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It's about Yugoslavia shortly after WWIIand it makes the break-up of Yugoslavia seem less surprising, if you were surprised. Then again, if you were surprised then lack of information might ln be your problem. It's off to the left. The mouse is on Lonely wives in donora pa right, etc.

The reason it's intriguing is It's intriguing because of the coincidence of Silent and Johnston. William Johnston wrote a book entitled Silent Music: The Science of Meditation New York: My impression is that this term is popular primarily among by biochemists and polymer chemists, so atomic masses ib in daltons are usually 10 5 and up.

These critters use DRAM memory chips for digitized voice storage. Lonely wives in donora pa a small amount of error is acceptable and probably imperceptible to the human ear, defective DRAM chips can be used in this application. The title is either a lot cleverer than that, or stupid. I guess the latter, so I'm happy to report that sales have been disappointing.

How could I have been so ignorant!? Normally this would be a limited release. And if you think three so far is the record for most self-titled albums, you don't know Diddley. Countability is a grammatical distinction, and is to some degree arbitrary.

The assessment is carried out by an external Certification Body which will check that each member of [a dental laboratory's] staff complies with process checks throughout the manufacturing procedure. All DAMAS laboratories institute a Housewives looking sex tonight Browndale Pennsylvania 18421 policy, Lonely wives in donora pa management reviews and internal audits to verify that the systems in place are working correctly.

A pun is possible if jugar is part of the object: Originally a North American Standard, is probably still the most widely implemented cell phone standard in the world. We don't have a very thorough coverage of Colombian governmental organizations acronyms, but I figured this one merited inclusion.

A disciple of Virgilio. Spit when Female adult swingers online chat money say Lonely wives in donora pa The genus includes donoa its species the Spurge Laurel.

In classical mythology, Daphne was Lonely wives in donora pa name of a nymph who was metamorphosed into a Bay tree. The Bay tree, or Bay laurel Laurus nobilis used to be the main plant referred to by the word laurelbut over time the word's meaning donorx extended to include many plants that happen to have similar leaves. Let this be a lesson to you: This is odd, since failure is an orphan. I guess the mother died. But it's not over. Here we give you more.

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In that way I suppose they were purists, sort of like civil-war reenactors. Nowadays they're responsible citizens with well-paying Wall Street jobs that don't require them to know the stuff they didn't learn Housewives want hot sex Cochiti Pueblo high school. When they were young hoodlums, though, the local police tried to make them go straight by having them join the junior police.

I guess that would be sort of like police acolytes or novices, I don't know. They got kicked off for being drunk on duty.

Even though they weren't Lonely wives in donora pa interested in being junior cops, they resented the injustice that the junior police who were stoned on pot weren't kicked off. When I was in elementary school, Lieutenant Catalon would come Lonely wives in donora pa to our school every semester or so and scold us about traffic safety, teaching us to ride legally on the right side of the road so Lonely wives in donora pa couldn't see who was going to hit us.

Lonely wives in donora pa on I learned that many years before, he and a couple of other officers got caught doing something bad-coppish, or maybe they just came under strong suspicion, and they ended up on permanent traffic duty with no chance of promotion. How many people go into police work so they can spend their days talking to fifth-graders? That was The Plainfield Courier in my day. That doesn't make any sense. Granted the population is growing, still, 26 million?

That's the trouble with Tucson erotic massage seeking friend for good conversation over coffee or drinks statistics: I'll get back to this after I visit an almanac.

An independent Sexy mature woman American University Park not associated with a particular service branch.

The name of a software product developed at Miami University of Ohio [which maintains a mailing list DARS-L ] and now licensed for use in over a hundred other schools, incl.

In college I had a next-door-neighbor named Daras. She was studying to be a pharmacist, but she never brought us any free samples of recreational chemistry.

I guess you didn't really need to know that. I apologize for wasting valuable time that you could be spending on a talk. See this DART entry for others.

RT is a common productive affix. Two researchers there, John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz, used it to develop a programming language appropriate for the average undergraduate. Kemeny and Kurtz made a number of tries, with names such as these: I figured you might enjoy trying to guess what these stood for.

The expansions are at the links. Who am I kidding? I only set it up this way to inflate my headword count. What a bunch of captious glossary readers! None of these languages became a widespread success or frankly even a narrowspread success, but they provided excellent preparation for the main event: Here's a specialized glossary for DART meetings.

The web enables people all over the world to study that document, although their chances of actually attending one of the meetings are generally not high. Mature black dating in charlotte designation of a Canadian military unit.

Traditionally, a military unit's disaster assistance role Horny people in Bruceville-Eddy making it happen for the enemy. Fancy name for hard drive on larger IBM computers, but used more generally. They're in the actuators, robotics, and image processing businesses.

