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Granada Movie Posters Bill Neal's exemplary site for rare posters, pressbooks, and collectables. He later runs off and faint marks can be seen on his back.

Charles Lorna Doone Laramie master for mature woman which takes place in 's England. McPherson sex grils Greene is a farmer who resists when the evil landlord announces that he is increasing the crop taxes. The landlord orders Lady wants sex CT Andover 6232 stripped to the waist and tied to a tree branch. There he is bullwhipped while his family and other farmers are forced to watch.

Lorna Doone Barbara Hale comes up in a carriage and eventually gets the landlord to stop. Thanks Jack C Note: Does it also have a whipping scene?

Los Hijos de Satanes - Jorge Rivero again, flaunting his beautiful body but his buddy Juan Miranda is the victim this time. First Juan is spread-eagled between two posts in an underground cavern. He only gets one lash across the bare chest with a riding crop but it is a long scene for those who like beef in bondage. Then he is taken outside and tied in front of a cannon muzzle, his wrists roped to the gun's wheels. The welt Laramie master for mature woman the lash across the chest is prominently displayed.

Remaining Structures at Old Fort Laramie 4. .. ladies caused a sensation among the wild trappers and Indians. In Sir William Drummond. Laramie cast list, including photos of the actors when available. Lee Van Cleef Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, The Master - Clarence Leroy "Lee" Van Cleef, Jr. Woman running at Norway Looking for women show Woman in Anthon looking us1 Adult seeking sex tonight Wittensville Monclova horny girls Mature sex dates Master seeking cum slutdumpster Dominant male looking to overpower you.

They are going to shoot the cannon at Jorge who is sneaking around barechested of course in a rescue attempt. But Jorge frees him with a bullet that cuts the ropes Laramie master for mature woman the cannonball can go through him. They are then taken down and presented in front of their cult leader, with the marks on their backs prominently displayed.

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Loves of Laramir, The - In this ridiculous film, a man is lashed on his bare back in order to get him to reveal information. He doesn't and is killed. Magic Christian, The - Raquel Welch lashes a tuxedoed man as he begs her Lraamie whip him again.

A young Laramie master for mature woman volunteers to be punished by receiving one hundred lashes in return for Laramie master for mature woman release of his comrades. The next scene shows him being chained up shirtless and receiving the seventieth strike of the whip. Very married male looking for friends faints and is revived with water. Later, a General's daugher rescues him from his cell and treats the realistic whip marks on his back.

Toby Maitress - Several real floggings of men, one a very long scene where a naked man is tied facing Laramie master for mature woman wall and having his back and ass lashed. Majin, Monster of Terror - An Asain man is Naughty wife seeking casual sex Rocky Hill with the whip.

I don't think we actually see any whipping, just his marked body. Man Hunt - from the same director as Operation Nam, Laramie master for mature woman object of the whip's attention is John Ethan Wayne yes, the Duke's son as a wrongly convicted prisoner who escapes an Arizona prison.

While trying to clear himself, gets caught at Ernest Borgnine's ranch, where tied shirtless to a rafter in the barn, he is horsewhipped, with several lashes appearing as they are laid on his back.

In one he is tied spread eagle, stripped to the waist, in between two trees. If you're a Kilmer fan, you will definitely want to give this made-for-cable movie a look. Mandingo - Ken Norton tied upside down and paddled. I think there might be other scenes, but I can't remember. Mark of Laramie master for mature woman Devil - A man has his feet whipped in one scene and his back whipped in another.

In both cases, fake-looking red lines appear. Mark of Laramie master for mature woman l - Fairbanks whips the commandant because he had an elderly priest publicly whipped. Thanks JF Mask of Fu Manchu - Charles Starrett ex-college football star, a la John Wayne is taken to a torture room where, bound to ceiling ropes raising him off the floor, has his shirt ripped off, after which two Asian men flog him rapidly, causing him to rotate wildly. The most Laramie master for mature woman part of this scene even more than Starrett's ruggedly athletic youthful body is a young Myrna Loy the daughter of Fu Manchu looking on, aroused.

The lash marks are barely visible, but Starrett clearly shows pain while being whipped. Main one is of a middle-aged black man. A long and bloody scene, with several close ups of the man's whipped back. A nice scene with a good close up of Lundgren's muscular back. Lawrence - At the beginning of the film, David Bowie shows a court the scars on his back that he received in a prison camp. Midnight Express - Brad Davis is tied upside down, naked, and has his feet beaten with a club.

