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Looking for my stoner chic

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I like music and i listen to just bout ev thing. His well hung with great.

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Sometimes you have to be a grownup, but that doesn't mean you can't let your friendly flag chicly fly. Plaid Looking for my stoner chic not going to pretend like I don't love a good flannel, but no matter how much I dress one up, I chid look Lookkng I'm headed to the laundry mat.

There will always be a time and place for plaid, but when you're trying to look chill and like you can be trusted with the company AMEX, you've got to step it up.

Metallic Dhic rare that clothing can say both young and chic at the same time. Normally, borrowing from teen fashions will have you looking like Britney Spears's mom in her Seven Jeans and "fun top. Hemp Necklaces Before the Internet, someone had to teach you Looking for my stoner chic make these, and God forbid you were the only one of your friends who didn't know how. All through geometry class, kids churned these out like they had a quota to meet and their boss was a real ball breaker.

The coolest of the cools would embellish theirs with a fatty glass bead, or worse yet, an enamel hemp leaf. Eventually schools started to ban Looking for my stoner chic, which only made Loooking cooler. Chokers A choker will still give you that I-just-got-out-of-detention vibe without looking like you're on your way to a Phish concert.

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Try a soft braided leather tied chif around your neck, or go more bad bitch with sculptural gold or silver. I was stoned, so I thought it was real. Tailored Wide-Leg Denim Comfy, stylish, and flattering—what more could you want?

Here's where I use some fashion magazine trope and say you can wear them to the office and then to cocktails with the girls! Don't give anyone probable cause.

Oversize Parka A very slight tweak and now you look like a blogger instead of a dealer, but you still have all the pockets you need for whatever you need them for. What are you up stlner anyway?

Not the same, Mom! Nevertheless, a logo tee can really epitomize an era so that's what this example is all about ok?

Birkenstocks This might as well be everyone's older sister's senior picture if you know what I mean. Birkenstocks It's all about context. Fashion people are all "Birkenstocks are back!

Tie-Dye Tie dye is still cool, and it's still everywhere, but that doesn't mean you chicc wear it to the dang ballet. Print Here's where you can get really expressive and go deep into showing everyone like who you really are mannnn.

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The world of print ztoner vast and thrilling — go forth! Wearable Drug Rugs You may wear a baja pullover if you are camping or at the beach. Even the beach is pushing it.

Actually probably just nah. It's basically a muumuu that makes everyone look like a '70s ingenue vacationing in Marrakesh, so the only real question is; why have anything else in your closet?

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There you go — I just solved every wardrobe problem you've ever had. Jesse Meighan Contributor Special skills include: