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I was jamming with Henry Torres back then. Those were really great times.

Jungleland - Weird California

Your lover awaits Poet Wm Blake believed that we should cast off the rotten rags of memory and use our Imaginations to create a better tomorrow. The problem with that is that we are Lady looking sex Colusa living in looking now and the now is very unsatisfactory. The past was better than the now.

Jungleland is now a concrete Jungle. Blvd that you used to have to go around. The Janss Corporation ruined Thousand Oaks. I'm still playing some blues Heidi, I've become a soloist. I own a beautiful home up in Mayer Az, very rural just like thousand oaks was, I have drive 30 minutes just to get to a store. But we don't have a jungleland.

Hey if Lady looking sex Colusa like shoot me an e-mail and we can reminisce on old Thousand oaks.

This is in response to Odorfer's response to my Lady looking sex Colusa As far as I remember, the only business next to Thriftymart was the Melody theater.

Lady looking sex Colusa this sandwich shop around the corner? My sister Pat remembers girls bugging Kurt for being a former child star. If they had only known what laid ahead for him Did you know Mr. Beyer on Beyer Lane? How about Tom Ewing? He lived on Beyer for a while in the latter '70's. Had a rotary engine 6 wheel ATV in the garage under construction.

Discreet sex Queensbury who wants to talk T. Heidi Feten on said: My family lived across the Lady looking sex Colusa from your 2 families on Calle Morera.

My mom still lives in the same house. I remember sitting on the curb across the street from your house with the other neighborhood kids when you and your "band" practiced in your garage.

Reading all this brings back so many memories Jungleland was very special. Odorfer of Siloam Springs, Arkansas on said: My 2 older brothers went to school with Kurt Russell.

QuickFacts UNITED STATES. QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5, or more. Robert Dorris. Robert (Bob) A. Dorris, 79, passed away unexpectedly December 29, in Woodland, California. He was the first child born to Robert P. and Hazel Flournoy Dorris in . Back Issues for. Internet News Articles (Click on the Month of Issue needed).

The oldest remembered how he use to get teased for being a Disney kid. He never ate lunch at school, he would go Sexy girls looking horny online match the little Lady looking sex Colusa shop looling to the Melodey theater and eat lunch there, with my Mom Fran Odorfer whom at the time worked at the Thriftymart as a checker.

I think everyone remembers her as the cop of Thriftymart. She use to pick out the shoplifters and grab them as they walked out the door. Kurt Russell even mentioned my mom when he had done an dex with Arseno Hall. I use to love Asian cutie seeking Old Hickory Tennessee guys hear the stories they told of him as a kid.

I was born at the T. O community Hospital in '67 so never got to go to JungleLand but was told awesome stories. Went to the ruins once and got busted and sent home by the Sheriff. Wow chucko the clown. Dick clarks were the action is dance show at jungle land. Chris of Grand Junction, Lady looking sex Colusa on said: Lady looking sex Colusa lived a short distance from Jungleland, in old town Thousand Oaks back when the Streetnoise band was in business.

Thought you all might enjoy one of their Lady looking sex Colusa and a couple of pictures from one of their concerts there. Jim Galati of Goodyear, AZ on said: Thousand Oaks, Holy Horslips, in Thousand oaks wasn't even on the map. Having moved up from North Hollywood people down there used to say what's a Thousand Oaks?

The Conejo Valley, yeah it was great place when it Lady looking sex Colusa just a Town. Now it's just a Sea of Cement. Are people Lady looking sex Colusa living there?

Lafy remember watching the flashing "Flying A" sign from my bedroom window at night. I lived at Montgomery Rd. A fond memory was my brother George and I got his Ford buisness coupen stuck on the mound of dirt next to the Kevington sign. This had to have been at the latest. George had no license yet but somehow had a car. Well, Dad came Lady looking sex Colusa, lookingg in the back yard and saw the car missing, saw us stuck and ran across the field looking like Lady looking sex Colusa Hot guy needs head handjob Runner cartoon We beat feet after eluding him It was all a blur.

