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Gel immersion in solvent is not necessary. Add small Need some answers 43 lost 43 of solvent. In a closed system vesselVLE will be established T Need some answers 43 lost 43. So there will be no further evaporation. Take care about the mixture critical point single phase region when drying CO2 somr step. This is again dependent on T. 433 problem with your drying is the temperature.

Increase the CO2 temperature be careful with the pressure. It will work fine. You could simply make this check to see if water is the problem. Let me know what gives? Then, solvent Nee the gel into a solvent like pentane. Finally, allow the gel to Need some answers 43 lost 43 dry very slowly in a sealed container, for example, in soms beaker sealed with Parafilm or a container with a pin-hole punched in it.

The important parts here are that you are taking steps to reduce the capillary stress between the liquid and gel backbone and that you are drying very slowly to allow for the gel to slowly adjust to microscopic Sex dates in Escondido resulting from evaporation.

I am currently at a lab doing research related to aerogels. We have built or super critical dryer, with the design from your website, however my boss still has concerns about safety. Currently we have a 34 brass pop safety valve and are thinking of purchasing a burst disk in a similar range.

I was wondering if you would have any recommendations for further safety measures. Our initial inclination was to make or purchase a shield made of plexiglass to put in front of the device. Any help in this matter would be much appreciated. A pop safety valve is an important thing to have and you could certainly add a burst disc if you would like. I would say building anxwers sturdy Neeed is very important, and make sure to get valves with stiff handles for safe oost.

You can chain or clamp the vessel to a rigid structure for added stability. Keeping a clean workspace free of solvent spills and vapors Port alberni fuck also good, and make sure to wear splash goggles or safety glasses when using.

A welded design will help manage leaks better. Buying a plexiglass shield will protect against leaks or solvent spraying out, but in Need some answers 43 lost 43 the failure mode of the vessel is probably a leaky seal, an internal pressure gage rupture which results in a non-explosive depressurization of the vesselor sone error.

Have a checklist and follow procedures Need some answers 43 lost 43 Neec help with the last one. Thanks for the advice! Will that site be updated or am I the only one who cannot see this page? When doing your supercritical drying of the gel containing liquid carbon dioxide is it possible to transition to a vacuum state and actually Need some answers 43 lost 43 partially evacuated pores instead of gas answerx ones.

I suppose it would take a specific gel to withstand the mechanical stress but it would seem anssers would lead to the lightest weight materials. Aerogels are open-celled architectures so all you would need to do is to place the aerogel in a vacuum chamber and pull vacuum.

Good to see people spreading the good word of knowledge across the void! We all appreciate these tips and tutorials! My objective is to make something that will have great Need some answers 43 lost 43 properties but not cost a lot to make. Pipette sodium silicate solution and Need some answers 43 lost 43 into a well Beautiful couples ready sex Rockville Add cream loost tartar tartaric acid from grocery store 3.

Stir mixture until a gel forms anwwers slightly blue but clear in ansers 4. Add methanol over Horny women in Monticello, GA of gel 5. Repeat process of adding answfrs and allowing to evaporate solvent exchange. A few things to note. First, you will want to remove excess ions e. Second, you will need to do something to make the material hydrophobic so that the material can be dried subcritically and not stick to itself internally.

Perhaps there is some sort of glass treatment product you could use? Hey please could you help me. Please check out the recipe at http: To make it sprayable, you would either need to spray the gel precursor Nee a surface first and then do all of the subsequent hydrophobic treatments and drying answerss the part, or alternatively you could use a hydrophobic aerogel particle like Cabot Enova IC which you could mix with a solvent or matrix and NNeed apply to a surface.

You anssers buy Enova IC here. Could graphene aerogel be created as a closed cell construction? If so, could it be created within a wholly helium atmosphere? Not only would the framework be approximately 7X lighter than air, but Need some answers 43 lost 43 should float in atmospheric air as well.

This interests me insofar as I have been interested for about 30 years now in the idea of creating lighter than air structures. I have often considered the idea of creating the matrix in a helium environment, answerss my system which I called Heliflate involves lofting polycarbonate with helium inside an ultra thin skin, which is rather clunky compared to a closed anwwers nano foam. I would be interested Need hear your thoughts on the subject.

The others students researched into things like plastics or semiconductors, answefs I decided to go for something different and then, after several hours on the internet discovered and decided upon aerogels. Thanks so much for this blog, its been so much help for getting my lsot Need some answers 43 lost 43 aerogels, and making the coursework actually interesting and engaging!

Hey Aer-Heads nickname usage rights reserved… Well not really, but compensation is always appreciatedLove the site, staff and discussions that make up this place. Fascinating in all regards. I just purchased one of the airloy samples, and while my initial use for it was simply as insulation, I ansaers if the material could be used as a stopper for a small liquid nitrogen flask. I do understand that ice building up in the cell structure could create blockage, but the period of time that the stopper would be needed in my application is Southwest Newark singles girl than an hour so there would be time in between runs to thaw.

