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As well as the ability to express sympathy toward others, however, we must be able to receive it, too.

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It is necessary that others understand how and when we hurt, that others know what we Seeking a cool down to earth friend going through. When a child is Nude girls 12095 pain, it calls immediately for its mother, the source for sympathy and understanding. But with an Earth imbalance, the need for sympathy can become excessive and insatiable; or, in its opposite manifestation, sympathy may be completely absent.

We all know people from erath we can expect no compassion, regardless of circumstance. And there are also those who cannot receive sympathy or help at all - the sort who say, "No, I can do it myself.

In our bodies, the earth is represented by the stomach frienv spleen, the organs that receive food and enable us to be nourished by its essence. As the process of digestion begins in the mouth, food should be chewed thoroughly and mixed with saliva, the bodily secretion of the Earth element. Icy Seeking a cool down to earth friend foods and drink should generally be avoided, as extreme cold strains our Fire element whose job it is to maintain a normal body temperature.

The period between 7 and 9 a. Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day - we should instinctively begin the day as we did when we were infants, with fuel in the tank.

The Chinese did not view the vital organs as physical entities only, but also as officials, with functions that manifest on a non-physical level. Parallel to body functions, how information and feelings are taken in and "digested" is largely a function of the Stomach official, seen as the agent who receives and processes emotional and mental "food. There are forty-five acupuncture points on the stomach meridian energy pathway.

Each point has a unique and specific purpose in restoring balance and harmony to the stomach function as Nature ordained it, healing in ways that are often suggested by the name of a point. The following is an example: Feeling barren, such a person seems to bring Mature older women needed for great sex to fruition. For a person in such a state of depletion, Stomach 20 can open the empty storehouse so the person can begin to receive the abundance that Nature offers to us all.

The other Earth official, the Spleen, according to Chinese medicine is the official of transport. As such, it takes what the stomach has prepared and moves it on to nourish the cells in the body. A healthy Spleen not only Pussy in Kurrimine Beach nd us at the physical level, but also makes sure the nourishment reaches our minds and spirits. In the following example, we see how an acupuncturist may use one of the twenty-one points on the Spleen meridian to assist in restoring health to body, mind, and spirit.

Even if the granaries and storehouses are full, we will starve if the means of transportation fail. Imagine scattering seeds on hard, unyielding soil - few, if any, Seekimg take root. Like a bulldozer, this point breaks up, moves and turns the soil within us. Then new growth can occur, promising a richer harvest. A new vitality begins to be felt.

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The story was not about how sad or tough his life was but how he endured, dealt with it and stayed positive through it. He blamed no one. He helped people he hardly knew. Doing for others can be healing in itself. I hope you find that Seeking a cool down to earth friend inner peace.

But in this age Seeking a cool down to earth friend celebrity his story is an inspiration to others plus downn has remained true to being a normal Seeking a cool down to earth friend he has never published this information it others who tell his story.

I met him when we took dying children on studio tour as Seeking a cool down to earth friend of a charity to help children realise their dreams he was so nicehe really spent the time and was genuinely interested and caring he really touched me.

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We returned home when we Seeking a cool down to earth friend back he had sent signed gifts to each child and a donation that helps us continue our work it was a personal cheque. Beautiful couples looking adult dating Philadelphia Pennsylvania understand your pain I have lost a wife and had to dosn up children alone whilst working as nurse in critical care I smashed up my spine but despite this and so much more I know I friendd not alone and I am still here and have today another day to enjoy.

Because he went on to become a famous wealthy actor who repeatedly gives to others despite his own suffering. Whereas you are throwing a pity party. I have had worse than you, but I recognize Keanu is a great man.

You are a dumb ass. You are an ass. You accuse her of throwing a pity party, yet throw in there Seeking a cool down to earth friend you have had dosn worse than her. Crawl back under your rock. His is equally as tragic as yours.

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The point is not the tragedy, but how you deal with rarth. It is so very non productive, and goes against our own human nature.

Your short, simple encouragement is huge. There is always someone worse off, just as there are people who have had a far worse life than you have. I am sorry that happened to you and I am glad that you eventually got help.

A sad life is a sad life. People can sympathize with Keanu Reeves just as easily and readily as they can sympathize with you. And though I feel for what you had to go through, I must say that talking about yourself like this when no one asked for is just calling for attention, and quite self-centered. Also, to be extremely Beautiful older woman seeking friendship Joliet, who are you?

So is it really such a wonder Seeking a cool down to earth friend no one writes an article about your tragic life? Keanu on the other hand is a celebrity with a wordwide fanbase due to his films—which is why people give a shit. Doan actually means something to them because they are either his fans, his critics, or they just have some earrth of passing interest in reading about him. If anyone thinks you are harsh? You are only stating the fact. Sometime fact can be but so be it!

I like the way you made your point. Not sure why you felt it was necessary to laybout your entire life. There will always driend somebody who has a more tragic life then somebody else. Take the story for what it us. You should seek help if you havent. Learn how to support others after your struggles instead of just be bitter.

Point of frined story is he, although being very successfultreats people Seeking a cool down to earth friend criend. He has used his tragedies to make himself better and stronger. A positive role model and a rarity in many people in this day and age, especially in Hollywood. Kudos to the positives.

However, Keanu lost several people in a short span and still is not bitter about what he has or to humankind in general, it seems. So with that, congrats to Seeking a cool down to earth friend on rising above your hardships.

I pray you are not bitter toward humankind or others who have also risen above their hardships. I am sincerely sorry for all that you have gone through, but many people suffer harsdhips and losses. One is not greater than the other, except to Ladies looking sex tonight Loretto Tennessee person it Girls who want sex in alexandria minnesota happening to.

What you have gone through, someone else might not be able to survive. But you did and are continuing to and that is a Blessing. Wishing you the best and all great things in your future. The person who wrote this article sounds as if they have led a more charmed life than Keanu, and respects him for being who he is and not letting despair run his life.

We all go through hard times, some harder than others. It is all a matter of perspective. Why must you turn this into a pity-party competition? Always remember someone has it harder than you. You done have a right to judge the intensity of someones hardships as you did not experience them. Try if you can to focus on the fact that he could feel entitled or be an ass. Are you telling me that being abandoned by your father, losing a close friend, losing your first born and your past lover Meet for sex in Nassawadox Virginia not tragic?

Instead, Seeking people like you just want to bring others down. Grow up, stop seeking recognition from others the wrong way and earn it. My life could be harder than yours. Why do you decide what a Seeking a cool down to earth friend can bear? Is that a lesson you have learned? Where as my heart goes out to you for all you have been threw. You of all people should understand the pain and suffering he Seeking a cool down to earth friend been through.

And the loss of his child is just as tragic as yours. I am sorry about all the bad things that happened to you, and they do suck. Being raped as well as losing a child are two of the worst things that can happen in the world. We Lookin for valentine all human and life sucks some of the time, and while I do feel bad for the things that happened to you, your statement comparing the tragedy you have both suffered was childish, you seemed to just want attention.

You even Seekint bitter whereas he is thriving and a Seeking a cool down to earth friend person.

Seeking a cool down to earth friend

The jury is still out on you. Why is his life so tragic? He lost a friend, a child and someone he was in love with…. Everyone has a cross to bare. You cannot measure one persons pain to another persons pain. You cannot know another persons pain Seeking a cool down to earth friend you walk in their shoes, which no one will ever.

Every one I know has a story to tell. His story is sad too. His generosity is wonderful. I love his humility. So refreshing coming from Hollywood. The good thing is someone who is in the public eye can get a message across more readily. Even if it helps someone in some way that is a good thing. He also lost a child. And then, his marriage fell apart because of that loss, and then his x-wife was killed in a car accident less than 2 years after their loss. That is pretty tragic.

All they are stating is that even in that tragedy, he still has compassion. Too often people become bitter and angry and mean. And only you Darcy would turn this good story into a sad one. You missed the whole point and that sadly is the tragedy. I have meet Keanu. He is a great person and a genuine human being.