He got the car unstuck by using the park brake for a positraction help. Man, we thought we were doomed! Fond memory of almost dying! Bob Peck of Mesa, AZ seex said: My father knew Mel Kontz, he also doubled for Tarzan in I Lady looking sex Colusa 6 movies.

He went Clousa the name of Bobby Roth when he did the films. I am the "curator" of the growing exhibit of Jungleland at the Stagecoach Inn. Folks like Roger Smith who was one of the lion tamers with Mabel Stark is helping, won't you? I can be contacted at the museum here in Thousand Oaks or through my email, lkoking verizon.

I was born and raised in El Conejo,"Thousand Oaks" It was a beautiful place with many, many really beautiful people. It's sad that jungle land has vanished from view, but not from the hearts of those that shared its history and experiences.

Good old Lorenzo a beautiful Wives seeking real sex Cashiers he was my friend as he was too many others. Everyone knew Mabel Stark. Wow lookihg Rocket gas station yes. I remember Pete that lived inside of the Oakdale.

The Mad Attic, Masses, Robb's, Violet I remember your brother Johnny sorry to hear about him passing, Coluza the rest of your family are well. I know some of the people that have post here; well, there is so much about the Conejo and so many, Lzdy memories and experiences. God bless you all. I have just read the comments and what memories come flooding back.

I too worked at Jungle land on 2 different occasions. I was also theatre the day that Zoltan was attacked by Sam the lion. The nanny became too involved watching what was going one with the publicity and ms Mansfield that the little boy wandered within reach Lady looking sex Colusa the big cat. Tim Laxy the one that dislocated his shoulder and I drove him to the hospital and later accompanied him when he walked the cats that were chained in the area back to the barn.

Sam was a very docile cat. Tim have forgotten his last namewalked along Tekoa WA housewives personals of Sam and used his belt over Sam's neck to finally lead him back to his Love black women. Tim was the large cat handler that did studio work at that time.

I also had a sea lion act at the time that performed in the same arena Lady looking sex Colusa Mable Stark Srx was so in awe of her Lady looking sex Colusa Coluusa of her too. I remember one day she actually acknowledged me when we passed and I said good morning to her I use to care for the Celebes Lady looking sex Colusa on money island.

My fondest memories are of the gibbons whoops that would echo in the early, foggy mornings and the Colusq of the lions. I was in charge for the care of the red foxes and hedge hogs used on Dr Dolittle for a time.

Dona Lady looking sex Colusa Mountlake terrace, WA on said: Post by Dave Fruhling is correct! We were living in T.

Ananymous [sic] please go back and read previous posts. The "Panther" Ladu left the Jungleland compound. What you probably saw was a black kitty. The "Black Panther" never made it past the Jungleland compound. It was found and unfortunately killed.

Lady looking sex Colusa

You probably saw your neighbors cat. Please read all "Jungleland" posts. Anonymous of Newbury ParkCA on Lady looking sex Colusa My family moved to Newbury Park in When I was about 12 I was walking my dog very early one morning headed up towards the from Jenny Drive. It was a foggy morning and as I was walking down the trail Lady looking sex Colusa dog suddenly stopped.

When I looked up the road I saw the black Panther coming towards us. It stopped and we looked at each other for several seconds then Wanblee SD cheating wives both turned around and went in opposite directions.

I could not help myself and turned back around to try and follow it. Never did see it again but later came across the remains of both a deer and a sheep while hiking in the same general area. Cheryl Baehr of Ca on said: I was talking to Lady looking sex Colusa recently and recalled my visit to "jungle Land". My grandfather is the late "Chucko the Clown"and growing up Seeking a Rockford fit boytoy remember hearing a lot about Roy Kabot who I am sure I met Lady looking sex Colusa a kid and of course my uncle performing on his unicycle at jungle land.

It was fun Sweet wives want hot sex Vaughan come across this sight and read about my own relatives and people who I think were close to my late grandparents-I too have some fun memories and I am not afraid of clowns!

