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News items are now being copied Flying to Santa ana with your nsa dating Circumstitions News blog which takes comments. Berlin - A Sollentuna girls sex couple who filed Sollentuna girls sex damages from a piercing studio where they had the ears of their 3-year-old daughter pierced could face charges of harming her after a court said it might ask police to investigate whether their actions were legal.

The case at a Berlin court could further heat up a debate in Germany Senior swingers Canico parental consent after a court in the western city of Cologne ruled in June that Sollentuna girls sex doctor had inflicted bodily harm by circumcising a 4-year-old Muslim boy at his parents' request. A Berlin court approved the parents' demand for 70 euros 88 dollars in damages for excessive pain inflicted on their daughter during the piercing.

But noting the Cologne case, judge Uwe Kett raised the possibility of referring the parents and the piercing artist to the police. Israel National News August 29, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin has cancelled a planned delegation to Germany to discuss the issue of a recent court ban on circumcision.

The MKs were concerned that the trip could make Israel look over-involved in internal German affairs.

Sollentuna girls sex The office of Rabbi Yitshak Ehrenberg, who has been serving the Berlin Jewish community sinceon Wednesday confirmed in an email that criminal charges had been filed against him.

At this point it is not known who filed the complaint and what exactly the letter states. On July 11, Ehrenberg After more than girlw hour of lively discussion, host Anne Will allowed Ehrenberg the last word. The rabbi first appealed to his congregants Sollentuna girls sex to have their children circumcised in a hospital but in a synagogue or at home.

There is no Judaism without circumcision, and therefore — we will continue.

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Haaretz Subscription required August Sollentuna girls sex, It's an irony of fate that the Germans, of all people, are calling us to order in Jewish matters. It's an irony of fate that they are the ones telling us Sollentuna girls sex religious precept, which even complete heretics among us keep without blinking an eye, is a barbaric, primitive act, not to say a violation of the law.

What disaster would have befallen had the president turned to us, his flock, and asked us to reconsider the automatic sacrifice of every Jewish male on the circumcisers' altar? I too had to go through most of my life Sollentuna girls sex two Sollentuna girls sex sons before I acknowledged the sin of circumcision, which I committed light-headedly.

If we think rationally for Sllentuna moment, why should the Germans - and the Swiss who followed their lead, or any other Western state - allow a Jewish rabbi to perform a surgical act forbidden to anyone else who isn't a doctor?

What Sollentuna girls sex on our part to ask for ourselves a privilege that Sollentuna girls sex a blatant infraction of the law, which is intended to protect people from various charlatans. New York Times August 27, By Roni Caryn Rabin The American Academy of Pediatrics has shifted its stance on infant male circumcision, announcing on Monday that new research, including studies in Africa suggesting that the procedure may protect heterosexual men against H.

But the academy stopped short of recommending routine circumcision for all baby boyssaying the decision remains a family matter. The academy had previously taken a neutral position on circumcision. The long-delayed policy update comes as sentiment against circumcision is gaining strength in the United States and parts of Europe. Circumcision rates in the United States declined to Medicaid programs in several states have stopped paying for the Sollentuna girls sex circumcision of infants.

It falls in the middle. But opponents of circumcision say no one — not even a well-meaning parent — has the right to make the decision to remove a healthy body part from another person. It was a protracted analysis that began seand the result is a page report, which includes seven pages of references, including citations.

Circumcision does not appear to reduce H. Two studies have found Wife wants casual sex Baton Rouge circumcision actually increases the risk of H. Other studies have linked male circumcision to lower rates of infection Sollenfuna human papillomavirus and herpes simplex Type 2.

But Sllentuna circumcision sez not associated with lower rates Woman seeking casual sex DIberville gonorrhea Sollentuna girls sex chlamydia, and evidence for protection against syphilis is weakthe Sollenntuna said.

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The procedure has long been recognized to lower urinary Sollentuna girls sex infections early in life and reduce the incidence Sollentuna girls sex penile cancer. Significant complications are believed to occur in approximately one in procedures. Botched operations can result in damage or even amputation of parts of the penis, and by one estimate about boys die each year.

Anesthesia is often not used, and the task force recommended that pain relief, including penile nerve blocks, be used regularly, a change that may raise the rate of complications. The American Academy of Pediatrics policy on male genital cutting is culturally biased and seriously flawed.

Yirls should be withdrawn.

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Sollentuna girls sex hits for "botched circumcision": The AAP should withdraw its circumcision policy the way it withdrew its female genital cutting policy after Sollentuna girls sex storm of outrage two years ago, when it recommended a token ritual nick to baby girls, much LESS extensive than neonatal male genital cutting.

If that was unacceptable, how can this be acceptable? The public mood is turning against infant circumcision. The Intactivism movement has found a receptive audience, especially among young people through social media.

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This video was created within 36 hours of the AAP releasing its policy. The AAP's policy seems bent, not on considering the healthy intact penis at all, but on Sollentuna girls sex insurance and public funding to circumcision in order to find a new market among the poor.

Hammarby Hockey var i kvaltagen igen efter några års sämre resultat. I kvalet till allsvenskan hade man dock inte mycket att hämta. TV:s Sportspegeln hade en . Justitiekanslern i sällsynt offensiv mot 16 tidningar som publicerade felaktig porranklagelse mot busschaufför. Nya kulturministern Amanda Lind om mediepolitiken. Bruk av automatiske tjenester (roboter, spidere, indeksering m.m.) samt andre fremgangsmåter for systematisk eller regelmessig bruk er ikke tillatt.

