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Despite the incredible model and great premise, it Mobile Alabama fuck me an absolute embarrassment. The light level is so low that the video is extremely grainy.

I know they have editing software at Red Feline, because there are actually some edits in this video, but nowhere near enough.

If someone had told Cowboy here looking for nsa it was possible to make a boring video of Jane naked, tied and being whipped, I would not have believed it. There are several scenes in the first session: Jane in panties tied with her back to a sort of flat pillar; then with her front sans pantiesLate night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here on the floor, then back to the first position but with arms tied to a sort of spreader bar maybe a broomstickthen leaned over a bed, then up onto the bed and finally she is covered up with a spread to sleep.

Apparently the reason for this choice was the desire to show that Jane could be marked without the fake blood that often mars other Red Feline efforts. I've never been a fan of cum shots, nor am I particularly impressed by damage to the skin of the victim. I believe it hurts, and I believe she is suffering because of her facial expressions, body movements and voicing's. I don't need Mexican pussy in Crystal Lake camera to go looking for welts and cuts.

After a few abortive attempts, Jane actually starts laughing. But then comes Session 2. If you are a fan of Ms. And finally JJ has switched to a nice long-tailed leather flogger. Early on we are treated to a scene of Jane nude AOH, front against wall. Your heart sinks as you notice that again it is very dark, it sounds like a spider is tap-dancing on the microphone, and the technology of framing and focusing appears not to have become any easier. But after a couple minutes there is light and things improve dramatically.

These are okay, though brief and spotty. But the real set piece in this video comes at the end. Jane is hung, facing the wall in a suspended Y with her ankles free to thrash around. And thrash she does. JJ norney the flogger and gives her at least strokes in about 2 and a half minutes.

Unlike so many hug who sound like a repeating recording of some mantra e. They range from squeaks to groans, catches of the breath to flat-out crying. And Adult singles dating in Fort belvoir, Virginia (VA). the director rises to the occasion, as there are actually some scene changes that don't involve picking up the camera whiles it is recording and wandering around with it.

The scene goes on for nearly 10 minutes and about lashes all over her front. JJ becomes like a machine, laying the flogger across her over and over at an unvarying pace. You have one of the very best victims working today and, if you are a fan of whipping, some excellent segments.

Thanks for that very detailed review of Training Jane. Given my preferences for X and Y positions and whipping, this one is sure to be my next purchase. Soon as that first paycheck comes in, Jane! I would also like to thank you for the detailed and helpful assessment of Training Jane. I was particularly interested in your comments regarding the session with the bullwhip: I prefer an intense but fake whipping scene -- like you see in the ZFX or Giga oline -- over the Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here thing.

To me, it's about seeing the villain Sex meet in watertown south dakota out the punishment and the victim responding in a credible and hopefully erotic way. I don't need to see real pain being inflicted and I have no interest in seeing blood or welts. Even in its good parts, I don't think Training Jane is my kind of film. I like something with a bit more of a storyline to it.

Docudrama so to speak. Unfortunately Elsewhere was Gimp barren. For a guy who rarely ever posts, that review was a revelation. This is the kind of review I like to read, one that's honest and not afraid to dish out criticism alongside the praise. I'm sure that took you quite a while to write, and I just want to say we appreciate the effort.

When I saw the trailer for Training JaneI had some of the same reactions. The first part looked like it was shot on grainy, analog VHS with low light, like a lot of their earlier productions. In fact, I actually thought it was old video of Jane that they had tacked onto more Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here footage nihht then called it a movie.

Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here I also thought, an entire movie of I like seeing a woman get whipped, but no matter how hot the victim, that's gotta get boring after a while. I'm a fan of Agent Xbut that film had a variety of scenes girl also a credible plot. Obviously, Red Feline has some misses along with their hits, but at least this one still had Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here good gils in it for you to recommend.

And welcome to the exclusive Reviewer's Club. Bbw seeks discreet affair direct link is in my Homepage URL above. That Lustful Turk trailer was so incredibly self-important and lattin the top, it just had to be done tongue in cheek, right? I gotta admit, they came up with a clever way to advertise what is basically just a low budget nudie flick Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here some bondage.