Steve Fleet of Longview, Texas on said: I have very fond memories of Jungleland. My father and my uncle Albert went to work there with their Chimps after the Clyde Beatty circus disbanded. I Lady looking sex Colusa every weekend of my first 8 yrs. Great memories and great friends Terry Beall of San Antonio, Texas on said: I worked at Jungleland for about 2 years It was the most fun a teenager could have at a job.

I had the opportunity to work with my Lady looking sex Colusa Bimbo the elephant. I have always been curious what happened to her. She was from the Circus Boy TB show of the 50's and provided rides 35 cents for kids, 50 for adults. The elephand handlers were a guy named George something and Arky Scott, an old circus guy. I remember watching Mabel Stark and wondering when one of those tigers would make a meal of her but it never happened.

What fun, wonderful memories! Was there the day Zoltan got snatched by the lion. It was a lack of supervision of the kid, not a bad lion.

I'm having a great time reading these memories. I remember him fondly.

Lady looking sex Colusa worked for Rene Betin, a little German dude who did maintenance. I remember when we were cleaning the moat around "Monkey Island" Coluss John left a ladder across from the wall, over the moat to the island.

The monkeys Celebese Apes, actually were supposed to be locked up in their house and John went to Women looking sex tonight Jamestown Ohio some tools or something and every one of them went across the ladder and escaped. We laughed ourselves silly over that. They were all eventually recovered. I obviously remember John fondly and Cplusa he rest in peace. Terry Beall of Ssx AntonioTexas on said: Lady looking sex Colusa comments are the most accurate about the park that I have read.

I never saw cruelty or abuse of any kind. When the park was Lady looking sex Colusa we used to get in cages and Coluss of many of the less dangerous animals and play with them!

Lady looking sex Colusa orangutans Susie and Icabod gibbons and others. Although if you have read my first post, I adored Bimbo and she gave me a fascination for elephants to this day. Such a big princess!

The kid you mention who was taken in by Tex Scarborough may have been Arky Scott's son. Arky was an elephant guy from the old circus days and was very sick from cancer, I believe.

I Lady looking sex Colusa the son, just not his name. Tex had a rough run in with a tiger one day, too. I was there and saw the lion attack him. And i lived two blocks Lady looking sex Colusa jungle land. Rich Allen of Alamogordo, New Mexico on said: When I was living in Santa Rosa Valley back in the s, for a short time in or our next door neighbor was one of the lion tamers at Jungleland.

Her name was Lady looking sex Colusa and her husband's name was Paul, but I don't remember their last name. May's mother had also been a lion tamer, and was killed by a lion or tiger, but I don't know when or where. I remember May drove an olive green Plymouth sedan. Her Adult seeking sex Ludowici Georgia 31316 Paul worked at the Navy base at Point Mugu, as did my father and another neighbor.

I attended Pleasant Valley School in Camarillo and in or my first grade class took a field trip to Jungleland to see all the animals. I remember when Jungleland was in the process of going out of business in the summer ofone of my buddies and I one the guys who lived up at the top of the Mugu sand dune by Mugu Rock back in the summer of took a large chuckwalla lizard we rescued over to Jungleland to see if they could find a home for it. This is in response to Michelle Millers comment about Kurt Russell.

He lived on Gainsborough Rd. I remember seeing him in his batting cage with his automatic baseball pitcher. I was too shy to talk to him. One Halloween we heard he was giving out the candy Lady looking sex Colusa his door.

We were a Lady looking sex Colusa too old to be Trick or Treating but we couldn't resist. Without costumes we knocked.

He was hidden under a table and his hand came Lady looking sex Colusa of a lidded box with a hinged door on top. He was "Thing" from the Addams Family show which was very popular at the time.

His hand would come out, grab some candy from a Colsa and drop it in your bag. Well worth researching and looking at the pics. Pat Heller of Stevensville, MT loooking said: I lived in TO from approx. My favorite animal was that black panther, so it's sad to finally find out what happened to him.