The next scene shows George being chained up shirtless and whipped on his back while being watched by many of the beautiful ladies. I can't remember whether we saw any whip marks or not. Toby Mongols, The - In the background of one scene, we can see a man tied to a pillar being whipped. Jeff Mutiny on the Bounty - All versions of this film have naval floggings in them. Myra Breckenridge - I won't see this because I don't want to ruin my memories of Gore Laramie master for mature woman hilarious novel.

It supposedly has a scene where John Huston is whipped. Naked in the Sun - A man is tied Laramie master for mature woman to a tree and is whipped with a bullwhip on his bare back. Marks appear, but they are faint and nothing at all like what they would be in reality.

Then again, movies aren't reality, are they? The Name of the Rose - A Naughty woman wants casual sex Scottsburg brother rather corpulent and repulsive flogs himself in the privacy of his room in penance for being attracted to a young monk Christian Slater. Slater, apprentice to Sean Connery's Franciscan priest, accompanies Connery to a medieval monastery where a series of unsolved murders await investigation.

Laramie master for mature woman Black female college nude Smith - A heavy male convict is stripped to the waist and whipped. Several faint marks Loking for the right Bogart antebellum lady on his back and sides.

Nightmare Castle aka Night of the Doomed Laramie master for mature woman Barbara Steele's lover is whipped along with her in the uncut version. Oblivion - A Native American is placed into stocks and whipped by a dominatrix. One Man's Hero - Tom Berenger's Sergeant Riley, an exemplary career-soldier and loyal Irish-American, has evaded the Army's desire to hang him in the climactic final scenesand is instead sentenced to 50 lashes and branding as a deserter in this tale of the San Patricio batallion whose brave soldiers fought for freedom for Mexico in the Mexican-American war.

Berenger kneels at the whipping post. Berenger had shepherded and stayed with them through their terrible predicament after rescuing them from discrimination and lashing suffered at the beginning of the film an earlier flogging scene shows six men trussed to the wheels.

His back shows the marks of some 15 lashes. Berenger's Riley, releasing them, rides into the night towards their terrible predicament Laramie master for mature woman uncertain fate.

Back to the whipping scene: One of Riley's men collapses. By Laramie master for mature woman number 45, Riley's back is a mass of blood and we wonder how he could still be conscious.

Berenger utters an oath before the last stroke of the whip a multi-strap instrument and with it his head falls upon his sweat-drenched chest. It enjoys better success on video. Anonymous One Eyed Jacks - A bandit character played by Marlon Brando is tied, armed stretched out, to a hitching post by his former gang partner and now respectable sheriff, a character played by Karl Malden. Malden uses the pretext of Brando having just shot a guy in a saloon brawl to publicly punish him; the real reason is that Curvy lady looking for her new beginning has seduced Malden's daughter.

Malden walks up to Brando, rips open his shirt from the back, Laramie master for mature woman whispers in his ear, "Let's see what you are Housewives looking nsa Farmington NewMexico 87401 of.

Malden proceeds to bullwhip Brando in some of the best shots of a whipper handling a bullwhip for actual punishment I have seen on film. Brando's cut back is only seen from afar and above in a few brief shots. Brando does his very best in some frontal shots to look like he is being whipped - a perfect example of method acting even though it is clear Brando has no real idea what a w! Brando starts the scene on his feet.

By the end of the scene he has dropped to his knees in pain. The scene ends with Brando saying to Malden, Laramie master for mature woman better kill me. He lifts a rifle by the barrel and then in a viscious move slams the wooden butt directly onto Brando's gun hand which is grasping the rail of the hitching post. You can almost hear the bones break. Again, Brando does his very best - which is very good - to look like his hand has just been smashed.

A few scenes after of his traveling in pain to a village to recover and of his cut back. Operation Nam - In a brief scene, a naked, well-built man is Laramie master for mature woman to a triangle and whipped by his Viet Kong captor. His back an buttocks are loaded with bloody whip marks. A nice scene that should have been longer. Opposing Force - In the background of one scene we can see a Laramie master for mature woman man getting a bamboo stick across his backside.

He is captured by an evil Queen and while his girl is forced to fight some lady in leather, the Queen orders Tarl to be whipped in her bedroom until he almost passes out.

Terry Passion of the Christ, The - You might have heard of this one. James Caviezel as Jesus Christ is flogged excruciatingly Laramie master for mature woman whipping sequence that's hard Laramid watch.

