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McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota

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Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. Hot Discounts Kiss Me, Kate! October 23, Back to All Listings. All Stage Managerial positions have been filled. Executive Director, Donna Lynn Hilton: EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition.

An Equity monitor will be provided. Equity is womzn to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion.

As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition. Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions. A dynamic and attractive leading man, with energy and charisma to Nortb.

A compelling conman, posing as a traveling salesman, who uses his great warmth and personality to put one over on the folks of River City. McKfnzie, confident and a resolute bachelor until he meets his match in the town librarian. Seeking a skilled and dynamic actor with great depth and personal appeal. Must move and sing well.

A dynamic and appealing leading lady, with great depth and vulnerability.

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Artistic, deeply intelligent and strong- willed, she possesses a hidden warmth, vulnerability and sizable romantic streak - just below the surface. Seeking an actor of great skill, with a warm and Ireland fucking wife voice. Comedic character Daktoa, with loads energy and appeal. Immensely affable and well-intentioned, he gets caught up in the scam when Harold enlists his help.

Nortu strong comedic actor, who moves and sings well. Warm and funny character actress with credible Irish dialect.

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The warm-hearted, straight-talking widowed Mother of Marion and 8 year-old, Winthrop. Fiercely loyal to her children, she is a good listener with a strong sense of humor and self. Comedic character man, with stature and personality.

Full of self- importance and bluster, he is easily distracted as he frequently clashes with new-comer, Harold as well as the young man pursuing his daughter.

Top-tier comedic character actress with great loney chops and appeal. Snobby, status-oriented busybody who conversely possesses an eccentric, artistic side.

McKenzie County, North Dakota - Wikipedia

Travels with a pack of sycophantic gossips. Very strong comedic skills. Should move and sing well. She has arrived in a very small Florida town with her preacher father to start a new life.

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But adjusting to life without her mom and a single father is complicated for our little heroine. Until she bumps into a big, stray, furry dog which she names, Winn-Dixie, after McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota grocery store where she runs into him.

Completely in love with her dog, Opal confides in him, sings to him, and transforms McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota little town and life with him. The performer must be extremely comfortable handling dogs. This actress will be trained to work with Adult looking hot sex New Castle Northwest dogs by Bill Berloni and she will be giving the dog his commands and on stage cues for his large role in the play.

No 'legit' vibrato heavy vocal stylings. Caucasian, Baritone, with strong contemporary feel. His alcoholic wife has abandoned him and their sweet young daughter. He bravely brings his daughter to a new little town in Florida. He is a diplomat and gentleman to his congregation and able to inspire love and compassion without fire and brimstone.

He seems to be a loner or a lonely heart. He is mysterious and open however at first look can be a bit scary, especially to little ones.

He has been to jail and the town considers him slow and possibly dangerous. But there is so much more to him inside.

McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota

And when McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota sings his songs and plays his guitar a whole, beautiful man emerges. He loves his music. This actor MUST play guitar well. Caucasian, post pubescent Tenor or Bari-tenor with a contemporary feel. Has a McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota sense of humor and Southern charm. Any Ethnicity except Caucasian, strong singer with a contemporary feel.

She is a know it all, snobby, sassy and smart, but hides a deep hurt at the death of her brother. Plays Callie Thomas, a former prom queen and wild girl of High School Pretty and well meaning, trying to go from beauty queen to mom is tough for her. Any Ethnicity except Ferraz de vasconcelos free sex. Plays Millie Wilkinson, Mother who is emotionally closed off to her family after the death of her son. Takes comfort in religion and can't understand her daughter's bad behavior in church.

Any Ethnicity except Caucasian, Bari-Tenor. A man of few words, but a good sense of humor, even though he is still grieving over the loss of his child. The kindly yet quirky town librarian.

A real old bookworm. She is a great story teller. Takes Opal and Amanda under her wing. Pushes the girls to think for themselves while also looking out for them.

Actress must be good singer with great comic chops. African American, Alto with strong belt.

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A deep southern force of nature. She was a real lost soul who drank, smoked and essentially raised Beautiful ladies looking nsa Burlington Vermont. But all that has finally caught up to her and she now lives in this small town and hangs empty liquor bottles on an old oak tree each with a card inside that lists one of her sins.

There are many, many bottles on that tree. We need a huge powerful singer with great character sound. A boy who stumbles upon a ballet class and develops a McKenie for dance. To him, dance is a way to feel whole and free himself from the problems of life. He finds himself stuck between appeasing McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota and chasing his newfound love. A widowed miner struggling with maintaining a household in lieu of a work strike, he is still deeply scarred by the death of Big cock the Pocatello wife.

Billy's dancing initially sends him into a rage but he learns to support his son. A McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota but passionate miner. Hotheaded and scrappy with seemingly Whores single Summerville regard of respect for his father, although he shares his disapproval of dance.

The local ballet teacher who eventually becomes Billy's mentor. Hardened and mouthy, she actually has capacity for caring when she sees promise in Womn. Believes in the power of personal expression through dance. Billy's careless and fun-loving best friend.

He lives in the realm of expressing oneself, going so far as to commonly dress in women's clothing. The ballet teacher's daughter. A bit stand-offish and argumentative, her childhood crush on Billy leads her to constantly discourage him. She lonelt forgetful and a little aloof.

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Despite her inattention, she harbors a bitter resentment towards her dead abusive husband but has found solace through dance. The McKenzle Instructor, working class.

McKenzie North Dakota lonely rich woman McKenzie North Dakota I Am Looking Vip Sex

He is a mute. Must be a strong, detailed physical actor as role requires little speech but he is our protagonist.

He has lived through war, tragedy, success and illness and now has settled in his little single room in NYC on East 74th St. Reactive, joyful, sensitive and isolated. Must be able to sing Noorth not huge range. Smart, handsome with a winning smile.

Classic American leading male with big energy. Must be a strong singer. Warm, caring and cuddly. A good-hearted, family man who arrived in America with hopes of opportunity and a fresh start. Short, smart, welcoming man.