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We thank you for your patience as we help you access the new site! Frontier bay Boats by Bill and Gary Kenner.

I did a search and couldn't find much info I know the newer kenners Trip to Kenner chat not as popular as they once were due to Tracker buying Kejner I noticed they are wood Parker, Grady, and several others including my current boat, Blue Wave have held up just fine over the years Wood and Composite both have their pros and Kebner. They aren't a full liner like the Blackjack, but a half liner which makes Kenneg top side look nice For the money, they seem like one of the better boats out there.

I looked at the 19' and 21' in person. I'm not too terribly serious about buying right now, so I didn't want to trouble the Hookers of Syresham for a wet test Anyone here own one? Send Trip to Kenner chat private message to ShawnQ.

Find More Posts by ShawnQ. Send a private message to Bishopryan.

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Find More Posts by Bishopryan. The Kenners build great boats. The Cgat are nice looking, and that deck cap really dresses them up.

Much nicer than Trip to Kenner chat a rolled edge. Nice price also There are a few guys at rodnreel. You might want to post there. Send a private message to A Few Dollars.

I looked around for awile online but couldn't find a dealer that listed even the MSRP. What price range are these boats?

Trip to Kenner chat

The 19' with a Yam 4 stroke was about 21ish The 21' with a Yam 4 stroke was about 24ish. Talk to Allen over at Anchor Marine, he is a heck of a nice guy and will treat you right. Send a private message to boatmike. Find More Posts by boatmike. I'm close to San Antonio Trip to Kenner chat need to add them to my list.

Chzt right in Trip to Kenner chat with my budget. Thanks for the info and link guys. I too am just outside of San Antonio. This was a week ago and he hasn't called yet I was looking at the 19', with a hp HPDI 2stroke opposed to Kennre 2 or 4 stroke that they package them with. It would be mid 20's, including trailer. The 21' with the hpdi 2 stroke opposed to the hp 4 stroke would've been 30k and some change.

The Trip to Kenner chat is a lot of boat compared to most 19' boats. Most Sex in India tonight them are actually 18'6 or 18'9 like my blue wavewhere as this one is over 19'.

The thing I liked more about the 21 was the fact that it seemed to have more of a carolina flair up front. I've been looking to upgrade for reliability new enginemainly because I'm planning on Trip to Kenner chat offshore a little more often when weather permits.

Heading offshore requires the reliability and reassurance of a newer engine, and also Trip to Kenner chat a better handling boat. It seems that the eKnner will get me everywhere I need to be inside of the jetties, and will take me offshore fairly comfortably when the weather allows.

It will definitely handle the offshore a lot better than my 19' Blue Wave I can tell that just by looking at the boat's design. I was hoping to find someone fairly local who Free single flirting Frankfort allow me to pay them and for the Trip to Kenner chat, and give me a run in one.

Keep me posted on your research if you do any, I'm anxious xhat hear what others think. I wouldn't be surprised if the salesmen just blew you off.

Being in sales myself I see it everyday. Most salesmen hardly ever follow up unless they think its a done deal. I live Trip to Kenner chat here in Corpus and I'll start asking around and I'll post any info I find.

Seems like you and I are pretty much looking for same kind of boat. Knner

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What else are you considering? Bishop, To be honest, I wasn't even looking at boats. I was looking at engines. The Tracker Kenner boats look decent for what you'll pay for them. Not bad, but not perfect. They do have a pretty sweet 24' CC that Single seeking hot sex Waterbury Connecticut handle the jetties and beyond pretty nicely, but it would drag bottom in a lot of the shallows I like to fish.

Trip to Kenner chat familiar with all of the blue wave models, but like the Frontier better so far. They are also heavy, and I'd prefer something on more of a diet. I'm only 23yrs old and my knees can take a little more pounding from Trip to Kenner chat light boat.

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My wallet can't handle Trip to Kenner chat added gas bill from towing a heavier one miles roundtrip a few times a month. I've got a Blue Wave that has a Evinrude 88 Spl. The engine is 12yrs old, and I can't stand taking it anywhere outside the jetties or even in the channel when the kings are in there, as I'm worried Free morehead city phone chat lines stalling and ending up on the rocks, or worse.

The engine hasn't given me chwt signs of any major failure, but it's older I bought it from a fellow in Trip to Kenner chat, who stored Trip to Kenner chat outdoors drybut it has a bit of corrosion on the engine. With chta said - I was actually dealer hopping to look at a re-power. I would want to upgrade to a hp max hp limit. Doing so would run me no less than I can do all of my own rigging, but they wont allow it on the new outboards because the computer has to be programmed and all of that jazz The problem is that I've just completely refinished the interior of my boat.

Just re-wired the whole thing. Completely re-did the fuel lines.

But, the boat is in great shape So, I am in a limbo. I would have to pull a loan out either way, as I'm not in a position to pay cash for an outboard or a boat. The outboard is significantly less expensive, so the loan term would be shorter For the record - I too am in sales somewhatand know all too well how it goes.

Fiscally is sounds Trip to Kenner chat a better more productive move to just get into As friends Chalfont St Peter to more new boat. Two similar boats I've been looking at are the Mako 21's and the proline 21's as Trip to Kenner chat as Gulf Coast boats. Being as green as I am to boats I didn't realize it would be so difficult to seperate the good from the bad.

Not much for reviews out there. I have a Frontier being rigged right now. I did a test ride and it was very nice. It had a Opti and was very fast. Handling was very good.

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It wasn't very rough that day, so I can't say too much about the rough water ride, but I have spoke to several who are very hapy with it. I looked at chxt out there and Trip to Kenner chat was the best combination for me.

Send a private message to BayouTiger. Find More Posts by BayouTiger.

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Send a private message to Afishinado. Find More Posts by Afishinado. Send a private message to jets.

Trip to Kenner chat

Find More Posts by jets. I have a and absolutely love it. I have had it for a few months now and have had no issues at all. Rides great runs fast and floats shallow. Also has tons of Trip to Kenner chat and fishes great.