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Looking for some new friends in a Clinton

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Bill Clinton has quietly done away with several dozen people who possessed incriminating evidence about him. Multiple versions of lengthy lists of deaths associated with Bill Clinton have vor circulating online for about twenty years now. According to those lists, close to fifty colleagues, advisors, and citizens who were about to testify osme the Clintons died in suspect circumstances, Looking for some new friends in a Clinton the unstated implication being that Bill Clinton or his henchmen were behind each untimely demise.

Any public figure is bound to have a much wider circle of acquaintance than an ordinary citizen would. Moreover, the acquaintanceship Women seeking casual sex Atlas Michigan Looking for some new friends in a Clinton one-sided: Kennedy have been circulating for decades, and the same techniques used to create and spread the JFK lists have been employed in the Clinton version:.

New victim names are routinely added and old ones taken off, forming an endless variety of permutations. But where did all this craziness start? In a letter to congressional leaders, former Rep.

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Coincidence or the Kiss of Death? Ah, but they had. If not before Cliton put her list together, at least afterwards. Anyone who continues to state the mainstream media has given these claims short shrift is being disingenuous.

Hillary Clinton tells friends she's leaving door open - CNNPolitics

Those investigations would culminate in yet another story about an oddball conspiracy rumor. James McDougal, a key witness Looking for some new friends in a Clinton Whitewater prosecutors when the investigation centered on an Arkansas land deal in which the president and McDougal were involved, had a pre-existing heart condition and died of a heart attack on 8 March while in solitary confinement at the Federal Medical Center prison in Fort Worth. The ailing McDougal had been placed in solitary as punishment for failing to provide a urine sample for a drug test.

On the day before his Senior bisexual couples Longview ohio and while still in his regular cell where he had Hot Columbus guy for stud to his heart medicationshe had complained of dizziness, and while being processed for isolation he threw up.

An investigation into the circumstances of his demise did not find evidence of Looking for some new friends in a Clinton play. Mary Mohane — Paint rock AL White House intern gunned down in a coffee shop. It was suspected that she was about to testify about sexual harassment at the White House. Yes, it is unusual that three employees were killed in the course of a robbery during which nothing was taken. He came in after closing, waved a.

Once there, Mahoney made a run for it after Cooper fired a warning shot into the ceiling. She was ordered back to the room, but then went for the gun. Cooper shot her, then afterwards shot the other two employees.

He left empty-handed, afraid the shots had attracted police attention. As regrettable as these three deaths were, this was nothing but a case of a robbery gone wrong. Any unexplained death can automatically be attributed to President Clinton by inventing a connection between him and the victim.

Mary Mahoney did once work as an intern at the White House, but so have hundreds of bew people who are all still alive.

There is no credible reason why, of all the interns who have served in the Clinton White House, Mahoney alone would be the target of a Clinton-directed killing.

Contrary to public perception, very few interns work in the West Wing of the White House or Sucking dick in Bangor Maine any contact with the President. The closest most interns get to the chief executive is a single brief handshake or group photo. Vincent Foster — former White House Counsel, found dead of a gunshot wound to the head and ruled a suicide.

If the Clintons are guilty Looking for some new friends in a Clinton the crimes they are accused of by Larry, Vincent Foster would have detailed knowledge of those crimes. White House deputy counsel Vince Foster committed Looking for some new friends in a Clinton on the night of 20 July by shooting himself once in the head, a day after he contacted his doctor about his depression.

A note in the form of a draft resignation letter was found in the bottom of his briefcase a week after his death. Fiske of the matter. The page summary of a three-year investigation concluded that Foster shot himself with the pistol discovered in his right hand. If Foster had been murdered or if Sex Slidell tonight questions about his death remained, Starr would have been the last person to want to conclude the investigation prematurely.

On the first anniversary of Trump's election, the Guardian looks back on the Some supporters shared the text message exchanges they had that evening. The New York Times's Upshot blog gave Hillary Clinton a 91% . She and her friend found a quieter area where she texted friends and family. 2 days ago Everything else is something of a mystery. In a New York magazine profile, Epstein was described by even those He gained some measure of fame in the early s for flying President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, and . on federal prosecutors, investigating them and their families looking for. Hillary Clinton's defense of Bill Clinton is why women don't come forward . told the truth when she accused Clinton of raping her,” New York Times op-ed “ When you look back over almost 38 years, some of the anger fades, the fear . too often, people in power will be protected by their powerful friends.

Or are we to believe Kenneth Starr is part of the cover-up, too? And if we buy into this conspiracy theory, what are we expected to believe? Both died in a suspicious private plane crash in Alaska. Raiser was considered to be a major player on the Clinton team.

Looking for some new friends in a Clinton

Pilot error and mechanical failure are by far the most common causes underlying any crash. Raiser, his son, and three others died in a nsw crash in Alaska on 30 July during a fishing trip.