Whoever wrote the narration must have had a blast coming up with lines like this: The motion picture in the magnitude and tradition of Lawrence of Arabia I think she's hot with a capital H. I first noticed her when LTL posted her picture in Elsewhere. She may not be as drop dead gorgeous as Alba, but at least she can act. Let's hope the Oscar onlline doesn't steer her away from roles where she's required to lose her top and get attacked by a serial killer intent on making her his latest victim.

We can only dream. YikYakker - saw Single ladies looking casual sex Garland Lustful Turk" many onilne years ago and can't recall that much about it although the whipping scene stuck with me as gurls ok - it did seem to have a tongue in latln quality about it. Poll Question - while not a favorite torment method, a crux well done can be nice so sign me up up for a "B" - tied, not nailed - almost something James Bondesque about that last part.

Jane - yes, where would we be without Roger Corman and the likes of "Women in Cages" starring possibly the best of the exploitation actresses, the incomparable Roberta Collins - only Candice Rialson could rival her in those productions - heard Candy passed away sometime back - what a shame.

Stay Well All Tuesday, March 9th - YikYakker Brandi Dukes pic series: Well, somebody's got to sing it, so I might as well go out on a "limb": I think I need to make myself another tee shirt. Session 1 was something we shot in a hotel room with a good camera, but not nearly enough light. JJ and I were doing it for ourselves. It gu only after pressure from fans that we released it with Session 2. Basically, Hsre Jane was released because some Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here my fans wanted to see some "behind the scenes" type stuff with me.

It wasn't shot for release, both sessions were just JJ and I fooling around for ourselves. Up until we released it, I basically just took a look at it for reference. It's good for me to see my own reactions and improve on that. Another film we plan to release sometime is the Inquisition rehearsals with Gabrielle and Camille. Fans have asked about it for years and they're finally wearing us down.

Her has some interesting interactions between Camille and Gabrielle. But it was filmed for them to see, a rehearsal, not for release. But hhorney of this brings up a question: Would many of you like to see me in a movie without blood? Our movies with blood tend to be better sellers, but if there's enough interest we'll do it.

I'm thinking of something outdoors Tuesday, March 9th - Why no more films with her? Do a takeoff of Last House on the Left where the victim has to piss in her underpants before taking aLte off. I think you should have that tee shirt made. Perils of Jane, Episode 1 was shot in an outdoor setting, and that worked very well. To properly show your creamy Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here, might I suggest a jungle setting with slightly nught light, but a few shafts of sunlight peeking through the trees, highlighting your sweaty cheeks, the base of your neck and breasts, as you are tied to a large bilboa tree.

Or perhaps there is a rainstorm and you get completely soaked. Ah, my mind is reeling with possibilities and images. Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot. Candy played LaRue as a sleazy media whore who always had a cigarette or beer can going into his mouth while tasteless, politically incorrect statements came out.

Another thespian who is sorely missed. Besides featuring naked twin sisters, it also included a scene really the only one I can recall in which a captive, hot babe is tied AOH in a dungeon.

Try putting a scene like that in a mainstream movie today. Tough movie to find. TGG Jane von Detlefson wrote: The blood is what has kept me away from Red Feline so far. I would definitely welcome a blood free Red Feline movie. Any chance you would be sharing the suffering with a second victim? I wouldn't mind seeing you joined by a second victim like our Gabriella Atar for example.

I might also relish seeing you dishing out some punishment yourself. BTW Jane, I am curious about just how your last name is supposed to be pronounced. I have never been able to figure it out, the way it's spelled suggests that it's Debt-Leff-Sin.

Is that how it is pronounced or is the letter T silent and the name is pronounced Dell-If-Sin? I want to change the subject slightly and discuss something else. When it comes to GIMP victims and nudity what degree of it do you prefer?

Over the years I have seen many degrees to how much the victim is stripped. It seems to range from barely any nudity at all to full nudity. Obviously I prefer it if the victim is completely stripped of all her clothes ASAP, but I can accept medium level partial nudity or full nudity that takes almost to the end of the movie to achieve.

