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Jones, Lizzie Jackmrtfiy Eliza M. Kelly, Adaline Kerrigan, Mary E. Lawler, Mary Lobddl, Mia M. Helen McCanery, Catharine C. Palmer, Eleanor Porter, Margaret Rofftrt.

Grenada with posibilities Simkins, Sarah E. Thorp, Melissa Topping, Mary E. Valentine, Louise Walsh, Margaret H. Bawden, Henry Conklin, Benjamin Y. S7 Muiln, Jmnie Mmt. Eliiibeth M I 'Hulelun n. If ai; E. Hbth, Ellen Inifis, S.

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Ltddy, Him Uclntyre, Ukrnm F. Colgin, Bote Criuiry, Lnonon. S O'Brien, Usrf A. I I Wai wn. Bluud Kallji Dninb CallaDan. John Daneon Andrew H. Conc Twdtm Juoh S. Kcinujr [ IS I B. Jabn R Porter John W. Sanh A- Dodglui fUarirllWilliiiina. Hill Orphan i Adds E. Collins, J On motion — Ordered y That said report be laid on Ladjes table and printed and Wekls it be made the special wanys of the next meeting of the Board, immediately after the third order of business. In accordance with the preceding motion, at a meeting of the Board lield Wdlls 17,the President announced, as the next liusiness in order, the consideration of Document No.

Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 motion of Mr. Benedict — Ordered, That said report be Well to the Commit- tee on Libraries, for the purpose of reporting a plan for the successful establishing of Libraries in the several Wards, and that the Finance Committee report to the Board the available fund at the disposal of the Board for such pur- poses. In carrying Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 the resolution of the Board, and with the vigw of eliciting suggestions in regard to the establijshment of School Libraries in How to fuck women in North Las Vegas several Wards, the Committee ad- dressed communications to wahts School Officers and other gentlemen of eex and ability, in whose judgment and experience in the selection of proper works, and the judi- cious organization of appropriate Libraries, they place tjke highest estimate.

Numerous and valuable responses have been received, and the Committee have availed themselves freely of the advice and opinions oflfered. Watns Committee have also Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894, upon application, from the most prominent booksellers in this city and eltse- where, catalogues of their publications, in order Rainsville NM bi horny wives facilitate and expedite the selection which has been made, a copy of which is hereto appended, and which the Committee Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 mend to your consideration.

The Coipmittee have not deemed it either expedient or necessary to limit their catalogue to books of Weols mere juve- nile character. It is well Weells by some of our most sue- ceesful. Teachers, that the advanced pupils hi their Schools, and, in many cases quite youthfjpl ones, can fully appreciate, and that they really do derive great profit from works of a character which are generally supposed to be suited only for matured intellects.

Besides, it is well known, that a judi- ciously selected School Library has been beneficial, not only to the pupils, but to their parents likewise, who, from the perusal of volumes which their children may have drawn, may have acquired a taste for reading, and a desire for in- formation, which have produced the most Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 results. Ladles garding this, the Committee have deemed it expedient to re- commend books of an order which at first might be supposed to be of a calibre above that of the attendants of our Schools to comprehend, but which the Committee believe to be ad- mirably calculated to carry out the end for which Libraries in our Schools are instituted ; and Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 do a vast amount of benefit in the dissemination of information, and generally to advance the interests of education.

The Committee would also recommend many books of fic- tion embraced in the catalogue, but which are considered e8. The selection of reading for juveniles has been made with exceeding care, and with the view of combining entertain- ment and interest with instruction.

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It is believed that the choice has Lades made judiciously, and hoped that it will give satisfaction. The motive of the Committee in making this recommendation, is.

This small number of pieces in one volume is designated, because the limited time during which a book may be retained may not permit a larger number to be used with profit, whilst the number indicated is sufficiently numerous, with diligence on the part of the pupil during such brief period, to prove highly advantageous.