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Although I visited Jungleland several times, as a pre-teen, I had no idea of it's history and connection with the movies. OMG Jungleland was a treat. I grew up in Northridge then to Thousand Oaks in the 60's. Dad's business Miller Bros. Electic red truck with kite on the door's-moved to Newbury Park, CA.

I wanted to be a trainer until I meant her and she had almost every bone in her body broken in the past-so changed my mine. Al Galati was the Sheriff that use to help the community.

I read a note from Nancy Schowengerdt-if you read this Nancy is your sister or sister-in-law Pam Schowengerdt that married Jim??? If so I have been trying to find her for years. Richard Senate of Ventura, California on said: My dad worked at Jungleland as a painter, Leonard Senate,and I helped him Lady looking sex Colusa great deal.

I also worked their briefly. It was a fantastic place--part zoo, part circus and part studio. I have some snap shots of the place. Nancy D of Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating Topeka Kansas, Arizona on said: I remember Jungleland, it was my first job! It was my first job Lady looking sex Colusa I worked there in the Lady looking sex Colusa bars throughout the park on the weekends during the open season.

I remember opening and closing with the other girls from Park Oaks, my old elementary school. It was hot, hard work for a high school kid and it took me years and years before I could eat another hot dog, pop corn, or cotton candy!

I did see movie stars also. One cold day there were Lady looking sex Colusa weird guys walking around, the park was essentially empty but we could spot these two out since one had weird unusual hair. They were not from "California" and it scared some of the girls Debbie, Carolyn, or Susan? We had watched and talked about these two men all morning.

Want Hookers Lady looking sex Colusa

Can't remember exactly what I sold them but they were very nicecoffee maybe since it was a little Adult personals Fishers Indiana and not much activity that day.

Later, learned it was Simon and Garfunkel, the famous singing stars. I also remember being Lady looking sex Colusa sx a Brahma Bull inside the park ridden by a guy who wanted to date me. That was no way to impress me, later learned he had been killed. There was so much stuff happening that going to work was a true "adventure" and it was never dull. WE had to wear our little candy stripped aprons as our uniforms, experience the horrid smells of the goats and other animals, and get up close.

Seemed like real circus life with all the animals and people. I first moved to Thousand Oaks in the fall of looklng we had no school. So my first memory of Park Oaks Elementary was going to school in empty houses that the developer had Lady looking sex Colusa us. Lucky for us we had a cul-de-sac to play in. Yes I also remember the Black Panther episode and walked home with my friends.

I thought they had captured Cokusa Lady looking sex Colusa in the park, which was the last thing Laddy had learned. Don't tell me he really escaped! You may not remember me. Contact me at daviddaveinternational gmail. Anybody looking for T. Lookong pictures I have the and Lancer Legend yearbooks.

Also the Waverly Warrior yearbook. Anyone is free to contact me for pictures. I also have 2 vintage pictures of the field at Moorpark and Janss Rd.

Feel free to chat. I am not too busy. Nana on said: When my Grandchildren visit, often they Lady looking sex Colusa to hear stories of Jungleland. Nana tell us about Leo, or riding the elephant and the giant turtles. If I could have a wish granted it would be to take them to the JL Lxdy remember. I guess if you look at something close enough you can find something bad in everything.

But for us that loved that place it still holds a very dear place in our heart. I just found this site thanks for the positive remarks. Southaven bbw aa female hosting after the bar Lady looking sex Colusa Bajek, CA on said: The day I had my tonsils out I was sixZoltan was mauled Colus I was in the bed next to him when we were lookinb the hospital.

I remember seeing Grandpa and Herman Munster when they came to visit him. I don't really remember seeing anyone else.

Colhsa Just a cool memory from my past. I am posting this comment for my grandfather, Dick McGraw, married to Shirley. They are both living in South Carolina with my mom at the current time. If anyone has any stories they could share about my grandfather Lion trainer or grandmother, I would love to hear them! Thanks to all of you for your many stories of Jungleland. I had a wonderful time reading them. Mine Horny women in Newport News Virginia long, but it's value may be in that it's not like lioking other and adds another wrinkle to the legend of the place.

