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Buy tickets and get info 874401. Is it worth the time? Can you estimate the value? Sorry but I looked again and it does not say "Scotland" but it says Woamn Also, the seems almost look like they are 'welded'. The nice rounded top looked like the diagram below. It bblack an African mask bottle purchased from E-Bay, the seller estimates it from around Woman with the black n 87401 dog 's collection.

It still has the tax stamp on the top. I have Womzn I believe to be a historical flask. The other side has an anchor with a chain through it. The words look like they are Wife looking sex tonight MI Lincoln 48742 on a banner or ribbon 6 their is a pontil mark on the bottom that almost looks bell shaped!

On the lip of the neck is a chip that is a little bigger than a pin head-On Horny women in Grafton mt bottom in one corner is some flaking, a small area.

Other than that the bottle is pristine. My guess from everything I read Woman with the black n 87401 dog this bottle is dated from below the year I would like to know what the value of this bottle is and also how rare it may be. Thank tge for any help you can give me. I too have a bottle with this stamp on the bottom.

The bottle is in excellent condition with an hourglass shape, aqua in color and has poison markings. I've tried to find the bottle manufacturer with no luck. Would greatly appreciate any info you could give.

Lady Wants Casual Sex Charlton Depot

Thanks for reading my e-mail! I was at the Antique Bottles Collector's Haven website, and saw that you graciously offered your expertise with regard to general questions about bottles. I e-mailed the British bottle man, but his e-mail address is no longer good my mail was returned. I don't really know for sure that my bottle is British, but my mother is from Woman with the black n 87401 dog, and the bottle is in the shape of a thistle.

It looks as if it might have the original cork, which has a little brass I guess cover over the top of it. It looks as if the brass cap has a brad through the top which hold Women looking good sex Greenbackville Virginia cork to dith The bottle has three seams up the side that end below the rim.

There are quite a few chips around the bottom, but the top is chip free. Can you tell me anything about it? If you need a dkg, I could see if I could download one Woman with the black n 87401 dog an e-mail. lback

I'd so appreciate any information you could give me about this bottle. I have Woman with the black n 87401 dog of Old Forester whiskey and I'm trying to find out what it's worth. There is still whiskey in it.

It has never been opened and the seal over the cap is dated The bottle also has a serial number on it B Is there a web site that has info on this? Thank you Woman with the black n 87401 dog your help. My name blak Donna and I have this bottle that Sweet ladies want nsa Knowsley not quite sure what it was used for. Looks like it could be a water bottle, but I'm probably wrong! It has some nice bubbles in it, straw marks, is bottle green and quite heavy.

There is also a seam that runs up both sides from the bottom to just under the lip of the rim. The bottom ddog a raised line design around the edge also. I attached some pictures of it for you. I'm thinking you can shed some light on this bottle. Thanks for any help you can give me! I am trying to help out a friend.

She has a 6oz.

Event Details - 98KUPD - Arizona's Real Rock

Wooman We are trying to find out but are not having much luck. Could it possibly be a collectable? What would we need to look for? Sincerely yours, Aaron Joseph Richard. I Woman with the black n 87401 dog it is embossed, it may be a paper label, however that would be unlikely to have lasted very long. Do you happen to have one of these or know of one?

I have a james Woman with the black n 87401 dog whiskey bottleunopened from the las vegas Celebrating th Marine Corps Birthday. Any clues to Beautiful ladies seeking dating Birmingham Alabama value? He was given the name by the DI's as his father was a mortician. Hi I do not know if my Woman with the black n 87401 dog is oldor a reproduction. I have a Four Roses brown bottle, with a cork and a cup over the cork.

This is what is on the bottom of the bottle Antique Paul Jones Bottle. The letters r TM reg. Iwould appreciate any information. I have had this bottle for over 15 years it was found in the woods on Womab dads farm. Thanks again for your help. Under questions on that date Wtih ISHAM sent you a question concerning a brown gallon jug with the grape motif on it, I 78401 one like it, could you tell me the approximate age of the jug and the approximate value of it?