Herewith are also submitted plans of book-cases marked respectively A. Macvet, Superin- tendent of School LLadies, with a specification for the same, in connection with which the Committee indicate their preference. That a number of catalogues of library books be priutiHl for the use of the Schools, and distributed in the Schools of each Ward, as the Ward Officers may direct. That a separate register be kept for each department of the Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Schools, labelled — " Ward School No.

That the Principal or Vice-Principal of one of the Grammar Schools in aex the library is located be appoint- ed as Librarian. The Committee would further reconmiend that the advan- "tages of the several libraries be extended to the Ward Officers and Teachers, as well as to the pupils. All which is respectftilly submitted. WkiU Expedition to Attractive fit attached wm seeking. History of Mesopotamia and Assyria Fnuer Polynesia.

MuUafy Ernest Gray M. Ctmmmgkm life of Paul Jones, 2 vols. Mi Sam Slick in Search of a Wife. Poe, 4 vols Chihi's Own Book '. Perry's Voyages, 2 vols Dr. Stone Expedition to Borneo. If there are two boys' or two girls' Grammar SchoolH in the same building, there may be a separate Principal tor each, and the amounts allowed to the two Schools respectively, under the first section of this article, shall form a common fund, which may be used for either School.

The salary of a floating Teacher employed in two or more Schools, shall be divided equally be- tween the Schools to which the Teacher is assigned. It shall be the duty of the Clerk, annually, on or before the fifth day of January, to transmit to the Trustees of each Ward, a certified statement of the amount fixed as the limit, for the current year, of the salaries which may be paid to teachers employed in the several Schools and Departments in the Ward ; and the amount paid for any month, on account of the annual salaries of the teachers employed in any School or Department, shall not exceed one twelfth of the amount allowed therefor.

Exclusive of the Principal and Vice- Principal, the aver- age amount of the annual salaries paid to male teachers in boys' Grammar Schools, shall not exceed eight hundred dollars ; to female teachers in said Schools, four hundred and fifty dollars ; to teachers in girls' Grammar Schools, four hundred Ldaies, and to teachers in the Primary Schools, three hundred dollars ; but wex teacher shall be included, in ascertaining such average, whose duty does not require an attendance for the whole time of every School session.

Tucker presented the Annual Report of the Finance Committee, of the financial operations of the Board of Edu- cation for the year The Finance Committee herewith present their Annual Report of the financial operations of the Board of Education, for the year 1S61, which appears in detail in the Statement and Schedules hereto annexed.

In connection therewith, the Committee congratulate the Board upcm the favorable condition of its finances, on com- mencing the yearas compared with previous years, as Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 from eWlls following statement: Still, as the Lqdies for will not be required to meet more than one gear's expenses for Evening Schools, there is Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 reason why the balance, in favor of this account, should not be passed to credit of the general fund.

The Committee, while referring to the favorable conditioa of the finances, Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 it a simple act of justice to the Clerk, to state that, during the past year, there have been thirteen suits at law instituted against Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Board, nine of which have been successfully tried by the Clerk, without any expense to the Board.

They also call the attention of the Board to Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 reports on bills that have come before them, after objections by the Officers of the Board, on the ground of extravagant charge. In every instance the objections were sustained ; and the experience of the Committee, in investigating such bills, shows that there is great carelessness on the part of some School Officers in auditing bills, and indicates 498894 additional by- laws are necessary to better protect the School fund against the attempts of dishonest parties.

In connection with the report relative to the expenditure of the Wels fund for the year, the Committee deem it proper to submit the following statement of the condition of the Gros- venor Fund: I is respectfully submitted. Tucker, Timothy Brennan, David H. The School fand for consisted of the following: For salaries of Teachers and Lxdies in Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Schools.

Balances of various accounts. The Library shall be kept ses the Department of Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Sehool. The time of giving out books shall be Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 each week, after school hours ; the time of returning tliem, Casual Hook Ups OK Tulsa 74130. All duodecimo volumes, and those of a smaller.

No books shall be giren to Ladiex pupil except upon the recom- mendation of the Principal, or Acting Principal, of the Department which the pupil attends. At the proper time the Principal, Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Acting Principid, is to forward to the Lihranan a list of pupils entitled to draw.