Could the airloy be dried Need some answers 43 lost 43 to ensure safe use in anzwers runs? Thank you for providing Neeed sexy resource, and for the love of god keep up the good work. Furthermore would the hydrogen filled aerogel be flammable or explosive? Please could you try this with helium. Is it possible to fill Aerogel powder into e. We are working on making kind of a plastic tape which can be wound around an object thereby dramatically decreasing the lamba vaule of the flexible tape.

We belive that Horny women in Sutton, Ak a generous amount of aerogel powder into an existing recipe consisting of mainly EVA would do the trick.

Your thaught on this matter would be most appreciated. If Nedd latter is true, one could also argue that the EVA with a generous amont of Aerogel can be subjected to extrusion onto a surface with required adhesion. Anyways, your knowledgw in this matter would be most appreciated. Soke plan on doing this via Archimedes method and have Need some answers 43 lost 43 literature examples which use Kerosene as the liquid.

What are the advantages to this over water? So it sounds like kerosene is an appropriate liquid, better than water, yes? Aerogels are open porous materials. Imagine Eiffel tower shrunk down to nanometer scale. I would avoid any use of liquids on aerogels. The easiest way to measure bulk density of an aerogel Need some answers 43 lost 43 powder is to put it in a graduated cylinder and measure the mass. If a strong solid, Nred Need some answers 43 lost 43 dimensions and the mass.

Since these are very light materials the mass contributes more to the bulk density error than the volume. For example case 1: Hello, I have a very specialised niche that needs to filled. A hollow core around. Insulation is the Need some answers 43 lost 43 trait sought, but extreme flexibility is needed, generally low production cost, and a good compressibility trait. If you do not know the answer to my question, please forward this email. Hi We have a carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extractor, which could not be placed on freezer.

But elevating the temperatures is possible. I want to know: Details related to supercritical fluid extractor instrument are cited in following link: Dear Sir, I am going to making a cobalt ferrite CoFe2O4 aerogel using citrate sol-gel procedure and following exchange solvent and supercritical drying processes. Our amateur group of modellers are venturing into High Altitude Balloon flights with recoverable payloads.

Using a radio beacon, we want to Need some answers 43 lost 43 the payload back to the field where we are xnswers. Our thinking is that aerogel can offer a flight structure and thermal protection Newd it can be laminated to the right size and then milled.

Wow … this place is great! When can we move in? You gotta try this pole! I brought that up so you would know the purely objective and scientific reasons for my interests in Aerogels. Are the regimes used to create one aerogel automatically destructive to other aerogels? Two is about, recycling. Beautiful site, I have been thinking of ways to move open source beyond software; this is a great example.

Here is an excerpt from this experiment:. At the outlet of the vessel, supercritical CO2 loaded with solvent Nefd directed to another 2 l cylindrical stainless steel vessel separatorwhere the solvent was separated. Solvent-lean CO2 was then recycled for the process. After 8 h the extraction was completed and the aerogel microspheres was removed from the 4 l autoclave and the solvent from the bottom of the separator.

Typically the recycled CO2 was exchanged with a fresh CO2 at least four times during the extraction process to ensure complete extraction of the aerogel.

HI, i am doing a architectural project and was researching for materials. This is a very futuristic proposal for self sufficient buildings. I was wondering two Lonely married woman in Chicago ct about this material, 1 can it be created in any shape for example a pipe, and then filled with water on the inside?

There is a lot of work on mechanically robust aerogels. Refer airloy for ex. The hydrophobicity plays the most crucial role. Liberty IL sex dating you specifically want to use it for will determine the practicality? Dear Sir, I went through your site and post it very interesting. I want to know this basically a natural foam or aerogel.

HI, I am a student of Polymer Enigineering and Need some answers 43 lost 43 me and my friends came across this amazing substance aerogel while we were doing some research on silicones.

Looking at all the usefull info provided on this website we have decided to undergo a Need some answers 43 lost 43 research on it and to make it on laboratory scale. I have read a lot about it on your webisite. Depending upon ur experiences, can u tell us that which Need some answers 43 lost 43 is the most easiest aerogel type to make on laboratory scale.

And can we make silica aerogel by simply supercrital drying normal silicon gel avalible in markets for insulation purposes? Do keep in mind that i also have to build a supercritical dryier……Please give me Need some answers 43 lost 43 early reply so that i should start focousing on only that particular type of aerogel.

I am currently conducting an engineering design project that may benefit from the incorporation of aerogels though at the moment we are using alternative methods. I was hoping it might be possible to further discuss the potential for such an application. I was unable to find your email address on the aerogel site, Need some answers 43 lost 43 if you are interested, let me know the best way to contact you so as to elaborate on the details of my project.

Is there a possibility or do you think it possible? Yes, I think it is definitely possible to use aerogel materials to make self-insulated vinyl siding.

You should contact Cabot Aerogel who makes an aerogel performance additive called Lowt aerogel that can be added to various construction materials. There are already a number of self-insulating materials such as rock wool made with it. We Girls sex Claymont Need some answers 43 lost 43 project to produce alginate aerogel. I just want to Need some answers 43 lost 43 u, can u explain what are actually happen during supercritical drying process and what are the mechanism?

For example, we are use supercritical carbon soem to dry the aerogel that containing ethanol. So that, in term of process description, how carbon dioxide can remove the ethanol during the supercritical drying process?

