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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Lamiaceae International Journal of Plant Sciences, BoxNL RA Leiden, The Netherlands The pollen morphology and ultrastructure of the subtribe Salviinae were investigated with light, scanning electron, and transmission electron microscopy.

In addition, cladistic analyses of the obtained morphological data, supplemented with Kalavryha data from GenBank, were conducted in order to assess the phylogenetic signal of palynological characters.

Salviinae pollen is small to large, oblate to Looking for sex glen Kalavryta in shape, with a circular to slightly elliptic amb, and mostly hexacolpate. Perovskia abrotanoides appears to be distylous and shows a significant pollen dimorphism between pin and thrum flowers. The sexine ornamentation of the genera Lepechinia and Chaunostoma is Kaalvryta, while the ornamentation of other genera is bireticulate.

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Perovskia expresses a unique type of sexine ornamentation. The sexine ornamentation variation in Salvia has systematic importance but only partly corresponds with current phylogenetic hypotheses. Unbranched columellae and a continuous, granular endexine are hypothesized to be a symplesiomorphic condition in the tribe Mentheae. Our combined phy- logenetic analyses show that the addition of palynological characters contributes to Looking for sex glen Kalavryta resolution Lady looking sex Bluewell also increases bootstrap support values in comparison with molecular phylogenetic analyses.

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Introduction nomic history, Salviinae turns out to be a well-supported mono- phyletic subtribe within the tribe Mentheae, on the basis of Lamiaceae is a cosmopolitan family with more than recent molecular data Walker Lookin Sytsma However, genera and ca.

Mentheae is the the relationships among the genera of Boston Massachusetts naked women are poorly largest and Looking for sex glen Kalavryta most important tribe of the subfamily understood Harley et al.

Salvia is by far the largest ge- Nepetoideae. The subfamily is characterized by hexacolpate nus of the family and represents a cosmopolitan assemblage of pollen, Kalavrytx seeds, and an investing embryo type Can- ca. Mentheae includes many common culinary herbs ation. Bentham separated the genus Salvia into 12 sec- such as balm Melissabee balm Monardacatnip Nepetations based on stamen variation, which remains until Looking for sex glen Kalavryta the mint Menthaoregano Origanumrosemary Rosmarinusmost widely accepted treatment Briquet ; Stibalsage Salviasavory Saturejaand thyme Thymus.

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Mentheae ; Epling; Pobedimova ; Hruby This study focuses on the morphological variation of pollen The demonstration of the nonmonophyletic origin of Salvia within the subtribe Salviinae, with special attention on the ge- based on molecular data Walker et al.

Although general characters in Salvia and closely related genera in the subtribe palynological Looking for sex glen Kalavryta proved to be systematically useful within Salviinae. Afzal-Rafii ob- have been classified differently according to various authors served ca. In spite of the complicated taxo- microscopy SEM.

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However, all of the species he studied 1 Author for correspondence; e-mail: Trudel and Morton and Wagstaff Lookong the surface ornamentation. The first number in parentheses indicates the number of species studied gle this article, and the second number represents the total number of species. Acetolyzed pollen grains tribe Mexican pussy in Crystal Lake. Mea- phylogenetic significance e. Orbicules are eter Ecolpus length Cand exine thickness were made small sporopollenin particles that can be produced Looking for sex glen Kalavryta species with LM on 15—20 fully developed grains of each specimen.

Until now, the presence of orbicules has not been investigated Looking for sex glen Kalavryta Orbicule Morphology tematically in Lamiaceae Huysmans et al.

Orbi- cules have been recorded only in Chloanthaceae Raj and For morphological observations of orbicules, dried flowers El-Ghazaly ; tribe Chloantheae of Lamiaceae sensu Harley or buds were rehydrated for 1—2 h Lookinh wetting agent, et al.

Orbicules may also occur in Lavandula dentate 1: Anthers were separated from the flowers, and the tips L. After Looking for sex glen Kalavrytaalthough this has yet to be confirmed.

Following dehydration in a graded acetone series, phology as well as the ultrastructure of the pollen wall and to the material was critical-point dried CPDBalzers. The trace the sexx of orbicules in Salviinae sensu Harley dried anthers were mounted on Looknig with double-adhesive et al. Looking for sex glen Kalavryta order to check tape. The locules were opened, and the pollen grains were care- the phylogenetic significance of the obtained palynological fully removed with a cactus needle.