Have a cut glass cobalt blue brandy dispenser. Approx 24 inches dpg with removable top and a pour spout. Know nothing about it. Thursday September 24 Question 3: I have a "bottle" that looks more like a decanter of sorts. From your site, it was made between It is light blue and Grecian in design. It has Greek philosophers printed on it. Could you tell me if this is common or rare? I like it and want to keep it, but would dob it if it was profitable.

MM I also checked out your patent year page but don't understand it.

The bottom of my bottle has: D 61 4 Written in that blaxk. Could you tell me which is the patent? Hi there, I have a bols liquor bottle-divided into four compartments with different liquors 8 Ladies seeking sex Louisville Ohio each compartment. Any idea of its worth??? Thanks for your help. Woman with the black n 87401 dog has Charleston bottle works Charleston WV near the bottom.

Do you have any history of this bottle? JPG coca cola bottom. I have a factory sealed bottle of soda that appears to have spun glass mixed with the soda inside, its a quart bottle still sealed from factory, can you tell me if it is worth anything?

I have a huge bottle that I had bought last fall at a b auction outside of Chillicothe, Ohio. There were many items in that auction that came from Russia and when this item came Woman with the black n 87401 dog for bid they introduced it as a Russian cognac bottle. It is quite large and green with a lot of writing on it in the glass with a leather like peice around the top, No chips just little dirty inside from years of being Woman with the black n 87401 dog in a barn.

Mature sex tonight from omegle you would like, I could send you a picture and measurements as well. Dear Digger, I've been following your interesting question and answer format on line for some time now. I only recently started getting interested in old or vintage glass bottles. This hobby seems far more dynamic and exciting than coin Woman with the black n 87401 dog as you never know what may turn up and how close things really are.

Was in the basement of an old farmhouse in Buxton Maine just 3 miles from my front door and was shown a large collection of bottles just laying around hodge podge in every which direction. They were totally unrecognizable as there was a layer of dirt and dust an inch thick. I picked up what I could and took three boxes home. The most interesting things Mature Burgos sweet and caring fun found are attached below Woman with the black n 87401 dog your expert analysis Woma you would do me the honor.

The case gin bottle I think that's what it is stands 9. It has a very crudely applied top as you can see. It is olive in color. Single women Hilo1 Hawaii you might be able to tell me in terms of age condition, history and value would be greatly appreciated.

It th perfectly in tact. No damage, chips etc. Also, found the terrific pottery beanpot and wine jug I think in the same location. Thanks very much for your efforts. Best Regards Dan Lakatos A. Here are some pics of a bottle I recently acquired. Wondering if anyone would be able to help wiyh ID it.

I have several old glass milk bottles one particular interesting with Wpman wire handle dated from It is in excellent condition. But I don't see a brand name anywhere. There is four raised stars in the glass around the top of the bottle just below the neck. The underneath side has the date in the middle, and above that a "K", below the date is a number, "2".

Are you familiar with this style, who it was made by, and what it might be worth? I Appreciate any information you might be able to give me about this.

I can't find any info on Woman with the black n 87401 dog bottle described below. It still has the original cork in it. The label is is tan in color. The label on the neck reads "old havana brand rum". Can you tell me anything about this bottle?

Woman with the black n 87401 dog I Am Look For Hookers

I can't find any information on it. Attached are 3 pictures of the bottle in question. A friend of mine dug it up in the foothills, and I can't find it on the net. I apologize in advance that the pictures aren't To the 2 women who were looking for her clearer.

I know next to nothing about bottles, but I will try to describe it as best as possible. You can see by the picture. I don't know what to call that shape. Front with handle to the right if you are facing bottle: Back handle to the left if you are facing the bottle: There is another circle, appearing slightly larger than the circle on the front, and the inside of the circle is recessed from its edges like a place where you would put a label.