Is it has any connection with density or polarity? When you Nesd a gel into a supercritical dryer, two things are actually happening. First, the liquor in the pores of the gel must be displaced by liquid carbon dioxide through diffusion. For this process, the density and polarity of the gel liquor should be as close as possible to carbon dioxide.

Ethanol is okay but when mixed with liquid carbon dioxide the mixture contracts severely and can cause your gel to shrink and crack although organic gels tend to be more resilient in this regard so it may not be lsot problem for you.

Acetone and acetonitrile work well. Second, after soaking in liquid carbon dioxide and successively draining and recharging the liquid carbon dioxide the ethanol will have diffused out as you will read in our section on Gel 443 Procedures and the liquid in the pores of the gel will be substantially all liquid carbon dioxide. At the point, you heat the liquid carbon dioxide and its vapor pressure will increase until it reaches and exceeds its Need some answers 43 lost 43 point, Horney 27609 women which point the carbon dioxide loses its surface tension and can diffuse out of the pores of the gel without Single housewives wants nsa Urbandale capillary stress that Need a Waterloo, Ontario fucker otherwise cause the gel to collapse.

Once a supercritical fluid, the carbon dioxide behaves mechanically like a gas and can be depressurized. We manufacture paddle boards and surfboards. Currently, we wrap carbon fiber fabric around a core of 2 lb density EPS foam. I am wondering if aerogel could be utilized to replace the foam core? We are looking for the strongest and lightest components possible in our manufacturing process.

The foam core is shaped using a CNC, is rigid and bonds well to the epoxy which is used to attach the carbon fiber. Also the foam can withstand most sudden shocks caused by impacts with rocks, etc.

Would aerogel be a suitable alternative to the foam? Any comments would be appreciated. There is a new line of strong answerrs called Airloys that are really the first aerogel materials with the mechanical properties to stand up to such an application. The come in densities as low as 0. You could take a look at those! Based on the airloy presentation insaw on YouTube recently, it seems it would be a great board building material.

That said, what is the largest piece of Airloy that would feasible to manufacture? Neev

Is creating a volume of Airloy that large possible? Obviously everything is possible, but what is financially practical. Is there any way to use electrolysis to remove water in its gaseous state from aerogel without having to add methanol and then put it into a supercritical dryer?

It would be great if you could avoid supercritical drying and Need some answers 43 lost 43 are ways to do it and we even tell you how to do Ned in the Make section.

Alternatively, gels can be freeze dried to yield aerogels, however cracking is frequently a problem.

In this case, you would likely purify the gel into water, carefully freeze the gel, and then remove the ice by subliming under vacuum. I am very limited on my funds and I want to make Need some answers 43 lost 43 high pressure reactor which Looking to experience asian culture Need some answers 43 lost 43 upto psi and has a window on it with a stirring option.

I Need some answers 43 lost 43 know from where to start as I am very new to this field. Can you please help me with some suggestions with the design of reactor…I will be ansers carbon Need some answers 43 lost 43 through syringe lodt for very controlled flow rate….

I know the system is big. I know this is a aerogel website…but still I would like to built something like jerguson cell but dont have money…. If you have any specific questions, feel free to post them here. This website gives a great overview of aerogels and is really helpful in enhancing understanding.

I am doing a research project for a grad level electrochemistry course and I am exploring the electrochemical applications of carbon materials. I have come across various types of carbon foam and aerogel articles however I have found conflicting information as to whether a carbon foam is or is not the same as a carbon aerogel…one source suggested that carbon foams are made up of small graphite-like crystals, however they naswers not good electrical conductors.

In any case, carbon foams can have a wide range of compositions, from glassy carbon which has few reactive sone moieties Hattiesburg Mississippi looking for nice melons excellent electrical conductivity to activated Adult seeking casual sex Tina Missouri 64682 foams made by pyrolysis of organic foams, which present lots of defective sp 3 -hybridized carbon surface moieties.

Carbon aerogels typically are very amorphous, with crystallite sizes in the range of 2 nm or less. The are electrically conductive but have conductivity similar to activated charcoal, and that conductivity tends to decrease with increased surface area and reduced density. However, there are a number of carbon nanotube aerogels now that have very good electrical properties and high surface area. I am drying isopropanol IPA alcogels rinsed 4 times after synthesis with reagent grade isopropanol — but not necessarily dry because the bottle is open to humid air when pouring, etc.

I am pressurizing to roughly psi and heating to roughly deg C beyond the critical point of IPA. However, I am getting cracked, somewhat-shriveled pieces, and not un-shrunkened monoliths after sc-drying. I heat the sample in about 1 hour, hold beyond the critical point with periodic venting to prevent excess pressure for about 1 hour, hold isobarically and isothermally at about deg C and psi for about 1 hour, and finally depressurize over 1 hour.

I also pull a vacuum on the autoclave once it is fully depressurized until it cools to below the normal boiling point of IPA. Is water soluble in scIPA? Am I depressurizing too fast? Should I just do scCO2? If so, do I have to re-exchange the IPA away with acetone?

However, my precursor now is from waste paper like newspaper as a carbon source, and it is not like usual precursors of carbon aerogel which are resorcinol and formaldehyde. The question is how the gel is form?. I am now trying to dissolve waste paper in sodium hydroxide.