The GIMPer with a heart Perhaps I'm out of sync with Red Feline's core audience, but I have zero interest in seeing blood. In fact, if a scene has too much blood, I find it to be a real turn-off. I always prefer scenes with no blood. Some of the best Johnny LaRue bits were in the first season, when SCTV was just a little show produced on the cheap I'm going to guess this was sometime around or ' One of my favorites was a cooking show where he was demonstrating how to make a meal for a poor person.

He was using everyday items -- water from his tap, leaves of grass cut from his front lawn, etc. Anyway, at one point, he leans over, smells the boiling pot, and says something like, "oh, that's disgusting I'm with YikYakker -- I'm more into the sweating thing. I'd love to see you tied up, stripped, and tortured with heat lamps. Or a scenario where you're forced to do heavy labor nearly naked under the broiling sun.

I can just picture the rivulets of sweat running down your glistening body. Ooooh, I'm such a pervert! But I know I'm in good company here. Depends on the situation. For whipping, I prefer the victim stripped to the waist only, or wearing at least shorts or bikini briefs. It's fun to watch the poor darling lose her clothing bit by bit, like Jane did in the Green Inferno series. Sort of a GIMP striptease. I missed responding to this earlier, but thanks for the tip about Jennifer Love Hewitt's Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here bed scene.

I'll check it out. And then they actually do it? I've never seen Sorceress. Jack Hill, that's good. He made some decent women in prison exploitation films. Jim Wynorski, that's bad.

Has that guy ever made a film that wasn't a total piece of crap? And the Harris sisters! Their only other film was as bound and naked victims in I, The Jury. Brian's Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here says they have a nude bondage scene in this one, too, and one of them gets her face pushed into a brazier. Sounds like some cheesy fun. Is it worth investing 12 bucks to buy a copy? And can you give any details about the rape scene for the database? Absolutely, I'd like to see you in a movie without blood.

Maybe I'm not your typical Red Feline customer, because I don't really understand the love affair with seeing women covered in blood.

A few bloody stripes from a severe flogging are okay, but too much red stuff spoils a woman's looks. You're a beautiful woman and you know how to play an effective victim, so really, all you do is suffer for the camera and that should be entertainment enough for most of us.

You definitely don't need the blood. Remember, the key is distressnot mutilation. I also like Scot's idea of heat lamp torture, that has Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here possibilities.

And how about the staked out in the sun scenario that we ran pics from on the board recently? And you know I'm gonna Married ladies wants hot sex Tianjin up with the roasted on a spit suggestions until you finally decide to do it: YikYakker Ralphus Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here [about Sorceress Naked women in Salt Lake City Utah il Man, I wish I could remember more about it.

I haven't seen the movie since it was first released, which is a few centuries ago in dog years. Maybe somebody else will have better luck finding it than I have. It seems to have disappeared.

Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here I Search Dating

Probably the only copies left are onlone VHS. That might be the better way to go if you did find it, because if it were ever transferred to DVD, it's likely that the rape Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here would be cut out, just like the one in The Klansman.

Whenever I've tried searching for it, all I come up with are items from the Julie Strain "Sorceress" series. Don't be fooled by imitations! LTL Jane von Detlefson wrote: My favorite settings without question. Nothing too extreme for that matter excessive beatings, whippings, etc. And agree, hee from sweat or stress is a much better visual for me personally. Anyway, I might as well get my 2 cents in too.

Jane is driving cross-country to reunite with some high school or college friends. During the drive she olnine lost and ends up hunb a secluded lake. She pulls out her map to regain her bearings and thinks she knows how to get back on track. She sheds her clothes by a rock near the shore onlone goes in.

As she swims the bushes behind the rock part as Jane yuy being spied upon. A few minutes pass and Jane feels sufficiently refreshed, enough so to continue her trek. As she walks to the rock she discovers her clothes missing. Kansas City ky pussy xxx first she thinks that she may have exited the lake at the wrong spot as she latiin around.

In horror she discovers that this is the spot after all and it all becomes too clear what has happened. She runs to where her car is parked but discovers it missing too. As bad as this is she is feeling somewhat fortunate as she thinks this was just a robbery. Soon she discovers the people who took her car are after much, much more. You guys can fill in the rest to where ever your perverted little minds take you ;- Me?

Then of course the strangulation take-down. Have you guys heard? Wednesday, March 10th - Somebody pleeeease ball gag that bitch Linsay Lohan. I snatched the bitch, stripped her, tied her to an old wagon wheel, and gave her a good whipping. This should teach the bitch to keep her mouth shut! The GIMPer with a heart horny ice!

I really outdid myself this time. Have this pain in the ass model who seems to live to piss me off. At one point in the scene I commanded her to put her head in the corner. Later after she had done as she was told she pointed out the pile of shit that was in the corner. Now the shit never appears in Horny Grenoble wifed video.

Just funny she was able to keep in her role while her face was that herw to real shit! Good hunting Wednesday, March 10th - Also, would anyone know what the age of these fine lovely women are?

A Canadian I don't know how she managed it, but almost as soon as she became legal, Lindsay Lohan transformed herself from a hot-looking young woman into something that resembles a strung-out streetwalker. These days, I'd rather tap Lindsay's mom. I agree, she's looking a bit haggard today.

Booze, cigarettes, drugs and girlw partying have aged her well beyond her 24 years. The whole family is trashy including the mom Canadian, dude, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. And this ltin is just ridiculous. I recognized from the start that it was Lindsay Lohan they were poking fun at with the "milkaholic" line but so what? She ought to Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here a sense of humor about herself and go with the flow.

If she's known for anything, it's for being a drunken party girl. Complaining about it and trying to profit hfre it will only make people think less of her than they do now already. I want a blowjob or a Swansea fuck, Lindsay, what happened to you? Honrey used to be so cute. And now you're just a laughing stock.

If ropes are used instead of nails, then yes, it's an option. Insex did some IIRC. I don't have broadband or DSL, so seeing her preview glrls has been it for me, but it would be nice to see that beautiful body of hers restrained, but left relatively unbloodied for a change girks pace. Whip marks Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here all Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here, though, and some blood, but guuy too much.

Max make more and more that I asked!! The slavegirl work nude, dirty But I would also add: So everybody sit back and get medicated. Excellent movie and good guess. Pathology is about girps group of Med students who play a game of murder to see if they can stump their colleagues from finding the exact cause of death.

As mentioned no Gimpage but great plot and acting make this a must see IMO. Unrest is again about a group of Med students who are at the stage of their studies where they are now practicing on gorney.

All is fine and well until the cadaver of a young woman shows up who is especially carved up. And even Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here your medicated state. Autopsy Autopsy trailer After a night of Mardi Gras partyinga group of young people end up crashing their car. They are then taken to a dreadfully understaffed hospital for examinations to make sure they are all right. Arriving everyone seems to be OK until one of gung guys pulls horndy a piece of broken glass from his stomach.

As he pulls it out the piece turns out to be about three inches long. One by one they are either taken away or explore on their own. Gimp wise there is a very good scene towards the end. Emily played by Jessica Lowndes is strapped to a table and tormented by having her head drilled into. The first two guu are with hand drills that at one point stops working properly.

After the second attempt the doctor goes looking for an electric drill leaving an orderly to look after Emily. Instead of just keeping an eye on her he ends up torturing her by sticking his finger into the wound on her head. He then slaps and punches her a few times. Not finished yet he grabs a bottle of alcohol and buy it into the woundthen breaks the Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here on her head.

He follows this up with a few punches to the stomach. Latih though there is nothing sexually going on here I still found this segment very effective.

Second, Jessica Lowndes is Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here hot! And third, her reactions are spot on! There was also an opportunity for another Gimp moment but the filmmakers went a different way of course.

Thanks for the review of Autopsy. It doesn't sound like a film that would do much for me, but nonetheless it's always fun to follow the latest instalment of Which One has the GIMP?

Thursday, March Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here - Which One Has the Gimp? For a while I used to suck at this quiz, but now I can't remember the last time I got one wrong. Just a lucky guess this time, though, since I haven't seen any of these movies this time around.

Thanks for Beautiful couples wants seduction Nampa Idaho entertaining installment. BTW, was that really Alyssa Milano in the full-frontal nude caps you linked? The nasty scar doesn't exactly do anything for my libido, but I thought Milano didn't do nude scenes anymore. As for AutopsyI cringed when you wrote that Jessica Lowndes gets tortured with a drill, until I saw the caps and they don't look too awfully gory, so this might be a worthwhile rent.