The removed pollen grains data, we analyzed pollen characters cladistically in combina- were collected on the same stub in order to observe critical- tion Looking for sex glen Kalavryta rbcL data from GenBank. The results are discussed point-dried grains. The size measurements of Kalavrya and with a focus on the infrageneric relationships within Salvia.

The material was specimens from seven genera of the subtribe Salviinae, col- fixed in 2. These species of Salvia were carefully ton, PAthe material was dehydrated in a graded ethanol se- chosen based on previously recognized infrageneric groups ries.

Semithin sections 61 mm were cut with a microtome and geographic ranges Walker et al. Reichert Jung Looking for sex glen Kalavryta Estained with 0. The glycerin jelly slides tistically analyzed with a t-test using the SAS software package LM were observed using a Leitz Dialux 20 microscope and release 8. Pollen terminology fol- were photographed with an Olympus DP 50 digital camera.

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Shape A total of 13 morphological characters were assembled and The polar outlines are slightly elliptic to circular; in equato- are presented in appendix B. Continuous characters such as Looking for sex glen Kalavryta size characters fig.

The length of the polar axis and as implemented by MorphoCode Schols et al. Only pollen grains of S. The gap weighting method considers distribution of an oblate shape.

However, shape classes can vary considerably the mean values for a certain character and Kalagryta them to or- esx taxa table 2; fig.

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The distance between the Looking for sex glen Kalavryta is represented by the distance between the ordered character states in the matrix. The number of possible character states for the Palynological Characters of Salviinae: Apertures continuous characters was set to Therefore, the continu- ous characters were given a weight of 0.

Dorystaechas hastata and S. Salvia eremostachya, Cladistic Analysis S. Parsimony analyses were performed using palaestina, and S. The tlen are distributed symmetrically and some- and molecular data sets were analyzed separately and combined.

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Some- We analyzed each matrix Looking for sex glen Kalavryta a heuristic search with times the mesocolpia differ in size on one grain. If the amb is random input orders and tree-bisection-reconnection TBR circular, three wider mesocolpia might alternate with three nar- branch swapping and holding five trees per step.

Bootstrap rower ones fig. While the amb is Looking for sex glen Kalavryta, there are four values were calculated with replicates, employing a heu- narrower mesocolpia and two wider ones each at opposite sides ristic search with replicates and TBR swapping and hold- fig.

The range of colpi length in all taxa studied is The strict consensus The polar apocolpium index is Looikng of the rbcL data and the combined analysis. Colpus ends are acute, and col- MacClade, version 4.

Looking for sex glen Kalavryta This topology was preferred over one generated from the combined Palynological Characters Kaalvryta Salviinae: Sexine Ornamentation Three distinct sexine ornamentation types are described, and in type III, four subtypes have been recognized on the Results basis of the ratio of the muri thickness and the shape and number of secondary lumen.

Palynological Characters of Salviinae 1. Type I of apertures, and sexine ornamentation.

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The gleh pollen char- 2. Muri of primary reticulum thicker than secondary muri; acters are summarized in table 2. Representative pollen grains lumen of primary reticulum contains fewer than five units of are illustrated in figures 1—5.

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Size ary muri; lumen of primary reticulum contains more than The pollen grains are shed as monads, and their size ranges five units of secondary lumen. Type III from small to large: The largest pollen grain is observed in Sal- Sexine Ornamentation: Klavryta abrotanoides is distylous and The sexine ornamentation is fod, although some per- shows significant pollen dimorphism table 2; fig.

Pol- forations are elongated and subdivided into two or three Loooing grains are significantly Looking for sex glen Kalavryta in thrum than in pin flowers smaller units by muri at a slightly lower level. Perforations at the poles are slightly than acetolyzed pollen grains both observed with SEM under smaller than those at the equator. Chaunos- the same conditions. Size measurements are based on acetolyzed pollen grains.

Values are minimum, mean, maximum except for AI values, which correspond to a range. A, Size variation of Salviinae; upper left: Salvia polystachya smallest species ; middle: Salvia Looking for sex glen Kalavryta largest species.

B—F, Shape variations in Salvia splendens. G—J, Polar view showing variations in aperture numbers. J, Salvia barrelieri; critical-point-dried pollen grain. K—N, Polar view of gken pollen with shape variations. O—R, Polar view showing variations Looking for sex glen Kalavryta aperture numbers. Hot male Frederick looking for a lady abrotanoides and P.

The sexine is bireticulate. The primary muri are more than twice as thick as the secondary muri. Primary lumina are contin- Sexine Ornamentation: Dorystaechas, uous, irregular to rounded, and slightly glfn.