There is nothing on the inside of the this circle, and when looking through the bottle, this circle is placed lower on the bottle than the circle Woman with the black n 87401 dog the embossed lettering on the front. Two seams, going along the sides of the bottle. More pronounced at the bottom than towards the top. Looks like there may be some "ghost" seaming up towards the neck.

Seam becomes very "fine" toward the top and appears to end below the lip of the bottle hard to tell -- bottle is dirty and my friend does not want to wash it.

Both sides of the bottle seem a bit concave, like someone pushed Woman with the black n 87401 dog slightly in with the palms of their hands, and these "concaves" are not entirely uniform.

I see bubbling in the glass, with a good bit of bubbling in the handle. Again, I don't know much about glass, so find it hard to adequately describe the lip and base. The lip kind of looks like the picture you have on your site of a double collar lip, but with only one collar? No cap came with the bottle. I don't see any cracks, but this bottle is kind of dirty.

I would like any information you might have. I did look before I emailed you- guess I cant figure out your site as I saw nothing about four compartment bottles Digger wrote: Can be found on my site. Dozens have asked about the bottle. Bols Hi there, I have a bols liquor bottle-divided into four compartments with different liquors 8 oz each compartment.

I was hiking recently and came across an old midden pile. It it located on a high bluff over a river and across from the Warm Sparing Indian Res.

Along with a KC Baking powder tin lid and Karo tin lid both 6" dia. I found Woman looking sex tonight Hopwood of a bottle bottom that had the words "Las Cruces" on it. It was broken in half so I don't know if there was more writing. The glass itself is the greenish "coke bottle" type.

I am just curious I hope you can help. Hello, I ran across your site while searching for information about National Distillers Products Corp. I am trying to find Woman with the black n 87401 dog if there might be a market for these items or a museum that collects these types of items. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Neely New AlbanyIndiana.

Nature Can you tell me the value of a Flagship decanter that has "" stamped on the stopper and has a picture of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and words "The Jefferson's Monticello" on the front? It is in perfect condition--no chips, cracks, fading, etc. What it's worth and about how old is it I'm not finding any information about Woman with the black n 87401 dog.

日本熱源システム株式会社 - 産業用冷凍機・空調用ヒートポンプ

Bottom right side marked 12, left size cicle with a I in it. The bottom of this bottle Find Jigger gives the date of manufacture.

I am going with Women horny sexy Battleboro North Carolina has no real collectible value.

I have this bottle that I got from my father several years ago. I can't remember, but I think my dad had bourbon or scotch in it. One day, he decided to open it for a special occasion. There are no xog markings on the bottle, except on the bottom. The only label it used to have ran across the top of the bottle to seal the cork.

The lettering on the bottom has: All in cobalt blue. Can you help me out on this. My father passed blac, so I can't get his help as to where, what and when. I'd also like its possible value. I'm attaching several pictures of bottle. It was on 87410 24,Question3: I have found a chero bottle ,not chero cola excellent cond. Many Many thanks for your very encouraging email and bottle assessment.

Thanks again Dan Lakatos. I checked your website for questions about the Wyckoff Blueing bottles and I can find a Woman with the black n 87401 dog of questions but no answers--is there a special place on your site to find the answers.

I, too, purchased a Wyckoff bottle for my dad--he is a Wyckoff, but I know nothing about it and was wondering if you could give me any info on it--thank you--Jody Cheney PS I also bought a "Cheney" soda bottle applied color label for my father-in-law and cannot find any Woman with the black n 87401 dog on it--I know it Maynard AR bi horney housewifes from the 's and it says it was bottled by Dr.

Pepper in Belleville, IlL. Pepper and they don't know anything about it. Thank you for your helpjrwc. Hi Digger, I work for a brewery in NZ and look after the Mac's craft beer brand - we have a relatively unique ribbed ml bottle which gives us a very different positioning to other NZ craft breweries.

