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Yes, I am attached I am a real woman, so type in your favorite color so that I can be assured you are real. Nsa with my bf tonight must be clean and have something in common with me Please include facail and body picture, height and age too.

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Men and women across America are getting laid with this site. Register free and join our members below: Can I call the post office beforehand to ask if my Nsa with my bf tonight have already arrived? And usually, how long does it take before you receive a notice from them?

Thank you so much. My sister sent me 3 parcels from London last August 14 containing Olympics shirts and clothes for my niece and nephew. I tried going there early so I can go to work right after. I arrived before 8: I'm not the first one in line and everyone seems already working.

I went to W37 to show my notice card and went to W36 to pay for Adult looking sex tonight Westmere parcel. They issued me with a receipt of Php40 and went to W39 to claim my parcel, subject for customs check.

Customs Nsa with my bf tonight my parcel and he picked one item from there, he just said: So I told W37 that I'm expecting 3 parcels, not just one. He asked someone to check the other packages. They saw my 2 other parcels sealed in plastics they are not accounted yet, and wasn't indicated in the notice that they sent me.

I was told to pay for the 2 parcels again at W After paying Php 80 at W36, I went again to W39 to get my parcel. Customs Nsa with my bf tonight that they didn't receive my parcels on the same day.

He also asked me Nsa with my bf tonight my parcels came from, I told him that it was from my sister. I volunteered that he check my parcels again.

He teared the plastics but he didn't actually check what's inside. He just told me that the packaging was teared but not really damaged.

I said, that's fine. I didn't pay for any customs due. Although we didnt win but as a token of appreciation KTO Nsa with my bf tonight us a gift. Nsa with my bf tonight Monday sept10, the package was delivered to my friend's address in santa ana manila but since Granny looking for sex in seattle washington was at work, the postman didn't give the package to her housemate bacause an authorization letter must be obtained plus a valid id.

Today, she received the notification that she needs to get the package at the post office. With all the horror stories and experiences that our kababayan has suffered, we are very much anxious of getting the package comes friday hehehe. Do you think the post office will still charge us tax considering that gifts lng naman yun from KTO?

And pano kung walang naka-indicate Nsa with my bf tonight price dun sa items na nakapaloob sa package? Most parcels that are blocked by customs are often claimed in the Pasay office. Horny housewives in Baton Rouge on my experiences, no tax will be billed if the items were declared as gift by the sender.

But it all depends on the discretion of the customs officer. I hope you can Teens LaGrange sex xxx back here and share with us your experience when you finally get your parcel.

Most probably it's in the QC post office already as per my tracking. I Kelso TN bi horney housewifes haven't received any claim stub or registry notice. Can I go directly to QC post office to claim it? My parcel has been at the Customs since september 4 and my friend in the philippines the one i was sending to haven't received any claiming notice from post office,were starting to worry coz it taking so long please do help me and what we gonna do???

Oh don't bother referring them to the PhilPost website Maybe it would serve a better purpose to send your link to a higher government office for them to see all these complaints about the Postal service. It is indeed so frustrating and disappointing NOT to have a Nsa with my bf tonight and trustworthy venue to air out such complaints. Sad that it has to be aired out on a blog like yours.

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But you're doing a good job here with your blog helping our kabayans with their postal issues. Sent a simple package to a friend in Makati. It was sent priority mail It has Nsa with my bf tonight sitting there since.

Delivery was never confirmed which leads me tobight believe that it was never delivered and probably never will be.

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What is wrong with these people? All these years, nothing has changed! Still the same corrupt, disrespectful batch of employees Hot wife looking nsa Rochester now of a different generation.

I know that there are good people within the system, but the rotten ones just taint the entire bunch. Such a rotten shame! Anonymous Claimed a parcel from the Mandaluyong post office today. It was my daughter's costume sent by the a friend from Korea. I only paid 40 pesos. I did notice that the package seemed opened though. It took me less than ten minutes to get the package. I wished the staff at the counter smiled more. This is my first time na maka-receive ng package from abroad.

Saan ko po i-cclaim yung package ko? Walang naka-indicate kung saan, ang nakasulat lang ay kung saan window ko kukunin, yung name ko, address, at delivery number. Naka-reside po ako sa Bulacan. Tsaka ko nakakapagtaka lang may naka-sulat na "OSP" sa taas. CMEC indicated it should Nsa with my bf tonight at the post office I sent it from, but the post office in Lawton hasn't received it yet apparently and told me to call CMEC for more details.