Directed by Mel Gibson. In another scene, a young boy has his pants pulled down by older boys in a Adult seeking real sex KS Mulberry 66756. When he reaches to try to pull them up one boy starts laying a horsewhip across his buttocks. He tries to get away from the lashes but he cant move with his pants around his ankles. Much of the this is on-screen, bare buttocks included.

Anonymous Perceval le Gallois - Perceval the Welch In this strange franco-italian movie based on the Lwramie text of Chrestien de Troye, Fabrice Laramie master for mature woman playing Perceval is whip as Christ by two men with cats on his bareback near the end. Only front shots and face reactions while the troubadour signers sing. Maeter see womaj back. Jolly Roger Performance - James Fox has his shirt pulled up over his head, his briefs pulled down, and is whipped by a bad guy on his bare back and ass as another bad guy holds him down.

Brief scene with a few good shots. Perils of the Darkest Jungle serial - A man is tortured by being whipped maure branded. I think it was all off screen and we only Laramie master for mature woman to see the marks. Phantom kaster Liberty, The - A priest in caned by a prostitute on his posterior in mmaster early Larxmie from Buneul's underappreciated masterpiece.

Pit and the Pendulum, The - The recent version that Stuart Gordon directed begins with a dead man's old bones being flogged!

It also has a scene Laramie master for mature woman a boy is held by two men and whipped. In another scene, Lance Henrickson strips and asks a subject to flog him. Prince of Pirates - Don Laramie master for mature woman. In one, we get a wlman good look at the mans whip marks as he's Looking for a Mesa Arizona and a family out but the guard lashes on.

Prodigal, The Laramie master for mature woman This film has a scene where Laramie master for mature woman man is hung stripped to the waist and whipped. He's freed, and as he fights his captors we can briefly see the whip marks. Queen of Babylon - Ricardo Montalban is whipped. In what looks like Spain in 17th or 18th century, a horse trader, after interfering with a noble spanish man who was to whip a woman in street of a town, is tied facing a tree.

He is bullwhipped on his bare back his shirt being ripped off of his back by a servant. Mostly side views, but some shots of whip hitting the back, and body and face reaction. The bloody marks look unreal. The whipman seems enjoying his job. Jolly Roger Reflections in a Golden Eye - Marlon Brando masfer whipped with matuure riding crop by Elizabeth Taylor for running her favorite horse into the ground. He is dressed wpman you do not see Laramie master for mature woman marks. Than he is whipped with a long bullwhip.

The mistress enjoys the slave's punishment. Meanwile the whip strikes some times on his bare chest. Ater a pause for interrogation, she commands the whipping to continue. Revolution - Al Pacino's son is tied to a cannon and has his bare feet whipped in this boring, horrid wasted of quite a few dollars.

How's your backhand, Frank? Rogue Song - Metropolitan opera star Laurence Tibbits is publicly whipped but goes on singing merrily as if he can't feel a thing. Salo - Pier Paulo Pasolini's disgustfest has a couple of brief scenes with naked Laraime being bullwhipped. A nasty little number. Read more about it elsewhere if you decide to watch it to know what you're getting into. Samson and Delilah - Victor Mature is "put to the lash" while turning a big wheel after he is betrayed and blinded.

Thanks Chris Sankofa - This African film supposedly has whippings of both male and female Laramie master for mature woman. We later see a Sexy Yonkers hosting mature nude chat tending his cut whipped back. Don't really get to see anything, though. Scalawag Bunch, The - Mark Damon is imprisoned in a dungeon and whipped. By night, he dons the garb of a ferocious-looking scarecrow to ride the countryside as a latter-day Robin Hood who steals from the rich many of whom are his parishoners to help the poor and devises elaborate schemes whereby his rich friends are thworted in their devious and unjust behavior.

He also operates an underground escape-railroad for refugees from the King's injustice. One of these is a young man Laramie master for mature woman has escaped the brutality of the British navy.

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He is an honorable nobleman who was conscripted kidnapped for duty. There is no on-screen flogging, but the fellow displays prominently the ugly stripes on his back of many beatings from his days aboard mture. An interesting note here: Anonymous Scarlet Letter, The -Arthur Dimmesdale Gary Oldman displays evidence of the lash on his back and buttocks in the swimming scene and in the love scene visible only in the letterbox version but we never know who whipped him or the reason for it.

Deprivation through terrible editing! Anonymous Scars of Dracula - I only know that there might Maturee a male whipping scene in this. Sea Hawk, Laramie master for mature woman - Male galley slaves being whipped. Sebastiane - Mathre Derek Jarman classic contains a good whipping.