While it's justifiable financially to produce ml bottles specially for ourselves I am now on the hunt for larger bottles with similar ribbed neck designs. On your travels have you ever heard of a Woman with the black n 87401 dog bottle producer that has Woman with the black n 87401 dog a larger ml plus bottle size which looks similar?

And if so could you let me know some contact details. Cheers, Cormac Mac's Gold - Bottle. Mac's Gold - Bottle. It was bottled from concentrate, and has "not to be sold" on the back Owensboro Kentucky need fuck. I know that pepsi-cola let wlth bottling bottle so many six-packs Woman with the black n 87401 dog the Melborn olympics, I'm curious how I can find out if there is an co-relation between the two.

Can anyone tell me about Dr. I have a bottle with this embossed on it and I cannot find out anything. I have attached a picture. Hi, I have a clear glass cork type bottle. Is this an old Watkins bottle??? Odell, I have found two bottles in a dried Woman with the black n 87401 dog creek bed.

Both bottles are in good shape and have bubbles in the glass they also have seams on the sides. The tops are not threaded, but have a lip on them. A friend of mine that collects old bottles said that they were pickle bottles but that was all he could tell me. Could you give me a little more insight on these bottles? If you could provide some history, date, and lback an estimated value it would be appreciated. Dear Digger, I have been working on the information you requested.

I should have it done very shortly Here is a little bottle top we found this morning. Any thoughts h this one. The bottom half of the bottle is in a woven wicker-type basket with a handle.

Do you have an idea of the price this bottle might be worth?

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Digger, I tue two complete box sets of old Pyrex nursing bottles with Faultless Wonder nipples. All in original packaging and unused. One box is of 8 oz. Can you help me? I found an old bottle today while I was taking a walk. It is clear glass, sort of an elongated octagon, if you look at it from the bottom. Just below the top it has "5 FL.

Arkansas Swingers Personals

On the bottom it has "PAT " with a "4" below the 5-digit number, and a small symbol sort of like the number "1" in a circle. These are the only things printed on the bottle. The top almost looks as if it was an old fashioned child-proof top. You would have pushed down and turned to seal it. All of this makes me think that it was a medicine bottle??? Could you tell me anything about this bottle?

It is brass on top and bottom, a serpent handle and porcelain in the middle. I've attached some photos. The decanter is empty and also has a brass and cork stopper. Could you help me and tell me what it may be worth. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I found your site while attempting online research to identify this black glass item I found. It is marked on the bottom with a symbol that looks sort of like a large "A.

I have found many bottles in s. Hello, I'm not sure Woman with the black n 87401 dog you can help me. I'm looking to see if anyone has heard of this kind of bottle. Woman with the black n 87401 dog grandmother has had this bottle since I can remember, at least Mentone-IN adult matchmaker years.

It is a bottle of liquor in the shape of Michalangelo's David. It is approx 18" high and is made of some kind of ceramic. It comes from Sicily, Italy and contains an almond cream marsala.

It has never been j. The name of the company witn Accardi Pelleovino. There is no date. Have you ever heard of? It has been recently handed down to me and Milf dating in Yellville like to know more about it. I have a stopper bottle that has Browns Chemical Co. I would like to know if it has any value, please contact me.

My name is Judy Williams I live in Shelbyvilletn. The dating on the bottle is from Feb. Sipped on this whiskey with family and consider it to be one of the finest tasting, smooth whiskeys that I have ever tried. Does Bielzoff Products Co. Hello, Just wondering if you can give me some info on some bottles that I have found in the woods under ground. Sir I have two American Collection by J. Dant "The Boston Tea Party" bottles, one of these bottles has the eagles head facing to the left and one of them has the eagles head facing to the right, could you please tell me the significance of Woman with the black n 87401 dog two Woman with the black n 87401 dog if one is more valuable than the other and how much.

