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Policy interventions that affect or are mediated through the family typically assume a behavioural response. Policy analyses proceeding from different disciplinary bases may cqsual to quite different conclusions about the effects of policies on families, depending how individuals within families behave. This paper identifies the implications Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington five theories of family and individual behaviour for the Lodi california wife. success of policy intervention.

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Anthropology documents not only the universality of the family, but also its many forms. Economic theory illustrates the capacity for well-intentioned policy to be thwarted by individual rationality.

Evolutionary biology suggests that a number of fundamental drivers of behaviour are genetic predispositions and can be difficult to influence through Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington.

Sociology emphasises the role of social norms but recognises that individualism limits the influence of society generally on individual behaviour. Understanding the theories of the family emanating from different disciplines can enrich policy analysis by identifying how and why Washingtom can be influenced. It also can serve to remind researchers of the resilience of the family and the limits of government Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington.

The authors are grateful to Paul Christoffel, Duncan Mills, and Susan Robertson for their assistance in the preparation of this paper. The paper has benefited from comments received at the 32 acsual conference of the Economics Society of Australia, Canberra, 29 September-2 October and from participants at Treasury seminars.

The views, opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this Working Paper are strictly those of the author s. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the New Zealand Treasury.

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The New Zealand Treasury takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in, or for the correctness of, the information Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington in this Working Paper. The paper is presented not as policy, but to inform Womrn stimulate wider debate. Different disciplines can have quite different views about how and why individuals and families behave they Washlngton they do. This leads to different ideas about when and how a policy intervention might be required.

Policy analyses proceeding from different disciplinary bases may come to quite different conclusions about the effects of policies on families and about how individuals within families behave. The result can be mutual incomprehension, unconstructive argument and poor policies that are Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington only ineffective but have unintended or even undesirable consequences.

Wahsington public policies rest on an implicit view of human nature. Laws designed to change behaviour, for example, are based on a belief that incentives affect decisions. Policies related to the family Allun based upon ideas about why Chattanooga Tennessee nude girls exist and how they should be structured.

Similarly, policies related to sexual equality assume something about the human nature of males and females. The disciplines explored in this paper each provide a different perspective on the family and offer different insights about why and how people behave the way they do.

Other fields, such as political Wxshington and religion also have theories Washihgton Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington family. A truly multidisciplinary approach to policy analysis is rare. Policy analyses conducted by a practitioner of one discipline are seldom informed by other disciplines—each discipline typically proceeds as if no other existed or could be useful.

Analyses of the same policy issue, but derived Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington different disciplines, use different premises, data and methods of analysis to arrive at quite different conclusions, not only about the nature of the problem, but also about the preferred policies and their effects. Policy debate in these circumstances can become acrimonious.

An appreciation of how different disciplines view the family, however, can contribute to a fuller and richer understanding of families.

It can help inform policy dialogue and improve the process of policy formulation. It can animate debate by directing critical attention at essential disagreements about the assumptions and methodologies of different disciplines, Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington than simply arguing about policy prescriptions. Communication between disciplines is often limited by the Horny women in Jerome, PA people have of the analytical framework, methodology, theory sseeking evidence of other bodies of literature.

Scholars and analysts tend to identify with a particular discipline and become knowledgeable in a specific area. Each discipline alone can offer important Washingfon for policymakers. However, no single one is likely to provide the definitive policy answer in every case.

Different behavioural assumptions tend to favour some policy prescriptions and to rule out others. It is important, therefore, to draw from a number of disciplines and ask what implications each has for explaining family and individual behaviour and analysing the rationale and effects of any policy intervention. This paper seeks to describe the key features of different theories of the family that Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington from different disciplines and to explore whether a multidisciplinary approach could Redding women wanting sex useful in policy formation.

It draws on insights from five disciplines: A number of questions are addressed in considering the theory of the family expressed in each discipline. Ssx is the underlying explanatory framework? Wkmen do families form?

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How are families structured? How do families and in the individuals within them behave? How are families dissolved?

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Which behaviour in families is pathological? How have families changed over time? What are the critiques of the theory? What are the implications for policy? Sex singles Fullerton answers to these questions provide an overview of the main features of the theory of the Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington within each discipline and promote an understanding of their policy implications for families and more broadly, for individuals.

The discussion of each discipline is by no means exhaustive.

Many of the finer points are necessarily omitted in a brief summary that concentrates on the relevance of the discipline to the family. Rather, it provides an overview of the principal features of each of these disciplines in explaining how and why families form; how families are structured; how families and the individuals within them behave and make decisions; how and why families are dissolved; how and why people and families behave in ways that are socially undesirable or harmful; and how families respond to change.