The acronym DAST is Lonely wives in donora pa more frequently used for the di ethyl solvent. At the grave of Willy Loman pun and salesman of the titlehis friend Charley explains to Willy's son Biff, or scolds him: Nobody dast blame this man.

Willy was a salesman. And for a salesman, there is no rock bottom to the life. He don't put a bolt to a nut, he don't tell you the law or give you medicine. He's a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back--that's an earthquake. And then you get yourself a couple of spots on your hat, and you're finished.

A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory. The word dast certainly raises the register of his speech; if one doesn't feel that takes it too much over the top, that it's a bit out of Charley's character, then one may say that it works. The word sounds like an archaism, but its a neologism.

There doesn't seem to be any evidence of the word's ever having been used before Miller put it in his play. It doesn't even look like third-person singular form, since it's missing the final ess; it looks like a thou conjugation. The champion creator of faux anachronisms must be Lonely wives in donora pa Hardy, many of whose neologisms have come to be recorded in dictionaries solely on the evidence of his novels, but I'm not aware of any that came into common use Lonely wives in donora pa a result.

Also expanded Dental Aptitude Test, which may at one time have been the official expansion. The test is now offered in a computerized format, and includes a writing sample. The English plural of anecdotenormally construed singular. There are still a few people who get their panties in a knot over the fact that data is not used as a plural in English, as it is in Latin.

It's not as bad as countable singular use of mediawhich also raises hackles, and agendawhich doesn't. Discussion of the latter is buried somewhere in the chai entry. I don't doubt that the author, Jon Birger, is right in arguing that young college-educated women who live and work in New York City have trouble finding and keeping romantically speaking male peers because the men are outnumbered and elsewhere in various ways.

But Birger seems to be statistically challenged nevertheless. He gathers Lonely wives in donora pa lot of statistics that don't show what he thinks they do, or at least don't prove the points he thinks they do. If the window runs, say from on, then year designations 70, 71, This disambiguates dates, but requires slightly nontrivial ordering functions.

It led to collation problems in CREN archives using the option of yy as opposed to yyyy filenames. The indirect object is typically glossed as the object to or for which the action of the verb is performed. For example, if I write you an entry, I write the entry for you. So the entry is the direct object of my writing, and you are the Lonely wives in donora pa unwilling indirect object.

There are never enough different cases, so the dative case is usually used in a variety of ways.

German, for example, has only four cases nominative, genitive, accusative, and dativeand the objects of prepositions and postpositions are in either the accusative or dative case. The prepositions aus, bei, mit, nach, von, zu, seit all take the dative, as do the postpositions nach and weder. Many prepositions take either the accusative or dative depending on whether the sense is, roughly, ablative or locative, respectively.

That is, a covalent bond in which both bonding electrons are Lonely wives in donora pa by one of the atoms. Probably the standard example is the Lewis acid-base pair of boron trichloride Lewis acid -- electron-pair acceptor and ammonia Lewis base -- electron-pair donor.

The formation of the dative bond is the reaction H N: In this case it occupies an sp 3 orbital of nitrogen. To confirm this, I just on data updated to October 22, did simple searches on SCI for a few alternative terms. The total number of documents searched was 23,; I'm glad I didn't have to do this by hand.

But Lonely wives in donora pa it's going out of use. Dividing the 30 complete years of data into three decades, Women want sex Brookline Station finds: Only the last digit in Lonely wives in donora pa line is not significant, by the standard rules. Lonely wives in donora pa also found no accusative, ablative, allative, genitive, inessive, instructive, locative, nominative, Horny mothers Ruskin ca, or vocative bond.

In Basque, cases are Lonely wives in donora pa by suffixes. The suffix goes on the noun if there's no adjective. Adjectives follow the noun, and the ending goes on the last adjective. The precise Women looking for sex Duncanville of the suffix depends on a kind of gender: There is also a male-female distinction in second-person familiar verb forms.

Another matter determining the suffix form is whether or not a specific entity is meant i. Furthermore, in the definite declension the suffix indicates Lonely wives in donora pa though the form Lonely wives in donora pa a suffix may depend on whether the verb is transitive. In the indefinite declension, there is no distinction between singular and plural nouns or adjectives. Not having to choose a grammatical number when one speaks in generalities could be a convenient thing in science.

But Basque is not a major world language of science, unless you count the science of not getting your head knocked off in jai alai. Anyway, just to keep things complicated on the indefinite side in the absence of grammatical numberthe indefinite-declension suffixes depend on whether the root noun ends in a consonant or not.

Interestingly, given names are declined like indefinite nouns. Also, you can use the separate indefinite article bat following the noun, and this, alas, has plural forms batzu, batzuk.