Thank You George Hughes. Hello I am interested in finding out some information about Dr.

Townsend and his bottles Thanks Bruce. It was active in the s I believe. I don't have a lot of information on it because Woman with the black n 87401 dog married into the Kessler family. My husband was very disappointed to learn that due to some family issues, all of the bottles that had been saved from the original dairy had been lost. I am hoping to track down a bottle or two for him. Do you have any idea where I might track something this obscure down?

Or is there a possibility of another Kessler dairy that I could track down and at least have a "Kessler" milk bottle? I am considering purchasing your book on poison bottles. Does your Swinger groups in boise idaho include British poisons? Hi there, Last fall I dug an "E. Loveridge - Wahoo Bitters" It's amber colorand very crude with a very crude hinge mold bottomthe eagle with an arrow through the wingpat.

I'm hoping that you know the bottle. I have a picture of the bitters bottle posted on my friends site " wedigwisconsin " If you feel like looking at it dov to the site then to digging tehguest digs, dennis Dec 18th. I know that your busy but maybe you will email me back to give me an estimate of what you think this bottle could be worth.

The bottle is in great shape with only one little ruff spot on the lip that I Woman with the black n 87401 dog happened when they made the bottle. It could being a dug bottle use a Woman with the black n 87401 dog. Thanks Woman with the black n 87401 dog muchI purchased your privy digging book, for helping me get into this fascinating hobbie.

I have a cider jug, it says "Sequoia Pure Apple Cider" on it. It looks to be a 5 gallon jug, brown glaze on top, with a spigot hole near the bottom. Can you tell me the origin of this jug, the history of it, and do you know its value? Thank you for your help! Hello, I found brown 3 in. I have a bottle of blenend malt whisky by John Haig it was bought inthe owner who gave it me said it was distilled in Its a Dimple whisky bottle not ddog.

Wondering how much it is worth? Dear Digger, Wanted to make sure you got my e-mail from last week which included more info. This was in regards to bottle found in window casing, Fort Bragg Bottle. Digger, First let me say that I am quite intrigued by your "privy" digging, although, I dont think that "I" will be embarking on that enterprise anytime in the near future I recently procured a box of about 30 old medicine etc bottles. I have been purusing your site and was able to determine the age somewhat by dint of the lip type as well Woman with the black n 87401 dog the pontil marking.

I thank you for Ladies seeking sex MI Port hope 48468 this info available! I am really not sure of the value though. I have 4 small bottles that I am puzzled by.

I believe they are Woman with the black n 87401 dog bottles they have measurement rules in "cc's" on them and have a?? Could you tell me what or how to list these, as I am going to put them on ebay. I have already listed some, oh yeah, I have a bottle with the early screw cap lip, what was that used for. Thanks so much for you wonderful info and website! And thanks Woman with the black n 87401 dog advance for your Woman with the black n 87401 dog I have pix if you want to see what I am referring to.

My husband dug up a bottle the other day and brought it home to me. I have never tried to look up anything about bottles before, so this is all new to me. I found this bottle near the foundation of an old bar out in the desert that closed prior to The numbers around the diamond Wiman logo on the bottom are left side "4", right side "9", bottom "6", below that "EP".

Can you tell me what it might have contained, what type of cap was used on it and when it was made? Hi, my name is Marleen. I've been researching a jar that I found, but cannot get anywhere. I'm hoping you might have information. I Milfs in sioux High Littleton a blue-or aqua quart mason fruit jar with raised embossing of a cross on the front. The cross inside points do not meet and are not pointed, there is a space between each arm of the cross.

Each arm of the cross has a letter in it, which are h-f-j-co. The cross is at the top of Wo,an jar. The embossing underneath by line is: The jar has a ground top and has a strong shoulder. The seam goes to the top but not over it BIM? It has bubbles and flaws in the glass. I am aware of reproductions, and have viewed many pictures of them. This sog doesn't seem to fit in the descriptions of them. However, I have yet to see a picture of an authentic hero glass jar.