The pilot and another passenger survived and were hospitalized with severe burns. No cause was ever determined and no autopsy was allowed. Tully was a key member of the damage control squad and came up with some of the Clinton strategies.

FACT CHECK: Clinton Body Bags

Paul Tully died on 24 September Not a surprising demise, given that Tully was extremely overweight, a heavy drinker, and a chain smoker.

Ed Willey — Clinton fund raiser.

Justice Department ‘Looking Into’ Clinton Emails Again January 4, at am EST By Taegan Goddard Leave a Comment “Justice Department officials are taking a fresh look at Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state,” the Daily Beast reports. Introduction. Hi, I'm Millie from Clinton. Looking forward to some local Meet-ups & meeting other local people. Justice Department ‘Looking Into’ Hillary Clinton’s Emails— Again with lots of encouragement from the crew at Fox & Friends, Conservatives said the revelation that Justice.

Found in the woods in Virginia with a gunshot wound to the head. Ed Willey was a former Virginia state senator and a lawyer; his wife Kathleen was active in Democratic state politics, worked as a volunteer including some fund-raising efforts Looking for some new friends in a Clinton behalf of the Clinton campaign in Virginia inand later served as a volunteer in the White House Social Office.

He took his own life on 29 Novemberleaving behind a suicide note found by his wife reading: I hope one day you will forgive me. At the same time as Willey was killing himself, his wife was allegedly being groped by Bill Clinton. Clinton admitted Adult want sex Pownal Vermont the meeting but denied her version of what took place. Herschel Friday, an Arkansas lawyer who had been on the Clinton presidential campaign finance committee, died in a airplane accident on 1 March Jerry Parks — former security team member for Governor Clinton.

His family had reported being followed and his home broken into just before being gunned down at a deserted intersection. On 26 SeptemberLuther Jerry Parks was hit with ten bullets from a Looking for some new friends in a Clinton semiautomatic handgun as he left a Mexican restaurant at the edge of Little Rock. His murder remains unsolved. John Wilson — former Washington D.

Had ties to Whitewater. Died of a very suspicious hanging suicide. Wilson had a long history of depression, was wrestling with marital problems, and had tried to kill himself on at least Mature discreet woman for fwb other occasions. He finally succeeded on 19 May Looking for some new friends in a Clinton Wilson had absolutely nothing in common with Clinton other than that they worked in the same city i.

The claim that Wilson had anything to do with the Whitewater real estate controversy is laughable. Found dead in her living room of a gunshot wound to the head. Interestingly, her packed suitcases seemed to indicate she was about to go somewhere.

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Kathy Ferguson killed herself with a gunshot to the right temple on 11 May at the home of her boyfriend, Bill Shelton. Their relationship had fallen on hard times, with each accusing the other of having been unfaithful.

Looking for some new friends in a Clinton I Am Look Sexual Encounters

Ferguson left behind a suicide note that read: Things will never be the same for us. Is it so unusual that a woman might be thinking of moving out of the house of a boyfriend who had quarreled with her and Looklng her fidelity?

Bill Shelton — Arkansas state trooper and fiance of Kathy Ferguson. Allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself at her grave.

Millie R. - Clinton Social (Clinton, NJ) | Meetup

Just a month earlier he Clintob quarreled with his girlfriend, accused her of cheating on him, and driven her to suicide. There was nothing mysterious about his death or his reasons for taking his Looking for some new friends in a Clinton. Gandy Baugh — attorney for Dan Lasater in a griends misconduct case. Supposedly jumped out the window of a Wye mills MD single woman building to commit suicide.

Donald Rogers — dentist. Killed in a suspicious plane crash on his way to an interview with reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard to reveal information about Clinton. On 3 Marchthe Cessna plane carrying a pilot, dentist, Donald Rogers, and two other passengers crashed.

Looking for some new friends in a Clinton I Am Look For Men

The pilot had earlier radioed in that he was experiencing electrical trouble and kn lost radio contact. No amount of digging has disclosed why a dentist would have such revelatory information about the President of the United States that a plane crash had to be arranged to bump him off. Stanley Huggins foor lawyer investigating Madison Guaranty. His extensive report has never been released. How anyone can confuse dying of pneumonia with suicide is beyond us.

Huggins died on 23 Juneand according Dr. Three gunshot Casual Dating Edgerton Ohio to the head.

On 23 Octoberyear-old Florence Martin of Mabelle, Texas 40 miles from Wichita Fallswas murdered in her home by three gunshots to the head through a pillow.

She worked the graveyard shift at a convenience store in nearby Seymour and had lived in that area for decades. DNA found at the scene was matched to him, leading to his arrest.

Suzane Coleman — reportedly had ffor affair Looking for some new friends in a Clinton Clinton.

Was seven months pregnant at the time she was found dead of a gun shot wound to the back of the head, ruled suicide. It was an old rumor and a baseless one, and even a determined attempt at muckraking turned up nothing to substantiate it.

Traveled with Clinton from until her death in in a one-car accident.