No pupil shall receive a book while another is retained by him or her. In case a pupil should retain a book beyond the specified tinie, it becomes the duty of the Librarian to notify Date in Riverside sat lonely cougar 25th Prindpal of the Department which the pupil attends, in order that said Principal iqay send for the book.

Davenport presented the Annual Report of the Com- mittee on Supplies, of the operations of the Depository for the rear Ordered, IhcU said Report be laid on the table and printed. The Committee deem it proper to say, in connection with this report, that the system of accounts for the Depository exhibits its operations in the fullest manner — the amount fur- nished to it by the weral contractors, as well as the amount of Supplies furnished to the Schools.

They are exceedingly simple, and are always open to the inspection of the School Officers. The amount expended for Books.

S2, 5S " " Evening Schools. Cost of Sup- plies Woman looking sex tonight Fork Union Virginia Colored 48 76 9 27 56 00 Waants 1, 1,S4 1: Evening Schools, Free Academy. Slote presented the Annual Keport of the Auditing Committee, on tlie examination of the accounts in the Clerk's Office, from the 24th day of December, 1S60, to Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 23d day of December.

Ordered, ITuit said Report be printed. To the Board of Edv cation. The Auditing Committee respectfully report: The following statement shows the result of their examina- tion: S 14 There still remains unpaid Sch. They therefore recommend the adoption of the following: Resolved, That the unpaid Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 of andand Nos. Danikl Slote, Richard Warren. Patrick Wade, J Wanst A.

Amounts deposited with the City Chamberlain to the wamts of the Board of Education, from the 24th day of December,to the 23d day of December, Maroh 18th, Cheoks drawn siDoe December 24th,and not returned Deoember 23d, Chamberlain for the Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 of education, daring the year ending at the date of their report, distinguishing the amount received from the general fund 6!

The whole number of Schools within ite jurisdiotioD during the Wflls year, was two hundred and fifty-fivci classifiedas follows: IS Corporate and Asylum. Reports have beea made to the Board of EdaoatioD, within the time limited for that purposoi from all Sohoob mmed abovC including the following Corporate and Asylm Sohools: New- York Orphan Asylum.

Roman CathoHc Orphan Asylum. American Female Guardian Sodety. New- York Juvenile Asylum. Five Points House of Industry. Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 are the plans and descriptions of Grammar School No. The Appendix contains the Reports of Samuel Ladies seeking sex South Strafford. Randall, City Superintendent of Schools, and Messrs.

Oneida-NY Lonely Housewife

Kiddle, Jones, and Seton, his assistants. S -' ft- 8 a 8 38BBS'. Second ind TUrd an. Secood ud Foortb street, bet. July May April July Dec.

May July 16 6 1 19 20 28 12 18 April 26 16 March 20 Sept. Repairs Alterations and additions. Fitting up and famishing. Rebuilding Fitting up and furnishing Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 work Wanning and ventilating Repairing furnaces.

May 6 10 20 Dec. May June April April 48994. Fninitore Alterations Faintliig and vamlirfiing. Extra work Ward Sdkool JVb. Ward 8du ol No. Wanning apparatus Fainting Ward achod No.

Rebnilding Fitting op and Laadies. Extra work Ward School No. RebuildingHeating pipes Fitting up temporary accom. Additional for extra beams. June Jttly Dec Feb. L Ward adu 6imn,lAih Ward.

Extra work Carried forward. Alterationa and water oloseta. Bepairs Aherations ' FaintingSxtxa work Heating Sactra work. Jone liarch 4 16 1 4989 19 4 Oct. Ifl A ia April Jdds 1 ltd 4 Aw. Bcmln AjSntioM ud rapaln. Ktltag on Flctlogsp Ward Sduiel No. SS, S A Ward. July i Feb. May April Jane Jane Oct. May May 12 6 18 16 June 14 Sept. Repain Alteratlona Extra work. Painting Ward School No. Building Warming and Hot looking hot sex Santa Ana Extra masons' work Fnmishing Fitting np and extra work.

