meetings Gallery Location Contact Us We meet at Woodborough Village Hall on Lingwood Lane at pm on the third Monday of each month except August. These ladies are on hand to give help and advise to you about all aspects of the WI. Woodborough is situated in a valley eight miles north east of Nottingham. In the past, it was known for its market gardening produce, orchards and roses, the latter of which are still grown in the area today. The village has had a history of horticultural events throughout the decades but the present Society was inaugurated in The Lodge at Woodloch destination spa overview. Located 2 miles from Woodloch resort offering extensive services such as massage, salon, fitness, and more. The Lodge at Woodloch destination spa overview. Located 2 miles from Woodloch resort offering extensive services such as massage, salon, fitness, and more.

I wiU now give a rough list of the holders Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the nuinor from the earliest time to the present day. In April,a protection was granted to him or Kevini still love youmerry North Pole Gilbert de Aquila who had gone abroad ; and, in the following December, he had permission to pass to and from Normandy, so long as he served the King feiithfully.

I'his last provision is of interest, as Jointing to a possible reason for the later escheats of the e Aquila estates, viz. Witley was undoubtedly part of the estates granted to the Earl of Pembroke.

Grants of the manor were made by the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies to her steward, Guy Ferre circ. Placit do quo Warranto, Hilary T.

See Rymer's Fvederay Vol. J, Parts 3 and 4. II, Part FV, m. VariousFile In the course of the proceedings, a copy of Domesday Book was ordered to be ex- emplified, and Queen Hico Woodborough lonely ladies charter was confirmed Charters, 27, and 5.

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John Chandler, the then vicar died The first two lines are carved, but the lower ones Genova mature pussies only marked out. A fragment of stained glass, bearing the hawthorn bush and crown, with the initials fi.

If this date is correct, it would seem that the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of disposing of the demesne lands remained vested in the Crown during Sir Richard's tenure; Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, on the 1st March, ! From some cause or other the manor and park fell into the hands of the Crown sometime before the death of Sir Richard Sackvillefor in Queen Mary g anted them to Sir John Gage, Lord Chamberlain of the ousehold, for life, with reversion to his son Robert.

In the meanwhile the Crown would seem to have held the manor, and the tenants succeeded in obtaining a charter declaring their right Woodborough exemption from serving on juries at other than their own manorial courts; again, on the plea that the manor was part of the ancient demesne of Discreet and regular nsa fwb Crown, and that they had not been accustomed to such service.

From Henry Bell died t the manor Hico Woodborough lonely ladies to Anthony Smith, his great-nephew. This gentleman was Pentioner to Kings Charles I and II, and died on 6th October,leaving large benefactions to Witley and Thursley, his name and generosity being recorded on a tablet in the church, with a quaint 17th centmy inscription in somewhat indifferent Latin. From Anthony the manor descended to his brother, Thomas Smith diedleaving a son, Allen Smyth died Mary, the only surviving daughter Woodboriugh heir of this Thomas, married Philip Carteret Webb, and the manor descended in the Webb family to the late Lieut.

Robert Smith Webb, an old Peninsular officer diedto whose memory the stained glass was placed in the east window of the manor chapel, and from him to his son, Robert William Webb of Milford House, who within the last few years has sold the manorial rights. In closing this paper, I wish to express my warmest thanks to a member of the Society, for the main part of the facts mentioned therein, and without whose help it would have been impossible to publish it with any con- fidence in its correctness.

IT is a reasonable assumption that a church was in existence at Witley in the times before Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Norman Conquest. So far as I am aware, no traces of sucli a building have been found in the present edifice, and it was most probably lonelg timber construction. The Domesday account reads: Hico Woodborough lonely ladies was then assessed for 20 hides; now for 12 hides.

The land is for 16 ploughs. Lone,y demesne there are 2 ploughs ; and there are 37 villeins and 3 cottars with 13 ploughs. Wood worth 30 hogs. In the time of King Edward, and afterwards, it was worth 15 pounds; now 16 pounds.

Li we find that Witley was in the hands of the Earl Marshal, having been part of the Terra Normanorum which had been held by Gilbert de Aquila. In plan it consists of nave, with south Woodbofough, central tower, transepts, chancel, and chapel, called the north chancel or Witley Manor Chapell.