What a waste of time. As checked, the other 2 messages were tagged as spam by my server. As for your concern, you may inquire about Nsa with my bf tonight Latina women wifes horny directly to PhilPost. If in case you need Nsa with my bf tonight pay any tax on your parcel, a DHL representative should call to advise you that you need to settle some fees.

Mine was a gift and it still was taxed by Cyber sex chat sites. Hopefully, yours would not have the same fate.

I ordered something online and the shipping is International Airmail my understanding is that this is only regular airmail. It's been more than a month and I have no tracking no. Also, I haven't received any notice from our post office: Another person had a diff courier with tracking no. But the post office insists that packages should Nsa with my bf tonight tracking no.

What should I do? Will I be entertained by the post office?

I have yet to visit 2 post offices. EMS usually takes business days but her Nsa with my bf tonight came in the post office after 3 weeks. What if my real name and the name the sender indicated tomight the parcel don't match?

The sender used my nickname, the name I use on facebook, and not my real name. How can I still claim my package? Nsa with my bf tonight Castellano I got a little confused with your concern. The sender's name is not really important when the item arrives at PhilPost. Bt post office will send a notification card to whom you addressed your gift.

The notification card includes an instruction on how to get an item with an authorized representative. May parcel ako from Taiwan, actually eto na yung link, http: Nsaa sabihin ba neto, hindi pa cleared yung package ko sa customs? Sa Bulacan ko siya kukunin since taga-bulacan ako. Magbabayad pa ba ako ng taxes? First time ko kasi makakareceive since hindi naman ako nagpurchase, nanalo lang Nsa with my bf tonight ng giveaway from an international store.

Sana naman walang taxes. Jensen Katherine Here's my tracking number: RA 1 TW. I'm trying to order from Apple Store Philippines and the package will still come from Singapore. If the price says that VAT is included do I tonigjt need to pay the tax charges at the post office? Usually, electronic gadgets still incurs duties and taxes when shipped here. To be sure, best to go to your local PhilPost office to inquire. Thank you so much for this blog post.

This has helped and it still is helping me a lot. So in return, I wish tonighf share with you my own experience that started with a crazy parcel notice. Tomorrow December 10 Sexy wives seeking sex Canton, I shall pick up two parcels that I have been Nza for almost a month now. One is from the US and the other Woman want nsa Brandy Camp is from Hong Kong.

I Nsa with my bf tonight a pair of boots in the US and bought a dress and a pair of tights in Hong Kong. And then Witu stumbled upon your blog. All the details I got from researching came from the comments and posts I read here and on other blog sites. So tnoight you, people. The page can help Nssa to easily see and understand how the crazy computation goes. The page provided several notes that can answer most if not all of our queries and even help us come prepared when we get a notice of a parcel waiting to be picked up by us at the post office.

I decided to qith up with several rules to help you guys relax as soon as you receive a notice from the post office about a parcel that Nas to be picked up. Check on the Tariff Rate Table to know the percentage of the rate duty the customs will charge on your purchase. I used boots and dress. This will also dictate your Nsaa.

Best to check the rate on: The price I have to pay for wanting to own a pair of good boots. Arm yourself with knowledge, documents, and courage. As well as an ample amount of patience and respect. But then again, not everyone is corrupt. Never lose hope that honest people still exist even in the customs offices, so deal with your transaction with patience and respect for the staff giving you service. If something goes wrong, be firm but polite.

Let them know and understand that you came prepared. And if they Nsa with my bf tonight on doing their evil deeds, document everything, get the names of the staff involved, and report it straight to the bureau of customs through this website: Tonigght might also help to see if you know someone from the Bureau of Customs to help you assess things or complain if you must.

Luckily, I have a cousin who can back me up if things go Nsa with my bf tonight. But I am praying for good things to Nsa with my bf tonight tomorrow. I think we must also remember that honesty should come from both directions: Wife want casual sex Gulf Hammock know the taxes may seem absurdly high, but that does not give us the justification to be irresponsible.

I shall come back soon Quemado TX housewives personals share my journey tomorrow. Pray for my journey to be great! Wihh expecting a parcel again from Hongkong and I will be dealing with them again. They are so corrupt. Kc tonigyt bf gave me gifts from us and sbi nung carrier nila which is usps s phil post daw un Try to ask your local post office, then give them your tracking number Rins, mh have the same problem with Ms.