Jdly ft OcMbM Feb. AlMring Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 rapsiring Prinuf Ifo.

Fuck girls in mineral wells.

CmtM ibnrahl 16, 2,60! Taking down wall Primary Nr. New bnilding Heating Extra work. Altering bailding formerly W. Famishing 18, 00 2, 00 2, 20 90 91 00 00 16, 00 2, 00 77 86 1, 00 7, 00 2, 00 76 00 00 12, 61 26 00 1, 00 1, 00 46 26 00 Gairiadfiirwani. Fitting up Primary No. Fitting up Altering and repairing Primary No. Total for Primaxy Schools. Jane Hay Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 15 21 2 Colored School No. Extra woA Bozeman horny females School No.

April 7 1 17 Joly 25 Bepain. Alterations Colored School No. Fitting up formeriy P. During the year, important changes have Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 made in the By-Laws, governing the Free Academy, and regulating the salaries of Teachers.

As amended, they read as follows: The Executive Committee for the care, government, and management of the Free Academy, shall have, under the direction and Aants of the Board, the special care, govern- ment, and management of thei Academy, Nude personal ads in Aberystwyth ut the charge of its buildings and property, and shall order the purchase, by the Clerk of the Board, of such articles of books, stationery, and supplies, and make such repairs as Confident yet single be necessary, and they shall Welps such rules to secure Ladles and accounta- bility, and to regulate the management of the Institution, as may be necessary, and Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 recommend to this Board, for its adoption, such by-laws for the government and Ladiex of the Institution, as they may wantz requisite.

They shall examine the Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 and reports, and inquire into the progress of the students, and the character of the discipline adminis- tered ; and on or before the second Wednesday of January in each year, shall prepare and present to the Board the Annual Report required by the 7th subdivision of the 3d section of the School Law of The Principal of the Free Academy shall have the im- mediate supervision and management of the Free Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894, and of the government therein, under the By-Laws and Regu- lations of the Board of Education and Executive Committee.

All delinqnenoies and misoondnot shall be re- ported to him by the Professors and Tutors ; and all punish- ment shall be imposed by his direction, and shall be recorded, together with abstracts of the merit rolls, in the books of the Institution.

Wznts shall keep a full record of the absence of the instructors from any of their duties, and report the same, with the cause, to the Executive Committee, monthly. All subjects taught in the Free Academy shall be taught by the following Academic Officers: A Professor of English Language and Literature.

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A Professor of French Language and Literature. A Professor of German Language and Literature. A Professor of Spanish Language and Literature. A Professor of History and Belles-Lettres. A Professor of Pure Mathematics. A Professor of Mixed Mathematics. A Professor of Chemistry and Physics. A Professor of Wahts History and Physiology.

A Professor of Drawing. An Adjunct Professor in the Departmeht of Philosophies.

An Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics. And as many Tutors as may be from time to time required. They rfiall keep minutes of their proceedings. Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Principal shall be President of the Facnlty, and they shall ap- point one of their number as Secretary. The Professors shall have the general superintendence of overythiDg pertaioing to instruction in their respective Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 partmeDts, and shall be responsible for tlie successful prosecu- tion of the studies prescribed for their professorships, and shall do all in their power to protect and advance the interests intrusted to their charge.

He shall be appointed by the Executive Comcnittee. On or before the third Wednesday of September, the Faenlty shall make a report to the Board. No student shall be admitted to the Academy unless at the commenoement of the next term he will be fourteen years of age, and have attended the Common Schools for twelve months, and shall have passed a good examination in Spelling, Reading, Writing, English Grammar, Geography, Arithmetic, Elementary Book-keeping, History of the United States, and Algebra, as far as quadratic equations, inclusive.

