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Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex

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I look foward to watching your reply. Much to mingle im a divorced black male 6ft 2in average ass in my 40s seeking for a live in gf that actually works or goes to.

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I have not seen her picture since the 90's. It makes me happy to see her looking so good. It must be one of the Las Cruces woman naked things to go through to have an icon dumb you the way Springsteen dumped her. I would be depressed for years. It was like she had no say in anything and he went straight Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex Patti Scialfa.

I love those old photos at OP's link. I had forgotten Paul Rudd used to have Mary Tyler Moore's hairstyle from the first season of her show. In Bruce Springsteen's memoir he hardly talks about her. Apparently she didn't mean anything to him. So why the hell did he marry her? I guess he thought "she's a model and I'm a rock star, and rock stars marry models, so I guess I'll lolking this hot piece.

The Boss is really lookkng dick. Oh well, hopefully she got a nice fat divorce Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex. I would never know that was her. If Julianne was a model, I sure don't remember her and I used to book models as part of my job at an ad agency!

Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex

She definitely wasn't a famous model. I love when all these starlets state they were 'models'.

Julianne was cute, but was definitely not a name model I can remember. It was when George Clooney became a co-star the show's downward slide began.

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Julianne got off the train at the right time. Sela looks good there although in some other photos I've seen her plastic surgery is distracting.

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No matter what way you call it, Scialfa is not hot. I've seen some of Julianne Phillip's "modeling" photos. I guess she did some sort of Sldney but she was never a big name model.

Springsteen's girlfriend during his Born To Run period was also a "model. She was tall taller than Bruce and skinny, Talo she was more striking than beautiful: She had no fashion sense at all; in all photos I've seen of her with Bruce she looks like she's wearing rumpled thrift shop clothes. Later Karen Darvin ended up with Todd Rundgren. He Sidndy Bebe Buell for her. Yes, Phillips looks good. I still see her features in her face but that was a very long time ago. I think Springsteen's marriage was already crumbling by the time he hooked up with Patti.

He was infatuated with Julianne, but infatuation never lasts. Bruce is a Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex collar man at heart and Sidny never meant to be with the Princess Di wannabes.

He had to be comfortable with the person.

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Funny how people have a hard time when the allegedly 'prettier' one gets dumped for gor less attractive as in Prince Charles or Ben Affleck. A beautiful boring person is still boring at the end of the Avon lesbian porn. R27 - Nah, Its just the ugly gals will put up with more shit. And over their life time have learnt how to "compensate".

Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex

In any case you don't have to be beautiful to be hot. Scialfa always seemed like a wild spirit, a rock chick, and totally like someone men would fall in love with. Phillips on the other hand seemed like an ice princess. When he left her for Scialfa I totally got why, Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex obviously I'm only guessing what these people are like in real life.

And really, Scialfa is now in her 60s.

Yes, she's got a big nose and doesn't look like a model, I'm glad she hasn't let that stop living her life. She really doesn't look bad with a little makeup. Smith, told People in October Patti and Bruce, on the other hand, have everything in common.

Springsteen ex Julianne Phillips looking' good.

Frankly, I think Julianne was a dream, a digression. Patti and Bruce were meant for each other. Julianne doesn't look bad for a single white female on the verge of a nervous breakdown heroin addict.

Springsteen was very honest in his biography about his depression. He admitted that's what broke them up. For Julianne - she still looks great and has managed to have a life with a dignified silence despite him. Scialfa got to be Mrs. Springsteen - she relishes the spotlight, Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex status and the lifestyle And Bruce basically never had to face up to a real relationship. Doubt he's looking back at Julianne with any regret. R38 - He married one of his band.

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Not exactly a great love story. More like the most convenient piece.

I was at a Dylan concert in Asbury Park a few years ago. Bruce and Patti were hidden in an area that was covered up to the left of the stage.

I happened to be right by it. Therefore I got to observe their interaction.

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They are a Sindey tactile couple, always hanging off each other, but they seemed like robots. Bruce was paying attention to the show and they were sitting on high chairs. He had his arm resting in her shoulder and she was being all flirty. When Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex came time to exit - you could see that she was just lapping up the fan attention. Like it was her first time. She looked good though, I remember observing that she was skinny and they are both short.

Ok, To me skinny was looking good. The hair color was completely Sixney and there was nothing great except that she was able to get away with wearing Ladies seeking real sex Farmers short clack dress at her age.

Actually, their body language reminds me of a deeply closeted flashy high school guy with his desperate fag hag drama club girlfriend. Gu, your values are not fucked up at all.

Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex I Am Looking Sexual Dating

Who the hell are you to decide what's a great love story or not? You seem to value people by their looks and that is just sad. Judging by what's lopking said over the years about Lanesboro sexy girls relationship Scialfa and Springsteen really did Tall skinny Sidney guy looking for sex a great love story, and Phillips was just a short and unhappy mistake in Springsteen's love life.

Springsteen was one of the biggest rock stars in the world. You think he had to settle for the most convenient piece when there were literally millions of women who would've been happy to take Phillips' place?

It's always been clear he did what he wanted. Now, like I said earlier I've heard some vague rumors he's into guys as well, although obviously anyone could claim that online. If that is true it might obviously complicate things.

But in any case just because you seem to think Scialfa isn't good-looking enough to be liked by men doesn't make it true. My partner deals with the Springsteens fairly regularly.

Sorry, can't give details.

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He says they're both extremely nice and down-to-earth considering their wealth and fame. Patti goes by Springsteen, not Scialfa, in her real life. And she dresses like the rich woman she is when she's out of the public eye. R49 - Take skinyn easy.

I think you've popped your head up before on the Springsteen stuff. I would do him - even at his age.

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I think I would drop everything. I wonder if he still has it in him. That's all I would want - plain sex.

I"m not naiver R I'm in a relationship of gu 25 years and good or bad it's a relationship and I know what one looks like. They've been together over 25 years and have had 3 kids--they have a real relationship. They work together in the band, they live together, they procreate together. He's a gigantic star.