Besides that, she is indeed a babe.

Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here

Still, it's typical of today's horror films that hotney gorgeous young woman is tied gjy and the only thing they can think to do with her is to use a power tool on her. Bad Guy, why not use your "own" tool on her? If you're gonna torture her, at least Beautiful ladies looking seduction Salem her first. First you do the thrillin', THEN you do the drillin'. I wish I had your connections. The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.

I mean look at her Jessica Lowndes. As far as Alyssa Milano, in the added features of the DVD she is cast in a Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here body mold head to toe. So no, not actual Alyssa nudity. Just had a chance to view "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" which was reviewed by our friend Brutus - I concur with his assessment that it contains one of the best mainstream hogties ever - shame she was fully clothed - my only real gripe with it was to give it that "docu-drama" appearance, the director made the home video footage grainier and darker than it really needed to be - some nice torment footage Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here.

Stay Well All Friday, March 12th - When Ralphus initially commented that these movies had not yet made it to DVD, my first thought was that perhaps they had fjn screened for President Obama's Health Care Summit and that you had seen them Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here. Friday, March 12th - Nice job on Lindsay Lohan. That girl is arrogant to think that she has a monopoly on her first name.

But the most likely candidate is Lindsey Davenportbecause of the milk connection. There is Anna Kendrick to conjure in all her naked splendor? I think you mean Anna Kendrick! Sheesh -- Hunh have to do everything for you guys! Not bad, but there are better. I've got Lindsay secured to a whipping post and waiting for another round of pain. All who are interested are welcome to come over and give the bitch a few lashes of their own.

Snacks and beer will be served to Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here awaiting their turns. Whips, crops, and other implements are available, but you are also welcome to bring your own. No, I think you Mature women Seattle Anna Kendrick. Perhaps we can get the whole gang hre to see what Yik Yakker has come up with for his celebratory Beautiful couple ready love Carson City purchase.

Saturday, March 13th - TGG Hey Ralphus, that is a nice Alaska free sex you added to my previous post. I have to say I did initially want to post an image myself, but had no luck finding Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here suitable one on the net.

Where did you dig that one up from anyway? Since you originally asked that someone gag Lindsay, I'll let you do the honors and dish out the first njght of lashes yourself. What type of implement do you prefer? I've got whips, crops, paddles, canes, and even floggers. Your welcome to choose any of my implements or as I stated in the original invite, you can also bring your own.

I think I'm a bit late coming to the poll question about crucifixions, but I thought I'd respond anyway. In general, they don't do much for me, and don't really play into my fantasies Swingers party gaston oregon far.

It's closer to the area of "snuff" or, at the very least, "permanent scarring" if you're talking about nails and not ropesand those types of things don't really play into my fantasies. There are, of course, ways around this people think, people, think! For the sake of clarity, suppose you frog-tie the right leg. Then you move that bent leg further to the right and "back", and then - for the sake of discussion, suppose we are using nails - you would "nail" the ankle in to the "right" side of the cross, from the side, so to speak, rather honey on the "front" side of the cross, as it "standard".

Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here I Am Wants Nsa

Of course, hirls may need to "support" her body weight somehow, and this could be where one of those "Catholic" or "Japanese" "wooden horse" torture devices comes into play. You just take one of those "wooden horses", which is to say, a sharp triangular block of wood, and you fix it in to the "front" of the cross, right under her pussy.

This then allows her to "rest" her full weight on the "wooden horse". Good to see you back here Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here. Excellent suggestions horny to how to improve the standard crucifixion position.

I really like the rope around the neck thing; nothing improves nught better than a tight rope around the victim's neck to help hold her in place. You have a picture in your files section horneyy I really liked; it was from Hogtied. Really nice ropework combined with a thick rope gag, and you can see her face is reddening up because of the tightness of gut bondage around her neck. BTW, speaking of pictures on your group, who's the chesty blonde on your homepage pic, and what company put that out?

That picture gives me evil thoughts, and those are my favorite kind of thoughts to have. If you are talking about T-crosses only, nailed hands and feet, etc. But I think honrey have to define what we mean by crucifixion.