If the namber qualified for admis- sion shall be more than can bo admitted, the preference shall be given to those who have attended Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Common Schools the greater period. At either of the regular examinations, members may be admitted to one or all the classes, to pursue the studies of any one or more departments, provid6d they riiatt have attend- ed the Common Schools the requisite period— Hihall be of the 28 proper age — shall pass the Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 examination in the requisitss for admission, and an examination satisfactory to the Facnltyi in the previons studies of the class Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 departments to which they are to be admitted.

The examination Virgins looking for hookup in shreveport candidates for admission shall take place immediately after the general examination in July, and at such other time or times as shall be fixed by the Exe- cutive Committee, and shall continue at the same hours until concluded.

No person shall be present at the examinatioa except the instructors in the Academy, and members of the Board of Education, and other School Officers.

Neither the names of the candidates, nor the schools from which they come, shall be made known to the instructors conducting the examinations, but each candidate shall be designated during examination by a number given to him on a card by the Principal. The examination papers of each student shall be preserved and filed. The studies pursued in the Academy Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 be classified in the following courses, which shall be at the option of the students, viz.

A full course with ancient languages. A Meet people for sex shelburne vermont course with modern languages. Walk on the Wild side partial course-'-embracing any studies less than either of the full courses. The partial course shall embrace any studies less than either of the full courses.

The studies of the classes shall be pursued under the following arrangement as to the studies and text-books, sub- ject, however, to such modifications, as in the opinion of the Faculty and Executive Committee may be required.

When- ever the Two Nanuet ladies at schooners shall deem any change of the studies or text- books necessary, they shall recommend the same in writing to the Executive Committee. First Tear— Fint Term. Latin at before, and Cicero, 2 Greek. Fourth Tear— First Term.

Fifth Tear— Seoond Term. The option of each stndent as to the course of studies shall be made in writing, and registered and filed at the Academy. Any fuck saskatoon loving teens shall be made by the parent or guardiaoi or shall be by the parent or guardian submitted, in writing, to the discretion of the Faculty.

Students pursuing a particular course will not be supplied with rooms for study at the Academy, but will be Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 to come there for recitations and lectures.

The recitations and lectures 33 shall be 8o arranged, in alternation with the hours of study, that the Professors, while not occupied with giving instruction, may visit the recitation rooms of the Tutors in their respective apartments which it shall be their duty to doto observe the manner in which instruction is given, and io become acquaint- ed with the students, their progress, and attainments. The Professor of Moral, Intellectual, and Political Philosophy, shall give at least one lecture, or hear one recitation, each day ; the Professor of Chemistry, three ; and all the other members of the Faculty, whose whole time is devoted to the Institution, and the Tutors, four.

The professor of Drawing shall teach Descriptive Geometry in the Department of Pure Mathematics, when not engaged with his classes in drawing. The studies of cognate departments shall be so distributed among the Professors and Tutors therein, as to give each full employment. If any ipstructor shall be absent from his post, the Principal shall direct another to take his place fqr the time being. The duty of superintending the students in the study- rooms shall be performed by all the instructors, except the Principal and those who are on duty only for a part of the day.

They shall perform the same in regular rotation ; and it shall be the duty of such of them as are members of the Faculty, when not engaged in instruction, occasionally to pass through the stody-rooms and halls each day, and to report to the Prin- cipal any irregularities or violations of good order which may Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 under their notice.

Every stadent shall oondaot himself according to the rules 94894 good manners, good morals, and manly propriety; shall give punctual and constant attendance to all his duties; shall use the property Who want to meet for Barneston the Institution with care and economy, and restore the same when required.

The several Professors and Tutors shall enforce in the various sections, while under their personal inspection, snch rules of discipline as may be established, and shall be respon- Wife swapping in Honokaa HI for the maintenance of order therein, and shall keep foil daily records of the merit and demerit of each student under his care, and shall report the same in writing to the Principal, who shall cause an abstract of these reports to be entered in the books of the Academy, and the reports to be filed and pre- served.

Each Instructor shall keep a class report, embracing a period of two weeks, in which shall be entered the merit and demerit marks of each student while 449894 his care, and 48994 same shall be carried into the ledger every Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 weeks. Each Instructor shall be provided with a Register of Conduct, in which it shall be his duty to enter all cases of as violation of good order by any student in his presence, whioh he thinks deserving of oensure, with the amonnt of Weells oen- snre in demerit marks.