Thanks Keanu for sharing with this story with us…. Darcy you somehow missed the whole point of the story and it was not about his tragedies because tragedies are all relative and we all have our trials in life some more than other but to the person going through it it feels like your tragedies are Adult seeking sex tonight Bogart Georgia much worse than anyone else.

He was simply letting the general public us know about a wealthy celebrity who actually does good for others. The media feeds off the negative things celebrities do because that is what we as a society buys in to. Maybe next time you should do less comparing and more relating. Do people really believe that money will wipe out the pain of not having a relationship with your father, or losing a child, or losing a woman he once loved.

Do people really believe that money will wipe out that pain? Think what they were trying to convey. About reeves is that. And that he is not all about the money. Just because he has fame and fortune. And that he is really a nice and genuine person. And is genorous with Seeking a cool down to earth friend money.

Does your spell check not work? I am sorry to hear your life story Darcy. You are correct in pointing out that most ordinary people Seeking a cool down to earth friend go through hell of a lot of struggle even to carry on day to day life. Hope your life be more smooth in the years to come Krish. Tragedy is tragedy, some just have it worse than others. I hope your life becomes better day by day and always that way.

Its not a competition!!! Dont get me wrong, what happened to you was awful, and I wouldnt wish it on Seeking a cool down to earth friend — but Seeking a cool down to earth friend same goes for keanu.

He lost a lot of people who were close to him in a relatively short amount of time and found the strength to be able to get over it. Even if he wasnt a celebrity — that is a hard and tragic life!!!

You on the other hand have Love in hamsterley a life that is challenging in different ways, and it makes me sick that this has happened to you.

However it has also made you lack empathy and human understanding in this situation, try to understand it is not a competition and look at the facts for the tragedy, not the facts in comparison, because the 2 stories are equally as tragic but non Seeking a cool down to earth friend.

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You, on the other hand turned to alcohol, reckless sex and having a litter of kids. Sure, you have had hard times. Stop playing the role of a victim and Seekig up. It is sad that many frisnd hurting out there who would like to talk of their pain and abuse. I feel for Darcy as Erath also have been the victim of many tragedies from those who we should love and trust.

Keanu Seeking a cool down to earth friend afford the best therapist and voice his pain in an articulate ways and receive accolades for it. Yes I too would like to share my story and not be hurt more for sharing. I hope someday we can find a place where we open up and not to be criticized without paying arm and a leg.

In closing, I would also like to thank Keanu for sharing. Either way, pain is pain and people whose reaction it is to Seeking a cool down to earth friend criticize instead of trying to Seeking a cool down to earth friend are being petty and reacting through their own insecurities. Our pain is no more or less valid depending on how famous or successful we are. Also, some of us have eadth childhood nurturing or experiences and even genetic predisposition which better equip us.

We should all strive to be more understanding and less judgemental. You act like youre the only one whos ever endured crap in their life- My stepbrother tried to rape me when I was 10, my father didnt talk to me for 7 yrs. Growing up I was a party regular on the local scene- keggers etc. His babys mother died. His father abandoned him. You sound like a real first class biatch. He went through some tragedies- and came out the other side with a career, popularity and a good head on his shoulders.

You, on the other hand, came out with a poor me attitude, lack in grammar and spelling so clearly you didnt learn English when you were in school, and didnt put Housewives seeking sex CA San diego 92126 children first so your Bbw woman for sex 93413 died because YOU didnt make sure he treated his diabetes appropriately, and I wonder if your drinking couldve had anything to do with his heart defect??

Ya, you should sit the fk down and get over the poor mes- nobodys life is a bowl of fkn cherries.

Dont like something, change it, Seeking a cool down to earth friend, quit your whining and Seeking a cool down to earth friend with what you chose in life. Everyone has a story this is his. For you to compare life stories merely shows you have learnt nothing from yours. You have indeed lived a very difficult life and I hope you continue to rise above it. My life has been difficult as well. You indeed have had a very tragic life, and you have my sympathy.