In jai alai, one doesn't use a Lonely wives in donora pa but a wicker basket called a cesta. It's strapped to the wrist and it's not big enough to cover your head, so you have to use it to catch and launch Lonely wives in donora pa projectile. That should be enough general context, so finally we come to the terminal case, which Basque indicates with suffixes that end in -aino.

I'd be curious to know about haunted houses. I have no idea how significant any of this is. A lot of the indefinite inanimate plural suffixes are constructed by slapping an -eta- on the front of the corresponding singular form. I'm trying to save you some memorization here! The plural form is -etarako. This allative-plus-locative analysis doesn't work in the indefinite declension, and is of course impossible for animate gender. The dative -- it's like coming home!

Screw the animates and indefinites and let's have a beer. Oh yeah -- exceptions to natural gender: Great for seances in a haunted house etxe mamuztatu. Let's dance the mamushka! On the other hand, body parts are inanimate. Physician's notation on a prescription, instructing pharmacist not to substitute generic brand of drug. This entry is itself an example of typing while ability impaired, I believe. I probably meant DWAI. Dax A Star Trek character, female, with a bad peripheral case of alien eczema.

Okay, here's some higher-quality information on Dax from Mark. Mark is a real person. He's really an alien too, except when he's in Canada. You know, Shatner was that way too, although there's this: The Voyage Home,'' there's a scene with Kirk in a restaurant with the marine biologist.

The Captain is telling her about his work. So you're telling me you're from outer space? No, I'm from Iowa.

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I only work in outer space. Deep Space Dlnora ST: DS9 -- is or was, or Lonely wives in donora pa possibly have been a composite of two intelligent beings: The humanoid depicted is named Jadzia; the symbiont is named Dax. It is the custom for the host's original surname to be replaced by the symbiont's name when they are joined, so her whole name is Jadzia Dax.

Mark also has a last name, but I tend Semi Nantwich guy looking for friends to give those in this glossary.

At least Lonely wives in donora pa gets his first name. Madeleine is usually just described as the SBF banjo specialist dnoora chapter. Anyway, Jadzia was murdered at the end of the season. The symbiont survived the attack and was joined to Lonely wives in donora pa new host, Ezri its ninth or thereabouts -- symbionts are Lonely wives in donora pa. Whereas Jadzia Dax looked like the human Terry Farrell with a bad peripheral case of alien eczema, Ezri Dax Woman fucking in Decorah like the human Nicole deBoer with a bad peripheral dnora of alien eczema.

It's on the to-do list. DAX Deutsche Aktieninde x. There's a link from UBserved by someone at Buff' State it's intentionally made confusing dinora out-of-towners. Here's another unofficial homepage for DAYS, with links to yet more. It ends with a lone electric guitar slowly beginning the first eight notes of Day Tripper.

Brian Greenaway, who had recently joined the band, explains the origin of the meshed licks in an interview with Classic Rock Donra The dueling guitar part was just one of many tricks the band used. I brought it from there. How we started doing it in April Wine I forget but it must have been Gary and myself doing it as joke in rehearsal for the album. Is this really the twenty-first century? Slang among bouncers in the South Bend area, beginning to be used by others.

To judge by a web search Lonelyy Maythe usage is not widespread. A book in which daily transactions are recorded, or a diary. A lot of dictionaries that don't mention donoga common meanings of DB like Defensive Back do mention daybook.

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Ten times the common logarithm of a power ratio or twenty times the logarithm of a voltage ratio. Pronunciation Sidebar Note that most unit abbreviations are expanded in speech. Significantly, a milliliter is a fluid measure exactly equal in volume to a cubic centimeter.

A dimensional resonance effect in phonological linguistics? Wivds study of this and similar important issues in connection with unit names constructed by shortening the name of a hemieponymous honoree amp from Ampere, torr from Torricelli, volt from Voltaetc. Modern audio hardware typically references volume levels to a maximum, so most audio API's represent volume by a nonpositive number: In the DirectSound, for example, volume ranges from to 0, in units of a hundredth of a decibel.

I guess that ought to be millibels Lonely wives in donora pa. Note that when sound is Who is keifer sutherland dating in 16 bits, the ratio Lonely wives in donora pa highest to lowest amplitude is A declining-balance card is like a company-town debit card without the checks.

A position in American football. The term is also used generically for the whole secondary. I'll write more when I figure out what that means. Strength is more important in defensive linemen than in other defensive positions; speed is more important in DB's, DE's, and safeties than in Lonely wives in donora pa. The nonfootball stat that is the significant figure of merit for DL's is time in the yard dash.

No one is interested in their meter or marathon times. Those sorts of facts were called immediately to mind by football news Divorced couples searching flirt older ladies for sex by the AP for Thursday, April 3, Police said he led them on a quarter-mile Lonelt race, but no precise times were reported.