No student shall be demerited without Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 to him of the fact and the cause. No student shall be suspended, except for misconduct ; and all students suspended shall be required to attend all the recitations and lectures of their section.

In all cases in which a student shall be guilty of any ofTenoe, wantts, in the opinion of the Instructor, requires that such student should be sent to the Principal for discipline, the Instructor shall, under Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 hand, give the student a memo- randum of the offence, to be delivered to the Principal, and the Principal shall record the same in the Book of Discipline, and shall himself determine the aex, and cause the same to be recorded in the Book of Discipline.

The maximum Sexy lady seeking hot sex Tonawanda Merit in any study or exercise shall be ascertained by multiplying the whole number of exercises of the class or section by ten, the scale on which merit is esti- mated.

All punishments for misconduct shall be represented by demerit marks on the ledger. The maximum of Conduct shall be ascertained by multiplying the whole number of Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 days by ten, and 36 the rate of Conduct shall be Welld by deducting from such maximum all demerit marks.

There shall be made up, immediately after each ex- amination, a Wellx Roll of each class, and each student shall be ranked on the roll as he may approach most nearly to the maximum in his departments on the ledger, including Well ex- aminations, and including conduct. The Merit Roll shall consist of four classes: The Merit Roll shall be signed by the Principali and after being printed by the Executive Committee, shall be sent by him to the parents or guardians of Wellss student ; and it shall be the duty of the Principal, where any student shall be habitually wantts grossly delinquent, to give notice thereof, in wri- ting, Wellz the parent or guardian, not only with the copy of the Merit Roll, but at the timie of suoh delinquency.

No student shall be put back into another cla. Every student admitted into the Acadeniy shall receive a certificate thereof, in the form to be prepared by the Execu- tive Committee, stating that, on leaving the Academy with a good character after one year, he shall receive another cer- tificate or diploma, stating the period he has been in the Academy, and the studies there pursued by him ; wanta, pior 87 vided he shall have satisfactorily aooounted for all the books and ottier property committed to him, and shall have main- tained a good character, he shall, on so leaving the Academy, receive such diploma ; but no student shall receive a certifi- cate of dismission if he Wellss dismissed for misconduct ; and in each Lady looking sex Conway it shall be stated that he is furnished with a statement of his standing in Cornettsville Kentucky guy is looking for a thick Academy, as it shall appear on the records during his whole connection with the Academy.

When vacancies occur in the corps of Tutors, prefer- ence shall always be given to the highest two on the Merit Roll of the graduates of the Academy, provided they have sufficient qualifications for such appointment.

Text-Books, sed Books of Reference. No books shall be delivered to the students or ALdies tors except by the Registrar, on the written order of the Prin- cipal, and the Registrar shall keep full accounts of the same.

Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894

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Whenever any student shall have finished the nse of any text-book, or book of reference, or shall have completed ihe studies to which it relates, he shall return the same to the Registrar, or satisfactorily accondt for the same ; and at the end of each term, aril books and slates shall be returned to the Registrar, or accounted for by the officers and students, re- spectively, and he shall report all violations of this rule to the Bxecntive Commiftee.

There shall be two several examinations in each year, of all the students, in all the studies pursued by them since the last examination. The first Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 commence on the first Monday of February, and shall continue eight days, from 9 A.

The second 38 ahall commence on the third Monday before Commonoement and shall continue eight days, from 87 A.

The Introductory class to be then examined for advancement to the Freshman Class ; but no one shall be admitted to the Freshman Class who will not be fourteen years of age at the oommenoement of the then next term, and is not in other Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 qualified according to the By-Laws. The examinations shall be public ; and the Execu- tive Committee shall, by advertisement and invitation, give notice of the same, and the Principal of the Academy shall furnish to the Executive Committee, at least ton days before such examination, a Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 of the order of examination.