To me, crucifixion is suspension from a cross X or T with hands and feet Hottie w a body starbux lake forest, though I'm a fan of the pussy-bar that allows the victim to "rest" from time-to-time.

Legs can be tied in the Y position X-cross or ankles on either side of the upright. The master of ghy is not Bill Z, but Arcimboldo--and for those who have not revisited his work lately, check it out at http: It should come as no surprise to most of you who have read any of my prior posts, I see crucifixion as an opportunity for whipping the front of the victim's body, or the use of burning or even, Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here the time is right, untying the ankles can't do that with nails and stepping into the spread for a little relief before continuing.

Sunday, March 14th - BTW, speaking of pictures on MasterDetective's group, who's hormey chesty blonde on your homepage pic, and what company Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here that out? Sadly, that picture made me think it was a shame that an attractive woman with a great body wasted her money on such a ridiculous-looking boob job.

Wet for some bite and to leave girld glistening trail at the same time. Always with the boob job. TGG - about the pronunciation of my name, it's onnline as it's spelled Det-lef-son. The name comes from my great-grandfather, a Danish knight who eloped with an Irish girl and moved to America. I find it terribly romantic. About crucifixion and having "the goodies" in a position of easy access, in Romana crucifixa est This was a difficult position lztin I couldn't move much.

In a standard crucifixion position I can move a little, up and down, side to side. I believe crucifixion experts call this the "dance on the cross", where the victim suffers for a longer time and the suffering is more entertaining for the viewer. It also helps to relieve pressure on the hands.

With my legs bent I couldn't move very much and my hands took a lot more Woman want nsa East Leroy usual. It didn't help that my feet were sunburned on the top and full of thorns on the bottom thorny terrain.

Not that I'm complaining. But that position also makes it harder for the victim to protect her lady parts. I'm hoping to get some feedback Lady seeking sex MO Niangua 65713 the experts here! Where can I get a custom video done for the best quality at the best price? I was looking at getting one done with antonvideo. I'm not looking for anything extravagant, which is why I'm skeptical about that kind of a price.

No blood Tun agree with on your next 2. An opportunity to fn have an interrogation scene with some of your pubes pulled out or shaved as humiliation no blood.

Hun interrogators then could send your pubes and panties to your family for the ransom. And, jeez, Vanity Fair, racist much? Not even a token Latina? A Canadian Jane von Detlefson wrote: About the pronunciation of my name, it's just as it's spelled Det-lef-son. It's similar to Wojciehowicz, you spell it just like it sounds Jane's too young to get that joke, but others might.

Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here think it is a classic - wonderful bondage and great forced scenes. Brandi Dukes looks great and we would all have liked to be there I am sure. Guys lets encourage Ralphus to put on this classic too!! The premise will take some further thought.

I'd like to make one latn and one indoors. Be interesting to see what you come up with and what direction it takes. Depends on what you Free sex mature Columbia Maryland. A lot of the vendors over at Nicheclips offer customs.

Most are Death Fetish however but some are just bondage. Without knowing the specifics of what you want, and not having had any girps made myself, if I nighy to want to have one made I would probably look at the following as my top 5. Casualties of Horror also periodically offers cheap ngiht.

All the above are death fetish producers with the exception Lage Powershotz, and Bella Morte has sister-sites that are non-death fetish. Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here be quiet and have some chocolate. Thanks for the links!

Ideally what I'd like is a sci-fi theme with some hardcore elements, so I'm not sure if those studios do that kind of thing. I will at least inquire and see what they say. Basic information about customs can be found on my forum HERE. And now I will go into my spiel. I have been doing customs for a Ladies seeking hot sex Daingerfield, long time and have a few advantages that might be worth the extra price.

And, hands down, I will probably be more expensive then everyone else. Though, compared to just two years ago, when the average price was 1. It really depends on number of cast members and my estimated time to complete Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here project on shoot day as well as props and prep.

I am different then most other producers, as far as I know, because I pay the models differently. For that, I expect them to put in their best effort, to deal with my frustrated and sometimes bossy director attitude, and to sometimes endure some pretty uncomfortable situations.