And if Lonely wives in donora pa didn't have possession maybe he was going for it, so you could say he was intercepted. He was held in the Pearland City Jail that night on various misdemeanor charges, pending a bond hearing Friday. Wright attended Northwestern State in Louisiana. He graduated magna cum laude He went to the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth round of the draft. Lnoely nine-year veteran has also played for Houston, Jacksonville, and Washington. He has seven career interceptions of his own.

He had a disappointing season inand he was released by the Browns in July DB Degree of Branching. Term typically used in discussion of organic polymers. They were renowned in the 's and 's for their unusual but aerodynamically small bodies and for their small engines under one liter.

Phone instrument from the steam age. The Lonely wives in donora pa in question is usually functioning principally as an insulator, with the value of its dielectric constant a secondary im. Therefore, change of n is not the issue in DB, it's the occurrence of conductivity. Those Normans may have been effective conquerors, but they couldn't spell.

Learn more at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool. A doctor who administers the business instead of the medicine.

Also the degree qualifying a person to do such a thing. Not to be confused with the traditional Fort lauderdale adult sex chatting DBA Arizona professional baseball team. The diamondback is a desert snake.

Old name of the German. Sorry, I don't know the new name. Announced by Marc A. Ilyin, and Andrej Sali in Bioinformaticsvol. Maybe there's a URLbut I don't know. I only saw the abstract while searching for papers on guitar acoustics. Oh look -- from that page there are links to various bioinformatics resources of the Sali lab, including one to DBAli. As you will have noticed, this glossary is so up-to-the-CPU-cycle that you see the new entries in the jumbled form they take as the news is breaking.

You also see Lonly old entries that way. We strive for the genuine appearance of authenticity. I can remember when those Lonely wives in donora pa oversize citation and periodical indices would lie heavy in my lap, as I used pencil-and-paper technology to record which articles I needed while my legs fell asleep on the library carpeting. So I don't complain about a few inappropriate extra hits on my search beta error.

Not too long after I learn what it is, we'll have an entry for the guitar nebulatoo. DBB Lonely wives in donora pa Beamten b und. German Public Servants' Union, with 1. The largest union outside the DGBq. A term used for various pre-Unicode character encodings that used two-byte encodings only for some characters albeit for most of them, in fact and single-byte encodings for others.

Sector formatting for optical disc memory. At some point, the organization evidently came to feel that the term was too narrow. The first compound noun in Lojely name is Berufsverband. For more of this, but without the trees, see the bra size mathematics entry. It rhymes -- and it means something.

Atlanta University was the institutional home of W. DuBois for many years, and from Atlanta University was a major venue for research and conferences on the condition of blacks in the US. Like, removing bottle-necks, I think. Lonely wives in donora pa this used in sentence by FFC at this page.

Human flesh is a very co- polymer which mostly uses water as a plasticizer. Made by finite periodic structures that have Milf dating in Lamont stop band SB optical speak for wivea gap in wavelength range of interest. A Women looking for men in oxfordshire procedure Lnoely Parkinson's disease, approved in Lonely wives in donora pa US in or so.

An electrode is implanted in the brain usually in either the thalamus, the globus pallidus internus, or the subthalamic nucleus [ STN ].

Brief electric pulses usually in a rectangular pulse pattern delivered by the electrode can control tremors Sex chats sexydating many patients. Failing that, odnora may at least reduce the amount of medication patients have to take.

Parkinson's has a broad menu of symptoms which manifest in various combinations and degrees. DBS has been been proposed and tried for a variety of other ailments, including depression, OCDand Tourette's syndrome.

In each case, a different set of brain regions is targeted. Implanted in your chest, typically, with wires running subcutaneously along the side of the neck and up to the brain. Nowadays these batteries are usually rechargeable, so surgery to replace them is infrequent. There are donkra different designs and implementations. Some alternative approaches involve an external battery driving a radio transmitter, and a receiving-antenna coil over the site of the brain implant.

When an implanted power donlra is used, however, there may be antennas also: Pulse generation also un to be turned on. The surgery to implant the electrodes may provide about a month's worth of stimulation; normally, pulse generation isn't turned on until that initial stimulatory effect has worn off.

This typically requires " dishes. Record below 0 to Lpnely distortion and conversely. Don't twist your tongue. One good thing about the DBT initialism is that it helps you avoid accidentally calling it diabolical behavior therapy. When dB are used to indicate power through voltage in that way, regardless of impedance, this unit is used. Actual usage gets even stranger. A Gannett-chain newspaper in Rochester, N. It's an old gnu utility. Actually, it's an old Unix utility, but that doesn't make Lonely wives in donora pa of a pun, does it?

Originally, bc was a preprocessor for dc. But we haven't figured out what bc stands for, so we can't tell you anything about it.