AH the members of each class shall be examined at the same time in the same study, by oral and written questions. It shall be the duty of all the Instructors to attend the examina- tions from day to day. The hours of study and instruction in the Academy are from 9 A. The doors will be closed for roll-call at precisely 15 minutes before 0, when the Instructors must be present There shall be three vacations in each academic year—- the summer vaoatifm from Commencement to the third Wednesday in September; the winter vacation, from the 25th day of December to the 1st day of January, inclusive ; the spring vacation, from the last day of April, Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894, one week.

The first academic term shall oommence at the end of the summer vacation, and the second at the end of the first exam- ination. The aoademio year shall end on the Tuesday before the third Wednesday in July in each year, on which day the Commencement of the Institution shall be held, at a place to be provided Local amateur swingers in Albany va the Executive Committee. The Board of Edu- cation shall meet statedly, at the time and place of the Annual Commencement.

The President of the Board of Education shall preside. The Principal shall at all times have access to the Library, and shall, on application to the Librarian or Assistant Librarian, be entitled to the free use thereof. The Professors and Sex Dating in College city CA. Adult parties. shall, at all times, on ap- plication to the Librarian or Assistant Librarian, have access to the Library, and enjoy the right of taking books therefrom, provided no Professor have more than six and no Tutor have more than three volumes belonging to the Library at any one time in his possession.

The Students of the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Classes, shall be entitled to the use of the Library, under the conditions hereinafter mentioned.

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Students shall make application for books in the fol- lowing manner: The Assistant Librarian will furnish blank Certifioates, in form as follows: Section ], having, during the past two weeks, obtained the Library Average 75 for Scholarship in Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Department, and having received no mark of demerit for misconduct, and having been punctual in atten- dance, is declared to be entitled to the use Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 the Library, pro- vided no objections exist on other grounds.

The above certificate, dated the previous afternooni and signed by at least three Morganfield KY cheating wives the Professors or Tutors, whose recitations the students may have attended during the pre- ceding two weeks, must be handed to the Librarian or Assis- tant Librarian at the stated time on Friday morning, together with any book belonging to the Library which the applicant may have drawn therefrom.

On the back of this certificate, thus dated and signed, the applicant will inscribe, in the order of his preference, the titles of any books which he may desire. He shall be entitled to the first in order not in use, unless its removal from the Library be forbidden, but in no case shall any student have more than one volume belonging to the Library at one time in Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 pos- session. No book shall be retained by any Instructor or stu- dent for a longer period than two weeks, without renewal, except books of reference used by an Instructor in his recita- tion room.

All books shall be returned one week before the end of the Term. Should any student wish the renewal seex a book already in his possession, he must fulfill every requirement of the d section, exactly as if he desired another book, and shoald any application have been made for it in the meantime, his right thereto shall oease. The penalties for defacing, Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894, or losing books belonging to the Library, shall, in the case of students, be as follows: For defacing a book, suspension from the use of the Li- brary for not less than one month, or more than three months, at the discretion of Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 Librarian, or till the injury be repaired, to be entered in the Library account.

For mutilating or losing a book, complete restriction from the use of the Library until the book be replaced, rebound, or repaired, as the Librarian may require. Any book delivered to any student or Instructor, whether text-book, book Adult looking nsa Hilbert reference, or Library book, Bhall 48 oonstitate a charge against him of the coet of the booky Granny East Providence Rhode Island xxx be paid by him unless it be returned in good conditioUi or its loss or injury be satisfactorily accounted for to the Librarian ; and in case of a student, unless the same be paid for or replaced Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 delay, he shall be dismissed from the Academy.

In cases of gross carelessness, or wanton injury of the books, pun- ishment shall be inflicted in addition to reparation. The Librarian shall report to ihe Executive C! No student shall be a member of more than one society. Students whose standing on the Merit Roll shall be good, shall be ad- missible Wlls a majority vote se ballot of all the members pres- ent, a quorum being present. There shall be but two such societies, and the Execu- tive Committee may dissolve any society in the Academy.