Sometimes, it could also be a breeze for them. Irregardless, I feel this creates a better overall product. On the days they are making standard day rates for non-custom work, they work just as hard as they know the product they create is partially a promotion for custom work. It is Syracuse chat lines win win situation for all involved, especially the customer as yung get a quality product rather then saving money, but having to order time and time again to get it right.

It just depends on what you fu expecting for that amount. I see that this person nivht want a space-themed custom. I have been wanting to do that, actually. Here is why I might be the one for it. I have a sqft studio with three set areas. I have a 10x30 green screen zone. I can do hand-held, jib and dolly shots. Everything I shoot is in HD.

I am familiar with composting and rotoscoping can achieve a number of effects and environments using those techniques, green screen and my cast and crew. Thanks, JohnM Sunday, March 14th - TGG I want to take the time to inform all of you of my latest business venture.

I recently acquired an abandoned old hotel which I am currently renovating and planning to re-open as the "GIMP Hotel". I have come up with a very efficient way to staff the place at very low cost to me, and as a result low check-in cost for my guests. The hotel is to be staffed gifls by slavegirls.

Old Horney Wanting Single Women

There will be a few non-slavegirl staff members. These will make up the hotel's behind the scenes security staff. Right now I have only one staffer, Lindsay. She will eventually hhung joined by more girls, right now I have my hands full training the tart. This bitch is Date single females in Groveland California defiant!

At the moment Lindsay is being held in a secure site away from the hotel do to the renovation work being done by a legit contractor and I don't want the law finding out what I am up to. In regards to the non-slavegirl staff positions I currently have the following openings. These will be the primary means of finding new girls to staff the hotel.

They will also hunt down and re-capture any escaped slavegirls. Anytime a slavegirl misbehaves or a guest complains about her attitude, lack of obedience, or disrespectful behavior, the Enforcer will be the one to administer Phoenixia hoes ready to fuck punishment.

These will assist with training newly acquired Brooklyn WI wife swapping. I plan to post an image of the hotel once it's ready to open. For now, I am looking to fill in the non-slavegirl positions and find a few more girls. Anyone interested in helping out should feel free to volunteer. Any comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. Aren't we approaching the eleventh anniversary of this board? Thanks for the great info!

I think your company sounds like a good one to go with. I do have a couple questions, and the only reason I'm asking it here rather than via email is because I'm sure there's some lurkers out there who have the same questions. On your customs page, it says you aren't a bondage gorney, but there is a category under your videos page that says bondage. Now onlone I'd Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here looking for is a bit of gag usage during my video, but not really any bondage.

Do you only do murder theme videos? I'm not looking at having my custom end up in the girl getting killed. I've been having a lot of Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here done lately.

Anton is a good place to go for that. He may be expensive, but he's professional, experienced, and has some amazing women working with him. No one else that I can think of onlinr going to even laton adding any digital effects in. Or, there is a site called Costume Bondage that does custom work. I'm actually trying to get something together with them right now. I ggirls a model shoot me a video last month and she has sent me pics from it, so I know it's done, but I'm still waiting on the video.

When I e-mail her about it she takes 2 weeks to answer. Not only is she an amazing, sexy Olympian goddess, but she is fast, efficient, accomodating, and her prices are VERY reasonable. She's on Nicheclips DamselX is her site. She and Tomiko have been my best experiences overall. If you've never Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here one done before, gkrls be disappointed if they don't get some details the way Alicante sexy teens specified.

Monday, March 15th - Although if it were up to me, I might position the legs so that the thighs were even more "vertical" parallel to the crossand the leg itself pulled back more. Seems like that would "stretch" the victim even more. Ralphus - yes, I love that ropework around the neck laton hogtied.

A rope gag might work well in a crucifixion. The buxom blond girl is, so far as I can tell, named "Duma". She's done some modeling for detectivechronicles. I think she's from Orange County, Calif. He can do anything I need from simple gagging to complex suspensions. Once again, thanks for the information and help! I have Older guy looking 4 younger girl many non-death customs over the years. I simply modify the ending for my site.

Your version will end however you want it Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here. In addition, someone below mentioned that perhaps other studios did not do effects.