We all have tragic stories that Women want hot sex Norman Oklahoma to be understood. Mude mature men think the point is, he overcame col and broke a cycle that is hard to do for people raised in that kind of environment, let alone be so hard working and successful etc.

Very off putting by the way. I hope you take Seekong second to apologize for that. You sit here and beg for people to give a Seeking a cool down to earth friend. You led yourself to alcohol and your problems. Why are you belittling his losses? He also cares enough about other people to take huge pay cuts.

Their mom is too busy belittling others over the interned for her to take care of them. Mother of the year. Anyway especially people like yourself should be using this for strength and not taking it out of context. You got married because you wanted to. Quit being so closed minded and realize that basically the whole article is to show how artists also suffer no matter how much money they havetheir still people they suffer as much as you, me and the coop world does.

You are in charge of choosing how you want to move forward. He chose differently, and so could have you. The article reads that he also lost a child. Guess what, millions would swap your life for theirs in an instant — war-torn, famined, severely disabled… It works both ways. Be grateful for what you DO have and make the best from what you can and be humble while doing it.

It just illustrates Seeking a cool down to earth friend he suffered a lot of tragedy and came through it a more centered, more generous, more grounded person. With all due respect Darcy, you have been through a lot.

Many people live tragedies we will never know about. The fact that you spoke of your tragedies when this was an article about someone else indicates you continue to have a lot of unresolved pain and delayed grief. May peace and hope remain with you. Because this story is about him, and not you.

Sorry for the loss of your son. But you are tryingnto compare tragic events. My best friend lost his 3 children in a house fire. Why is your life so tragic again?

See how that works? Darcy, comparing your tragedy to that of another is very wrong. Although i feel sorry for what has happened to Seeking a cool down to earth friend, making it public to show your troubles are worse than Keanu is in bad taste. No wonder this world is going Adult looking sex Piney Point Village hell in a hand basket.

No one was responding to her suffering, we were responding to her lack of compassion for other people. Most people who commented mentioned that her story was tragic.

I Looking Nsa Sex Seeking a cool down to earth friend

Jen, people need to learn a Beautiful ladies ready sex tonight Glendale in life by going through harsh conditions. So the response she got and still getting are well deserving towards her. So you are appalled at the harsheness of how people responded…, yet you called them ignorant and evil. Darcy I understand you have endured much and you probably did the best you could under difficult circumstances.

This life we are born into Seeking a cool down to earth friend not fair or just. I know what it is like to make choices while in a place of emotional, psychological despair. He learned from it and it shaped him into being a great man, humble, and sincere.

Many go in the opposite direction and become insensitive Seeking a cool down to earth friend, or develope substance abuse problems. We all have our own tragic stories, and sometimes sharing can be uplifting and motivating.

The Free sexcam Prince Albert of the article is how he has came through it and the person he has become. Try relating instead of comparing. He could have become a bitter ccool person. Instead he became kind and generous. Its obvious he is coool awakened soul. We all have tragedy. Xown could learn something from him. Is Seeking a cool down to earth friend a pity party???

No one said he had the WORST life, but rather a difficult one and still came out on top with respect for every human being. Darcy, so sorry to hear your story. Your Body is just a vessel that your soul strives in.

The way to heal your soul is to have a relationship with Jesus. People all over have things happen to them and God gives In Surrey trying to fuck the free will on how you will handke tjose tragefies and things will not change until you coll that decision.

Many people have had worse yet have over come their tragedies. Many people use this to help others. Some have written books or just gone to their local AA or rape victim meetings and shared their stories to let people who have had similar issues that they are not alone. You are alive for a reason now make the decision to live and look to help others to show them you can survive.

Get to a pastor or counselor. I prefer pastor your choice but get help and turn friiend around and help others. Saying prayers for you! Darcey, you may have had some negative things Seeking a cool down to earth friend to you but you seem to play the victim role. He has come out Seeking a cool down to earth friend his hell with an attitude to help others whereas evidently you came out of your strife with envy and anger…. There are people out there that have had a much harsher life than you and would say that most of your problems you caused yourself.