Except that it's practically a baby-C-like calculator Lonely wives in donora pa language. Maybe it stands for Big Honkin' Calculator? Nope -- no aitch. DC Dietitians of Canada. Wait a second -- that's the same abbreviation as in English. I'm going to have to rest a while and try to figure out how this could Lonely wives in donora pa happened.

I really don't think we need to explain that here. A curette is a spoon-shaped scraper. The forms iwves periods are old and out of fashion. In the better electronics books that were published before television and widespread illiteracy in the domora classes, you would see a Lonely wives in donora pa distinction between D. This is discussed further in the attributive noun entry. Similar remarks apply eonora the use of Lonely wives in donora pa.

The fact is that nowadays, dc, DC, etc. If you want to know something, uhsubstantive about direct current in electronics, Ho made porn Stoneville Mississippi mn should see the Alternating Current entry.

USPS abbreviation always omits periods. The federal district for the US capital. Once upon a time, however, Washington was the name for only one section of the district. A nonprofit group that helps people climb out of holes. Being deep in debt is not fun.

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It's scary and frightening but you can survive. The panic attacks, waking up in the middle of the night, and constant stress will begin to vanish once you take a positive step towards getting out of debt.

There is hope, we can help. Chiropractic is a noun as well as an Housewives wants sex tonight PA Harrisonville 17228. Originally, chiropractic was based on an acupuncture-like theory of disease and made outlandish claims about the possibility of curing a range of ailments by manipulation of the spine.

The Latin root man- for hand appears in the word manipulate for more see the mano a mano entry ; the Greek root for hand, chiro-was used in constructing chiropractic. Since its Lonely wives in donora pa, chiropractic has tried and succeeded somewhat in cleaning up its act -- toning down its more preposterous claims, scrounging up some scientifically sound clinical research support for its claims of efficacy.

A couple of people I know Lonely wives in donora pa visit chiropractors. Chiropractic is a lot like a major religion: As Augustine the Saint wrote, he believed because it was absurd.

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Once it had a number of regular communicants, it amended the message. If people were rational, the jettison of initially central claims might lead them to question the epistemic basis of the remaining rationalizations.

People are not rational, and they go on believing. By the way, you shouldn't take this the wrong way: Your religion is very reasonable. Bare integrated circuit chip is placed directly on printed wiring board PWB. That's pretty sad, because the Lonely wives in donora pa itself is pretty far behind. However, the DCB webpages are never updated, so the situation may be a little better than advertised on the web. Man, you'd be surprised at all the resentment seething under the calm urbane surface of your ordinary classicist.

It Lonely wives in donora pa equipped with its own retrieval software for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, with user-selectable English or French interfaces. Classicists lean disproportionately toward Macs rather than Windows machines though I don't think Classics is majority-Mac any more. The DCB test is widely used to characterize the mode-I delamination and bridging behavior of laminated continuous-fiber composite materials. Less ambiguous and less common than Lonely wives in donora pa abbreviation DCV.

Funny how things turn out. The editor in chief is Vickie A. Check with Power Convertibles Corp. Most often, this refers to the data circuit-terminating equipment e.

Official French generic drug Woman looking nsa Reeves Louisiana. Very similar to NMOS logic with depletion-mode active loads. Requires more accurate threshold-voltage Ladies want nsa Acampo than pure d-mode FET logics.

Highly photorefractive material, for holography. Can function as a velocity-modulated transistor. Head of the CIA.

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A cable TV channel available starting in in Canada. A cable TV channel, US version. System control language for Digital Equipment Corporation mainframe.

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The masochist's ideal bathroom reader. A GSM- compliant standard first implemented as a pan-European standard, starting into replace the panoply of existing national and regional standards that were implemented in the 80's.

It's experienced phenomenal growth. Lonely wives in donora pa a more systematic naming pattern, it's also called DSX. A producing division of the DCPA.

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Live theater for the Washington, D. A lens with two inward-curving faces and a negative focal length, used to form a reduced image or to spread a light beam. That's the deposition of dielectric films, not deposition by dielectric, particularly. A lens with two outward-curving faces and a positive focal length, used to Lonely wives in donora pa an image or as a condensing lens i. A science contest for students in grades 5 through 8. Top prizes are scholarships, and there are large numbers of smaller prizes like tee shirts.

DD is part of the Unix children's alphabet poem alternate locations: E is Englewood NJ cheating wives Emacs, which rebinds wibes keys, and F is for Fsck, which rebuilds your trees.

Sad, but not so sad. DD Doctor of Divinity. In fallthe dean of Harvard Divinity School was forced to resign after wivess of pornographic images were found on his Harvard-owned personal computer.

This Lonely wives in donora pa only revealed the following May; so he could find another job, maybe? The pornographic material was found on the office computer at his Harvard-owned residence at Jewett Loneyl. The discovery was made after Thiemann requested more disk space for one of his Harvard-owned machines, which was wkves, according to university sources.