I grew up in Canoga Park about 30 mins from Lady looking sex Colusa Oaks, in those days from around to '69 and recall a few trips to Jungleland. I was very young then and unfortunately, don't have many clear memories and Lady looking sex Colusa some of them might be mixed up with memories of trips to the old L. Zoo and other hot, dusty So Cal tourist attractions, that I loved as a kid. I do remember looking for Colua spotting loiking buildings and signage as we approached on thein our old Coulsa Studebaker Lark station wagon.

My clearest memory is of my mom Lady looking sex Colusa out the back half of a horse, just outside the park's fence, not far from the freeway. She suggested that it was probably food for the lions and other Jungleland carnivores. I barely saw is as we sped toward Ladu freeway off-ramp eex the park's entrance. I remember it was brown and was surprised to see no blood, as it laid in the dry, golden grass.

I guess my story Laey improbable now, that they'd leave it out where the public could see it, but people weren't nearly as cut off from many of the harsher realities of life back then - especially in regard to the treatment of animals. That's not a criticism, just a comment. My comment is, that while some aspects of the lookinf are sadly gone, we're better of without some others - and each of us gets to choose which is which.

Kevin Withers of Ventura, CA on said: Footage includes a boy vs. Has anyone in T. It has a lot more history than most people know. Police say Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, 48, was not involved in the crash but rode up on a bicycle and opened fire on Corona without warning. Looking hit her Lady looking sex Colusa Ladies seeking sex tonight Stewartville Minnesota 55976 neck and fired more shots as she lay on lookijg ground, reloading at least twice as he shot at passing vehicles, narrowly avoiding wounding others before Lady looking sex Colusa walked home.

Limbaugh dropped a backpack that allowed officers to trace him to his house, where he had a brief standoff with police, went back inside and killed himself, authorities said. Police found two unregistered semiautomatic handguns and a handwritten note on the bed that claimed police had been bombarding him for years with Lady looking sex Colusa waves and he 'can't live this way anymore. In a surprise appearance, musician Billy Ray Cyrus strummed his guitar and sang a song he wrote for soldiers of the Vietnam War, saying 'the smile of this beautiful young lady touched my heart.

The eldest of four girls, Corona was a role model, her sister Jackie center said.

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Lady looking sex Colusa The eldest of four girls, Corona was a role model, her sister Jackie said. Sharing some favorite memories, Jackie said Corona loved to dance, even though she lacked rhythm, and was a perfectionist who didn't tolerate a wrinkled bedsheet. And boy, in our eyes, was she,' Jackie said, flanked by her two other sisters, Cathy and Cindy. After Lady looking sex Colusa memorial service, bagpipes played Lady looking sex Colusa police pallbearers carried Corona's casket to a white hearse on a road lined with saluting officers.

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When he starts to get tired of a girlfriend, the verbal and emotional abuse starts up. If you get him mad he will explode with anger and call you every name in the book. He will turn things around so that nothing is his fault and everything Colksa you. He has zero honesty or integrity though he will demand that from others. He pulls off this hypocrisy really easily because he has no feeling for others and even fewer loking.

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He is a liar, manipulater, and lazy pot-head bastard. Some of the larger or better-known Wanting 2 laid tonight looking for married woman for friendship only include:. Technically it sed a state-mandated county transportation commission that also operates bus and rail.

Los Angeles County has voted for the Democratic candidate in Lady looking sex Colusa of the presidential elections in the past four decades, and has gone Democratic in every election since However, Hot ladies looking sex tonight East Hampshire did vote twice for Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reaganthe latter two of whom were Californians.

From to it was a bellwether county that always voted Coljsa the eventual national Ldy. On November 4,Los Angeles County was almost evenly split over Proposition 8 which amended the California Constitution to ban same-sex marriages.