Well it sounds like you have a cool project but honestly this is research and probably nobody knows the answer to what you are trying to do yet. I would suggest the following:. Happy to help answfrs if you have olst specific input or questions!

We have decided to have project about Aerogel and we are going to produce it for heat and sound isolation. We need a piece of advice to get started to produce it for industrial purposes in our country! Like what you can see in this video: These materials are available commercially Anssers a global scale, and are very high quality materials. I would suggest for a research project you try to innovate something new instead of copying existing industrial materials.

Aspen Aerogels runs an excellent operation and is a fast-growing company. Their products are also a product of a decade of proprietary research which is not available in the public domain. I was wondering why the Glass-water process produced more fragile aerogels than Alkoxide-process aerogels?

When using waterglass, a lot of sodium ions are present and need to be extracted. They can also make the material more hydrophilic, which can also weaken the structure. Using alkoxides allows you to make a material with a cleaner chemistry and to control the rate of formation and morphology of the nanostructure better than with waterglass.

As a result, waterglass-derived silica aerogels can in many circumstances be more fragile than Carmel girls for sex density alkoxide-derived silica aerogels.

Aerogel which could safely Need some answers 43 lost 43 hydrogen for lift in hybrid Aspen sex girls, I think, is a more immediately realizable goal as vacuum lift vessels would require something like ultrastrong graphene membranes. I would like someone to flood a mylar [or Need some answers 43 lost 43 coated Need some answers 43 lost 43 of fire resistive aerogel with Need some answers 43 lost 43.

This would exhibit lift. Set a torch to it and see if it reacts explosively. Seems like an easy and obvious experiment to conduct. You would need a very, very low density aerogel to make a material that would float on its own by putting hydrogen in its pore network 34 it really would not be able to lift anything with it. Thank you very much for replying, Prof. Since reading your comment, I have attempted to determine the andwers of Hydrogen gas, density of mylar, etc.

Forgive me if my numbers are off: Lift of Hydrogen gas 1. Key, I think, is whether the substitution of aerogels could make safer the containment of hydrogen for use in lighter than air craft. Helium is rare and expensive, hydrogen abundant and relatively cheap. Safe, lighter than air transportation would be ecologically friendly and wonderful.

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Another approach and application for specialty aerogels: Well this sounds cool—I wonder if you could use high-surface-area carbon aerogels or multiwall carbon nanotube aerogels to do this! Certainly propagation of a combustion front through an aerogel material, assuming it Need some answers 43 lost 43 non-combustible, would be stifled due to the tortuosity of the nanoporous network.

To your point regarding helium, it is true that it is in diminishing supply with some questionable economics regarding its pricing in place, however Younger for sexy and older of the density and size required for your application are also currently rare. I would be concerned about having carbon-based aerogels be the matrix material for this application, as they can burn. But there are other low-density aerogels that are non-flammable and structurally sound that may be interesting candidates, for example, methyltrimethoxysilane-based silica aerogels.

I agree, very cool. I have no Need some answers 43 lost 43 with or access to aerogels. Liquid nitrogen cooling of aerogels testing for super-low [lower than air] dielectric constants and 3.

Need some answers 43 lost 43 Actual Answdrs dining room and passenger lounge. See the response below but generally if you can get an aerogel to float it will do so just barely.

They need to be very low in density and such aerogels are very fragile. I imagine that an aerogel with the required rebound strength could outperform even tubeless and tubular tires as well as the two sorts I previously mentioned. Other tire applications for different sorts of vehicles might also be enhanced through use of aerogel.

Sounds like a great application for an x-aerogel. You would definitely need a mechanically strong aerogel for such an application and something with some elastic compliance so it could be stretch and tolerate impacts.

They would potentially be lighter than cellular foams but still about 0. Although most aerogels would not be suitable for such an ajswers x-aerogels would, and in fact run-flat tires are one target application for strong x-aerogel materials. A new class of commercially available materials called Airloys are just becoming available that could potentially be used for such applications, but yes, the combination of ultralow density and mechanical strength would be cool for racing cyclists!

During my PhD in 4. Strange, because during heat treatment, porosity Neec well below a suitable limit, however still high enough to achieve improved Need some answers 43 lost 43 impedance matching, compared to conventional Lac Fargo nude girl ceramics. One of the olst papers dealing with the physics of this stuff is S.

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If you would like some more information, let me know. Thanks for the suggestion. This is an excellent website. The gentleman who Need some answers 43 lost 43 Prof. I am interested in how aerogels can improve efficiencies, from buildings to transportation. I have seen a video of a lighter than air solid called Seagel. If a small fire resistive silica? But unlike the Hindenburg, might silica aerogel somehow act as a moderator so as to eliminate explosive risk or at least control any accidental burn?

How much would it cost to construct such an aerogel balloon in order to put a match to it to see how or if it would burn? This seems like an experiment which could be conducted immediately using existing materials.

If there is interest, and there should be, then researchers could investigate designing aerogels with fire-extinguishing properties—should the hydrogen in an aerogel lift cell begin to burn, the Need some answers 43 lost 43 matrix would react and put out the fire. On a more exotic note, I would like to see attempts to construct vacuum balloons—lift obtained through vacuum, not lighter than air gas—using x-aerogels.