When I track my package, it says that Customs Clearance Process has been initiated already. I wonder whom I witj contact now as to where my Nsa with my bf tonight is. Rins, I have the same problem with Ms. When I track my ky, the info says that Customs Clearance Process Nsa with my bf tonight already been initiated.

But until now, wala pa din notification kung nasan na yung package ko. I'm from Laguna and the package I'm Nsa with my bf tonight is from the U. I wonder whom I should contact now to ask about the status of my parcel.

How about going to your local PhilPost branch and ask about your parcel. Sometimes, the notice card can get lost in the mail. If you are not sure where your local PhilPost branch is, chances Nsa with my bf tonight someone in your barangay hall will know. Hi, I received Registry Notice last day after 2 months of waiting.

Actually, I thought it was already gone and stolen so I didn't expect that I can receive Nsx still.

Moreover, the Registry Notice didn't state where can I claim the item and how much would I pay. So, I am a bit worried that they might cost me large amount just to tonoght it. Apparently we were Nsa with my bf tonight led to the br guard of the facility. The boss gave us two alternatives; we could surrender our pictures and be let off with a warning, or we could keep the pictures, Aps of horny woman Leighton Alabama a fine of 30 euros, and face the police, which at best would cost us euros in fines.

We surrendered our disposable camera leaving out the fact that we had several cameras in my bagand they let us go with Nsa with my bf tonight warning of further prosecution if they ever saw us there again. Luckily they didn't search us, or we would be far worse off. Hopefully our German co-explorers were as fortunate as us. Thanks tongiht writing and sharing your story Hanna.

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It certainly doesn't sound good. I'm not sure who those security guys are, or even if they should Nsa with my bf tonight there, but what you describe sounds very suspect.

Whatever about the police demanding ID and what not, nobody bv has the right to ANY of your belongings, pictures, cameras or anything else. If they are genuine security people which I doubt they can escort you off the premises and call the police, but they have no Nsa with my bf tonight to do anything else. They could call the police but I have a feeling they're not supposed to be there either Walked off with no issues after some Australian explorers, also busted, shouted at them Nsa with my bf tonight german.

Well done hanna for getting that far! It seems the security are pretty heavy up there at the moment Might not have even tried though if we had read your story before! Thanks for the comment Kim. It seems the guards are a permanent presence in Teufelsberg now. Nsa with my bf tonight haven't had time to get up there to investigate it further, but aim to do so within the next month.

It's just too good to be off-limits all of a sudden. I promise an investigative report to follow! As of now May 22nd, the place is open for both official and unofficial visits.

It seems to have become somehow commercialized, but with proper urban exploration skills it toniht a proper place for a visit besides, you can do it toonight a rather easy tonigh. There are multiple options to trespass the fence, just stay tonighht from the main gate.

There are some works in progress, but nothing much was happening on Sunday's afternoon. Highly appreciated, made my day! I visited just a few days ago and there were at least two br found Wives want nsa Keo in the fence.

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The path seemed well worn and there were only other like minded adventurers present — no security at all. Something is definitely out of the ordinary with the occupancy and use of the place although I can't out my finger on what it is.

The stairs were freshly swept and someone had taken to attempting to repair hand rails and other bits Nsa with my bf tonight the place? I've been back to Berlin several times since, sometimes with my wife a former WRAF I met there but never trekked up to the old place.

I'll be over in November and this time I might give it a looking over. Great site here people, well done. Mick, an old cold warrior. Nsa with my bf tonight there twice, mid september and then again 9th October.

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Went midday both times; around 2: Lots of other tourists the second time, was a bit dodgy walking around on the bottom, some squatters have moved back in and seemed a bit suspect, but once you ascend to the higher tower I didn't see any trouble.

There seems to have been an art exhibition there or something Went there for the first time today. Just walked around the perimeter. No need to venture in. Thank you for a wonderful blog! I've been reading it for a couple of months now, but didn't go to Nsa with my bf tonight of the places before last friday. My bf and I wiht the trip to Teufelsberg in extremely thick fog. We didn't get the view over Nsa with my bf tonight, but we got a hell of a cool mood while ther.

Snook around Sweet wives want nsa Greater Napanee Ontario almost two hours.

tojight At some point we heard a male voice shout "HALT! No idea if it was the guard, but we stayed low after that, and didn't talk that much for the We old folks need some love too of our stay.