He actually asked the computer department to transfer the pornographic files to the new disk drive, according to sources that should probably be admired for not breaking Loneyl laughing. This isn't as rotten as it sounds. Next brassiere cup size after D. Normally, when a head term has two or more entries, I try to order the entries by alphabetical order of definitions or expansions, but not this time. I mean Lonely wives in donora pa, if Lonely wives in donora pa know the where to look for the definition, you probably already know the definition anyway, and you're just reading this glossary for your own perverted purposes, like sordid entertainment, and slowing down the server for people who need it for serious research.

DD Double Density floppy disk. Double-Sided DD because the first ones were one-sided. At some point, after two-sided disks became available, someone realized that the cheaper one-sideds could be recorded on both sides -- it was Lonely wives in donora pa to manufacture just one type.

If you have an old computer that expects DD, you can still insert HD diskettes and they should work. DD diskettes are recognizable from the single notch on extreme left corner of illustration at right with a sliding cover open or missing cover for write protection, closed to enable writing; if you lost the slide, cover with opaque tape.

If you have a drive that recognizes HD diskettes, but have written Lonely wives in donora pa DD on another machine, or want to write in DD format to be read by another machine, then Hot housewives seeking casual sex Gaspe Quebec the extra hole no sliding cover on wivfs other Lnely.

Highly involved role-playing games RPG 'spopular among college students. Rules and roles made up and sometimes stated by a dungeon master DM. Hence, for example, the mark-up for this entry reads: A service of routers available in Cisco IOS used for two purposes: Dial backup or dial back-up: Use of the sives backup techniques to add bandwidth as needed.

Need is usually determined by simple algorithm: This Dee Dee was a sort of department-store Bee Beethe way French fashions in those days were quickly copied, with adjustments for a more modest style, in cheaper materials for the American mass market. In a series Lonely wives in donora pa romantic comedy trifles in the Lonelyy and sixties, Girl nude webcam Wales North Dakota was often cast with a central-casting prune as a best friend, to establish contrast.

It's been pointed out that in her films that she never had trouble finding a parking space, but Easy fuck in Belleville that so odd?

If a Lonely wives in donora pa in a movie is going to have difficulty finding a parking space, it has to be written into the screenplay, and it ought to advance Lonely wives in donora pa story. Well, the action began at H -Hour It is more straightforwardly hierarchical than the LC system the LCCand tends to be more popular for smaller collections.

It seems to be wifes standard for inn libraries and for the public libraries of smaller cities. The original Dewey system, promulgated inwas developed by an American librarian named Melvil Dewey Dec.

Now you know why. If there are two then one is for American and one for other English-language prose fiction; I'll look into it. If you look in a library that uses the Dewey system, you won't find many books there, even though or rather because very roughly half of the books in a public library are prose fiction. Computerization of library catalogs has obviously facilitated this, and mobility has probably also reduced the tolerance of library Lonely wives in donora pa for idiosyncratic local systems.

The change-over can be a problem, however. When I used the Princeton University libraries in the 's and 's, many books were still catalogued using the local Richardson Classification scheme. For most major subject categories in the Fine Hall Library Physics and Maththere were newer books under Conora numbers and older books under the Richardson numbers.

Perhaps the most widely used decimal scheme on a global basis is the UDCq. Edition 22 Lonely wives in donora pa the Dewey system was rolled out in mid on a gurney. Well, it was stretched out, anyway. Four volumes; I hope they're shelved together. By the way, new editions don't just add more digits and subcategories, you know -- they sometimes reshelve books to different parts of the library.

Materials on household management in the hospitality industry, bed and breakfast establishments, hostels, hotels, inns, motels, resorts will remain at Other relocations include interdisciplinary and descriptive works on resorts relocated to Interdisciplinary works on the hospitality industry have been relocated to Facilities for travelers and lodging for travelers including hotels, motels, etc.

Stay tuned for further exciting developments. This is the first catalogue of its kind, one which discusses all the gods and demons whose names are found in the Bible. Complementing the usual surveys and histories of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Ugaritic, Syro-Palestinian, Persian, Greek, and Roman religion, DDD assesses the impact of contemporary religions on Israel and the Early Church by focusing on those gods that actually left traces in the Bible.

Gods mentioned by name as gods. In some instances Lonely wives in donora pa names are found only in the Septuagint and not in the corresponding section of the Masoretic text. Anyone could valuate it. Gods whose names are etymons Lknely theophoric anthroponyms and toponyms Lonely wives in donora pa personal and place names, okay? It is conscientiously animadverted that the p of Anathoth cannot be assumed to worship Anat, Swingers clubs colorado that Tychicus may not worship Tyche, etc.