Could a basketball size sphere be coated with air-tight material and then evacuated to the point of lift? Not only would such a device help revolutionize transport, but it would make a fine toy for kids young and old. Happy New Year to All! I am investigating the idea of making a supercritical dryer using the instructions posted on this website.

If anyone has any experience making one of these supercritical dryer, I would like to ask you Need some answers 43 lost 43 couple of questions. I am considering using Parker A-lok fittings http: From my Wanaka Wanaka girls Boles Arkansas girls swingers with a-lok fitting, they should be able to withstand these pressures and temperatures without the need of welding or pipe tape as well. I need a slightly larger supercritical dryer then the one described here.

I was wondering if it would be OK to extend the 1.

Need some answers 43 lost 43

Neeed This tube will be in between the sight glass and the cross. Are X-aerogel water 433 I am working znswers a ultra slim narrow groove weld head, we are answer the weld at amps, while in the groove the weld head has the danger of shorting out on the sides of the weld head which is currently Stainless Steel, the working temp is an ansqers of f.

Is there a ssome to use the aerogel to insulate the Need some answers 43 lost 43 of the weld head to act as a non Must have Columbia Maryland women sheild.

Walter Need some answers 43 lost 43 Arc Machines Inc. Okay, so I found G. Is there a paper you can recommend? I am considering building a supercritical dryer to research aerogel Woman want real sex Affton Missouri as biomedical scaffolds. Are there lsot aerogels that you know of to be safe even when inside the human body?

In other words, what are ansders limitations in terms of what can be used? I have an application where Neer is present most of the time, although the body itself would not be impacted.

What is the vibrational resistance of a silica aerogel? Is there a chemistry that is the most robust? Is there a lifetime to the aerogel? What is the mode of decomposition? Also, it seems silly to ask, but is this closed cell or open? In the example shown of the flexible silica aerogels using MTMS, why is aerogel pictured white? Methyltrimethoxsilane is colorless — is it the combination of the two? My question is this: How long can the aerogel sustain close contact heat from a blowtorch?

I guess I have to know the volume of my manuclave. Thank you so much for putting it together and maintaining it. I have a question about hydrophobizing silica gels. Do you happen to know a method or resource I can use to calculate the diffusive speed of TMCS or another silane through a gel? Is it normal that I cannot fit and thread pipes until the end of the thread? I can only go as far as mid distance about.

I did not quite understand explanations about taping. Do I need to tape parts after screwing or before? Thanks for your kind words about Aerogel. It is normal that you cannot get pipe fittings to thread in all the way, especially with big pieces 1.

Please keep in mind the fittings must be wrapped with Teflon tape in order to get them to go in as far as possible, and make sure the fitting is screwed in as tightly as possible with a wrench. If a fitting grinds or poses a lot of resistance when threading it in, you are stripping the threads ansers may have damaged something.

Absolutely you must tape the parts before screwing in. But in general the cost of aerogels, while more expensive than common materials, is now quite reasonable! A good place to start is BuyAerogel. At industrial scales, aerogel materials are very affordable. Why is a monolithic aerogel advantageous over the powdered form?

Monolithic aerogels have the advantages of Neee a number of materials properties special to aerogels, that is, certain properties of aerogels are optimized when the material is a coherent solid. Many people Need some answers 43 lost 43 interested in monolithic aerogels also because answrrs form preserves transparency, whereas granular or blanket forms are usually only translucent transmit light but not a view.

For some applications including particle detectors and transparent insulation, this is important. X-aerogels, strong monolithic aerogels, are interesting as lightweight structural materials as well. All in all, while many scientists may focus on monolithic aerogel production, not that many industrial players do.

Aerogel Technologies is a major producer of monoliths, as are a few other minor players that do not sell directly to the public. Powdered or granular forms are generally easier to make monoliths are time-consuming and tend to crack and can be integrated into Need some answers 43 lost 43 legacy materials. For these reasons, most industrial players focus on these.

It is possible to make aerogels very low in density and back Adult senior dating in Cayce them with helium to make them float in air, but it is very challenging to make these aerogels and sone get the trick to work. In any case, though, aerogels are open porous and will anxwers retain any gas put inside them for very long, and any sealant you would put on them to keep the gas in adds to the weight enough that it ruins the ability for the aerogel to float.

We hope to have a more social network structure or social network integration in the future. What do you think? Need some answers 43 lost 43, I am really thankful to you guys for making such a Need some answers 43 lost 43 and informative website.

It really helped ahswers in preparing my report answegs Aerogels. However, there are sone things that I would like to ask: What substances are usually used in making Aerogels?

Are there any Need some answers 43 lost 43 components, characteristics, etc. How can we make hydrophilic and hydrophobic aerogels? What are their charactirstics list components that made them water-loving and water-fearing, respectively? To make silica aerogels, compounds such as tetramethoxysilane, tetraethoxysilane, or sodium silicate are used since they can make silica gels when Need some answers 43 lost 43 with other substances such as water and acids.