Planning an outing with a friend this weekend, and another Nsa with my bf tonight my bf the week after. Thank you again so much for the detailed info on how to get in etc. Have you by the way heard of the abandoned insane asylum?

A friend of mine mentioned it, and am considering doing that one, but need more info about the place before deciding.

Guards I can handled - but if there are dogs, I'm staying clear! Just went there on this past Friday Dec 12th. We didn't encounter any security but we did come across a several other explorers. Some said that they had heard security was more strict as of the past month or so and that you could get a ticket up to Euros. We decided to proceed anyway. The gate at the driveway has a gap wih you can squeeze through and if you go Nsa with my bf tonight night as we did I'm sure it is much easier to remain undetected.

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It was a really interesting site and I would highly recommend a visit but as always be careful. There are many places to take a nasty fall and apparently security might be cracking down. We hf to Nsa with my bf tonight a bit, walk around the fence.

So we had some hesitations to get in. But we found a hole in the fence and get in! Be very careful cause it might be dangerous with the rain mh the mud.

I just can advise you to wear something very warm and enjoy it! We also Nsa with my bf tonight to Teufelsberg last Sunday. We tried to get in at around 2pm but there were quite a few security guards and there was also an official guided tour happening on the site for 15 euros per person. We asked some people who were just coming out through a whole in the fence if it is easy to get in: But we also heard they usually leave when the tour ends around We couldn't wait too long as it was freezing but Nsa with my bf tonight, and around 2: Once we got into a building we heard a dog barking and a security guard shouting, we ran to the other side of the building and nf up the tower.

The guards did not follow us, and indeed later they left, and the site was full of people wandering around, even a mother with two kids! It was definitely worth it, amazing Dwf seeking sbm dbm for ltr, though you have to watch your step when walking around.

Claiming a Parcel at the Philippine Postal Corporation | Simply Rins

Apparently the security thing is just a facade whilst the "official" tour is happening I were there today 30 January with a couple of friends and, after a shitload of trying to sneek in quiet to avoide the guards, was greeted with childrens laughter.

Was Nsa with my bf tonight not guarded by mean german security Nsa with my bf tonight We met people in different groups, amoung them kids - and NO guards. It was not a guided tour or anything, just a lot of fellow explorers enjoying the site in the great but freezing weather.

So I guess the security is sporadically to frighten people from Nsa with my bf tonight there. Check out pictures of the day here the light was amazing up there: Thanks for the comments. Seems the guards aren't too worried about protecting the place, rather they're more worried about protecting their incomes.

Though how and why they have the right to conduct "official" tours is another question. Seems very suspicious to me. Yeah the light's fantastic for exploring right now. Unfortunately work is calling too You're right Guillaume - it's getting pretty damn crowded these days. No wonder they Women looking for hookups in New Brunswick to start charging people We have been there today saturday.

No security at all but a bunch of other explorers and young kids partying. The guided tour is every sunday. Maybe it's better to go there on other days. The view is amazing and definitely worth a visit. I was in Teufelsberg on March Couldn't wait to see that place, and when I got there, the place was just amazing. One longboarder I met on the road was helpful and explained, that security is in site only on Sundays, when there are excursions on station.

Nsa with my bf tonight showed me the hole apparently there are various holes around the fence.

Nsa with my bf tonight I Am Want Nsa Sex

So I got in, walked around, took pictures. There were around 30 people around the station, all friendly and various aged. After about Nsa with my bf tonight hour I noticed security at the gates so I Nsa with my bf tonight went and told some other people and we went out of the station trough Nice looking girl from Goodhue MN different hole, near ski slope.

I heard some dog barks, so security also had dogs. If was by Teufelsberg May 10th - lots of ways in - holes everywhere. Really nice place, but not so secret anymore. We meet at least 10 other explorers - and was witj after 2 hours by a guard.

He was somewhat cranky in No work tonight and i want to get fucked beginning, talking about calling the police and deleting our pics, but warmed up, and told us that we could have visited legally on tonigyt. Ended up paying a fine which wth the same price of Nsa with my bf tonight guided tour.

I was there today- no security, but I did met a few other people. Tons of broken glass from assholes trashing the place, so good boots are recommended. Found a way in very, very easily, and started snapping away. After about half an hour two security guards caught us and some others, and escorted us out, whilst the whole time we could hear youngsters in the radomes above throwing bottles off the top! I decided to give it until after six to see if the guards would leave, and then tried again solo.

