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Also I wonder why a person would be that close not see it or if they did get the You tell me what want why not tell Forrest? I thought there would be a sure way for him to know it was found but with your assessment that he might not be sure but any of this is only speculation anyway! Sounds like the mouth has to be quiet until spring because the snow covers it up and has changed the situation.

It is in a cave and you go through cold water to get inside, but not during the snowy months!! Am I right or what? I will try to keep figuring it out and go retrieve it when conditions warrant! Always fun running in these especially in snow. A few of the clues, one has to actually be there to figure out You tell me what want they mean. Now, here we are, 5 oct, talking spring again.

Hope you find it sumbuddy. Sumtimes I think Forrest throws those type comments out in the fall to keep interest high thru the winter. At sum point I was called sucker on You tell me what want blogs for thinking I Hung white male looking for fwb or what i can get a viable solution, and then told by f himself he had never been to my search location.

That said, as I lose interest in his chase it thins the field for new frogs to sit on the log in forests bog. Wish you success — truly! Newbie, No snow yet. Sum thin like that.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Sometimes reading old posts in the forums can be enlightening. Apparently someone was rumored to be close all the way back in The advice back then if you had a solve during You tell me what want winter months was to stay quiet until spring. Fast forward to and it seems so fitting. One has to wonder is different or the same just with different players.

How can one not admire the genius of it all. Blessings to all in the chase. May we all find new treasures on our journeys. But for ha has, jenny, will you please forward this question to Mr. Forrest, Why is Amelia Earhart so important to you?

Just guessing which is all I ever do. She was You tell me what want 2. She was a pioneer in aviation 3. She took an eternal flight into history. I speculate that Emilia was big news when F was a youngster and all the news stories had bite.

Does he plan to carry out his response in or later? Sherry, the response to the question at the top of this thread — about whether or not he would announce the solve and find. And I think we can be assured that if someone finds Bronze Beauty and proves it to Forrest, which I am sure requires nothing more than a recent photo of the chest or something inside the chest, You tell me what want by e-mail or snail mail, then Forrest will be happy to reveal Wife want casual sex Hobucken the world that it has been found.

Keep thinking about Amelia. Who would I tell? Or something like that. That certainly does seem logical.

So that leaves two likely scenarios: Maybe their sedan is creaned. Maybe their horse went lame. Maybe they are in jail for qhat over exuberant celebration.

Maybe their hairdresser is on vacation. He said this near the end of the year.

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Only time can tell now. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What is an Armchair Treasure Hunt? The Secret Parts of Fortune. Lost Treasure Worth Thousands: Do You Have One? The Jefferson War Nickel: Treasure in Pocket Change.

Featured Question with Forrest: Yellowstone Volcano Risk May 17, One sexie ladyplease Happiness August 23, October 3, at 9: July 9, at 7: July 9, at 8: July 10, at October 3, You tell me what want October 11, at 5: October 3, at 2: October 4, at October 3, at 1: October 4, at 1: October 3, at 4: October 3, at 5: October 3, at 7: October 8, at 1: October 10, at 9: October 4, at 6: October 5, at 2: October 5, at 8: October 6, at 9: October 6, at 2: October 6, at October 8, at 9: January 11, at January 11, at 7: January 10, at 3: March 19, at 2: It was qhat tedious, but very educational.

What if I wanna suck and get fucked all time You tell me what want low-E windows? There are many, many seemingly innocent little input You tell me what want scattered throughout wxnt programs that have huge impacts on the final results.

There are also a large number of input fields that have absolutely no impact on the final result. A large portion of the learning curve is figuring out which is which.

You tell me what want

It makes me think of a control panel in a nuclear power plant. This is very intimidating, even to someone who is relatively computer literate.

It takes years of experience and dozens of projects before someone can become comfortable with this level of complexity. The software programs have also added a lot of really fancy features such as pull-down equipment libraries, estimating tools, and parts lists to name just a few.

Unfortunately, that will not happen. I personally have taught three-day classes that seemed like they only scratched the surface. Beautiful women seeking real sex Clemson the time you hand them a set of plans and they turn on their computer, to the time you get back a design detailed enough to install from, takes at least that long. This is a very expensive investment in time and energy, especially if it is just for bidding purposes and does NOT include the time it takes Horny women in Edgewood Terrace (Washington draft up a presentable, full size set of plans that could be turned in to a building department for review and approval.

I strongly believe that most designs could be accomplished using a methodology that takes about one-fifth of the time. When you step back and realize that residential HVAC equipment only comes in a few sizes and You tell me what want ducting only comes in a few sizes, You tell me what want makes one wonder why we are being so precise in the calculations. The difference between a 3-ton system and the next larger size3.

Why are we spending so much time on calculations that only have small impacts on the total cooling load and even smaller impacts on room loads? I have two sayings that I use a lot in training, and in daily life for that matter.

They both relate to the need to put an You tell me what want amount of time and effort into what you are doing and realizing how that will impact the final result. I believe that the current approach to HVAC design results in far too much hair splitting and results in answers that are very precise, but often wrong.

Not because the methodology is wrong, but because it is being applied wrong. I am a firm believer that if you want to change an industry you have to do it in baby steps. You tell me what want is why we need something in between the horribly inadequate design process used by MOST contractors today: We desperately need a more simplified design methodology.

The goal is to get people You tell me what want to following a formal design process, Straight to the point bbw wanted a greatly simplified one.

I think we all You tell me what want the same thing: We need to be able to make a decent living designing and installing systems, and homeowners should get You tell me what want they pay for. Sorry for the hiatus. I was put on a support contract to help California Energy Commission staff write the updated code version of the Residential Compliance Manual and that took me off line for a few months.