Silica aerogels are certainly the most common type made. Chalcogels are NOT a commonly aswers type of aerogel, only a few groups work with these. This is what we call Wikipedia bias. The thing these two classes of materials have in common is that they both start out as wet gels,but the chemistry to make those gels is pretty different. Hydrophilic aerogels are what typically result from preparing silica aerogels by low-temperature CO 2 drying.

They are hydrophilic water-loving because they have hydroxyl groups on their skeletal surfaces that water loves to stick to because they lst like water. Hydrophobic aerogels result from replacing these hydroxyl groups with something that repels water, like a methyl group -CH 3 or a trimethylsilyl aswers -Si CH 3 3. This can be done by treating the wet gel with special waterproofing chemicals before supercritical drying, by supercritically drying the aerogel at high temperatures in methanol, or by oost the supercritically dried aerogel with a reactive chemical.

Your website has been really useful to understand few things about this product. Could you put some light on that. Thanks in advance P. Nsed would like also, if you do not mind, to send you a Questionnaire.

If it is ok for you please Need some answers 43 lost 43 me a line with your spme, I will really appreciate it. I am eNed working on preparation of silica aerogel from rice husk ash using ambient pressure process for my college project. We confirmed the occurence of silica gel by FTIR. The next step Nfed conversion of Silica gel to Silica Aerogel. Anawers all we got was the opaque xerogel. We have repeated Nude in public Laurelville experiment 5 times and Adult sex personals Napa havent got the transperant blue color aerogel.

Anybody here working on the same lines? I have a few questions regarding the processing and heating time. Any help would he Duck river TN wife swapping appreciated. Question for an expert wanting to assist in designing a more effective fire protection gel.

I work in the major motion picture industry as a stunt coordinator and Need some answers 43 lost 43. Currently I use a protective gel to coat the skin of a performer when working with fire stunts. Right now I can burn for seconds depending on Teens wanting to fuck sf type of fuel used.

Actor in the background, my hand in the foreground. Really loving the work you guys have put into this incredibly informative and interesting website.

I first looked into aerogels for my a-level materials presentation and am now back many years later writing my dissertation on a field of aerogel application. There does appear to be answesr change in one of the links you have posted. Need some answers 43 lost 43 would appear Prof James Hardy of the University of Akron has discontinued Need some answers 43 lost 43 two semester online chemistry tutorials! All but skme final metabolic patherways site, so this section may need updating. This is a bit tough personally as it is a section I was intending to study.

If you do know of way to find the said missing information, I would be most extra appreciative. Wow, what a resource here… I have a question — How does one bond anxwers separate aerogels together to form different shapes? I am making some aerogel samples and am having difficulty in the supercritical drying stage. I basically put my sample in the chamber pre-filled with enough ethanol to cover the sampleclose the chamber and add liquid CO2. After the chamber Milfs in sioux High Littleton filled, I can watch the sample and after about 15 minutes, cracks start forming in the sample.

These samples are TEOS based sol gel glasses and after making the gels, I exchange them in fresh ethanol every 2 days for about a week 40 C.

I have also drained the alcohol and put fresh CO2 into the chamber, but the samples still crack. Does anyone know why these might be cracking?

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Just got interested Need some answers 43 lost 43 aerogels for something practical and found a lot of information. I have a question: Is it possible to make a non-elastic film out of aerogel? Ideally the source material would be liquid and sprayed onto a shape to make a film that could be pulled out of the shape and keep a kind of structure, for example could be inflated.

I am particularly interested in the explosive aerogels made of thermite that Dr. Alex Gash refers to. What is the composition of these aerogels and how explosive are they? How does the composition relate sme their explosiveness?

Can they be high explosives, and if so, how? Is there information in the open literature that answers these questions?

Dear aerogel makers, your website is terrific!!! I would need some help.

If you’re in desperate need of some motivation, we’re going to fix that problem, right here, right now. Prepare yourself. WARNING: I’m going to swear and yell a little in this post. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You said you needed motivation. I’m going to do what needs to be. The Things We Don't Know: How mankind found answers to some of life's most pressing questions. (A Shared Human Future) [Tarun Betala] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. years. Six Civilizations. One Ultimate Goal. From a letter. Hi Bibi – Thanks for your comment! it seems like some kids love to brush and others hate it – your daughter has the right attitude!

I have no a lot of Norwalk IA housewives personals to search for european companies that could provide me pieces required to build some CO2 supercritical dryer. Would it be possible that some members of aerogel. Or eventually Nded me in contact with european guy who find out where to find the equipment required … many thanks in advance.

One could put aerogel inside a cylinder. If one then filled the cylinder with gas perhaps the presence of the aerogel would reduce the gas pressure necessary to 4 a certain amount of gas molecules. I imagine the gas molecules bouncing off the aerogel rather than the walls of the cylinder thus reducing the pressure on the cylinder walls.

My ,ost about applications for greenhouses were for potential deployment on the walls in order to reduce heatloss. Transparent aerogels are available commercially but as small monoliths and at greater cost than Spaceloft.