I will tell you that I have been doing effects since and am well-versed in most applications. I can direct you to samples if you like.

Bottom line is, you should find a company that not only can do what you want for the price that you want, but has the model that you want. In fact, the model is very, very important.

Different studios have different model selections. All models, however, are independent contractors and will often go to where the work is. It is better then get exactly what you want.

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I am never in a hurry to do something well. Finally, there are many good studios out there. It is always prudent to look at the work they do, even if it is not your fetish. Their samples will tell you want to expect for a final project. Here is my link to my Darkfetishnet profile where you Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here see some videos.

There is one called Timely Termination. It is the full movie and it has a bunch of effects including a teleportation. Sounds like a winner to me! Keep us posted with the new additions. However the second part of that. Maybe we can get Jane von Detlefson to do some experimentation for us. Nice little bondage segment with her Hot brunette in stockings tied behind her back and some forced oral.

I just snatched Halle Berry for the Hotel.

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Also, I will have my hands full training both Lindsay and Halle. I am going to need to hire some security staff members ASAP! Anyone interested in applying? This hotel idea is sounding better and better. It's similar to Wojciehowicz, you spell it just like it sounds That was a fun show, wasn't it. And Abe Vigoda is still alive! But isn't it sad that we still have Sexy lady seeking hot sex Tonawanda but equal" covers?

There is no word "irregardless" as it would be a double negative; only "regardless". Today's grammar lesson has been brought to you by the letter Q". Tuesday, March 16th - Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here the general renovation work is done and now I am moving onto the specialized GIMP related renovations.

I have done a preliminary walk through of the building. The hotel has a fairly large basement, with multiple elevator access. The basement space is so large, I can divide it up into ten separate dungeons. Also, the hotel has about 1, rooms.

Cuban Guy Seeks Petite Cute 71510 Woman

I am going to divide them as follows: Prices for the classes and what services will be offered with Palmyra IL adult personals will be detailed later, I haven't yet decided those parameters. That tart is a bitch with a capital B! Let's get her frenemy, Tyra Banks, too Hmm Tyra I am not so sure off. I Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here recall any bad behavior from her. I don't want to have any one nationality lacking so I can always have someone available for my guests regardless of what flavor they prefer.

With Naomi and Tyra, that will be three African to one Caucasian.

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At the moment I have an idea for two other Caucasian girls to add. I currently have my eye on Paris Hilton and Alyssa Milano. I would also like to have a few Latino girls, a few Asians Japanese or Chineseand maybe a few Italian girls.

Like I'm really going to let her! I've been researching some of the girls suggested by a few of you. I must say I like what I am seeing. Also, I believe I've found people to fill in a few of the security roles in the hotel. Scot, Torturegiver, jhlipton, and YikYakker have all recommended girls.

Guys, if any of you are interested or not interested, just say yes or no. Adult looking hot sex Stonewood I get your preference, I'll move on to the next stage of planning. Torturegiver, judging by your username, it seems you would be ideal for the role of Enforcer.

I may have found a second candidate for the Enforcer role. I spent some time exchanging E-mails with Ralphus yesterday. I needed to know when the board's eleventh anniversary is. While I was at it, I offered the role of Enforcer to our sadistic little moderator. Ralphus said that he will have to get back to me on that. To be honest, I never knew about Jessica Alba's Canadian connection. But it doesn't matter much to me. I don't judge a woman according to her nationality or her heritage -- I judge her based on whether or not she has natural breasts.

Your Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here sounds great. Let me know when I can check in. I'm assuming all the rooms will be priced at the Rack Rate! Kinda a bummer as Amanda plays the younger sister to the lead character.

But then again Late night fun horney girls online hung latin guy here does have a short Housewives looking casual sex Ocoee Tennessee where she gets strangled by horse for us asphyxia fans. He held out on us though as there were two girls who ended up getting fried in side by side tanning beds. Honestly not really my cup of tea but Chelan Simmons the blonde sure looked nice. That's fine if I have time.

Obviously the hotel doesn't really exist in real life and when I said that I snatched Halle Berry for it, I hadn't really kidnapped the actress.

You need only to mention in your posts that you've captured someone for the hotel whenever you feel like it.

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