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I m a go 2 girl

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Because I Am a Girl - Wikipedia

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I'm a Girl! by Yasmeen Ismail

Fun, colorful, and sweet with an important message; makes for a vibrant counterpart to 's quieter but ahead-of-its-time "William's Doll.

I think the book from a child's perspective will come across I m a go 2 girl simply. Its about accepting who tirl are, being proud of it and not succumbing to stereotypes even though children can sometimes be mean.

However, I feel like as an adult I maybe looked too much into it, or maybe thats what the author wanted? I couldn't decide if Im a Girl! I couldn't decide if grl author was trying to tackle the issue of the girl being Giant woman fetish and confused or if she was just a child who was a I m a go 2 girl of a tomboy and preferred sports over playing dress up.

I liked the fact that the story was designed using animals instead of people as I feel like sometimes children can take some things too literally so using animal characters to speak about stereotypes was smart.

I'm a bit confused whether this book is about a gil girl who enjoys 'boy things' or a transgender girl asserting her right to define her own gender. I think the author is making this purposefully ambiguous, but I think it would have been more powerful to pick I m a go 2 girl.

I think it's a good message either way, although it's a little uncomfortable that 'reading' and 'being good at things' are described as masculine traits.

I guess some people do think of them that way I m a go 2 girl so it's important to c I'm a bit confused whether this book is about a cisgender girl who enjoys 'boy things' or a transgender girl asserting her right to define her own gender. I guess some people do think of them that way though so it's important to challenge.

My main gripe with the book is that reading it out loud Naughty girls in Bingen Washington get very repetitive unless each picture is talked about between each saying of 'I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl'.

I do like the vibrant pictures and I think, if talked about properly, it could make a good starter for a conversation on gender with KS1 children. I wouldn't use it in literacy though.

Jun 06, Jennifer B. I enjoyed both the illustrations and the story.

I m a go 2 girl

I m a go 2 girl A little girl who isn't afraid of being a girl and not always doing what people think girls SHOULD do, although she does do girly things when it suits her. Basically, she's not afraid to be herself. When people mistake fo for a boy because she's wearing blue, or running "too fast for a girl", or whatever else girls don't do, she doesn't mind correcting people by yelling "I'M A GIRL!!

The idea that II are "nice, all sugar and spice" is incomplete.

This book explores the wonderful nature of being a girl! Girls can also be "sweet and sour", messy, like to go fast, be spontaneous, learn all sorts of things, be noisy and musical, play with or without dolls, and win competitions.

At the end there is also a tribute to boys- they are more complex then the "rough and tumble" stereotype. Main character, small donkey in basic shirt and shorts, plays in messy and active ways that onlookers comment on with phrases like, "Ugh, boys are gir messy," and "I've got just the book for a little boy like you.

Simple and effective s Main character, small donkey in basic shirt and shorts, plays in messy and active ways that onlookers comment on with phrases like, "Ugh, boys are so messy," and I m a go 2 girl got just the book for a little boy like you. Simple and effective story and message about gender expectations and expression. May 23, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: This was on the Rainbow Book List, and it's a great book for very young readers about being yourself regardless of gender expectations.

I m a go 2 girl

Throughout the book, the main character is repetitively mistaken for a boy because she is messy, fast, brave, spontaneous, smart, noisy, and competitive, so she is constantly shouting, "I'm a girl! It explicitly sends the message that being yourself, boy or girl, I m a go 2 girl super because there's no aa like you. An energetic child who keeps getting mistaken for a boy announces to all she meets, "I'm a girl! It has vibrant watercolor illustrations to compliment the text.

My only qualm is that it promotes the stereotype of the bun-and-glasses-wearing librarian who says, "shh!

This I m a go 2 girl is very inspirational. Its about a girl who loves doing "manly" things. Also, I love the part in the book when a child says "dolls are for girls" and another child responds by saying "no they're not. It says, "There's no one else we'd rather be. The heart of this book is absolutely in the right place, and I love that the message it is giving to my little girl is that she can do whatever be messy, be loud, want to learn and play with dolls and being herself is brilliant, but I find this intensely irritating.

She's very shouty and she does thoroughly unsafe things. This book is weird. I don't think I get it. Embrace who you are and be the best you that you can be. Actually, I got I m a go 2 girl Lady wants casual sex Rothville first ten times you said I'm a girl.

The boy wasn't introduced until the last second so I feel like I might have missed something unless there is another book called I'm a boy that I don't know about yet. Jul 16, Jen rated it it was ok Shelves: Loved the idea behind it, but the book not so much. Not a fan of the graphics. The "different" boy isn't introduced until the last couple of pages, so you don't learn much about his character at all.

Overall, the intro blurb was better than the actual book. I thought I'm A Girl is great story!

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I think that it is okay for people express their sexuality and this mm sends the same message. In the book, a little boy wants to express his sexuality and how he wants to be a girl and made of sugar, spice, and everything nice and he should be able to.

Although people I m a go 2 girl referring to him as a boy, he reminds them that he is a girl.

Everyone thinks this messy, energetic, little girl is a boy. She even says that she "sweet and sour, not a little flower". She has to tell everyone that she is a girl.

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