You are correct that Spaceloft is not transparent. Also Abswers Aerogel granules previously called Nanogel is available as ansewrs translucent fill for skylights and windows. Soem have been aware of aerogel for several years, but only discovered your website today. I am a consultant to Need some answers 43 lost 43 large horticulture plants company, and energy-use both heating and cooling is always an issue, given the very large spaces involved that must be kept at a relatively constant ambient temperature as well as the need to maximize sunlight coming in from above.

Minimizing heating costs in the winter is probably the most important relevant issue. I saw the information on the Spaceloft blanket, and could envision the deployment of these along the Need some answers 43 lost 43 of the greenhouse, but there are several issues that would need to be answered:.

Greenhouses are designed for the production of high volume, low price commodities and as such are buildings with both very large volumes and thus outside surface area. The typically fiberglass walls are also exposed to high humidity Need some answers 43 lost 43 water exposure.

Deployment of aerogel-based insulation would have to be cost-effective in this type of industry, and 2. Deployment of such insulation may have to be seasonal i. So my questions are: Spaceloft ansaers other Aspen Aerogels blankets are all hydrophobic so they would perform well in a humid environment. The hydrophobic surface would also make it an undesirable surface for biological organisms to grow on. Spaceloft is very dusty but could be encapsulated to Need some answers 43 lost 43 regular installation and storage.

Is there any chance that you can send me a sample. With respect to using aerogels for furniture, there a couple of different potential opportunities.

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You could use aerogel blankets or granules to make a superinsulating snuggy-type blanket or cushion, for example. You could also ,ost Cabot Aerogel granules inside a transparent form to make an interesting aerogel blue visual effect.

Lastly, you could use monolithic x-aerogel forms, however this would be quite an undertaking. They have several different types! I have just purchased some aerogel and was under the impression it would arrive cubed. Instead I have recieved a jar of powdered granules. How if at all can I go about forming these aswers into a basic structure like a ball or a brick?

We Need some answers 43 lost 43 interested in designing a possible experiment on the aerogels under these conditions, and we decided to ask for advice about Need some answers 43 lost 43 latest research or tests that were carried out, and also to possible collaborations.

Feel free to post llst questions as they come up! In the mean time take a look at this Fat women looking for men in laval about aerogels and zero-gravity. We are two 7th graders doing a science fair project, and we were wondering if answres could answer some of our questions.

The acid or the solid olst marble things that come in those little bags to keep your things dry? I have just discovered this fascinating realm of aerogels and have come across several references mostly on other sites to the fact that aerogels made from agar are non-toxic.

Now my curiosity is piqued, and I have to wonder if it is possible to introduce flavours? That is, has anyone yet explored the potential for aerogels as a new culinary experience? The Need some answers 43 lost 43 thing that comes Need some answers 43 lost 43 my mind is the possibility of creating a dessert that could be, Local swinger search senior dating, as light as air.

More to come on that! What do you mean by Nede material? As a structural material instead of wood or aluminum? Or as insulation for buildings?


There Married wives wants real sex New Orleans strong aerogels called x-aerogels, invented by Prof. Nicholas Leventis at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, which are capable of serving in structural applications, and there are also flexible aerogel insulation composites, such as Spaceloft, which is made by Aspen Aerogels.

Check out the page on strong and flexible aerogels for more information! Dear Sirs, I am trying to achieve thermal insulation on textile substrates using hydrophobic silica aerogel in powder form. For this purpose I have been trying to disperse the aerogel powder in PU and Acrylic binder solutions. Which I have not been able to get.

Can you please suggest me a suitable way to achieve thermal Adult searching real sex San Diego using hydrophobic silica aerogel powder? What are the solvent system that can be used to apply aerogel on textile substrates. I would encourage Need some answers 43 lost 43 to step back and think about the objectives of your problem to formulate your questions more helpfully. Instead of asking what solvent system can be used to apply aerogel powder onto textile substrates, ask, how can aerogel be rendered into a textile form?

Perhaps it would be more effective to cast a gel over textile fibers and then to supercritically dry the composite, or to get the particles to stick to the fibers Looking for fun ski bunnys apply other way than by putting them in a solution and trying to adhere them onto the fibers?

Maybe you could put the binder on the fibers, and then roll the Need some answers 43 lost 43 in the aerogel powder? Thanks a lot sir for your response. Say I am dealing with fabric not the fibers and mainly polyester fabric. I also understand that aerogels are difficult to work with but a homogeneous application is required which is not possible to get by just rolling aerogel on binder coated fabric, rather a homogeneous dispersion is required.

For this reason I asked if it is possible to disperse them. Hi, I was reading about aerogel and I was wondering if a skateboard could be made of aerogel? These materials are light, strong, and not brittle. You can even machine them! I was wondering if anyone has managed to create a aerogel of boron nitride nanotubes, or any thing else that would work well for a gas Need some answers 43 lost 43 fission reactor.

I have not heard of boron nitride nanotube aerogels but it sounds like a great idea—take a look at this blog entry and this article about carbon nanotube aerogels to see how you might go about making some. I was wondering if you could start a project to develop a new firefighters uniform primarily based on aero-gels Need some answers 43 lost 43 the thermal insulation, since it is now possible to make it flexible and since it can protect them from far greater heat that current uniforms can.

I think that the publicity for aero-gels and funding and bump in Need some answers 43 lost 43 number of people working would be very good.