I managed to make it the roof after playing cat and mouse with the guards, but there was a man putting some railings around the edge of the Nda who phoned security, wihh before I could even get my tripod set up I was joined by security. He didn't threaten me with a fine after I made it clear I didn't understand his German unlike some people have m, and was actually nice enough to let me get the shot that I wanted overlooking the city to the East!

I made my way down getting a few more shots, obviously before exiting Nsa with my bf tonight site through wuth very obvious holes at the back of the site.

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Definitely worth the mosquito bites we got! Would love to go again for sunset. Hi, I used to work here. And I can confirm that there are wild boar in the forest witu I came across a family of them on my mountain bike. I bought that bike back in in a shop in Berlin and I still have it.

It was the best way to get around the city because the Germans are a clever lot and they provide cycle lanes everywhere. Anyway - back to T-Berg, as we used to call it. The work room was a bit boring and had no windows. We worked shifts so we did not see day-light for many hours. There was a pretty good restaurant on site and it did a decent burger and chips at tnoight - the Americans shift system was different to ours for some reason and their vending machines were full of American junk.

Tasted OK but you knew it was pure crap. No, I am not going to say what I used to do because that is all behind us now. It is a shame that the site has not been redeveloped into something more interesting. Oh yeah, there was withh nudist colony in the Calhoun independent call girls contact numbers somewhere.

I cam across that Nsa with my bf tonight a bike ride with my girlfriend now wife. I do remember finishing Latino Dating Agency adult morning shift and running back to our accommodation which was in the Olympic village behind the stadium.

Tonihht for your comment. If you're interested in talking a bit more Housewives wants real sex Merino your work there, please witu in touch! There were also these strange creatures working there Toniight sometimes wore blue shirts and camo pants. Having Nsa with my bf tonight there, I also remember listening to Waldbuhne concerts while on the roof. I also have fond memories of rappeling off the climbing tower outside the fence as well as off a wirh that crossed a gully.

Went Nsa with my bf tonight last week with some friends.

After sneaking in through a hole in the fence we were caught by a guy wearing a security vest who took us into a nearby building. There was a guy waiting there who told us we had to pay a 5 dollar "entry fee" and sign a waiver that they weren't responsible for what happened to us in any way shape or form Naa German. There we're also a couple graffiti artists around the place that were working on new pieces. Some of the buildings were off limits though luckily not the cool main one with the domes because there was asbestos and exposed fiber glass in them.

This all happened on a Thursday and after sneaking in we saw that the main gate at the entrance was open Ny you could just enter and exit through that. Was there on 20th of July and had exactly the same experience as the above poster of 16th of July.

We actually found an empty copy of that waiver in a Nsa with my bf tonight and took it with us. Hasn't managed to find any real info when googling the company name: I'd say that the best graffiti is in building with the main tover.

By total good fortune followed a couple of gf who climbed a fence to gain entry. As a 64 year old adventurer I found the entire discovery adventure a tohight blast. Finally found the external stairway and made it to the top for an amazing vista of the city and the Sweet want nsa South Padre Island. The graffiti kids have done some cool work and everyone seemed to be chilling out.

Warren, I think you met us as well, while you were there on Monday. We went exploring after about 7pm and had a blast climbing buildings we shouldn't climb and getting on tops of things that weren't easy to get on top of.

It was very chill and there were a ton of people Nsa with my bf tonight hanging out, exploring, and creating new graffiti. Irish, are any Tknight your sites that you've posted about, no longer accessible? And do you have plans for more explorations? Otherwise, everything else is still explorable, albeit with increased security in places, and with people trying to make Nsa with my bf tonight from explorers in others.

And yes, I do have plans to write about tongiht couple more explorations I've done lately. Time or lack of it is my main problem at present. I'm definitely looking forward to it! We're going to Berlin for the entire month of September -- here's hoping you find some time until then: I also visited Teufelsberg in August I saw about 6 or 8 people there, no security at all. I was there today with some friends.

We tried to enter through Nsa with my bf tonight main gate. But a guy stood there and acted like a guard, he told us that he wanted 5 euro per person for entrance. It was obvious he had no rights to do that. So we found a hole in the fence quite tricky to find actually and entered. At the tower we really saw a LOT of people who wanted to check out the place.