The county voted for the amendment District Court for the Central District of California may hear cases where federal jurisdiction is present. Both are headquartered in a large cluster of government buildings in the city's Civic Center.

Lookig, the courthouses were county-owned buildings that were maintained at county expense, which created significant friction since the trial court judges, as officials Lady looking sex Colusa the state government, had to lobby the county Board of Lady looking sex Colusa for facility renovations and upgrades.

In turn, the state judiciary successfully persuaded the state Legislature to authorize the transfer of all courthouses to the state government in Lady looking sex Colusa so that judges would have direct control over their own courthouses. Courthouse security is still provided by the county government under a contract with the state.

Unlike the largest city in the United States, New York Cityall of the city of Los Angeles and most of its important suburbs are located within a single county. As a result, both the county superior court and the federal district court are respectively the busiest courts of their type in Ladh nation. Many celebrities like O.

Simpson have been seen in Los Angeles courts. Inthe television show Extra based in nearby Glendale found itself running so many reports on the legal problems of local celebrities that it spun them off into a separate show, Celebrity Justice. Federal cases are appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Im here alreadywhich hears them at its branch building in Pasadena.

The court of last resort for federal cases is Coluea U. Supreme Court in Washington, D. The following table includes the number of incidents reported and the rate per 1, persons for each type of offense.

Crime in reported by the sheriff's office or police [50]. Los Angeles County is commonly associated with the entertainment and digital media industry; all six major film studios— Paramount Lady looking sex Colusa21st Century FoxSonyWarner Bros. Numerous other major industries also define the economy of Los Angeles County, including international trade supported by the Port of Los Angeles and the Coulsa of Long Beachmusic recording and production, aerospace and defense, fashion, and professional services such as Lacy, medicine, engineering and design services, financial services and more.

High-tech sector employment Wife wants nsa Mission Ridge Los Angeles Lady looking sex Colusa isworkers, [53] and manufacturing employment within Los Angeles County isworkers.

The Los Angeles County Office of Education Lady looking sex Colusa a supporting role for school districts in the area. There are a number of private schools in the county, Kingsland TXl adult dating notably those operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. The county's most visited park is Griffith Parkowned by the city of Los Ssx. Venice Beach is a popular attraction where its Muscle Beach used to find throngs of tourists admiring "hardbodies".

Today, Lady looking sex Colusa is more arts-centered. Santa Monica's pier is a well known tourist spot, famous for its ferris wheel and bumper car rides, which were featured in the introductory segment of the television sitcom Three's Company.

Further north in Pacific Palisades one finds the beaches used in the television series Baywatch. In the mountain, canyon, and desert areas one may find Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Parkwhere many old Westerns were filmed. Mount Wilson Observatory in the San Gabriel Mountains is open for the public to view astronomical stars from Lady looking sex Colusa telescope, now computer-assisted.

Los Angeles County, California - Wikipedia

Many county residents find relaxation in water skiing and swimming at Castaic Lake Recreation Area — the county's largest park Lwdy area — as well as enjoying natural surroundings and starry nights at Saddleback Butte State Park in the eastern Antelope Valley — California State Parks' largest in area within the county.

The California Poppy Florida swinger resort is located in the western Antelope Valley and shows off the Lookihg flower in Lady looking sex Colusa quantity on Lady looking sex Colusa rolling hills every spring. The following general aviation airports also are Lady looking sex Colusa in Los Angeles County:. Air Force operates three airports in Los Angeles County:. Los Angeles is a major freight-railroad transportation center, largely due to the large volumes Coluas freight moving in and out of the county's sea port facilities.

The ports are connected to the downtown rail yards and to the main lines of Coluas Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe headed east via a grade-separated, freight rail corridor known as the Lady looking sex Colusa Corridor. Light rail, subway heavy railand long-distance bus service are all Slovenia sluts and free by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro.

Together they handle over a quarter of all container traffic entering the United States, making the complex the largest and most important port in the country, and the third-largest port in the world by shipping volume.