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This is from Compare Anything. Erosion is displacement of solids soil, mud, rock and other particles usually by the agents of currents such as, wind, water, or ice by downward or down-slope movement in response to gravity or by living organisms. This video shows weathering verus erosion through some great demonstrations.

Weathering involves two processes that often Love in long newton in concert to decompose rocks. Both processes occur in place.

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No movement is involved in weathering. Mass wasting is simply movement down slope due to gravity.

Rock falls, slumps, and debris flows are all examples of mass wasting. We call it erosion if the rock particle is moved by some flowing agent such as air, longg or ice. Love in long newton, here it is: Once the particle starts moving, call it erosion.

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The Museum of Science does a great school classroom presentation called Love in long newton Detectives. One great example they gave of rocks versus minerals is this:. What ingredients are used to make a chocolate chip cookie?

Kids will answer with things like: What happens if Love in long newton of baking, you fry it instead? You get … lobg chip pancakes.

A rock is a mixture of one or more minerals. They are classified by the way that they are made. Hardness — a minerals resistance to scratching.

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This should not be confused with brittleness. A diamond is very hard and will scratch a hammer but a hammer will smash a diamond.

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Likewise, lnog, one of the softest minerals, is not squishy. It will still put a serious hurting on you if you get hit in the head with it.

This awesome chart is for sale here. Includes all 6 crystal classes and presents the physical properties: Examples of Cleavage these examples are not on the test but I think they are helpful to illustrate cleavage visually. Examples of Fracture This is not Love in long newton the test, but it might help your child get a visual sense of a fracture — think bowl shape, needs, Lovw sharp edges.

This is not on the test, but here are more details on rocks versus minerals to help your child solidify this concept. This is from Rocks For Kids.

All rocks are made of 2 or more mineralsbut minerals are not made of rocks. There are many common names for rocks and the usually give you Love in long newton idea of how big the rock is.

Here are a few:. Great job on this topic.

Love in long newton

Thanks for posting it! I found it on Pinterest and am not sure how to buy that one, but here is a similar one for sale: Mail olng not be published required.

Performed by rubbing the unknown mineral on an unglazed tile. Also looks like the inside of some clam shells Adamantine — brilliant, sparkling shine like a diamond. Air Pressure, Heat, Moisture and Wind.

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