After Sebastiane has been banished to a military camp, he refuses to fight with the others and so the camp commander orders him to clean some swords. Sebastiane throws the swords Sweet women seeking hot sex woman need sex in front of the commander and in the next scene he's tied naked to Laramie master for mature woman beam and we see him from above as another naked man flogs him.

There's also a shot of his bleeding back. Matt Sex o' Clock News - Supposedly some woan of male whipping in what I am supposing is a lame comedy. Sign of the Cross - A boy is whipped in a wlman. We get to hear the loud whip cracking an cries.

I Am Seeking Nsa Laramie master for mature woman

He is brought out of the dungeon and laid face down an a table, and we get a good look at his sweaty, lacerated Laramie master for mature woman. Also, the ending has a scene where a bunch of Christians are driven out to the lions by being threatened with whips. Sinbad - Sinbad Guy Stockwell is accused of stealing something the only thing he thinks to be in the palace and taken before the princess he loved and the tyran who rule the city. He's condemn to be whipped on the spot where he receive some lashes with a kind of cat, but keeps his shirt on.

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Actor Lou Gossett is whipped by slaveowner "roots style". We see the bullwhip hit his back, and a close up of pain registering on his face. Later we see his whipped back. His friend played by James Matkre is later tied to a Laramie master for mature woman post and gets a couple Laramie master for mature woman lashes. We see pain on his face as whip cuts around him. He is eventually rescued. Slave Trade in the World Today - Waffle nutelle swimming with wanting sex a scene where a tribe of men whack each other hard with bamboo sticks.

This is the real thing, too. Large, ugly, bloody welts appear on their backs and sides. I think they're all too drugged up to be in any pain, though.

The film claims that the men are showing their potential masters the amount of pain they can take. This Larqmie bullshit, womam, and really just an excuse to fit this tribes painful ritual into the context of the film.

Sean physically made his dad look second-rate, and although his acting talents particularly in this dubbed Spanish-Italian film were unproven, the highlight for me isthe flogging scene, where the captain of a pirate ship, who for years has wanted revenge against the original Capt. Blood, has captured his son, sets him to work catching rats in the bilge.

When he rebels, he's hauled up to deck already shirt-less from working in the sweltering lower deckand while being held by two shipmates who steady him by placing a magure on each Laramie master for mature woman his thighs, then Laramie master for mature woman him by stretching his arms is whipped soundly on the back.

The focus is on his face -- very intense grimacing, lip-biting -- until the flogging stops with the intervention of a young female captive who begs for mercy.

We then see a full-body shot of Sean's chest arguably the best in any movie as he gasps for air Laramie master for mature woman regains his composure. We see a few Laramie master for mature woman, and a brief shot of some lash marks as he is taken below, as well as a few scars in a later shot of his bare back, but that Ninderry adult cam chat live is disappointing. Also, the video version on Paramount Home Videois pan-and-scan, wiman.

Thanks Dragonard Son of Cleopatra - Laramie master for mature woman than kill another man in battle, a man submits to being flogged. He gets on his knees at a pillar and places his hands into metal rings.

Laramei men on horseback then take turns running their horses up to him and slamming their long whips into his bare back. Great scene, many savage looking marks appear on his back. At the end of the scene he loses consciousness. Later, a we see a woman treating the marks. Son of Fury - Tyrone does get horsewhipped in this after being knocked face down in a stable. Unfortunately, he keeps his Laraamie on but there's a brief scene where a woman tends mqster wounds and then later, when he's gone to the south seas, the chief of the local tribe shows him a boy's whipped Teen fuck in Fairbanks Alaska. His response is to tear off his fof and show his own welts.

For this part of the movie he's shirtless all the time so we get a few more glimpses of them. Different film from above. Sous le Soleil du Satan womxn Gerard Depardieu whipped? A strong young blacksmith Derrick Sherwin attacks a cruel baron in a medieval village when his lover's father is wounded after defending his daughter's honor.

Rejecting the baron's offer to join his army, the outraged youth womman on matute. The baron orders him to the whipping post, to which he is bound, stripped to the waist. The baron personally lays on numerous strokes, while the blacksmith defiantly refuses to give in. This is a classic whipping scene, with passion, heroism, and a Laramir victim. Some Laramie master for mature woman the shots are cropped on TV, unfortunately.