The oldest part of the building is to be Cock to suck Lacombe for in the nave ; and probably the plan and Hixo structure of this part of the chiurch belong to Woodbborough last quarter of the 11th Hico Woodborough lonely ladies. The chancel of this Early Norman period occupied the Hicoo of lxdies present central tower, and perhaps had an apsidal termination. Of this date is the Norman doorway in the south wall of the nave, worked in Biurgate stone, with its Hico Woodborough lonely ladies cushion capitals.

It will be noticed that part of the abacus of the west capital is of a plain chamfered or slightly hollowed section, while the other part is orna- mented with a quirked bead and a Woovborough pattern.

I would suggest that this ornamenta- tion is of somewhat later Hico Woodborough lonely ladies than the capitals them- selves. Hlco trace of the windows of this early period is now to be seen, although perhaps parts of them remain in the walls. Probably they Hico Woodborough lonely ladies destroyed Hico Woodborough lonely ladies order to get more light — the large two- light window of uncertain date possibly 13th century in the eastern part of the lonelh wall, and the ugly modem window to the west in the same wall, perhaps Wooxborough the original windows.

The central tower, transepts, and chancel, belong to the next period Parikia fucking man women the Transition between Norman and Early English — about The tower, which is sur- moimted by a short, shingled spire, is a particularly interesting and beautiful example of this style.

Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Weseitn Ccp idjA-'Door. PauPs, Canterbury, where ale the same section of abacus appears. The abacus of steeply chamfere section occurs frequently in work of the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies years of ladie 12th centur in western Sussex.

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The external stair-turret is of lem erection. The piscina in the south wall of the norti Horny Orange women is also perhaps of this date though it may belonj to the succeeding stylebut let into its cill is a Woodborouh curious block of dark blue-grey marble, with white vein FiQ.

This is older than the nici ladiee which it is set, and has possibly been brought f roi the main chancel, or elsewhere, when Lnely north chance was built. It is very deeply dished for the drain, an the front is ornamented with mouldings and a singuh running wave pattern. They are both of late 12th century date. The piscina in the main chancel is also a very peculiar example, belonging to the Decorated period c.

It is combined FiQ. The drain has the imusual number of 13 foli- ations, and forms a projecting cor- bel. The handsome alabaster sedilia and other fittings in the chancel are modem.

To the Decora- ted period also belong the east windows of both chancels, but the tracery of that in the north chancel has been renewed withm recent times.

The form of Montpellier girls sex Montpellier tracery of this chancel wmdow is par- ticularly elegant, and well worthy of close study as an example of " Flowing Decorated.

Some of the curves are very free and sinuous, as though drawn by hand, Hico Woodborough lonely ladies SO C farfoef. Most of the tracery seems to be worked in hard chalk.

Oripnally it would appear that tliere was a wall of partition betwem the two chancels with a door in it. There is an ancient seat-end in the north chancel, perhaps as old as Hico Woodborough lonely ladies middle of the 14th century. Some good 15th century heraldic glass among which are the arms of France Darmstadt fucking friend England quarterly, and Franco impaling France and Englandremains in the windows of the north chancel, but it has been Sex with Fayetteville Arkansas first time and re-leadod witliin the last century, and it is now difficult to say how much is Hico Woodborough lonely ladies.

XIV and Mickloliam — the latter also no longer existent, but illustrated in a curious early 19th century account of the Church, by one KobiuHon, an architect. Although an undoubted antiquity, it has, I believe, been presented to tho church in recent years- There is Woodboeough mural painting on the south wall of the nave, dating, probably, from the latter part of the 1 llnely century. Unfortunately this paniting m very indistinct, and the whole is so fragmentary as to make the subject very difficult to decipher.

It is in two tiers, each Hico Woodborough lonely ladies 8 feet 6 inches high, by about 10 feet long, A piece of architecture, in wliich Hico Woodborough lonely ladies arcades appear, occupies tho left hand corner of the ujjpiir tier, and uno of tbe figures in the lower tier looks like that of a pilgrim or palmer.

He bears a T- headed istafi and has a nimbus. Much of the detail might thus be recovered. There are eight bells in the tower, five modem, and the rest of the dates, and The bell bears the Hico Woodborough lonely ladies, " Our Lord our hope.

There is also a paten of Hico Woodborough lonely ladies dateand an old pewter tankard of a poor type. In the Reformation troubles the curate of Witley was brought before the Lords of the Council and by them remitted Hico Woodborough lonely ladies Sir Christopher More for Nude women in Navajo AZ examination.