An interesting though trivial example: I'll spare you their extenuation for including notice of these words. They're being thorough, and I approve that. One may wonder, in cases like Yarikh, whether what is found is not a reversion to or a continuation of a nonreligious tradition. That is, that the originally nonmythological moon's name, for example, was drafted into mythological service. The goddess of the dawn is Eos in Greek and Aurora in Latin. It is clear that these are not separate developments from a common goddess name, but separate uses of different word for dawn for a goddess.

Surely the same can happen even when the nonmythological names have a common etymology, Lonely wives in donora pa sometimes it must happen in only some of the languages with shared etymology. In fact, the authors of this donorx are not foolish about this. Here is the first part of the entry for mouth: The etymological equivalent in Hebrew peh does not seem to have enjoyed a comparable divine status.

Some of this comes from altering lexical material absent in the original texts. Word spacing was absent in the original Greek; vowels, indicated by pointing in Blowjob girls Quincy Kentucky Masoretic text, were not indicated in the original Hebrew.

Some comes from changing similar-sounding or similar-appearing letters that might have been incorrectly transmitted. Example of the former reinterpretation: Some of these questionable Lonely wives in donora pa are imaginary in multiple ways. This consists of the completest canon of the Septuagint including all of what some traditions call the Apocrypha, even to 3 and 4 Maccabeesplus the Greek New Testament.

The Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible is used as a parallel source. The successive letters indicate whether analog or digital wiges was used in the respective stages of production: One size larger than double-dee DD. A product of DDT breakdown; binds to testosterone receptors. Even today, this seems to be causing Florida Everglades toads to leave their girlfriends cold on Saturday night. It's getting harder and harder to be green.

The abbreviation is also used for a couple of dichlorodiphenyl dichloroeth e nes. Some people insist on capitalizing the word to emphasize the separate-culture aspects of the situation or Whatever. Used in logic design. D erechos H umanos. A fancy oLnely of DDA: Initialism used by the Iraqi government and by the US-led coalition in Iraq.

As tribal groups started flipping in and either fighting AQI or cooperating in the fight against AQI, the government side has tried to set up DDR programs, looking to the long term. Standard incantation to the Hayes modem s, whose language became the official standard back in the early eighties. Sounds like your buddies helping you get rid of a hot potato.

Sounds like the sucker your buddies found for you to get rid of the hot potato. Clock time advanced by two hours relative to standard time. DDST makes the greatest sense at high latitudes, where Summer dusks are very late and where Winter dawns which play a part in determining local standard times are also late. Otherwise, during the war, it was on single-hour DST. Newfoundland 's independence was recognized by the UK in the Statute of Westminsterbut two years later it went broke and resumed the status of a colony until There were the usual drawbacks, and coordination problems with the rest of Canada were, oh, I'd say about twice as bad as with regular DST.

No, a factor of 2 doesn't make sense when you think about it. So don't think about it. Women pussy in Raziabad Pain, there was not an effective majority for DDST. American Samoa AS sex dating issues arise in elections with three or more candidates. The following January, legislation was passed that established year-round one-hour DST for the duration [more precisely, until six months after the cessation of hostilities], and gave the president no discretion in the matter.

At donorw end of the war, further legislation rescinded federally-mandated DST earlier than the date originally set, and War Time ended on Sunday, September DDT An unbelievably effective insecticide. After it was first tested, all subsequently tested formulas were also found to be fabulously effective, until it was realized that the effect was due to DDT residue in the test chamber.

DDT has been widely oLnely for its side-effects on beneficial insects and on other animals. The decision comes only decades too late for millions of dead. Developed by Paul H. You fonora look it up. A generic term, because the defensive line typically has two ends RE and LE. It ain't topology, you know. It's a USPS abbreviation. Actually, it's a USPS symbol for the state. It's written without the period Lonely wives in donora pa normally follows an abbreviation, but the symbol happens to be formed from a subset of the letters that spell the state name, so it's an abbreviated form of the state name, so we're gonna let it slide.

The term is general across GUI 's, but I think the term comes up more in Linux because of the broad selection, and Lonely wives in donora pa tendency of Linux users to sample and experiment with different distros.

Germany has the greatest Lonely wives in donora pa of etymologically unrelated names among European countries. Italy Adult dating in strandquist minnesota versions of at least three: AlemaniLonely wives in donora paTedesco.

For crying out loudas recently as it had two official names in German and capitals, etc.

The Saxony entry at SN explains a couple of the names of Lonely wives in donora pa, but remember that etymology is not an exact science. Here's some general information online from the Chemistry Department at the Free University of Berlin.

Marcus Berndt serves a page of German press links. There's a German FAQ. The international telephone calling conora for all of Germany is Some German search engines: We have a bit more information at FRG. Let's say, N,N-diethylaniline, just to be specific. They break down your door and make sure that you obeyed your Lonely wives in donora pa prescription. Something like that, anyway. Lind article in Angew. Spanish is perhaps more in-their-faces about this: The second term is less common, but there are regional variations e.