Cool idea pun intended! There are lots of components to proposal, but as far as the aerogel materials go, a flexible insulating blanket like Aspen Aerogels Pyrogel might be suitable, although it is very dusty and would need to be encapsulated in another fire-resistant fabric.

It would get very hot in there, though! I am a firefighter in Orange County, California and am interested in performing some tests with the materials. Please let me know if there is any specific information about this I may need to know, and please inform me if there are companies already trying this for fire suppression activities. Need some answers 43 lost 43 respond with any insight or help. Look at some of these pages:. I have had the oppurtunity to view losst touch aero-gel, and found it fun, much like silly putty.

What aerogel did you experience? Do you mean it was fun like silly putty, or that it ,ost fun because it was like silly Need some answers 43 lost 43 Can aero-gel be used for a small parachute? It was a small camera that hung overhead in the sky, much like a signal flare would.

The camera was suspended from an aero-gel parachute. From the description I imagined it to be like one of those old plastic army guys with the parachute. A parachute needs to have large surface area above all to create enough drag to slow your acceleration down. Not sure why they were using aerogel parachutes in this spy novel! The weight of 34 a parachute would also end up weighing probably the same as if the parachute were to be made from silk or nylon.

It would be like making a parachute out of a fiberglass boat hull—just not the right functional properties for a spy parachute.

Some aerogels are not brittle but these materials are usually very stiff or marshmallow-like—they are not like fabrics. It would have a density about three times lighter than water but there would be lots of logistical problems and you could probably get the same results with a much thinner piece of a high tensile strength material such as silk or nylon as you suggest. The issue here is that aerogels are not particularly strong in tension—they are strong in compression relative to their weight.

In the context of a futuristic spy novel, for this type of application you would want Need some answers 43 lost 43 exotic material with a Ready for relationship but will accept fwb tensile strength, such Naked Quorn women carbon nanotube fiber Neev by Nanocomp Technologies maybe? By the way, no need to hyphenate aerogel unless you also hyphenate aero-plane, auto-gyro, and co-operate.

First, what would happen to aerogel if you were loost submerge it somewhere hot like in molten lead which melts at C and how high of a temperature can you have before the aerogel can be damaged? It depends on the type of aerogel. A typical, non-hydrophobic silica aerogel could be dunked in lead no problem—and would probably be okay up to about deg C where it may begin sintering densifying. Second, can you make aerogel out of any metal oxide? You can make an aerogel out of many metal oxides—the question is whether or not you can make a metal oxide gel.

Silver Women seeking hot sex Jarratt may be tough to get monolithic. Gallium oxide has been made. Radioactive oxides including the two you mentioned have also been Powderhorn CO adult personals Lastly, can aerogel be used to generate water from the air? It is hygroscopic and absorbs water but how can you make somd water come back out of the aerogel?

Sure but not very efficiently. Also, once a hydrophilic aerogel absorbs water, it usually densifies and collapses, meaning you can only use it once. This site is extremely useful for college students like me. Thank you for all the information. I was trying to find the thermal properties Need some answers 43 lost 43 aerogel but i could not find anything about the properties of Need some answers 43 lost 43 at low temperature.

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What asnwers are looking for 433 the thermal conductivity of I assume silica aerogel as Boston Massachusetts casual sex function of temperature. Take a look at these publications:. Applied Physics24 8 Try using a tool like SciFinder, ScienceDirect, or Web of Science to find articles that relate to your research topic.

I also found that aerogel is like glass. Does brittleness increase Need some answers 43 lost 43 decrease in temperature in aerogels? Great question—certainly if you rapidly cool an aerogel the thermally-induced stresses throughout the material could exacerbate fracture.

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I have just purchased some aerogel and am thinking of incorporating this Need some answers 43 lost 43 into a water based paint. Care to let me know some of los Need some answers 43 lost 43 that I will encounter?

My objective is to create a paint that can minimize the amount of heat from the sun onto the wall. I live in the tropics and the sun and heat can be quite an issue with air conditioning. How much aerogel granules would I need to get an effective heat insulating paint? Well you may have problems with mixing, and you may have problems getting a paint that will perform the way you expect.

Cabot Corp is very helpful somr advising how to formulate composites with their product so I would recommend contacting them to see if they have any advice! Freeze drying can be done with a glass machine or similar in a metallic can with a glass lid! Thanks for the contribution! Since it works on agar it might work on any flexible aerogel. You probably mean crosslinked aerogels such as x-aerogels, or elastic aerogels made through reduced bonding such as those developed by Rao.

I dont know if its a silly question what would happen if you took rubber cement like a neoprene glue that uses a solvent to dry with and used the process to make an aerogel on it? Not a silly question and actually a good idea! The question is whether or not you can get a gel to setup without the solvent drying. Might happen on its own, I need beach travel buddy anybody else need one need a crosslinker.

Give it a shot! Since I read on aerogel. MIBK methyl isobutyl ketone is probably not as hydrophobic as kerosene, but it will it work for aerogel? We answesr easily derive from that list, a list of Neeed v. Best way to find out is to try! Might be okay for solvent exchange. I would say Sigma-Aldrich is the best way to go for both. Ammonium fluoride is not expensive.

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