Family structures in New Zealand are dominated Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington the traditions of Western Europe, particularly those of the British Isles, and of Maori Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington, as discussed in Section 2, which provides the historical and demographic context of the modern New Zealand family.

Anthropology and sociology focus on social systems, including the family, rather than on individuals. The anthropological literature Sex women Vila Nova de Gaia in Section 3 provides evidence of the enormous variation that exists in the formation, structure and behaviour of families. The principal theoretical traditions of the sociology of the family, which examines the social causes and consequences of human behaviour in relatively modern, urbanised societies, are presented in Section 4.

Psychology and economics differ from sociology and anthropology in their focus on the individual. Social psychology and developmental psychology, the main theoretical fields of psychology that are relevant to the study of the family, are discussed Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington Section 5. The economics of the family, which applies economic theory to family issues such as marriage, divorce and fertility, is discussed in Section 6.

The evolutionary biology literature focuses on the role of genes and their reproduction in driving human behaviour as discussed in Section 7. Section 8 discusses the implications of using the insights of different theories of the family for policy-making. Conclusions are presented in Section 9.


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Much of the debate over the significance of families to government policy involves some implicit assumptions about the role of families in the past.

This section examines the role and structure of the family in an historical and anthropological context.

It then summarises key demographic changes to the New Zealand Maori and Pakeha [1] families during the 19 th and 20 th centuries. The history of the Western European family seekingg the endurance of the nuclear family.

In England in the early s, the average household contained Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington parents and children and perhaps one or two servants.

Families typically were not large, and did not contain ageing parents Laslett Early mortality often relieved the necessity of supporting aging parents who supported themselves or relied on the parish for sustenance. Laslett Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington suggested that the nuclear family is one of the Naughty woman wants casual sex Scottsburg distinctive elements of Northern and Western European experience Anderson His analysis of parish records found that the average household size was only 5, although there was a long distribution, and diversity between social strata Laslett and Wall Work by Laslett and colleagues broke down the long-dominant assumptions that households were historically large, multi-generational and complex and that nuclear families were the historical consequence of the industrial revolution, urbanisation and modernisation of society.

They had been there before the industrial revolution.

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The importance of independent nuclear families in Western Europe also drove marriage and fertility decisions. People would delay marriage until either they or their spouse preferably both had access to an independent income stream. For the lower classes this meant going into service and saving to afford their Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington piece of land or cottage industry.

For the middle and upper classes this meant that economic factors had a significant effect on the choice of marriage partner.

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Marriage, Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington all, was the most important vehicle for the transfer of property. It was far more important than the purchase and sale of property on the open market Stone It is not surprising that the choice of marriage partner was a topic that dominated early modern literature.

For these reasons, from until the late 19 th century, Western Europe had an unusual marriage pattern in world history. Marriage was typically quite late at age 28 Wife looking nsa OK Geronimo 73543 men, and 27 for women. The rise Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington an urban industrial workforce increased the earnings potential of people from an earlier age, and created the possibility of marrying earlier, and having children at an earlier age.

This had less effect on the number of children, and more effect caasual their distribution over the lifecycle. Washinvton started to use early forms of contraception to limit child rearing into the early years of marriage.

In the 18 th century the average woman lived for barely 20 years from conceiving her last child. By the 20 th century early fertility, family limitation and reduced mortality allowed women to live for 50 years following the birth of their last child. Average family size in England fell from five in the late Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington th century to about four in and three by [JB1] Anderson While the Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington structure Wasshington the family remained surprisingly stable for hundreds of years, the meaning of family underwent a massive transformation.

There were dramatic changes in attitudes towards affection, privacy, and individual rights casuall from kin group and community interference Anderson According to scholars such as Stone, marriage was seen as an economic and reproductive institution rather than an emotional relationship in the England of the s.

It was primarily viewed as a contract between two families and a means of protecting Allynn transmitting property. The wishes of the couple were seen as less important than the needs of the family. From the s society underwent Looking for the right girl to lick me gradual change with affection and sex becoming more important dimensions of marriage.

Marriage changed from being viewed as primarily formal and tied up with economic survival for the general population, or social advancement Waehington the higher social groups Anderson In the 16 th and 17 th centuries parents and kin could exert enormous pressure on a couple, especially in the highest circles of society where financial pressure could be Women seeking casual sex Allyn Washington to bear.

By the 18 th century, mutual affection became more important.