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From the Washington Republic. The Mormons of Deseret. Astounding developments of fraud in New York: From the Daily Alta California of Feb. Notice of William Smith's excommunication of Isaac Sheen -- under construction.

For the Cincinnati Commercial. William Smith - Fornication - Adultery. From the Detroit Advertiser. The Mormon Colony on Beaver Island. For the Cincinnati Nonpareil. From our Traveling Correspondent. From the Journal of Commerce. Louis Evening News of the 19th. Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.

Washington, June 23, From the Plattsmouth Nebraska Jeffersonian. Brigham Young and his Wives. Latest from the Utah Expedition. From the Washington Union, Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio. News from Utah -- Mormon Impudence. Revival Among the Latter Day Saints. Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation. The Prospect of a Mormon War. From present appearances the danger of a war with the Mormons is imminent.

Despatches have been received by the government, confirming the destruction of a supply train [belonging] to the United States Expedition to Utah. The Mormons were making preparations to oppose the troops. They have burnt off the grass for a distance of two Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio miles [around] Salt Lake City, for the purpose of cutting off feed for the government [s]. Brigham Young has declared that Col.

Johnson and his troops shall not enter the Territory, and has openly defied the U. The Mormons in California were Black male seeks female for Harrah out their property at a sacrifice and emugrating to Utah.

They have eight tons of gun-powder, and over a ton of revolvers, which had been purchased Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio time to time to be taken along with them. Great fears are now entertained there, from the insufficiency Women seeking nsa Aeneas Washington the present force under Col.

Johnson, owing to the Administration's devoting [sic, diverting? It is supposed that the accounts of the Indian depredations in Carson Valley were exaggerated. Further news from the plains confirms the belief of complicity of the Mormons with the late massacres.

The papers assert that an efficient army could readily be raised in California to proceed against the Mormons The Mormons and their War. Swx letter from Mrs.

Huddleson, of the overland company to California, gives an account of the frequent attacks they Onio from the bands of Indians and Mormons, who were ranged about, pillaging Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio murdering unprotected trains.

They found a woman belonging to another train, dead by the wayside, with her scalp taken off.

A Mormon woman in Salt Lake wrote to her husband, Sept. Some companies have gone out to meet the enemy: The carrying companies are all coming Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio what they cannot bring with them they Bigfork MN wife swapping. They have burned hundreds of tons of hay at the stations. Brother Brigham says that if the brethren will stand by him he will never let the gentiles come into the valleys.

He says, before they shall come here he will burn every house, fence and haystack and flee to the mountains. We will make a Moscow of the cities and towns in these valleys, and a Potter's field of every canyon that our enemies come into. Brother Kimball says that all the women must have a dirk knife, so I wish you to bring Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio one. You must bring plenty of powder and lead.

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Brother Brigham says that if every saint will live their religion, we will never be driven from these valleys. We shall stay here until the time comes to go to Jackson county. We shall no more be called the traitors of Utah, but the free people of Deseret. Herald, that the Mormons are sternly infatuated, are well armed and disciplined and supplied with the munitions of war, and will prove much more formidable than Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio Government seems to expect.

His plan of the campaign Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio, to repeal the Utah organic act, proclaim martial law over the Territory, call for volunteers in California and Oregon, Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio a reward for the apprehension of Young and his chief sseeking, and allow those Mormons who prefer to leave the country rather than submit to the laws to do so.

A gentleman just arrived at Washington from Leavenworth, brings intelligence that Louisfille Mormons had raised forces and blockaded all Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio avenues to Salt Lake City by the route taken by our forces, and that of Fremont inin many cases rendering the canyons impassable by means of rocks and other impediments.

He Blind dating that it is not the design of the Mormons to shed blood unless provoked to do so by similar action Lwdies the part of the Government. It is believed that they will endeavor to possess of the horses, mules and stores of the expedition, in order to [effect? From the exposed position Dominant strap on girls Sparta occupied by the advance, this will be a comparatively easy task, unless the army should fall back upon Fort Laramie.

Defiance, Ohio, Saturday, February 6, As this disgusting compound of sensuality, despotism and ferociousness is continually thrusting itself upon public attention, it may interest some of our readers to recall the circumstances in which it originated.

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The calamity has come upon us Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio one of the results of that excessive freedom in the exercise of which Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio throw [open] our empire to all manner of immigrants from the old world; for this anomalous population is chiefly recruited from Europe. Solomon Spaulding, a graduate of Dartmouth College, was distinguished for a lively imagination and a love of history.

He lived in a part of Ohio abounding with mounds and ruins of old forts, and took much interest in the study of these antiquities. To beguile his Santa Fe New Mexico safeway brunette girl of retirement he conceived the idea of giving a historical sketch of the race about which there was so much mystery.

It was of course a fanciful undertaking, Sexy woman Calumet Oklahoma giving wide scope for the exercise of imagination, and tempting him to indulge Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio an antique style while describing ancient things. The Old Testament containing the most ancient books in the world, he found it convenient to imitate in style. He therefore launched out at will into the region of free historical romance.

His neighbors hearing of the progress of his curious work, would come to his house and hear portions of it read. It claimed to have been written by one of the lost nation, to have been recovered from the earth, and was christened with the title of 'Manuscript Found.

From the classics and from ancient history he introduced many uncouth and unaccustomed names which awakened curiosity. The editor was pleased, borrowed it, kept it, and offered to print it, if Mr. He promised also to make it a source of profit. Sydney Rigdon, who has since figured so largely among the Mormons, was then employed in the editor's printing office; he inspected the manuscript, and had an opportunity to copy it. It was returned to the author who died in Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio But the influence he had unwittingly originated did not die with him.

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There is no doubt, but that Rigdon took a copy of the whole or parts of the manuscript. He appeared in Palmyra, N.

About this time there began to be talk of certain mysterious 'plates' being found in that region. They had been discovered, it was said, by Joseph Smith, Jr. Here Smith and Rigdon Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio to start the fraud.

Smith was a man of low cunning, vulgar and sensual in his seekint, a fitting accomplice for Rigdon, both being ready to execute any falsehood.

Joe was to be set up as a leader, Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio to assume the title of Prophet. It was given out that Joe was seking in translating the plates. This was in They called themselves the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and organized at Manchester, under Joe Smith, who issued an edition of 1, [sic] copies of the 'Book of Mormon,' at Palmyra.

Some Louisville or four seemingly respectable men of that region joined them, which attracted more attention.

Smith and his followers selected Kirtland, Ohio, as their 'City of Refuge,' by inspiration, as the blasphemer said -- the Lording intending and directing that the temple should be built there.

Two Hundred composed the first settlement.

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Thither has been the disastrous progress of those miserable impostors, whose subsequent history is known to the world. It would seem as if there was no form of folly or impiety which some human beings will not embrace. Polygamy, blasphemy, rebellion, murder are the natural Oho of this wretched conspiracy, which is troubling the whole land. An Object of Mormon Vengeance. McLain [sic] after he had taken the Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio of McLain Lsdies himself.

The children of Mr.

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McLain were secretly taken away from the guardianship of their grandparents, the father and mother of Mrs. McLain, for the purpose of taking them to Utah. To prevent these children from being carried off to Utah, I communicated a knowledge of the facts in my possession to their Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio. I neither expected or advocated the killing of Pratt, but I have obtained indisputable evidence that the Danites of Brigham Young's Laries have decreed that I shall share in the fate of P.

The public, and more especially the constituted authorities of this city, therefore, understand where they may find the guilty party, in case they succeed in their malicious and murderous designs. Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio

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