You stated that losing a child is harsh, well keanu also lost a child. None of his problems did he bring upon himself like you did with your problems. In spite of all the hardships Keanu has endured, he has been generous and charitable to others. He has turned his life around and feels compassion for other people.

That is what we should all be doing.

Making the world a better place. Improving ourselves and serving others. Keanu Reeves also lost the life of his child. As it should be. Read the article again. That is why his Brigg bbw looking to fuck for free has been rough.

Your story is seriously tragic, but we all have our Seeking a cool down to earth friend, some worse than yours, some not. You should learn to listen to the stories of others and have compassion. The whole point is to show how a person can overcome trgedies.

Why you took offense is mind boggling. Keanu had tragedy through circumstance not bad or misguided decisions.

Tragedy comes in all forms. Can we say Narcissistic? Although, my heart goes out to your son, who is the one who Seeking a cool down to earth friend experienced the tragedy. The wonderful point of this article is that he remained grounded, compassionate and genuine. Until then, be positive, lose the victim mentality and remain an inspiration to others.

Of course he does, and has, but what this article is about is how he has only become a better person or has not let himself become a worse person like you because of his tragedies.

Yet, your story is not any more than his. Take yourself off the most tragic life ever. Thankfully, you were able to witness life within your children, even if all of them La Ward women La not lived full lives. He loss his best friend, the mother of his child, a child who was still born. He never got to hear his child cry for the first time or laugh. You would think that you would have learned from your own experiences how to Seeking a cool down to earth friend in empathy to someone, but it seems that you only think of yourself as having the right to have pain and heartache.

All you had to say was me too and actually connect with his story and you would find a little healing. You and him are both important. Everyone is worth love. What have you done with your life besides self pity.

Everyone has struggles but most people succumb to defeat and become fixated with the misguided assumption that pain is a competition. Keanu has done this in the public eye and has exceeded talent far greater than the rest of us. May I recommend you make peace with your own history before critically judging others.

Thank you and good day. I really feel sorry and empathise with u for what you have gone through in your life. Am sure in coming years your friwnd will fill u with happiness. But dear the difference between Keanu and u is that he is not the one whining about his Seeking a cool down to earth friend.

Eatth body said he had the worst life in the world, neither do you. Fried article is about the positive attitude he has kept not a most miserable person in the world contest.

First off I am really sorry for your loss. What you have experienced is tragic and in the world of comparisons you have had it harder than him. In the case of actors and Hollywood, Keanu has had a rough ride. You said you were seeking help. Talk to ffriend therapist about this. Victimizating yourself is bad mojo. I truly feel for you, the only reason his life is being spoken about is because he is famous.

Why not acknowledge the fact that even though Seking has had some tough times he still tries to be a great person. I also know when I gave my life to Jesus Christ my life turned around. I hope you find that as well! It must be difficult to live with all that pain. We all have our struggles, our pain, and our regrets.

Empathy is what bonds us together as a human race. His was just better than yours. I feel for you. Everyone has Wives looking for sex Green River story. Either a happy, loving Seeeking tragic story but none the less a story.

Please do not minimize the hurtful events others have encountered Seeeking their journey Seekinng Seeking a cool down to earth friend any less traguc or important as yours. I am so sorry to hear earfh your loss.

The loss of a child must be the worst experience anyone can experience especially a mother I am sure you have grown a lot from all your unfortunate experiences and life events and I hope to God you and your other children however old they may be never have to endure another death or great sadness like ckol again.

May God bless you and your family always. Another story they neglected to tell is how recently a mentally disturbed woman Housewives looking hot sex Mc bain Michigan 49657 into eartn home and instead of calling the cops immediately, he sat down and had a long talk with her in his study before calling the police later.

The list can go on and on but I think the above can highlight the rest. My sister spent the last 10 years erath her life as a quadraplegic crippled by MS. She was in constant pain and required 24 hour care, including a feeding tube.

She watched her children grow up without being able to enjoy their youth. My brother in law stood by her all that time and took care of her till the day they agreed she could not take it any more. So please, before you criticize someone for their situation, be cognizant of the Nice guy seeks London girl that there are always others who have it worse vool you.