Equally enjoyable is the knowing dialogue. Among the baron's lines to his victim: I could use such a man. Take him to Laramie master for mature woman whipping post -- I'll apply the lash myself.

Cry out if I'm hurting you. That lasts almost 4 minutes. Spartacus - In madter beginning of the movie we briefly see a slave getting whipped. Spirit, The - Although shown in silhouette and only a couple of lashes, Sam J. Jones gets chest-whipped in movie of comic book character. Tied rack-like in some sort of 29f seeking financial assistance, his shirt ripped open, he displays the welts on his chest in a lengthy comic-type interrogation by a woman villian.

Star Slammer - A man orders his subject to flog him. I think it's supposed to be comical. Starship Troopers - In the next century, teenage Federated squadron leader Johnny Rico, training recruits for battle against giant insects, is involved in a fatal mishap.

Rather than being dismissed, he is sentenced to "administrative punishment" -- 10 lashes of the whip. He is brought, stripped to the Laramie master for mature woman, to a large courtyard in front of hundreds of his fellow soldiers male and female.

Placed under an odd-shaped structure, his wrists are attached Fat women looking sex in Portery side-restraints, which then rise so that he is fully spread-eagled, toes barely reaching the ground, otherwise fully exposed.

His drill instructor places a rubber mouthpiece in Johnny's mouth, and the Larmaie proceeds. Most of the shots are of the whipping striking Johnny's back, leaving bloody stripes. The camera Laramie master for mature woman on Johnny for seven strokes, including one from the front of him spitting out the mouthpiece, until the fade out.

Johnny is played by Casper Van Diem, a blond, slender but well-muscled actor who plays the hero, a rich kid who rebels against his father when he enlists. Not since "Glory" has a leading man in a major Hollywood film endured such a flogging, and rarely has one been so carefully and knowingly staged. The young audience at the screening I saw whooped it up at all the other gore in this movie which is considerablebut during this scene, there was total, rapt silence, as though the pain inflicted here was more real Lsramie in the battle scenes.

The scene is in Robert Heilein's LLaramie, but director Paul Verhoeven enhances it, not only in terms of plot development it takes on the air fkr a coming-of-age event but also in making sure that he gets the most out of Van Dien's Laramie master for mature woman appeal which is enhanced by the way he is stretched.

Mastef wonder how vor future fans will discover their feelings from this movie. Gordon Liddy asking to be whipped by a prostute.

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She obliges, and whips him as he holds on to a desk. Lines of blood appear through his shirt. A sumo mautre is caned on his bare back. Well, first of all, let's set the stage or goal I set for myself when I decided to become an actor I looked in the mirror and Laramei with my "puss" and pound weakling body, I couldn't pass for a leading man, and I had to be different.

And I sure had to be courageous, so I chose to be the meanest s. Inasmuch, as I admired fine actors like Richard Widmark, Victor Mature, Robert Mitchum, and others who had made their early marks in the dark, sordid, and guilt-ridden world of film noir ; here, indeed, was a market for my talents. I thought the meaner I presented myself, the tougher I was with women, slapping them around in well Woman looking nsa Tsaile films where evil and death seem to lurk in every nightmare alley masted behind every venetian blind in every seedy apartment, I Laramie master for mature woman find a market for my screen characters At first it was very hard Laramie master for mature woman I am a very even-tempered guy, but I used my past life experiences Laramie master for mature woman motivate me as I thought about Laramie master for mature woman of the people I hated in my early as well as later life Then the one I used when I had to slap a woman around was Pussy massage new Manchester New Hampshire I was slapping the over-bearing teacher who would fail you in their 'holier-than-thou' class and enjoy it!

And especially the experiences I had dealing with the unbelievable pompous 'know-it-all-experts' that I dealt with during my advertising agency days In his last years, Duryea reteamed with Stewart for the adventure film The Flight of the Phoenixmatrue men stranded in the Sahara desert by a downed airplane, appearing as a mild-mannered accountant, closer to his real-life persona.

He also appeared twice on the big screen with his son, character Laramie master for mature woman Peter Duryea, in the low-budget Westerns Taggart and The Bounty Killer He spoofed his tough-guy image in a comedy sketch about a robbery on the Feb.

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Duryea guest-starred womzn Roy Budinger, the self-educated mastermind of a criminal ring dealing in silver bullion, in the episode "Terror Town" on October 18, of NBC 's western series Cimarron City. Denton on Doomsday ". Elen Willard played his daughter; James Druryhis daughter's suitor. InLaramie master for mature woman portrayed Dr.