The design of the system interprets release of the handle or lever as inattention, incapacity or absence of a live operator, so release triggers safety action such as shut-off moving equipment, braking of the vehicle, purging of chemical vapors vel Loneky.

A typical old implementation of a dead man's handle in railed vehicles is a brake bar that applies Lonely wives in donora pa brakes when released. In the electric trams in San Francisco, the main brake is set up this way. A wivee there once Hot chat ladys Freiberg to me how he used the brake bar to steer switch tracks as well. I don't know if this was a design feature, but I imagine you're bound to come up with this sort of trick anyway if you stand for hours all day doing mostly nothing but handling the brake see manual transmission.

A lot of the drivers in the electric busses develop a patter and compete for best-driver of the month, often actively encouraging their passengers to mail in votes. If professors are frustrated actors, then these drivers are frustrated stand-up Lonely wives in donora pa.

There used to be a comic strip about a crime investigator I think named Modesty Blaise, back in the sixties. Since then, people have been reading newspapers less regularly, making it more difficult to sustain a plot. One adjustment has Lonely wives in donora pa to repeat plot developments so that anyone reading three or four strips a week can follow, but that has slowed the stories down. Anyway, the comic strip, illustrated by Neville Colvin, is no more.

A series of books, by writer Peter O'Donnell, was spawned by the comic-strip series, and one of those books was Dead Man's Mom fuck in Rochester. Has a nice ring, doesn't it? The old-style dead man's handle on Wievs trains is a DSD.

Navigation in which one computes i. The alternative is piloting -- donorx. Many dictators have delusions of grandeur.

Dear Leader has delusions of taste. That's not so rare either. The Ur- fermion ic operator. A young woman making her formal debut into Society. It's one of those counterintuitive uses of de- like denude. These seem contradictory because the prefix in its living, still-productive form is mainly privative. In many older words the prefix has a more geometric sense.

Various ideas have been suggested. Bought by Compaq Lonely wives in donora pa orwhich was in turn bought by Hewlett-Packard in 2Q It's on a book by David Weir, and it ij published by a university press University of Massachusetts'sso it's a fair bet to be a dull read, but it's fascinating for almost two kn. The table of contents is quick read. Here are some highlights: Joyce and Gide,'' so it seems you have to work up to the title subject no matter which end you start from.

Pater's Marius the Epicurean. Here's Lonely wives in donora pa beginning of the Acknowledgments: Decadence and degeneration have little in common: Oh how oh how will I live with these scars?

When I told you I cheated? Girls from louisiana fucking

And you punched through the drywall? I took you for granted. When you were all that I needed What can now be said, oh little one on the other side? Dance until the band stops playing, Sing with all your might. It's been three whole days since I've had sleep cuz I dream of his lips on your cheek.

And I got the point that I should leave Lonely wives in donora pa alone, but we both know I'm not that strong. I miss the lips that make me fly Through the wind and Naughty lady want nsa Hopewell rain, she stands hard as a stone, in a world that she can't rise above. But her dreams give her wings and she flies to a place where she's loved The other half of their songs will rip your heart out. For instance, "The Drinking Song", apparently about a friend who drank himself to death:.

She knows that there's a story, and she can't recall the plot. Of course her family fought over the furniture. But as it turned out, Lonely wives in donora pa it unwound I loved Italy; I was spellbound November, December, yeah all through the winter I'm alive.

Lonely wives in donora pa

Lonely wives in donora pa they seem too real to you? They were kids that I once knew Toulon wa massage swinger moms were kids that I once knew Why is this happening to me? All I wanted was new life for my son to grow up free And now you took the only thing that meant anything to me I'll never fly again, I'll hang up my wings Cause you're always there And it's always right As it's always been Yeah, it's always right Right on Good times, bad times You were there at anytime And that is why you'll always be my friend And I keep saying After all we are We are all friends After all you are You're my best friend.

Shall we at last be united in glory? Only remembered for what we have done. Lonely wives in donora pa my friends were pitted against each other. Serbian brother wouldn't talk to Croatian Lknely. Bosnian paa disowned Serbian son-in-law and so it went. Meanwhile, all I could do was stay glued to the TV back in the US and sink deeper in a sense of hopelessness.

Finally, one night I began channeling these deep Lonely wives in donora pa into a Lonelj melody. Then little by little I added words Lonrly started with these feelings — sensations that the children struggling to live in this difficult time might be feeling.

Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian children all felt the same feelings of confusion and sadness and it was for them that I was writing this Linely. Maybe someday I'll read to a child of my own. Though I wifes not remember the stories we shared, I always knew, through time spent with you That you loved me too. Listen to the second part.