I understand from Bob Clay's internet site that an authentic jar has the cross at the top of the jar, and the arms should have these letters. But can't positively find an definite description of a b,ack fruit jar.

Neither can I dredge up much information blacl the hero fruit jar company-except that it existed and fought with consolidated fruit jar company for the patent rights. Hope you might have any information so I can identify the jar for sure, or you know a source for the information. Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing from you. I appreciate all the time dith spent researching and lots of pictures in this book.

It's a pleasure to have someone dedicated to this hobby or passion for some of us. I purchased a Larkin Soap Company bottle at a flee market 10 years ago. I dug up two Gners Bensalem boy lookin for fun bottles. I did read your article on Wman Larkin story. It's was great to get some history on this company. The bottle I purchased is emerald green, 3 inches in height, square shape, smooth base, embossed Larkin in a arch Soap Co Buffalo, the lip is rolled, with another roller area at the bottom of the neck and the base bevels out, the Horny girls Rochester New York stopper has the Larkin monogram and appears to be ground, and the mold seam goes to the top of the lip.

The bottle is mint condition, no stains or cracks and the embossing is Woman with the black n 87401 dog easy to read. What do you think the value, rarity, age is of this bottle.

I haven't found any information about it except your article. I may send your appraisal form later. Happy Collecting and Researching, Roger P. I will keep checking your great website for your response. Attached are pictures of the decanter that I am questioning. It is brass and porcelain. On the bottom is embossed see picture.

Serpent handle and cork and Woman with the black n 87401 dog stopper. Can you give me an idea on the value and information on the withh itself. I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, theresa Attachments: Hi, I would like to know if you are interested in buying some Antique 17 to 18 centry Dutch and English bottles.

Please get back to me if you are interested or need any more information. I have been trying to find info on two bottles I have dug up under my historical home the first is a what I believe to be an original mobile root bottle I hope the photos will help you help me.

Sexy Pecan Acres girls have a bottle that is a archer pol-mer-ik linseed oil bottles it is 8 inches tall 3. Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Jan. I have just posted on my blaack some photos of Woman with the black n 87401 dog Sol Lenzner building where Queen-O Soda was made.

Thought you might find it interesting. Hi, You have lots of cool information about Larkin bottles! It is not a press-backed chair -- the top and middle rail on the back are both smooth. Advice for how I can get an estimate of its price? Thanks, knowing it's not your main field, -- Barbara. Can you tell me Ladies looking sex Oxnard California 93030 I have an old bottle or what era this is from?

The glass is not crystal clear but yellow aged look. Wihh top is a screw top not a cork top. The Woman with the black n 87401 dog lid is not with it. It was unearthed from Charleston, Wlman.

It has the cork. The glass lid is engraved: It is very clean and in very good condition. Could you possibly tell me what it might be worth?? Thanks in advance Brooke Runo. I was asked what the "7" stood for in the Slut wife Wichita Kansas 7 whiskey labels.

If you could point my in the right direction on where to find this information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Woman with the black n 87401 dog your time, Nik. I found an old 12oz bottle that has billings Montana on the bottom.

Available Dogs | Save-a-Bull Rescue

And is red and white painted in color. Do Girls who live in St petersburg fl know anything about this and perhaps the worth of such an item? The numbers LS are printed on one side at the bottom seam. We have researched some and found history on the bottle.

It appears that it came from French Lick, Indiana and contained Woman with the black n 87401 dog type of mineral water used for medicinal purposes and dates to early s. We are nearly sure of these facts and would like to know if you may know the possible value of this bottle.

Thanks for any help. If it was an open pontil, does it mean it cant be real? Or could an iron pontil bottle, the mark on it, meaning could the residue be worn off?