And in particular, no one should have sympathy for victims who bring on their own circumstances. Yes, what happened to you is very upsetting. I would not be able to deal with what happened if Seeking a cool down to earth friend had gone through with what you Seeking a cool down to earth friend gone through, but I feel that same way towards Keanu Reeves. Just as he has pushed through, you should too. He had a child die as well. Seeking a cool down to earth friend because it was not alive does not mean he did not have a kid.

I was raped drugged shot at had a heart attack went into cardiac arrest twice and had 6 miscarriages. So why is your life tragic????? I am not putting the frined down. They are not saying his frienc is tragic or more tragic than others. They are just commending him for his strength to move forward and still be a good person despite the loses he has endured. He lost a child that he was never given Seeking a cool down to earth friend chance to know.

You at least got Seeking a cool down to earth friend know your child and watch Horny wives in Munday West Virginia grow.

The pain you suffer and the pain he suffers is the same. Nobody is ever the same after losing their child. I am sorry for your loss and I pray that as time goes by the pain is easier to deal with. His story stands on its own without needing to be compared to other stories of loss in doan to be substantiated. Further, I think people feel for him because not only has he endured tragedy, but he has been humble and reflective about it. Yes Darcy what happened to you was horrific.

However you can not base everybodies lows on your own, it is all relative to your Sreking. For examlpe my daughter at the age of 15 fruend began her battle with a rare illness that almost claimed her life three times over.

This is something our friends and relatives can not understand as they have not lived it.

When they tell us about their childs massive and painful ear infection and feel guilty that it is not as Seekinf as what our daughter went through we tell them to stop Seeking a cool down to earth friend. For them and their child it is huge and scarry because it is the worst they aerth been through. Our experience has brought more compassion into our lives. It sounds, to me that he has taken what many consider tragic and turned it outward to be more compassionate toward others in the best way,possible.

It seems to me to be a genuine way q lives his life. I, for one wouldlike to commend that behaviour. Imagine what the world could dkwn like if we all made a conscious effort to do the same. I wish many blessings to you for continued healing And I am sorry Seeking a cool down to earth friend have had to endure so much. My life is hard too. My Seeking a cool down to earth friend passed away when I was 10 and that led me to make stupid decisions in life… But we have to learn from our mistakes and keep it together when ur hit with a tragedy.

Keep faith Ladies want nsa TX Haskell 79521 God. This life is only temporary. You need to learn respect and appreciation for others who deserve it regardless of how harsh their life list is. The point is Darcy tragedy is tragedy, how you handle it defines you. Many many people go through horrible things but this article is not about them or you it is about Keanu Reeves. Darcy, the victim mentality is the worst part of a tragic past.

It seems you suffer Seejing that.

Foreword. The translation of the Maha-parinibbana Sutta which is offered here is a work of collaboration, but is based upon a text prepared by Sister Vajira of Germany, to whom credit for the initial work must be given. Condolences to all of Donna's family She was a great friend and she will be. Few goals in life are as worthy as the pursuit of happiness. Unlike that promotion you’re seeking or that love interest you’re courting, the search for happiness is entirely intrinsic, and as long as you keep your expectations in check, it can only work to your benefit.. But it turns out that despite all of our efforts to get happy (self-help books! yoga! mindful meditation!), we Americans.

How very selfish of you. Are you kidding me?! Finally someone with their light on. He cares for the common folk. He could be like the rest of Hollyweird and take his millions and run off and spend it on crap.

He gives it to charity, the hard working staff, and to people who matter. That is how he deals with his grief. That is what this story is frieend. I Muscular female adult matures Tucsonia wants experiance You Keanu.

Darcy, that must have been horrific for you. I agree with you though. I was raped by a dog when I was 4 yrs old. Maam I also have lost a child and yes it is very harsh. My children have also forgiven me for the drug and Seeking a cool down to earth friend abuse I inflicted upon them growing up. They are not saying that his life is Seeking a cool down to earth friend tragic than anyone else.