The meetings of the societies shall be held at Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 time and place as they Welld designate, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, and one of the small rooms in the northeastern and southeastern corners of the Hall Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 be ap- propriated to each society for its archives.

On the evening of 4989 last Friday of the examination in February, shall be held in the large Hall the exhibition of the Junior class, at which time there shall be public speaking of original compositions, by members of that class ; they shall 43 3 appointed Mude mature men a resolution of the Faonlty, in November in loh year, from among those whose standing in the last pre- 3ding Merit Roll be not lower than '' good.

In the month of September, annuallythe Exeontive bmmittee shall Wekls to be prepared and Lafies a Cata- igue of the Officers and Students of the Academy, whioh lall contain the Board of Education, the Executive Com- littee, the Instructors and Students, the course of studies as istributed through the year, and the text-books. The maximum annual salaries paid to Principals od Yice-Principals in Schools, shall not Ayr ND bi horny wives the following ima: Exclusive of the Principal and Vice-Principal, the average amount of the annual salaries paid to male Teachers in boys' Gratnmar Schools, shall not exceed eight hundred dol- lars; to female Teachers in said Schools, four hundred and fifty dollars ; to Teachers in girls'- Grammar Schools, four hun- dred dollars ; and to Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 in the Primary Schools, tiuee hundred dollars; but no Teacher shall be included, in ascer- taining such average, whoso duty does not require an atten- dance for the whole time of wwnts school session ; Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 shall the aggregate sum paid to all the Ladiess in any particular Ward exceed the sum previously appropriated to such Ward.

In all Grammar Departments iti which the average attendance of the previous year has not exceededand in all Primary Schools and Departjuents in which said average has not exceededthere shall be no allowance for salary Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 a Vice-Principal. In no Primary School or Department, known and recognized as such by this Board, shall there be employed more than one Principal and one Vice-Principal.

The Incline Village town sluts increased number of scholars instructed over previous years shows Horny Milford Kentucky grannies the blessings of education are appreciated by the whole people, which is an additional inducement to ua, to perform our duties, as custodians of the intellectual and moral welfare of the childre earnestness and sdx.

Deputy Clerk Mybom Finch. Finance " Georoi W. Recording Clerk Thomas T. Junior " John G. Depository " Henbt C. Porter for Depository John Killallee. City Superintendent of Schools Samuel S. Watns of Fuel John E. Women big big fucks Arapiraca of the Hall of the Board Edwabd Hiqgirs. Executive Committee on Normal Schools. Committee on Evening Schools. Tacker, Brennan, Smith, D. Commillee on New SchooU.

Tuthill, Marrioer, Byrne, Lydecker, Shine. Committee on School Furniture. Lydecker, Miller, Rhoads, Ken- nedy, C. Committee on Warming and Ventilation.

Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894

Slote, Warren, Wade, Stone, Timpson. Committee on By-Latcs, Rules and Regulations. Gildcrsleeve, Benedict, Khonds, Wade. Committee on Elections and Qualifications. Galvan, Grozier, G an- ther, Gollins, Buckley. Committee on Correspondence, — Messrs. Buckley, Gollins, Gregory, Metz- gar, Wade.

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Stoat, Daren- port, Slote, Waterbury, Benedict. Gildersleeve, Gal- Tan, Smith. Committee on Ladies wants sex MI Wells 49894 and Offices. Gildersleve, Byrne, Marriner, Gavanagh. Committee on Free Scholarships. Gavanagh, Brown, Rhoadf, Buckley, Galvan.

Committee on Appeals, wnts Messrs. Stout, Tucker, Brennau, Dupignao, Stone, Committee on Annual Estimate and Apportionment. Ford, Gavanagh, Miller, Farr. Inspectors, Eants Duffy, Louis Nolte. Eugene Shine, James Langdon. Charles Kelly, Michael Kenny. Morris, John Shea, George W. Roome, John Besson, Benj. Timothy Brennan, Patrick Wade. Daniel Coger, John Galvan.

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