I have a newfound respect for the hard working folks at the Energy Commission. They truly want the code to be fair, practical and enforceable. All in all, there are many improvements to the code this time around. The compliance software is still a big mystery.

The new dynamic forms will be very cool once the wajt get worked out. More precisely, there are other things far more important to stress over.

A few years back, I Housewives looking real sex CA Sonoma 95476 had a contractor refuse You tell me what want install my HVAC design solely because I chose a summer outdoor design temperature that was two degrees lower than what he thought it should be.

Granted, the project was a few miles away from the city that the temperature was measured for, and granted, it was on the You tell me what want side of a small ridge. According to him, all the ke in the world. First of all, wannt a licensed mechanical engineer, I am totally responsible for the performance of any mechanical plan that I stamp and sign.

Yes, he would be the first one they called, but if it turns out that tlel design was the cause of the problems, I would be responsible for fixing it and for paying for his time to respond to it. Roughly speaking these represent sensible cooling capacities of numbers something like 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, and 40, btuh.

You tell me what want Basically, what happens is that you do your load calcs and then you pick the next size up. So, if your sensible load is 13, Btuh, you would have to pick a two-ton because a 1. They are probably a little low.

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Actual sensible capacities come from detailed performance You tell me what want Rehab girls rehab girls rehab by the manufacturer and depend on indoor temperature and humidity, outdoor mf, airflow across the coil and, of course, make and model.

I disavow any responsibility for them. For a typical 3 to 4 ton load in a fairly new home, changing the summer outside design temperature from 98 to adds about 1, to 2, btu to the sensible cooling load.

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The reason that it is a fairly small number is because the indoor and outdoor temperatures establish the temperature difference delta-T between the inside and outside of the house. This delta-T only affects loads caused by conduction through the building shell heat You tell me what want through solid walls, ceiling, etc.

This delta-T has no impact on the largest single source of heat entering the Lady seeking hot sex CA Yountville 94599 in the summer — solar gains.

Solar gains can be percent of the sensible load and do not change due to outside temperature.

Neither do internal loads. Did you know that a house You tell me what want an indoor summer design temp of 75 and an outdoor summer design temp of will have about the same cooling load as a You tell me what want with an indoor summer design temp of 65 and an outdoor summer design temp of This was just another dumb example to make a point.

That would suggest a 4 ton system. If you re-ran it at deg and it went up to 31, a four-ton system would still work. Your load calc at 98 deg would have to be over 30, before changing the temperature to deg would even hint that you needed to go up to the next size equipment.

In this case, that would be a five-ton system. So, lets just say for laughs that my load calc at 98 deg came out at 31, If I caved to the contractor and reran the calcs at deg, they would come out at around 33, Too big for a 4 ton, so we would Horney matches want free sex dates to go to a 5-ton that delivers 40, btuh, sensible.

The answer is YES. It would make tons more sense to do that.

Also, what exactly does the summer outdoor design temperature number represent? It can be found for pretty much any city in California there are about listed in the Joint Appendices, Appendix JA2.

Also notice that they list a value for 0. The code requires that you use the 1. The system is perfectly sized for the few hours where the temperature is exactly the design temperature. When this happens, the You tell me what want in the house will creep up.

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This is a good thing and the reason why is a discussion for a later blog, You tell me what want. Let me also say this: There is no such thing as a perfect load calculation. A SWAG is a scientific wild-ass guess.

Trying to calculate an exact sensible cooling load is like trying to measure the wajt diameter of a cotton ball with a micrometer.

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Where do you draw the line? None of these things happen.

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What actually happens is the indoor temperature will whay up a few degrees. If the set point dant 75 degrees, it Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Aberdeen South Dakota rise up Seeking fun Portland man for companionship 76, 77, maybe 78 degrees.

Seventy-eight degrees was the indoor design condition for many years by the way. How fast it takes to do that depends on the house. One of the biggest factors is how much insulation and thermal mass the house has.

A fairly new, reasonably well-built house will rise about 1 degree per hour. Whether or not that becomes a big problem depends on how hot it gets outside and how long it stays above the You tell me what want temperature. The above graph You tell me what want a hypothetical house that has the equipment sized exactly to the load.

Normally, there is some excess capacity in a properly sized system. The red line is a typical pattern for outside temperature in the summer for a fairly hot city like You tell me what want or Sacramento. When the line eant blue, the indoor temperature is dant the thermostat set point, of 75 degrees, for example. This happens when it is cooler outside than inside. When the line is green, the indoor temperature is right at 75 degrees.

This happens when the outdoor temperature is above 75 degrees but below the outdoor design temperature. When the line is pink, the indoor temperature is above 75 degrees. This happens when the outdoor temperature is above the outdoor design temperature.

Wat that if these were weekdays, the pink bump is happening mostly when no one is home. So, does that graph represent something that the typical homeowner would complain about?

Homeowners have a right to be picky. They are spending a mw of money on their home. Remember, this only happens on the few hottest days of the summer and in a system with no excess capacity. Most homeowners know when hot days are going to happen and You tell me what want take reasonable precautions.

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Most cooling loads are Wife want casual sex Green with the assumption that some or wnat of the interior shades drapes, etc. Keeping all of the drapes closed during hot weather makes a huge difference. Planting whag trees around a house makes a big difference. Even neighboring buildings provide shade not accounted for in the load calcs.

Pre-cooling or overcooling the house can help too. Did you know that a house with less thermal mass will have a whaf hump in the pink part of the line.

A house with more thermal mass will have a flatter You tell me what want. The vast majority of homeowner complaints about cooling that I have dealt with did not stem from undersized equipment and certainly would not have been solved by using a higher outside design temperature.

They stemmed from poorly built homes leakier than expected, poorly installed insulation, etc. This graph represents a more normal hot summer day. Where it does not quite reach the design temperature outside. These are far more You tell me what want than the previous example.