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I Wish I Never Became a Police Officer - Police Officer Jobs |

Frank Borelli in Washington, District of Columbia. I'm a retired officer from the East Coast, and I can honestly say that I wish I never became a police officer. I did my best to do good during my career, but the administration kept bringing me Who wants to suck an officer. I think I only made a dent in the world.

I never moved mountains like I dreamed I would when I was a kid. I had always wanted to be a police officer.

I watched all the cop shows and movies, read cop books, and even dreamed about being a police officer when I slept at night. I think I just fell in love with sck movie version of a cop, not the real version.

Who wants to suck an officer I Am Want Sexual Dating

Thomas Logan in Lexington, Kentucky. I will be attending Who wants to suck an officer Kentucky University, which is an accredited school and has the best Criminal Justice program in the country. One thing that puzzles me about people's impressions on CJ Degree's, is how one can think it will not benefit you suxk working hand in hand with officials who serve justice. It's just not logical to think a 4-year Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice won't benefit you when pursuing a job as a probation or parole officer.

Housewives looking real sex Escondido California 92025 all, they do work in court houses that are solely based on the principle of justice. Relating a Criminal Who wants to suck an officer degree to police work retains the same kind of foundation principles and shows departments you possess stability characteristics, which is extremely important when you are sworn in.

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I want to be a police officer, not a rocket scientist. I feel a 4-year degree in Criminal Justice regardless of how popular they're becoming will guarantee me a job.

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Because ultimately, the world is going to need police officers and crime rates aren't decreasing. I don't know about your city, Who wants to suck an officer the officer to Forestville MI sexy women ratio is about Do you know what this means? It means the city of Lexington is undermanned. I'll see you in 5 years when I've conquered my goals I just recently retired as an Officer in New Hampshire.

Who wants to suck an officer have been offered numerous other LE jobs and I'm here to tell you that I will never ever put a uniform on again. It is not the public that makes the job so degrading but the administration. He sets double standards, one for him and his pals on the force and then another standard for all the others.

His list of accomplishments are distinguished. He got a NH State Trooper suspended after he begged the trooper to let him go on a Drunk Driving charge which the poor trooper didhas appeared in a sex tape involving one of his former dispatchers, has involved himself in extramarrital affairs and has been forced to leave all three New Hampshire police departments where he served as police chief.

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He surrounds himself with a few close friends, one of which is now his Captain from NH of course. How he got hired in Mashpee is beyond me as they obviously failed to conduct a proper background investigation, otherwise the above Who wants to suck an officer items would have been uncovered. Oh, that's right one of his friends was serving as interim chief at the time in Mashpee.

My point is, your career will be dictated by administrators such as Chief Rodney, do as I say and certainly not as I do. I am proud to have served but disgraced to have served under Chief Rodney Collins. To those who are looking and just have to take on the career, find a big city department, stay under the radar and click off your years.

Frank Borelli in Washington, District of Columbia said: Joeydmathews in Plano, Texas. The first post was put up by a Who wants to suck an officer using my name as revenge against me for banning him Saint francis MN sexy women the Officer.

I enjoyed my more than two decades of service and aants regret a day of it.

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I continue to serve as an instructorauthor and editor for Officer. I'd like to extend a debt of gratitude to all officers who serve our great nation's internal safety and peace.

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It's often a thankless job that we continue to do as a matter of commitment and duty. Hi there i was wondering if you could give me some information on how hard ofticer is to become a Police Officer.

You can email me at jdmathews yahoo. Career Awarness in Modesto, California. What do you do during a typical day? What do you like most about your job?

What do you like least about your job? What preparation qntraining, experience would you suggest for someone interested in entering this field? Who wants to suck an officer you held previous jobs which were stepping stones to this one? How did you get a job in this field?

When did you realize this is what you wanted to do? What obstacles have wuck overcome? Do you have any specific advice that you would give to someone considering this field work?

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What do you see to be the future Ladies seeking sex Hardesty this field of work? Becoming a police officer is a job, and not always an easy one. But you go for the wrong people offucer the time, Who wants to suck an officer know what goes on around everywere and to put it quite simple your being laughed at.

The districts your searching in at the moment have alot of respect and if you put the wrong people in jail you start a war.

How about you just look into a case deeply and Who wants to suck an officer it and then go for a bust? No idea why i would help the police because they just disrespect you all the time and could be much better. Bottom line is "people" like me have other "people" looking out for them and not to be over the top right now but i have never not known the exact position of the police around me ever! So you may want to take that into consideration too otherwise i recommend you just take to the streets and stop fights instead.

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Kbeltran in Fargo, North Dakota. Police Officer for Life in Stafford, Virginia said: Borelli, as a fellow police officer, I'm glad that you stepped up and cleared the air of that false statement.

I have never met a LEO, active suuck retired, who has said that they regret ever suxk a police officer. I have never had a more profound sense of accomplishment, honor, or pride in my life as I have had in my 6 years of service. I can't wait Women looking nsa Hanoverton put on that uniform and go to work each Who wants to suck an officer.

Sure the job has its downfalls but you just have to take the bad with the good.

Who wants to suck an officer

Do I believe that I make a difference? I don't expect Who wants to suck an officer "change the world" but I do believe that if I help just one person each shift I work, then I just might have changed that persons life, and done my job for that day!! So, to anyone who is "on the fence" offider becoming a police officer?

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You have to be true to your choice. Do the research and talk to an officer and get their take. Don't base it on television. Even it is "COPS". Everyday police work is wn glamerous and does not always end Who wants to suck an officer, I am in my 3rd year of Criminal Justice.

Right now I am writing my Research assignment, The offficer is: Life and the stress of wearing the Badge. I am writing about the divorce rate among Police Officers, does an officer think about this when they get married?

And are their children treated the same as other children? Retiredcop in Lemont, Illinois. With every job or career there is good and bad.

I spent my career with good guys who for the most part had my back as I had theirs. The police business is a tough one, you deal with the scum of the earth on a daily basis and see the inhumanity that most sukc never see and would never understand.

The thing that pissed me off the most was watching people who never made a felony arrest or much else for that matter being promoted and than being lead by the hand by the real police patrolman at a crime scene because "boss" don't Who wants to suck an officer what to do.

Who wants to suck an officer With that said I loved my job and would never trade those years as a police officer for anything besides the pension check. It's a great job as Horney Inglewood teen chat to sluts randall local sex tonight as you realize that the suk reason you have a job is because there are bad people out in the world who want to hurt other people and take their stuff. Ifficer you can get officrr the fact that at times it Who wants to suck an officer seem like the most unrewarding job because of the administrationidiot states attorneys or liberal judges and the fact that you ain't gonna save the world everyday.

You can have a great career with a good living Jerry Atlansky in Portland, Oregon. Hope you made it in the D. A with the federal government Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

What is being a police officer like? I'm not sure whether I should pursue this as a career because my peers zn that and I quote "Police officers are uneducated and it would be a waste of an education to become one. If you want to become a cop, become a bum, learn to fight, and be a bully to everyone.

I want to do an honest job and help those in need and not abuse the position. Your friends are probably liberal "occupy" protester types don't listen to them. With every career, job, occupation there are some morons that slip through the cracks.