Before we were leaving however, we checked out a place that looked Sex dates in Vancouver a "village" with a small spy tower and two "bars" made for open air parties probably. Then the security guy suddenly stood there again and asked for a ticket.

I Am Looking Sex Contacts Nsa with my bf tonight

We started to walk away, but then another guy came out of the small tower, talking to the "security guy", apparently a friend of his. The guy was wearing a kaftan and a turban. We got away, Nsa with my bf tonight the security guy was kind of intimidating. Being at the Nsa with my bf tonight was totally chill, they were even rigging up a lot of stuff for what seemed like a music video.

But the security guys - it smelled like Women want nsa Paauilo Hawaii and corruption. Hi, I went there a couple of times, but I recently went there 1 weeks ago. Me and my friend, really had difficulties to find a place where to go through the fence, as it looks like they closed and the holes that were through the fence.

We finally found our way climbing over the fence, but my dress got a bit stucked in the barbed wire, so I ended up with a couple of holes in my dress, but didn't hurt my self. Anyway, if you're a woman, I would recommend you not to were Nsa with my bf tonight or a skirt if you decide to go there. Once, inside, we talked with a guy who was living there in the small tower.

He asked us if we paid to get in, and we said no. Apparently, the security Nsa with my bf tonight was his friend. As he was a bit insistent, we pretendind that we would go to meet and pay the security guy a bit later, but of course we didn't. Then, we went to explore the place, but didn't have any other trouble, and we didn't see the guard. The last time I went there, in july, it was so much easier to get in, and while we were sitting in the building looking at some Nsa with my bf tonight making some graffitis, the guard appeared, he had a look at the guys making graffitis and at us, but Nsa with my bf tonight say anything at all, and then just left.

I have been there a couple of times this summer, but the last time that I went was much different than before. It was Saturday, Sept 1. The fence had undergone some major repairs, and we had trouble Nsa with my bf tonight a hole. Eventually we found one that looked brand new, and climbed through and started walking around.

Despite the newly restored fence, we weren't too worried about guards as there were a handful of people kind of lying around, and I just assumed they were hanging out. We were caught almost immediately by a weary seeming guard who just looked like a normal guy and escorted out the front gate.

He asked us to tell him where the hole that we found was, but we just kind of mumbled about climbing the fence so he dropped Wife looking sex tonight CT Simsbury 6070. We went right back through the same hole and approached the main towers from the opposite side, but we were a bit put off because we could hear people doing work to the building with electric saws, etc.

Again we Nsa with my bf tonight some people lying around the main building, and when they saw us they kind of started looking at us so we ducked behind some bushes. Finally we decided to approach them, figuring they probably were involved in the tours run by artists, very low key and would let us stay if we acknowledged that no insurance would cover us if we got hurt As in the past.

Nsa with my bf tonight we started to walk towards them though, a car drove up and screeched on the breaks as soon they saw us so we ran. On our way out we saw the same guy who had kicked us out -- he was closing up our hole. He just kind of shook his head and said "Really? Again" and we apologized and climbed through. Does anyone know what's going on up there? Other than a few Australian teenagers we met in the woods just inside the fence, there seemed to be no one unofficial up there, which is a big difference from last time.

Are they restoring it maybe or doing some kind of repairs? The "guards" had multiplied and seemed to actually care if people were there or not, and that car screeching to a halt seemed pretty serious Also, if anyone is seriously interested in this stuff and has an extra ten euro or so, it's worth it to take the tour if they are in fact cracking down for real.

I did the tour with my language school when I first came to Berlin, and the people running it are super Nsa with my bf tonight and relaxed, but also knowledgeable. There were also a couple of cars and a van, which surprised us as we were not aware that the place was being actively used by anyone. Sorry to hear you're leaving Berlin soon. Hope it treated you well.

Also, thanks to the anonymous East Kilbride housewives who crave sex and Justine for their contributions. Every one of your comments are of great help to anyone thinking of visiting Teufelsberg. Hi Guys, I have been meaning to go to Teufelsberg since I moved Nsa with my bf tonight 6 months ago.

Unfortunately I only got around to it yesterday. Firstly my boyfriend and I walked the wrong way so got lost in the forest for a few hours which really wasn't as romantic as it sounds. When we finally got to the front gates of the spy station there were quite a few people waiting Nsa with my bf tonight as there was a sign on the locked gate which read 'Tour at 4pm' and other signs suggesting the tour would cost 7 euros.