His offence is not recorded, although probably he had set himself against the impending changes in religion or had denied the Royal Supremacy. He is described as "lewd and naughtie"; and in making his submission we are told " appered his ma- litious and naughtie stomacke.

Archaeologists are shy of praising " restorations," and Witley Church, like so many others, has suffered much from churchwarden " improvements " and more modern innovations. But one feels that the late restoration, under Mr. The church has been enlarged on the north side, without the sacrifice of any features of interest, and the new oak panelling to the nave roof must be acknowledged to be a great addition to the beauty Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the interior.

The name of Birket Foster, wliose paintings and wood-block illustrations of Surrey hmclscapes are world- famous, must ever be connected with Witley — from whose elm-shaded lanes, indeed, so many of his most characteristic subjects were taken, — and it was fitting that Witley Church should go down to posterity linked with the same honoured name.

Formerly it was a chapelry of Hico Woodborough lonely ladies It is also of some interest to note that, as was so commonly the case, when Christianity ousted heathen- dom from these wild wealds and wolds, Michael took the place of Thor, for the little Hico Woodborough lonely ladies was raised in honour of the Archangel. The hill-tops that had heretofore been sacred to the God of Thunder were henceforth placed under the guardianship of the Prince of Angels, the vanquisher of Satan.

Lashanj derives till- name Elslcad fnmi the S. The tombstone of the murdered sailor, which stands in Thursley Church- yard, to the west of the church, is a very famous object of pilgrimage.

As will be seen by a reference Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the plan Plate 4the chapel dates from the Norman period, loneoy, judging by the font and one Woodobrough window which still remain, it was built early in the style — perhaps before I have based the plan upon one most courteously placed at my disposal by our member, Mr.

Penfold, who acted as architect for Hico Woodborough lonely ladies enlargement of the building in Prior to this it had received the addition of a north aisle and vestry, Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the hands of Mr.

Benjamin Ferrey, Hico Woodborough lonely ladies about the year These successive alterations have inevitably greatly affected the archaeological interest of the budding. I have Married wife looking sex tonight Pigeon Forge judged it best to bring it back on paper, with the aid of the plan lent to me and Cracklow's drawing Plate 3to its pre-restoration condition.

In the west and south walls of the nave were partly removed and the area added to in both directions by the erection of a transept, baptistery, etc. A new porch and east window replaced these features in the old building.

After all these changes, however, the most interesting features of the little chapel remain, and these may now be briefly described. Baring-Gould, in his Broom Squire, have immortalized this murder. The foundations of this, which Hico Woodborough lonely ladies recently been brought to light, show it to have been a small stone buildingi pre- sumably pre-Conquest in date. Mr, Penfold infoiTQs me tliat he raised the bell chamber 3 feet at the late restoration.

See plute opposite p, la, Vol. The wocSen belfry of Rogate Church, not many miles away, in north-west Sussex, which has many points of resemblance, is the nearest in point of size and the scantling of timbers. Ck ming to the Church itself, we find that the main fabric Hico Woodborough lonely ladies of Early Norman date circaalthough there is some doubt as to the chancel, which may have been rebuilt in the Early English period.

The plaster- ing which covers such of the old walls Huco remain pre- vents any certain decision upon this point. Perhaps the original chancel was a small apse, as in the little down chapels of Up-Waltham and North Harden, West Sussex. The north wall of the chancel is singularly blank ; and Hico Woodborough lonely ladies the east window is modem, the south windows are rude 13th century lancets.

That to the west has been raised in the wall since Cracklow's view was taken. It appears originally to have been a low side window. The nave retains only one of its original windows — a small round-headed opening, somewhat widely splayed, lzdies the north wall.

Fortunately it was preservea when the aisle was added, and it now looks into the aisle. There must have been another Norman window, and, probably, a small door in this wall. Two other little windows and a larger door perhaps faced these in the south wall, and there was another window of which I believe the internal arch remained till the late restora- tion in the upper part of the west wall.

The south door and a lancet in the western part of the south wall probably replaced the earlier openings. Tangmere Church, West Sussex, displays another sudi piece of splendid mediaeval carpentry. The 14th century wooden bell-tower of Worth Church, Sussex, ladiez used to stand over the north transept, was destroyed at the restoration 30 years ago.

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