It does a disservice to the growing number of boy babies Solllentuna left intact, and their parents - and an even greater disservice to the boys who will be circumcised as Sollentuna girls sex result of its strident advocacy, and to the men they become. To the full policyannotated click on the gils highlighting Sollentuna girls sex may require downloading - a work in progress. To a video of this statement on Youtube. The AAP's brochure for parents leans even further toward recommending it.

JTA -- Denmark has commissioned an investigation Sollentuna girls sex whether non-medical circumcision procedures violate its health code. Politiken reported that the Sollentuna girls sex government has commissioned a study on this question. Last month the paper published an expose that said the National Board of Health did not monitor the conditions under which circumcision takes place.

Non-medical circumcision of minors has been the subject of a heated debate in Denmark over the past few months. Several politicians reportedly have called for Sollentuna girls sex ban on the practice, prompting angry reactions from Jews and Muslims.

He said the government was welcome to carry out Bad Houston Texas pussy investigation.

By Hugh Young Websites supporting circumcision srx leaked the American Academy of Pediatrics' policy on circumcision, adding further spin to an already biased policy.

The Tablet trumpets "Leading Pediatric Group Endorses Girle and this has Sollentuna girls sex echoed on other conservative sites.

They do NOT "endorse" it. They say "health benefits are not great enough to recommend routine circumcision for all male newborns" but the benefits outweigh the risks and then, as they always have, leave it up to parents.

Yet their own ethicist, Dr Douglas Diekema has said on oath that, " the request of a parent Sollentuna girls sex surrogate decision-maker is never sufficient to justify a particular clinical intervention. Sollentuan policy exaggerates the benefits and minimizes the risks. For example, Sollentuna girls sex are no good statistical studies of major complications or deaths, so it simply ignores them.

It cherry-picks data and misrepresents it.

Sollentuna girls sex example it cites a study that found Sollentuna [removes] the most senstive part of the penis" but ignores that Sollentuna girls sex - in fact it ignores the foreskin as much as it can, neither defining it nor considering its unique structure Hot Schaumburg girls nude many functions.

Sollentuna girls sex discusses one circumcision clamp 's action without girld that its maker has gone out of business after losing lawsuits worth millions to the families of boys who lost too much in the clamps. Its pro-circumcision bias Sollentuna girls sex manifest Sollentuna girls sex as is its financial interest in getting your taxes and health insurance premiums into their pockets through public funding of circumcision.

An earnest, overachieving group of middle school students proudly turns in a 3-year term paper entitled:. They exhaustively answered Sollenruna wrong question, and delved deeper into A chatroulette sex free Fayetteville Arkansas to fuck than anyone thought humanly possible.

They get an "A" for effort and an "F" overall on the assignment There never should have been a "Task Force on Circumcision", because everything looks like a nail when you're a hammer. If the AAP is so concerned with the health of the penis, then they should have had a Task Force on Male Urogenital Health and Development, and just observed in passing that unnecessary circumcision was an odd religious thing, outside the realm of ethical medicine.

Sollentuna girls sex is still true that no national medical association in the world does. Swazi Observer August 24, Mothers willing to have their babies circumcised must come through because it will be done for free. Straits Times August 24, Controversy surrounding the non-medical circumcision of young boys arose earlier this summer when Danish media revealed that the National Board of Health did not monitor the conditions under which circumcision gigls place.

And the government is taking the initiative to Sollentuna girls sex so. Jpost August 23, By Benjamin Weithal German Ethics Council conditionally supports the Sollentnuafollowing an anti-circumcision ruling in Cologne. The controversy girlw a criminal complaint filed Sollentnua week by a physician in Germany against Rabbi David Goldberg, a mohel based in Hof Saale, Bavaria, for performing brit mila.

Germany's Ethics Council came out in conditional support of circumcision, its chairwoman Christiane Woopen said Thursday following a council meeting.

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Freedom of the person shall be inviolable. According to German media, Woopen said that the agreement of both parents should be necessary, the It s wednesday where s my riding friend of anesthesia should be introduced to alleviate pain and there should be comprehensive education about the risks associated with circumcision.

Additionally, the procedure should be carried out by medical professional. The members of the ethics council recommended a committee consisting of Jews, Muslims, parent groups and doctors from various disciplines to participate in clarifying Germany's Sollentnua on the issue.

According to reports, members of the Ethics council had differing views on the ritual's place Ssex Germany. Hamburg-based legal expert Reinhard Merkel stressed at the meeting that he considers circumcision without anesthesia to be" legally and yirls not acceptable. The deputy Sollentuna girls sex of the ethics council, the evangelical theologian, Peter Dabrock, advocated for "proven effective pain therapy measures" Sollentuna girls sex the procedure.

Milf dating in Rector Leo Latasch, a Jewish physician on the council, suggested Sollentuna girls sex was amenable to a local anesthesia.

He said anesthesia is already a customary method in Germany. Latasch flatly rejected that circumcision of young boys is comparable Sollenthna genital mutilation of young girls. According to Latasch, medical complications take place in less than 0. He warned of operations in back rooms without supervision Sollentuna girls sex a "circumcision tourism" if lawmakers do not react to the Cologne decision criminalizing circumcision.

According to the DPA news service, the authorities in Bavaria are examining the complaint for "criminal relevancy. However, following the Cologne ruling Bavarian authorities said that they would not enforce the decision in their state.

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Just Genesis August 25,