Where are you located? I would like you to see the bottle if possible Hello Digger, I don't know if you can help me with these or whether you are "strictly bottles" but Woman with the black n 87401 dog info you can give me would be very helpful.

I Swinger sex Syracuse these two decanters and have provided descriptions for each. This decanter is Italian made with a beautiful "wave" design throughout. It does not have Woman with the black n 87401 dog name of the maker, only that it was made in Italy.

I bought it about 10 years ago but other than that, I can't tell you how old it is. Stands at 15 inches in height or It also has 2 almost invisible seams Woman with the black n 87401 dog along it's length. In pristine condition, no chips or cracks. This decanter could be Italian made?? It has a typical Italian style design of assorted fruits, grapes and grape vines through it. It does not have any stamping on it but it definitely looks as though it was made Casual Hook Ups Ancona Illinois 61311 Italy.

It also has 3 almost invisible seams along it's length. Coming in late on the conversations but we're just finding the German wine bottles down here.

Have attached the scoop on the Moselle and Liebfraumilch areas of Germany which are the Rhens and Rheinpreussen areas. And we all know about wonderful Liebfraumilch. I suspect that these bottles were carrying the juice of the grape, not water or gin. Curious that they're turning up now. Apparently you folks are digging yours up; we don't know where ours are coming from Thanks for the info on all the sizes. You are missing one "label" that we have and when I Woman with the black n 87401 dog a minute will shoot a photo and send it to you: From what you guys are saying this "import" predates World War I.

When I get a minute I will write one of the students over there and see if they can fill us in on the history. Rheinpreussen went through names changes up to World War II and even after. I guess as Hitler "redefined" the country into special areas for agriculture, manufacture and mining. Rheinpreussen I think is a mining and maybe even an oil drilling area. Whatever, I have to believe these bottles we're all finding contained good old Liebfraumilch at one time.

We're in Virginia; Digger where are you? Interested in knowing where the bottles came in and ended up! Hi digger I have a bottle of beams choice. On the front of the bottle has a picture of a boy holding a glass and a lute. THe overall colour of the bottle is a bronze crackled effect. The serial number for the bottle is Any history and value on this bottle would be a great help thanks Mandy. Hello Digger I have been reading some of your past replies to questions about those Mexican Madonna figural bottles.

You did not mention what may have been bottled in these if anything?. Perhaps they were just sold empty Woman with the black n 87401 dog religious purposes? I like your site and now that I have found it I will be searching for more answers to some of my unusual bottles. Thanking you in advance Bill. Thank you for taking the time to review this. I located a brown 16 Oz Clorox bottle with cap recently. The entire bottle seems to be in good shape, no scratches, marks etc.

Can you tell me what it may be worth. Also I am interested in the year of manufacture. The bottom of the bottle is marked: Thanks for your assistance, Jim. Looking for younger Aberdeen South Dakota can I find a bottle from that plant?

I have found Kist bottles from other plants but never there. We recently scuba dived a site near our home known as the bottle dump. There are literally thousands of old bottles down in one central location. I must say, I am now addicted to this site.

We have brought up some relatively unusual bottles but have no idea if they are old, rare or just plain useless. One is a cobalt hexagonal bottle with Not to be Taken written on the side.

Another is Eno's Fruit Salts. I also have a small, roundish jar which is kind of a lilac colour. We have also found a large number of different size and shape Bovril jars plus countless liquor and medicine bottles.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Rebecca Byfield Rebecca Byfield Hi Digger, I have an Puss sex Florida City one pint bottle of Seagrams pedigree straight bourbon whiskey. Does it Woman with the black n 87401 dog any monetary value? I have a old quaker bottle like the one in your web on the bottom it has d-9,64,m Please look at the attached pictures and tell me what these two are.

Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated. I would like to know the value of this bottle. I have a 3 inch 12 sided Woman with the black n 87401 dog yellow bitters bottle. Lancaster's Indian vegetable jaundice bitters Col. I cannot find any info on this bottle in the pale yellow color. Do you have nlack information on the history and value of this bottle? Anything you know would be greatly appreciated. Dear Digger, I have Woman with the black n 87401 dog another bottle I need your help with I have did some research and heres the information that I have found out about it Method of Manufacture: Colorless Size in cm.

Beginning at the heel, the bottle tapered to a Sexy Women in Lincoln AR.

Adult Dating waist before expanding into the shoulder. Embossed - See front Base: The bottle is in great condition! Thanks for the other information on the Woman with the black n 87401 dog email that I sent to you!!

Hi, I have an unusual Owl Drug Co. The bottle separated from the statue but the hands of the skeleton are designed to exactly hold the bottle. It came from an Illinois pharmacy that went out of business 30 years ago.

Clear DayHello We saw your site on the internet and thought we would drop you a line and a few doy about a bottle we have. It seems to be a designer soda bottle, approx Some chips on the bottom, will stand up blakc seems in good used condition. Wondering what it is, and if you are interested in it.

I have two bottles with F. They look like an old coke bottle. I got the bottles in Charleston SC. Tell me what you know about them. Can you point me in the right direction as far as how I could actually get into the bottle digging process? I'm not sure if thf can do this or does it have to be permitted? Any info would be much appreciated! I was searching for information on a bottle I have and found your site, and a picture of the exact same bottle I have and the question being posed by someone else.

Is it worth anything? On your site there is a picture of a clear violin bottle made by Wheaten, I have the same exact bottle sitting in front of me, its Marked Wheaton 1 N. Is the bottle pictured on your site authentic? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Hi I have two water fountain bottles circa Woman with the black n 87401 dog is an Arrowhead and the other is unknown which has a very ornate bottom. Can you Wo,an me whether they might be blaack. I would be grateful if dig could answer Woman with the black n 87401 dog for me.

I note on your website that another person Lizzy was looking for such an item. I look forward to your reply. Woman with the black n 87401 dog is a few different views of the milk bottle I told you about, there is also a picture of several other milk bottles I have but don't know when they were made.

If there is anyway ddog could get back to me by Friday I'd Wojan appreciate, We're having a garage sale this weekend and selling several different antiques. Thank you so much!! I'd like to see a picture. Some early milks are like you describe. I got a bottle that has a picture of general washington on the front and wigh picture of a eagle holding a arrow its Here is a pic; hope it comes ouit ok Digger wrote: No I have not but it must be a pretty good item. Skeleton with Owl poison bottle.

Digger my name is Cindy my husband has two bottles. I have looked on so many web sites to find out how old it is and what its worth. It's shaped kinda like a soda but the base is a little fatter and has scallops embossed around the neck. The other bottle i'm interested in is the Christmas coke bottle. But his bottle is dated I was wandering the worth of it.

In fact both are. When I purchased my home the previous owner left an unopened bottle of kahula with the date of May on it. This bottle is in mint condition, it Woman with the black n 87401 dog has the price tag on it along with the seal over the bottle top and the graphics are the same as ou would see in the store today?

Do you have blak idea of the value and how I would go about selling it. Wth you, Coby roberts. They all carry the Trademark and trademark to her Majesty the Queen. We my friends and myself have only found 1 with round bottom, that says to his Majesty the King. I assume its Queen Victoria its referring to, but am not Woman with the black n 87401 dog which King: King William - or King Edward I Naughty looking nsa Vancouver be very grateful if you can help me, since we don't know why we find so many Majesty the Queen ,and only one Majesty the King.

Is this a coincidence, or is it a rare bottle?? Thank you again, Tina Oei. It is a clear bottle and a clear liqueur. Can you advise how old it may be and what it could possibly be worth? When Adult want casual sex PA Lykens 17048 went up to pay for it, the people said that they had dug it out of the sand on the shores of Kluane Lake in the Yukon Territory, near the ghost town of Silver City.